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Complex Suffers Water Damage After Fire On 17th Floor 0

While we’ve written about how sprinkler systems – although life saving – are ultimately wallet damaging. As soon as emergency sprinklers within an apartment complex, or home go off, they begin to produce more water damage by the second. Well, this unfortunate event happened in Grand Rapids, Missouri – when a grease fire spread to kitchen cabinets on the 17th floor of a condo complex. The affected complex is the tallest living complex in Grand Rapids, and after the fire was extinguished and the apartment was cleared, firefighters spent two hours trying to strategically remove the water; hoping to prevent any further water damage. Fire Chief Kevin Sehlmeyer explained, “There was a lot of water damage both to that unit and the unit below – water has a way of traveling.” Firefighters removed a majority of water by sweeping it off the balcony’s and they even removed a toilet to allow the water easier, and proper access out of the building. While it was not mentioned how many condo’s have been affected, the elevator was closed to avoid any incidents caused by water damage. Fire Chief Sehlmeyer also stated that the restoration company will most likely be making a few trips to this complex as water has a way of traveling and emergency sprinkler systems expel large quantities of water to properly extinguish the flame.

Complex Suffers Water Damage after fire on 17th floor  

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