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Becker Dry Vacuum Pump Model KVT 3.100 5HP 69 CFM New with Warranty Machine Number: 16594

Becker Model KVT 3.100 Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump and 5HP Motor Factory New With Manufacturer Warranty Capacity: 65 SCFM open flow. Simultaneous: 27” Hg Description: Oil-less rotary vane vacuum pumps with carbon vanes, built in suction filters, vacuum regulating valve, blow-off valve/silencer, coupled to a C-face TEFC motor. Recommended Accessories Becker Digital 0-30” Hg Vacuum Gauge including 11 user-selectable metric or imperial pressure scales with 2½“ face, ¼” bottom mount. Used as a visual indicator for maintenance issues. Part Number: 3DVG300000 Price: $119.09 Or Becker Liquid filled 0-30” Hg Vacuum Gauge with 2½” face, ¼” center back mount. Used as a visual indicator for maintenance issues. Part Number: ADG00001 Price: $27.43 Check Valve Assembly complete with 2” check valve and all parts necessary to connect to pump and vacuum or pressure gauge. Eliminates backward pump rotation to protect vanes. Part Number: 3/3100140CKVLVE Price: $198.77 Becker External Canister Filter. Oversized lip style in line canister filter with filter element that mounts easily on to the Becker Check Valve Assembly. Eliminates the need for removing covers on the pump and greatly reduces filter change time. Part Number: 74000110A00 Price: $393.00

Becker Dry Vacuum Pump Model KVT 3  

The Becker Dry Pump goes extremely well with a 3axis or 5axis CNC Router from the CNC Router store.

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