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Apple’s New Purchase To Help Their Innovation

Apple has not been dishing out the most innovative products lately – they’ve basically been taking their current products and making them different sizes. So, with their latest investment in the 3-D sensor company responsible for the Microsoft Kinect – PrimeSense – maybe they can wow their consumers with a new, mind blowing product like they once did. Remember when Apple came out with the iPod? That was a huge deal. Then, they came out with the iPhone and changed the way people would buy phones forever – who wants a phone without a touch screen? So, with the recent halt in their design capabilities, maybe after buying this company for around $360 million, our minds can be blown again. In case you don’t know what PrimeSense is capable of, they are an Israeli based firm that specializes in creating devices that can see their surroundings in three dimensions – therefore, it can see people and the objects around the person. According to their website, PrimeSense technology can be applied with:        

Television Retail Mobile Applications Computer Interactive Display’s (Xbox Kinect) Industrial Robotics And More… (yes, there’s an “and more” mentioned)

So, with all that being said, maybe we can expect some new and seriously amazing products from Apple in the near future – and Apple can dominate the holiday sales once again.

Apple’s new purchase to help their innovation  
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