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No. 20 January – March 2013

Hey that’s my owld bike! Recycling – Fun Art to fuel and fertiliser

WIN a special piece of art by Alan Williams


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January – March 2013

Page 4 Caring 4 Directory Page 5 WIN a special piece of art by Alan Williams Page 5-8 Caring 4 Us – Giving rubbish a new lease of life

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From the Editor Of course I recycle. I believe those of us of a certain age always did, we just didn’t have a name for it. We rinsed our milk and soft drink bottles daily, placing them on the step for collection and re-filling. Worn out old jumpers, other textiles and all unwanted old metal items were saved until the street cry came of ‘Rag and Bones’ from ‘totters’ who would often give us a fair price for our trouble, while Dad rushed out with a shovel to recycle the horse’s manure for the roses! Very little carbon footprint there too, I am guessing.

Pinstripe Publishing Ltd. D4 Yeoman Gate, Yeoman Way, Worthing BN13 3QZ

We carefully unwrapped our gifts, smoothing out the paper to re-use again, and better quality empty boxes were often covered ready to fill with chocolates or sweets as a bespoke present for the next birthday occasion. The sewing tin was often an ancient biscuit tin, probably collectable nowadays –watch out for the ones without bar codes. We foraged around jumble sales looking for the unusual, quirky or just a nice book. Now this activity tends to be in charity shops, where I chuckle to myself over whether that handbag is retro/vintage or just plain naff!





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Features Writer: Wendy Greene


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The growing popularity of buying new and used goods in our charity shops supports good causes at the same time, which I believe gives us a bit of a ‘feel good factor’. I hope you enjoy reading our feature about the many ways of being ‘green’ and of course pass the magazine on to someone else to read before recycling it – and here’s a thought – would a couple who have collected retro china wish to part or stay together for the sake of the kitsch?

Booming Marvels by Wendy Greene To be a baby boomer Was to be a low consumer. Nothing went to waste You never binned in haste. The pig bin in the kitchen Was to put leftover food in, But only then, it’s true, If unfit for a stew. No outer leaves were ever lost They’d end up in my Dad’s compost. We’d get our eggs from hens Kept in back garden pens. We podded our own peas.

And the winners were…

We had no means to freeze.

In our last issue we gave you three chances to win prizes. S. Collier of Worthing won two tickets to Dirty Dancing, Mrs C Sullivan of Worthing and Mrs D Bartup of Brighton each received a pack of greetings cards by Wendy Henwood and Mr G Freeman of Worthing will be going to an event at Indigo Restaurant in 2013. Well done to all our winners and thank you to everyone who entered. If you didn’t win but would like to hear about forthcoming events at Indigo, call 01903 230451 to join their mailing list. Do let them know you’re a Caring4Sussex reader.

Mum’s job was home and family So we could live quite cheaply. She’d knit and sew and bake, Make marmalade and cake. She’d lay the fire with coal Delivered down a hole By a coalman with a sack Held high upon his back. The ash became our path. A tin tub was our bath. We used a wooden stool To play at shops and school. No Xbox or PlayStation We had imagination.

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ng 4 i a C


Any any any old stainless steel Meet Alan Williams our cover artist

Our cover Artist, Alan Williams, is a man with a mission. He’s searching for stainless steel cutlery for his next big sculpture. Alan, who is currently exhibiting at Worthing Museum, just can’t find enough of it. He doesn’t only use cutlery for his creations – bicycle parts, tools, skips and all manner of unlikely items are recycled into works of art. “I love the nature of the material,” says Alan, “and I’m inspired by the shape and texture of the items I find.” Alan studied 3D crafts at Brighton University and still lives in the city. His love of animals and insects began in childhood, so it was a logical

step to use them as the subject of his work. “I’ve always been fascinated by them,” he says, “and I try to recreate the qualities and personalities that people can relate to.” It’s every artist’s dream to be commissioned by someone famous, and given the choice, Alan tells us he’d love to do a piece for Tim Burton, the film director who brought us such gems as Edward Scissorhands. And what would it be? “Definitely The Kraken. It’s a mythical giant sea monster – I’d love to do that.” In his leisure time, Alan enjoys fantasy art, and work by local artists working in and inspired by Sussex. From time to time, Alan has to take a break from his beloved sculptures to do industrial metal work, which pays his bills. Luckily the skills from his art are transferable, though the jobs can be ‘a bit boring’. It does mean, though, that once back in the studio he is bursting with ideas for more projects. Next summer, Alan’s work can be seen at the Botanic Gardens in Ventnor on the Isle of Wight. Do look out for them if you’re taking a day trip or holiday on the island during July or August.

The gardens have a new look, with inter-active activities for visitors, so could be well worth a visit. You can see Alan’s sculptures at Worthing Museum and Art Gallery until 23rd February or visit his website www.alanwilliamsmetalartist. com

Name that rhino WIN a prize Alan’s offering one of his small metal creations to the reader suggesting the best name for his rhino. It’s made from a skip and can be seen at Worthing Museum. The winning name will be the one Alan feels best suits the character of his rhino. Write your answer on a postcard and send it, together with your contact details, to Caring 4 Sussex Rhino Competition, D4 Yeoman Gate, Yeoman Way, Worthing BN13 3QZ – or email to edit@ putting “rhino comp” in the subject box – to arrive by Monday 11th March. Only one entry per household – and don’t forget to include a daytime phone number.



Caring 4 for U s

Greene on green Wendy Greene looks at how we’re getting more from our rubbish Re-use, reclaim or recycle? That is the question. What may be rubbish to you could be someone else’s treasure or raw material. For years rubbish was just something to throw in the bin, but in the past decade we have become aware that landfill is no longer an option and the earth’s supply of materials is finite – and we’re running out.

How can I help? Charity shops have been doing a fantastic job of redistributing clothing, ornaments, toys and much more. Sadly they also receive bagloads of utter rubbish, usually left outside overnight despite requests not to do so. This cuts into their profits as they may have to hire a commercial bin to have it removed. The questions to ask, before donating, are ‘Would I wear it? Would I give it as a gift? Am I happy to be seen donating it?’ No? Then don’t give it. You need a plan B. Rags, mobile phones and spectacles can be recycled at special collection points. Boots has

a battery collection box, and non-perishable food is welcome at food banks run by charities for those in crisis or homeless. Garden refuse, glass, paper items and card can be recycled and metal can be scrapped.

What can I put in my recycle bin? This varies from one council to another – and they’re not just being awkward. Materials collected need to be sold on to cover cost and, where possible, make a profit for the benefit of the town. Plastic drinks bottles (without the lids) are generally accepted, but many people don’t realise that by putting all plastics in their bins – yoghourt pots, sandwich boxes, unwashed items etc – they are actually contaminating the entire load. It’s vital that you read the guidelines and stick to them for the system to work. If in doubt – ask your refuse collectors.

What is my council doing to improve recycling? All our Sussex Councils are working on our behalf to cut cost, landfill and emissions. Paul Willis of Adur and

Worthing tells me he is delighted the number of recycling households has increased from 10% to 40% over twelve years. New developments to turn waste into fuel and soil conditioner will soon be available. This will include food waste, which attracts vermin in landfill, and even disposable nappies which currently can take decades to biodegrade. Brighton now has an incinerator which processes rubbish to produce heat which can be used. But as Holly at the depot explains, “We must be aware of the cost and amount of energy we use in dealing with rubbish. Otherwise we could have a negative effect.” Chichester is reducing landfill usage through the new Biffa facility which aims to use ‘black bag’ rubbish to produce an alternative to fossil fuels – Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF). In turn this will reduce the financial penalties levied on waste sent to landfill while lowering carbon emissions. This method of sorting and treatment uses a

combination of technologies already successful in Germany. Biodegradable waste and metal are separated from paper and plastic materials. The metal is recycled, paper and plastic is turned into RDF, and biodegradable waste is broken down by bacteria in enclosed containers through a process known as anaerobic digestion. As fans of The Archers already know, this produces two main products, Biogas – a methanerich renewable form of natural gas, and Digestate – a compost like material. They say ‘where there’s muck there’s brass’ and it’s good to know that, with a little care from all of us, what we consider to be rubbish can take on a whole new lease of life.

WORTHING CAT WELFARE TRUST Many cats awaiting loving homes OAPs (Old Age Pusscats)

No Vets Bills Your saleable items needed. Volunteers welcome

31 South Street Tarring Worthing 01903 202251 Charity No. 1049596


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Caring 4 Us

The Art of Recycling Hoddy of Sussex-based Textile Arts Forum, revive the art of making something beautiful out of off-cuts and old clothes. Chris Brown has invented a novel use for glass dishes, bottles and bowls.

Seeds of success

One person’s rubbish is another person’s art material. Throughout Sussex, we have many talented craftsmen using recycled materials to produce fabulous items, as seen on our front cover. Strangely there are two metal artists with similar names – our cover artist, Alan Williams from Brighton and Alan Tobias

Williams who crafted the metal horse on the roundabout by Worthing Pier. Worthing stained glass teacher Some artists use driftwood from the beach, while quilters, like Linda

A local environmentally educational event has proved so successful that organisers are preparing to do it all over again on February 9th. In 2012, Transition Towns Worthing organised a Seed Swap at Oak Grove College in The Boulevard, Worthing. The event included advice on subjects as diverse as breadmaking, composting, tool maintenance and much more. Experts were on hand to give advice on saving seeds and growing vegetables, and a tasty stew was made from local ingredients.

Says Lisa Leach, one of the event organisers, “It was very encouraging to see people coming with their own saved seed. And it was great to hear success stories of things grown from last year’s seeds. An increase in local people growing some of their own food can only be a good thing.” If you’d like to get involved, or want more details, contact organisers Claire Hunt or Barbara Shaw for more details, transitionworthing@

Smoothing out the probate process Philip Lansberry, Director of Spofforths Private Client Services, can help to smooth the path following bereavement. He understands the issues many families face when dealing with probate procedures. Although a Will confirms who’s entitled to the assets in an estate there are still other important matters to consider. Debts and funeral expenses have to be paid, so cash is needed, but the Bank will freeze the account. Inheritance tax also needs to be paid if the estate is worth over £325,000, but should all the tax be paid up front or by instalments? And the extra tax reliefs which can be claimed to reduce the inheritance tax bill must not be overlooked. Personal possessions should be sorted, valued and then distributed. Any property will have to be readied for sale unless someone wishes to keep it? Running costs such as insurance and energy bills must also be settled until it is sold or rent paid until the keys can be returned to the landlord. Shares and investments must be valued for probate, inheritance tax and capital gains tax. Executors should remember they are liable to income tax on any income received by the estate and so are the beneficiaries once that income is distributed to them. Executors can also find themselves liable for capital gains tax if they sell assets at a profit. HMRC require completion of a number of tax forms including a return for the period to the death. Creditors have to be advertised for and beneficiaries checked up on to ensure they are not bankrupt. When the estate is nearing completion accurate financial accounts must be prepared and approved by everyone involved. Unsold assets will need to be transferred to beneficiaries, property through the Land Registry, shares by company registrars and so on. There may be a trust to be set up over the family home or for infant children once all the bills have been paid or monies to be invested by trustees. And just think how much more there will be to do if there is no Will!

Please contact Philip on 01403 253282 for advice on managing probate. Spofforths can organise home or hospital visits.

D N NG HOME Wholesome & Simply Delicious Meals IN AT

Celebrating our 40th Anniversary with our new range from Sussex Farmhouse Meals

Taster Menu Delicious Desserts

New & Improved Recipes

Order your delicious frozen meals today

0845 070 2222

Wholesome & Simply Delicious

Take a look at our NEW Dining in at Home Menu We at Sussex Farmhouse Meals have created a brand new range of delicious frozen meals called Dining In At Home to celebrate 40 years of business. Since 1972 the business has seen many changes but we have always strived to provide our customers with fantastic, high quality meals without losing that ‘home cooked’ taste. Our new range should satisfy all your needs and will give you a huge variety of meals to choose from. We have reduced many of our prices, expanded the dessert menu, increased the main meal range, boosted up the Super Saver range and added a superb selection of new meals. We are dedicated to providing a truly first class service, with fast, efficient, friendly staff ready to cater for your every need... Enjoy!

5 Meals for only



Homemade Chicken & Vegetable Pie



Served with chips and gravy

Chicken & Pasta in Tomato Sauce



Chicken breast and pasta in a rich tomato sauce 350g

Cheese & Onion Quiche



Served with croquette potatoes


Roast Chicken Breast



Served with roast potatoes, cabbage and gravy 226g CODE

Sausage Roll


Served with diced herb potato and baked beans

Homemade Steak & Kidney Pie



Served with mash potato, peas and gravy 350g


Fish Cake




Corned Beef Hash



Served with mixed veg 350g

Fish cake with mash potato and baked beans - a tasty combination

Roast Silverside of Beef Served with roast potatoes, mixed veg, Yorkshire pudding and gravy


Chicken Curry CODE

Roast Pork


Served with roast potatoes, carrots and gravy 350g

Sausage & Mash



Served with peas - simply delicious 350g

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A tasty mix of herbs & spices to create this mouth watering chicken curry served with rice 350g


711 350g



Saver Menu Roast Turkey Breast Served with roast and mash potatoes, swede, peas and gravy

Lambs Liver Casserole


713 350g CODE


Shepherds Pie



A delicious and hearty shepherds pie

Served with roast potatoes and green beans 350g



Steak Slice


Served with mash potato and beans

Tomato & Herb Pasta




Turkey Casserole Served with mash potato and mixed veg


Sliced Chicken Breast in Cider Sauce Served with mash potato, green beans and carrots

A delicious tomato and herb pasta

Macaroni Cheese NEW


Diced Chicken Casserole



A flavoursome chicken casserole with mash potato and mixed veg

Served with mash potato

Savoury Mince Served with mash potato, cabbage and carrots

Sliced Pork in Red Wine Sauce Served with roast potatoes, swede and green beans


Roast Leg of Lamb



Served with roast potatoes, peas and gravy

White Fish in Parsley Sauce

Served with mash potato, carrots and broccoli

350g CODE

Cottage Pie


A delicious traditional cottage pie 300g

723 350g CODE

724 250g CODE

725 350g CODE

726 350g CODE

727 350g




Served with creamy mash potato and peas


Pork in Mushroom Sauce



White Fish in Cheese Sauce Delicious white fish in cheese sauce served with mash potato, carrots and peas 350g

Traffic light information for any product is available on request. Weights are approximate.



We deliver FREE to your door. Why not request the Dining in at Home full colour brochure with even more mouth watering meals to choose from.

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Homemade Minted Lamb Pie Chicken Casserole Homemade Steak & Kidney Pudding Honey Baked Gammon Fishermans Pie

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Name: ....................................................................................

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............................................................................................... Address: ................................................................................. ............................................................................................... ............................................................................................... Photographs indicate serving suggestion only. Information may be revised without prior notice. Traffic light information for any product is available on request. Weights are approximate.

ng 4 i a C


Daring to be different There are some surprising people at The Shelley

There is many a secret that a resident has brought into our home over the years. An outstanding career, a hobby or just a passion that has brought fame, if not fortune. Often their past has been forgotten or considered no longer important. There have been residents who were accomplished

musicians – a violinist with the London Philharmonic Orchestra, an organist at St Paul’s Cathedral – a ballet dancer who pirouetted in front of the Queen at the Royal Variety Performance, a nurse who worked alongside celebrated surgeon Sir John Peel at Kings College Hospital,

a couture gown maker to the Royal Family and many a celebrity. Occupations held by other residents have included code breaker at Bletchley Park, engineer for a Formula One racing team and head of recruitment at the European Atomic Agency, while one published a fictional book and another spent 45 years in the Diplomatic Service. Some have OBEs and MBEs. But it’s not all about what they’ve done, it’s all about what they want to do now. Today their lives are a little more relaxing – watercolour painting, poetry, model making, even the occasional cruise is more the norm. At The Shelley we believe we go one step further, changing the way you’ll look at care.

Warm and cosy, providing a positive and stimulating environment, we believe that our activities both enhance and stimulate, while creating a sense of enjoyment and independence. There’s plenty on offer to keep our residents occupied, and nurture the hidden talents, wishes or desires in our midst. Our approach to activities comes back to relationship-centred care and listening to each resident’s life story, as individual tastes and interests vary greatly. 2013 will include some very original, exciting and personalised activities. We realise that everyone has their own talent, their own wishes. We are all different. At the Shelley we are just more different than the rest.

Because Everyone is Different... We are. If any of our residents have any special interests or hidden talents, you can be assured that we will do our upmost to encourage them.

luxury residential care home

It’s just another big thing that makes us different.

54 Shelley Road | Worthing | West Sussex | BN11 4BX |

t: 01903 237000 |



Caring 4 You

Your home could be sold to fund care home fees “We have worked hard all our lives to leave something for our children and grandchildren. Why should the Local Authority get it all?” It pays to plan in advance, says Glenys Laws at CLS If you have to go into care and you have assets that total more than £23,250 (including the value of your home), you will have to fund your care in full. A care home could cost £500-£800 a week or more. The reality is that your children could end up with very little. Although care might seem only a distant possibility right now, there are important steps you should take now to protect your home.

Married Couples If you and your husband/wife currently have ‘Mirror Wills’ or ‘Joint Wills’ you risk leaving

your share of your home to your husband/wife for it simply to be swallowed up in care home fees. A legal trust arrangement within your Will could save your family tens of thousands of pounds and ensure your hard earned wealth passes to those you choose.

Widowed/Single The options available to you to protect your home are fewer and it is vital you act now. “I’m protected, I’ve signed my house over to my children” Have you considered what will happen if your child/

children experience marital difficulties and your home forms part of a divorce settlement? What will happen if your child/ children experience financial difficulties and enter bankruptcy? Did you know that Capital Gains Tax is payable on second homes, meaning a potentially huge tax bill when your home is eventually sold by your children?

protect your home and savings to ensure that you pass as much as possible to your loved ones.

For a free informal consultation at home, or for more information, call Glenys Laws on 01903 200982 or 07931 512448

It’s not too late to put it right – just contact us for advice. The good news is that by arranging your legal affairs in advance, you can plan and

A happy privately owned nursing home, dedicated to quality care

Caring for you

7-11 Wykeham Road • Worthing • BN11 4JG Tel: 01903 230406 •

Searching for a special care home? Take a look at

Caer Gwent

4Y Caring

When you’re looking for a residential care home for a loved one, it’s important to find a place where they’ll be happy and content. Here’s a selection of top local care homes and services.

Downview Road, Worthing 01903 536649

High quality person-centred care Residential and nursing Ensuite rooms Peaceful environment Activities/outings/entertainment Choice of tempting healthy menus Good company and social events Hairdressing & aromatherapy Physiotherapy & chiropody

Registered charity 1044658 established in 1933

ou phone 01903 536649

Call for brochure or visit us at anytime: 01903 871326

Clapham Lodge is a care home for the elderly, surrounded by a large garden and far reaching views across of countryside and the sea from almost all rooms and flats. We provide a high quality of care with a homely environment ensuring wellbeing and comfort at all times. Short or long stay welcome.

Thinking about Care but want to remain at home?

Whether it’s companionship or 24 hour assistance with daily living, Country Cousins have the answer. If now’s the time to talk, we’re always happy to listen.

Contact us on

0844 209 2646




Independent family run carpet specialist

Specialists in Independent Living & Mobility

• Carpet • Laminates • Woods • Vinyls • Amtico • Karndean E FRE TES A STIM






Boot scooter £595


10 Wallace Parade, Goring Road, Worthing West Sussex BN12 4AL. 01903 700567 54 High Street, Billingshurst RH24 9NY. 01403 783159 Monday – Friday 9am-5pm Saturday 8.30am-4.30pm *Free fitting applies to carpet orders over £200* *Free underlay offer applies to secondary backed carpet orders

Wheelchair £175

Orion £1,795. 8mph

• Very competitive prices • Rise & Recline Armchairs (includes free assessment,delivery and set up)

• New and secondhand scooters • Free delivery on items over £50 • 18 years experience in Mobility

Armchairs from £780

Scoo serv ter i from cing just


Call now for a FREE brochure on 01903 231578 or visit 84 Brighton Road, Worthing BN11 2EN. (Easy parking)

There’s no place like ours

Our homes in West Sussex provide long term and respite care for older, physically frail people or those living with dementia who can no longer live independently in their own homes. • • • •

Qualified, dementia trained staff First class catering & freshly prepared meals Spacious, single rooms with en-suite facilities Tailored activity schedules

Caring_for_sussex.indd 1

For further information about our services across West Sussex please call:

0800 902 0092

or email: 28/09/2012 10:40:07

g4Y n i Car


A new way of caring Care-Link has a revolutionary on-line approach to personal care in your own home

When you reach an age or condition where you need care in your home, or if you are seeking care for a relative, it is easy to assume it will be expensive and outside of your control. Now there’s an alternative that not only puts you in control, but enables you to choose the qualified carer that suits you best at a fraction of the cost. Care-Link works in a similar way to a dating agency – it is not a care agency. Initially you register free with Care-Link,

either as a ‘Care Provider’ or a ‘Care Seeker’, to see how many personal home care providers, or people looking for home care services, are in your local area. The search can be done by postcode within a distance of up to 25 miles. Carers and those looking for personal home care can both register on the Care-Link website. If you wish to proceed, you can become a premium member and interview the people you feel would suit you. Details of membership and

monthly fees are at As Care-Link is not an agency, no commission is payable. Care personnel are self-employed and it can be useful for both parties to build up their own team, ensuring ongoing care. By continuing membership you can re-access the site should you wish to make a change or add another person to your personal profile. You can be assured that all personal information is secure. This new online service is the brainchild of Hazel Wilkinson and Mike Coleman – both highly experienced in business and each having discovered the challenge that can face those looking for the right type of care at the right price. Says Hazel, “We all have our own unique personalities. Some require carers with an outgoing personality and others prefer the

‘seen and not heard’ approach. It is vitally important that the person receiving care is able to build a good relationship with the care provider and feel comfortable having people in the home they treasure and have often lived in for an extensive period of time.” Hazel and Mike have developed a service to assist care providers – who can earn £10-£12 an hour – and those needing care who can save up to 45% of normal care costs. All payments can be made online, which is helpful when another member of the family is dealing with finances. If you are a care worker looking for private clients or you require the services of a personal carer, you can find full details as well as terms and conditions at www. or you can call 01243 381322. Care-Link is a member of DSA.

Save up to 45% on personal care in your own home! Join an on-line revolution in Personal home care Whether you are looking for care visits at home, food preparation, assisted shopping, help with mobility, GP/hospital appointments, companionship, or even feeding your pet Make contact with a local Personal Care Assistant and be sure that you are paying affordable rates . Care-Link is an on-line service that does not charge agency fees, payment goes directly to the carer

Personal Care Assistants, you too can benefit from working independently. Work with private clients earning an average £10/12 PH. working flexible hours to suit your lifestyle FREE to join on-line Visit our website NOW to register

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Support your local writers A Picture of the South Downs – Art in the National Park by Terry and Christine Timblick Published in hardback by Halsgrove. Price £34.99 Described as ‘profusely illustrated in colour throughout’, this celebration of the creation of the South Downs National Park in 2011 includes many leading artists working in the area in the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries, with examples of their work. The bulk of the book is about contemporary artists and their paintings or other forms of manual depiction of Downland scenery, motivated by our lovely diverse area. The rich tapestry showcases the work of nearly 40

Chichester – A Walk in the City by Sue Finniss and John Elliott Published in hardback by Spire Books Ltd, Price £22.95

selected artists who work within the National Park, interpreting scenes from countryside, village and town. Christine and Terry Timblick have talked to them in their studios and discovered what inspires their Downland visions and the methods they use to transfer these ideas into pictures. If you love the Downs, this is a book to delight you – if you’re an artist, you’ll be inspired.

Chichester is a delightful city, boasting excellence in The Arts and Theatre, education and heritage as well as a superb shopping centre. It is a major cathedral city with a dramatic cathedral and other architecturally important buildings in the Close. Chichester – a Walk in the City attempts to capture the spirit of style is precise and descriptive. this heritage by mixing pictures John Elliott is an architectural and words. historian and publisher. This Sue Finniss is a watercolour Complete the grid. Each row, line and book is a fusion of their talents. artist of some distinction. Her

3x3 square must contain each of the letters in WORDLINES


Can you spare 4 hours a week? Becoming a volunteer with The Friends of Worthing Hospital will help make your local hospital special. Volunteers are needed to help with the running of our Hospital shops The West wing shop and coffee bar is open 6 days a week The Cafeteria in the main entrance is open 5 days a week The trolley shop provides afternoon service on the wards Profits from the sales within these shops have already helped fund some much needed high-tech equipment We are now raising money for our CT Scanner appeal launched this year to celebrate our 60 years.

If you would like to help or need any further information Call 01903 205111 ext.4540 or visit the shop for an application form

Complete the grid. Each row, line and 3x3 square must contain each of the letters in WORDLINES. Answers on page 7

WORDSEARCH There are 28 words in this wordsearch, all starting with RE. Can you spot them? Start with RED and RELY, then look for longer words. Answers on page 7


Companionship, privacy, security and independence – you’ll find them all, and much more, in an Abbeyfield home. The Abbeyfield Ferring Society has two houses both serving freshly prepared meals. Cornwell House accommodates twenty residents in its residential home which is close to local shops and the sea. Old School House provides supported accommodation for eleven residents in the heart of the village, adjacent to the library and Doctor’s surgery and close to the shops. We aim to provide quality care in a warm, friendly environment. Respite care can be provided, subject to availability. We also have a domiciliary support service for people who require some assistance to remain in their own homes. l Friendship, privacy and practical support l Fully trained and caring staff l Residents treated with dignity and respect

Please contact Ruth on 01903 240313 for further details

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Coaches also available for private hire by businesses, schools, clubs, associations & private individuals.

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Caring 4 Sussex - Issue 20 - Jan-Mar 2013  

Caring 4 Sussex - Issue 20 - Jan-Mar 2013

Caring 4 Sussex - Issue 20 - Jan-Mar 2013  

Caring 4 Sussex - Issue 20 - Jan-Mar 2013