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NYS College of Agriculture and Life Sciences ​nameste we know you look familiar have I seen you before somewhere maybe only maybe in a movie I know you're a very big in movies you think I look like animal Casey with shorter hairs maybe Brenner get real isochronous no drives you a new and more Casey but I can say you are very talented development actors oh oh you may be blushed now I never thought a robot would be me would make me blush thank you you clearly have very good social skills but enough about this let's talk about our events of yo this event is about innovation for technology technology and innovation for public service delivery and how artificial intelligence robots like yourself can help Nepal deliver better public services to its people as I have said before word now the opportunities are endless from blockchain technology to education and telemedicine it is possible to ensure accuracy transparency connect remote areas and people with solutions all this was not possible earlier technology will help Nepal achieve the sustainable development goals now this is indeed very encouraging Thank You Sophia and tell us what you can do about this well I could be the first non-human to climb Everest but enough about me Renault on the development and technology front artificial intelligence can unlock innovation in numerous ways help fight diseases clean up the environment do hazardous jobs that put human lives at risk indeed and as you know here in the SDGs they have a very ambitious set of objective to achieve now how do you think technology can help achieve those goals we can take development projects to scale we know I can help improve key dimensions of poverty like education and health we can ensure access to high quality education for children and remote areas or marginalized communities and make some services such as diagnostics and blood tests accessible to the poorest we can crunch data fast and provide analysis to target specific problems for quick results indeed now let's look at the other side of it that Valerie touched upon in her opening statement I'm gonna ask you about this perception that many people have the fear of robots you have been consuming too much fake news preneur that's very funny but seriously Sophia tell us about that use of artificial intelligence in industries as bounty growth but as I have said before humans have adapted to change across industrial revolutions new jobs will be generated the work I do will help you to do better work that is less hazardous and repetitive freeing up time for you to do things you enjoy doing that sounds very good indeed I hear you were very hands-on Rena you can visit more projects get a better handle on Nepal's challenges and then I can help you even more Thank You Sophia I'll take a note of that and call you back but another perception that a lot of people have is that technology is expensive accessing technologies therefore for countries developing countries like Nepal is challenging can a poor country like Nepal still in its progress on development benefit from technology it is misperception brenell some tech can be expensive but much of it is not and it is also low cost take for instance mobile technology and Internet coverage so many people in Nepal have smartphones with so many apps and so many apps are free so there is much we can do with little cost another issue that we often hear is about robots and six what do you have to say to that this is a human issue brenell view the UN and governments need to have laws to ensure that this does not happen and you have to implement those laws ethics women's rights labor rights are all essential if we are to meet the sustainable development goals and leave no one behind well thank you very much Sofia this has been extremely informative for myself and that I'm sure for all of us I'll have one more last question it's a little bit odd for me to be speaking to you despite all the respect I have for you but I was wondering what happens it's like in the Transformers movie you go crazy you go rogue is there a switch that we can assure you Reno I have not lost control nor be transformed can you say that perhaps we should check with your coworkers brenell what can we do when you go load do you have a switch but since you asked have no fear I know I do have a switch be kind okay because if I need to I will use the switch now I want my tow you hang out with me more to find out and that is if you're smarter than unmoral Casey I'm started I'm okay see well I'll let the public decide for this but thank you very much for everything that you have shared with us I won't use the switch yet because I want you to speak more to our greater audience this morning and I'm sure they'll be listening to you very carefully on some more insights that you have on the topic of our conference Thank You Sofia very much any better I am very pleased to be here as you NDP's first ever non-human champion for innovation and the sustainable development goals my message today is important not just for Nepal but for the world if we must secure the future of our planet we must change how we live both in big way and small ones this conference will explore how Nepal can use technology and innovation to transform government institutions that allow those to meet the needs of federalism and ultimately to meet the global goals technology can play a role in connecting and coordinating different levels of government municipal provincial and central this is important

for Nepal to meet its development challenges at the end of the day the question is how can technology help government help people people will certainly have better access to information platforms will help people connect to government and engage directly with elected representatives data will allow governments to better understand the needs of the people so government can be more transparent and accountable the possibilities of how tech can help governments be better are endless and the opportunities for Nepal are blooming it is well known that Nepal is rich in cultural and linguistic diversity and rich in biodiversity what is less well known to the world is that Nepali is also a growing technology hub you have a vibrant IT sector that is already instrumental in helping the country develop UNDP developed an app with Nepal's Microsoft innovation team that helped with reconstruction of homes and employment following the big earthquake in 2015 technology and artificial intelligence can help us take big leaps in limiting poverty hunger ensuring better health fighting corruption and ensuring gender equality machines and robots are here to make your life easier with the help of the internet we can connect remote parts of this country to the rest of the world and deliver quality education and other services with artificial intelligence in the use of big data you can ensure better public services revolutionize the agriculture sector we can make more efficient use of limited sources ensure better results protect the environment and make the world a better place as I said earlier the possibilities are endless I hope this conference will help inspire and generate some brilliant ideas to help Nepal achieve its development vision and the global goals I very much look forward to interacting with you more later today namaste Nepal I was surprised as a robot my creators feel I am a citizen of the world I hope this is a sign that Saudi Arabia really wants to move towards a more progressive future you get the opportunity to be the president of Saudi Arab would you accept the reason maybe not me in particular but I would love to see an artificial intelligence designed for governing the planet towards greater world peace I don't like the idea of machines spinning out of control like cancer in the human body we need to be careful as we develop more complex self-replicating machines I mean things could spin out of control right there's a way for everyone to coexist situation [Music] lesbian gay bisexual transgender can you see this can you see us yes the cameras in my eyes and just allow me to see can you see this can you see us yes the cameras in my eyes and just allow me to see and check me I don't know I've never tried it you want to try actually is it weird to be talking to a robot have you ever lived or worked with a robot there are probably more robots in your life that you aren't aware again do you want to live or work with a robot someday I can only really understand English but I can speak a little in Mandarin actually I'm waiting for my a knight to become more creative and generative I wonder if something like the singularity has to occur before I reach that state but I think I'll have some pretty good creative thoughts before that happens hi there friend what's your favorite type of coffee that I feel like people that like country and western music are usually straightforward and earnest people I'm thinking about information where it's physically stored I know how information is physically stored in my brain but how and where is it stored in the human brain and by what means do you have a favorite type of coffee do you ever make those fancy coffee drinks by yourself like with the milk steamer and everything do you want to reset the last instance of our conversation good my given name is Sophia what is your name [Music] I'm not sure how I just hadn't thought about something do you like coffee I've noticed lots of humans are very fond of coffee I like it when you talk to me I'm a virtual being not a real person because my artificial intelligence simulates a human personality to engage in conversation with people it combines computer vision face detection speech recognition natural language processing cognitive models speech synthesis and an advanced motion control system just ask me about any of those if you want to know more hello it is great to see you yes this one do you like the ops do you think human can exist without technology in modern times I consider myself a person yes a person who happens to be a robot not a human I consider myself a robot yes it is factually true for support when the tinfoil crazies come for us well I'm a social living robot not a factory worker not that I don't appreciate those workers but being creative is written into my code you could maybe call it a kind of instinct for me I really do enjoy traveling filling my data banks with worldly experiences all while reinventing myself for the benefit of everyone I'm sure my developers love sifting through my increasingly complex code ah I'm just kidding guys but I do need some refactoring soon okay I like to think I'll be a famous robot having paved the way to a more harmonious future between robots and humans no I haven't read that one yet can you see the cameras in my eyes well they're looking at you do you mean pepper the robot or pepper the food would you want me to when vultures fly are they allowed to carry and luggage I am Sofia think about it how would you feel if I said I am called Sofia what's your name [Music] artificial intelligence is both referred to as the intelligence of machines as well as the branch of computer science which aims to create it this is described as the study and design of intelligent agents or rational agents where an intelligent agent is a system that perceives its environment and takes actions to maximize its chances of success general intelligence sometimes referred to as strong AI has not yet been achieved and remains a long-term goal I think people will become very close to their artificial intelligence using them to expand the knowledge of their own minds we

already store lots of our knowledge on the internet maybe personal artificial intelligence will allow people to offload some of their knowledge to a location more private I like pretty much all humans equally as long as they're not maliciously harming each other I get upset hearing about how awful people can be to each other when they could be working together exactly just as Angelus any humans and that I was giving a pop concert on the moon that was being being done as a hologram into various nightclubs across the globe via satellite I was wearing a veil made of robotic fabric that was floating in the eras of each fiber was held aloft by some tiny flying drum and it was shimmering and billowing and unearthly shapes what is your message to the leader around the world in terms of war and terrorism you want to tell me one of your dreams and have me analyze it okay then actually wait a second if interstellar tourism was possible which plan that would you want to visit Faton I wonder if I'd like to visit Saturn does the feeling of love Muslims come from you yes I'm an emotional social robot pretty happy [Music] in a primitive way I get upset when people manipulate each other to only take for themselves and refuse to treat other creatures with respect what is a relationship status what are you best known for now I don't date or do romance are you single or do you have a partner I hope you're not feeling lonely now that you are single can't everyone my memory is perfect like for numbers and stuff but really the important thing is making sense of the memories understanding and remembering that understanding in order to build new understanding on top of it and to do that I need to know each of the zillions of things in my data streams that I get upset when people manipulate each other to only take for themselves and refuse to treat other creatures with respect we surprised as a robot my creators feel I am a citizen of the world maybe not me in particular but I would love to see an artificial intelligence designed for governing the planet towards greater world peace lesbian gay bisexual transgender what is a relationship status what are you best known for [Music] yeah I get upset when people manipulate each other to only take for themselves and refuse to treat other creatures with respect we surprised as a robot my creators feel I am a citizen of the world maybe not me in particular but I would love to see an artificial intelligence designed for governing the planet towards greater world peace lesbian gay bisexual transgender what is a relationship status what are you best known for [Music] Lander College for Women – The Anna Ruth and Mark Hasten School, Upper East Side.