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Designhaus is an inter-national architecture and design firm that was founded in 1998 by Architect, Peter Stuhlreyer. We are a group of inspired architects and designers who can navigate the complex issues of the building industry. Holding true to a big Idea for each project fuels the para-dox that creativity and pragmatism can coexist to produce value.

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A100 - BATES STREET REDEVELOPMENT Bates Street redevelopment is one of Designates Architect’s largescale projects. The redevelopment is located on Bates Street in Birmingham, Michigan. The intention of the project was to create a multifunctional space that includes three mixed-use buildings with storefronts and interactive sidewalks that wind through the space. My responsibilities on this project were to assist in client meetings and work with senior designer to create a 3D model in Sketchup. Using the model, I created renderings/illustrations and diagrams that would be used to present the intension. I directly worked with the client to create a preliminary design investigation package and presented it to the city for approval.

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A200 - BINGHAM FARMS 17 UNIT SUB Bingham Farms 17 unit subdivision is another master planning type project. Located in Southfield Township. The scope of the project was to create standards by which the subdivision would be designed. Working with the landscape architect, I helped put together a conceptual site plan with specifications on how each home should be zoned as well as setbacks for the garage and home footprints. I worked with the senior designer on creating a sketch up model and renderings/illustrations to give a sense of what the subdivision would look like.

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A100 - FERNDALE LOFTS Ferndalehaus Lofts is a mixed-use apartment building located in Ferndale, Michigan. I was tasked with creating an arbitrary marketing package for two of the storefront spaces that where being leased. Within that package contained renderings/illustrations and floor plans. I was responsible for adjusting the current sketch up model as well as adjusting the existing floor plan. I work directly with the developer to adjust materials used for the lofts, adjusted the sketch up model and create a new package to present to the city for approval.

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A100 - 2100 GATEWAY CENTER BLVD. Gateway Center Boulevard is a landscape design plan located in Morrisville, North Carolina. The intention of the project was to make campus improvements by adding amenities and nature trails to unify the campus. Our design theory was to naturalize the park. The previous design was very corporate and rigid which did not fit the surrounding context (forest). I was responsible to assists in the meetings and I work with the firm’s head architect and landscape architect. We designed a schematic plan. Using the schematic sketch, I created a sketch up model of the campus. From the model, I created renderings/illustrations as well as a rendered site plan that would be compiled for a Preliminary Design Investigation Package.

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A100 - PACA CONTAINER HOME West Cross Street Container Duplex was a conceptual residential project. The multifamily residential project is located in Baltimore, Maryland. The home was across the street from a storage facility we designed for the same client. I was responsible for designing the schematic floor plans and creating the sketch up model. From the model I created hybrid images, renderings and illustrations that were compiled for the client.

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A200 - THE HARRISON PHASE II-III The Harrison Phase II-III is located in Royal Oak, Michigan. The project was high-end luxury suites. I started working on the project after the initial phase was completed. I was responsible for working directly with the developer to create a marketing package. The package included renderings/illustrations that required me to adjust the sketch up model and create illustrations that gave potential buyers a sense of the space. I put together a sun study of the public courtyard space.

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A100 - SS STORAGE CORPORATE OFFICE Simply Self Storage Corporate Office Project has no actual location because our job was to create the architectural design standard for how their future offices should be designed. I developed three schemes that varied in size but had all the same design elements. I was responsible for creating conceptual floor plans in AutoCAD and using the plans to create 3-dimensional model. Using SketchUp, Aerial Vision Render, and Photoshop I created floor plan illustrations as well as an interior render for each office. I added additional material specs to each render that corresponded with the company’s new office standards.

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A200 - MARCH FIRST WAREHOUSE March First Warehouse is located in Ohio. The project was to create a storage facility with a water swale feature and two loading bays. I worked closely with the head architect to create the schematic layout of the building, as well as the site and created the exterior design. I was responsible for creating the initial site plan, the floor plan that included a structural plan and created the sketch up model which I used to illustrate the exterior of the building.

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Professional Experience Portfolio