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Your Kids will love our Ultimate Sports & Traditional Summer Camps! Our goal at Insports is to provide every child a summer camp experience full of lasting memories, new friendship, and plenty of opportunities for growth. We have the right program for traditional campers OR sports junkies. And with the assistance of our well-trained staff, your child will spend their summer days developing skills and boosting their self-esteem through a variety of safe, structured activities. FUN! Traditional Camp: featuring art, science, and a variety of activities through a non-competitive approach. Ultimate Sports Camp: If sports is all you think about, then our ultimate sports camp will be the perfect place to hone your skills in a variety of sports. Sport specific camps allow your son or daughter to develop important skills so they are one step ahead of the competition. Rain or shine, your child will always have a safe, fun place to explore the opportunities of camp. COME FOR A VISIT! 29 Trefoil Rd., Trumbull, CT

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DIFFERENT? Let’s talk about OPTIONS:

• TRADITIONAL CAMP • ULTIMATE SPORTS CAMP • SPORTS SPECIALTY CAMPS: > UK International Soccer & Skills and Thrills > Insports Punt, Pass, and Kick! > Insports Passing League > Randy Taylor Golf > BFIT Exercise & Nutrition > Boy’s Lacrosse > Girl’s Lacrosse > Social Games > Dodgeball



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The Lion Queen By Susan Heller

Lion’s Paw & Company owner Anna Nowak shares her inspirations.


Divorce Fairfield County Style By Trevor Crow

W2W and Keeping Connected with Trevor Crow, LMFT


Aruba By Shelley McCormick

One Happy Island....Of Extremes!

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Editors Letter Family Wellness Finance

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Cover Photo: Neil Landino

W2W Magazine

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editors letter


Enough is enough here! This is the winter of the “fake out”. Hot, cold, hot, cold. Snow, rain, snow, rain. However, since we are in February, with more snow on the horizon, I thought that I would share with you a perfect, easy family getaway: Aruba.

After spending a few days touring the island last month, I came home feeling completely rejuvenated and ready to take on “Old Man Winter”. Easy to get to, amazing topography and natural structures combined with sandy beaches and great cuisine put the island high on my list for extended weekend getaways. In this issue, we were invited to participate in a taping session with Trevor Crow on “Divorce Fairfield County Style”. Fistly, Trevor requested that we thank the Fairfield Theater Company for all of their hospitality. If you have not yet been to an event of concert there, do. It is a little hidden jem in the middle of town and they have some wonderful headliners that perform. Not to mention your attendance keeps the theater going to continue to provide a little culture in good ole Fairfield.

The taping was enjoyable and very educational. With a panel of experts from the Financial, Legal and Therapeutic fields, it was interesting to cover the spectrum of issues that are sometimes neglected as well as hear from individuals who are in the process of getting divorced or who have recently done so and their thoughts looking back. Trevor wrote a wonderful story on the event in order to share with you some of the collective thoughts from everyone who attended. Wether you are currently going through this process, have gone through it or can pass this information along to a friend in need, we hope you find the article as interesting as we do. After reading it, I gave my husband Matt a hug for being so wonderful to me! Enjoy! Shelley McCormick-Kolk

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The Lion Queen Lion’s Paw & Company owner Anna Nowak shares her inspirations. Story by Susan Heller

W2W Magazine

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Anna’s success is due in no small part to her aesthetics as well as her ethics


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he Circle of Life” is not simply a successful song from the 1994 Disney hit, The Lion King. Or an overworked some might even say, over-wrought metaphor for what goes around, comes around. It is instead, a statement of fact. It also defines fairly succinctly, the engine by which all things eventually come into balance. Anna Nowak has invoked that principle in her life and in the lives of others through the presentation of her studio in Fairfield, CT, Lion’s Paw & Company. Her goal is to help customers create Sanctuary in their own homes. A space filled with beautiful colors and shapes— the place you walk into and feel your shoulders drop an inch or two in relief. The circularity is evident when she describes how she feels when a customer connects with a specific piece. “It’s a great rush! When people’s faces light up and they see something they want to take home and make part of their world, I feel as though I’ve helped create a positive connection.” Let it be understood that is doesn’t matter if the item is an inexpensive objet d’art or a fabulous Louis Vuitton steamer trunk from the Titanic, Anna’s reaction is the same; pure pleasure and delight upon witnessing the delight of another. Anna’s success is due in no small part to her aesthetics as well as her ethics. In addition to featuring the stunning work of local artists and artisans, she also showcases wonderful pieces generated by artisans across the globe, specifically, those in compliance with Fair Trade principles. If you’re unfamiliar with that term , it generally means that the creator of the work benefits from their craftsmanship and they receive fair recompense which in turn allows them to generate more work for families, friends, sometimes entire villages. Those sensibilities dovetail with the other highpoints of Fair Trade terms and Anna’s philosophy: an exchange of anything should benefit everyone. There is no child labor, no cruelty to animals and no funky chemicals (VOCs) that out-gas toxic fumes in your home. All the silks and cottons are organic and the dyes are truly natural, derived from plants. Anna believes there is a reason that we’re attracted to hand-made goods. It has to do with a deep recognition of quality and pride of workmanship. What we create reflects who we are and what we hold sacred. To wit: Anna’s specific intention to include and honor all the artists whose work is represented in her studio, thus the “& Company” designation. Artist Sally Aldrich of Ridgefield, CT, is representative of that group. She is a painter, sculptor and potter extraordinaire, in addition to sharing her vast knowledge for the last 45 years with generations of students at the Silvermine Guild of Artists in New Canaan, CT. Sally also teaches private painting lessons, which provides me with a great segue to introduce the community outreach of Lion’s Paw & Company. Once a month they host a Wine & Finger-Food evening, featuring a guest speaker from a wide range of subjects encompassing everything from painting, the healing arts and Feng Shui, to beading and creating bird baths (think Sanctuary for our feathered friends).

profile Feeling the need for something less specific and more relational? Anna also works with artist David Mariko who has a very fluid and abstract approach. David can view any room or location and create something that will intuitively complement existing art work or match the energetic vibration of the location. Anna, and all of the tried and true experts she trusts to represent “& Company”, is available to assist customers with all their design decisions; from an accent pillow or appropriate paint colors, to full interior design and décor. She invites one and all to come browse her studio for items from: Ghana, Thailand, India, Argentina, Brazil, Turkey, Mexico, Paris, Italy and Morocco. For more information on Lion’s Paw & Company, go to:

Susan Heller has earned a reputaton for excellence as a writer, ghost-writer, producer and director. She also designs and directs: TV spots, advertising, video and multimedia presentations when she’s not writing speeches or helping other professionals hone their public speaking skills.

W2W Magazine

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Divorce Fairfield County Style W2W and Keeping Connected with Trevor Crow, LMFT Story by Trevor Crow Photos by David Bravo Disclaimer: This in not a couple that I have counseled. This is a composite sketch of several couples indicative of “Divorce Fairfield County Style”. There is no one character in this article that is an actual person.


uzanne was married to her college sweet heart Ted 23 years ago. They owned an award winning home in New Canaan that had been featured in a local design magazine. Suzanne’s husband Ted ran his own hedge fund while Suzanne stayed at home and raised their 3 children. They went on killer vacations. From the outside, they were the couple everyone envied, they sailed and kayaked together, and they were fit and smart. Their kids, in their teens, were the lucky ones, the oldest attending an Ivy League school, while the younger ones were academically successful at a local private school. One day, Suzanne got a text from a woman she had no knowledge of. It said four words: we need to meet. That started Suzanne on a long, unexpected and emotionally explosive journey through divorce that lasted four years and cost her and her ex husband over $500,000 in legal fees and forensic accounting. Ted it turns out had been having an affair with a woman who was the director of marketing for his hedge fund. It had started over drinks late one night on a business trip to Brazil. Jennifer was in her early 30’s, driven, sassy and attractive. When Ted offered her a drink after a dinner with the clients, she asked herself why not? From Ted’s perspective, he felt that Suzanne didn’t really care when he walked in the door after a long day at work. She barely looked up from making the kids’ dinner. Ted longed for attention and Jennifer gave it to him in spades. She was hot, attentive and made him feel important. Suzanne, he felt saw him simply as the family ATM.

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Trevor Crow


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Marilyn Chinitz

Eventually Ted and Jennifer fell in love, he helped her move into her new apartment in Stamford, buying her a new TV and sound system. She needed financial help and he wanted her to feel comfortable. But most of all he didn’t want Suzanne to find out about Jennifer. Two years after their first drink, Jennifer announced to Ted that she was pregnant. She was keeping the baby and that he had to tell his wife. Ted refused. He knew Suzanne would be indelibly hurt and he couldn’t bear to tell her. That is the moment Jennifer texted Suzanne to set up a meeting to tell her she was pregnant with Ted’s baby. Suzanne was heart broken, angry and vengeful. Hadn’t she been a loyal and caring wife? Hadn’t she stayed home and given up her career in publishing when baby number 2 showed up? She wanted the money, she wanted the house and she wanted Ted to feel the depth of her pain and shame. That is when she called the toughest litigator in the state and instructed the man to have at it. Connecticut is an “equitable distribution” state. With equitable distribution, the spouse that makes the most money is asked to pay the non-wage earning spouse an “equitable” amount of money for child support and alimony. In a community property state, the assets and wages of the family are split in half. CT is also a no fault state. A no fault divorce means that neither spouse is required to prove “fault” or marital misconduct on the part of the other. To obtain a divorce a spouse must merely assert incompatibility or irreconcilable differences, meaning the marriage has irretrievably broken down. For Suzanne, the family financial situation was complicated; Ted is a hedge fund owner. He does not report his earnings the way someone with a W2 form does. He retains his earnings or profits in the fund for tax purposes. As a result he only reports a tenth of his earnings as income. Suzanne was unaware of how hedge fund owners report their earnings. She trusted Ted to take care of the family and remained ignorant of the family financial matters. Going into the divorce Suzanne had to find out what and where their assets were. It was difficult to ascertain what Ted actually earned. It took years and a team of forensic accountants to come to a conclusion. To this day Suzanne is sure that Ted

Kitt Shapiro

hid many of their marital assets overseas. In the end Suzanne got the house, which turned out to be a disaster in the financial melt down of 2009. She had to sell it at a great discount. It took her some time to realize that her child support and alimony did not support her lifestyle prior to the marriage. To make ends meet, she now has a part time job at a local design store. Ted has moved into another stunning home, married Jennifer and the baby is thriving. The relationship between Ted and Suzanne is strained and the kids from the first marriage are wary of his new wife although happy to have a new little brother. Suzanne and Ted struggle to maintain enough cooperative communication to co-parent their three children. Suzanne is carefully not living with her current boyfriend and will not marry because co-habitation or marriage would curtail her alimony payments. There are many levels of this story that are deeply unfortunate. As a therapist, I wish couples would seek counseling well before their marriages are broken apart by betrayal or otherwise. (Statistically couples only seek counseling after 7 years of struggling, often too late to save their relationship). However, once the decision to divorce is in play, then there are many sources that spouses can access for information and prepare for their eventual divorce. In partnership with W2W Magazine and our production team lead by Jill Fitzburgh, we decided to put some questions to a panel of divorce experts. When faced with divorce, the first step is to assemble your team. According to our expert, Attorney Marilyn B. Chinitz, Partner with Blank Rome LLP, you will need an excellent lawyer or mediator, a financial advisor and a therapist. The question of whether to mediate or litigate is a thorny one. There needs to be enough transparency of assets and trust between the couple to equitably negotiate suggests Vicky Volper, a Collaborative Attorney and Mediator in Westport. “A couple may not trust in each other with respect to emotional issues but if they do have some basic level of trust with respect to knowing that the other person is not having their money hidden in a Swiss bank account”. With clearly stated and understood assets, it is far better financially for a couple to mediate. The cost of mediation is dramatically lower, closer to $10,000 W2W Magazine

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Libby Trischler


to $30,000 on average versus $30,000 and up in litigated divorces. Litigation comes into play when the assets are unclear. Many Fairfield County residents have assets that are illiquid or frankly hidden. Also, private equity partners, hedge fund owners, and venture capitalists are often long on assets that maybe difficult to measure. When the assets are unclear and stated income may not reflect actual net worth, both spouses will most probably need litigators as part of their team of experts. Nonetheless, even in a contested action, as Marilyn Chinitz points out, “99% of divorces are settled and it may be on the court house steps, not in your (lawyers) office.” Moreover, as Chinitz suggests negotiating a settlement is key because “You don’t want to have a judge who has no interest in you to make a decision for you and your family.” According to Paula Levy, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Mediator, there are some red flags against mediation. Levy asserts that couples where one spouse may have a substance abuse and or mental health challenges should not enter into mediation. “People need to advocate for themselves”, says Levy. An excellent piece of advice from Haley Rockwell, Managing Director for LLBH Private Wealth Management in Westport, Rockwell strongly urges spouses heading for divorce to consult with a financial advisor immediately to ascertain their financial picture now and in the future. In fact she wants all spouses, men and women to know what their finances are ahead of time. Rockwell asserts “Get involved in finances early. Women are really good at managing their finances”.

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Don’t wait for a crisis to educate yourself on your family finances. of your communication will impact your children even if they don’t If a divorce is looming, you need to have all the family financial infor- actually hear it. mation available to you and your lawyer. You may need help in writ- Chances are the divorce is wrenching for one spouse and a desire to ing a Financial Affidavit. This is an official document that formally punish the offending spouse is strong. Keep in mind, using the court presents the couple’s current financial situation. It is a detailed list of system to punish your soon to be ex spouse only ends in the attorneys what you own and what you owe (assets and liabilities), and what you making money, and all parties, including the children, emotionally earn and what you spend (income and expenses). Both spouses are bruised and possibly permanently traumatized. required to swear, under penalty of perjury, that the information they If you look at divorce from an attachment perspective, that we all provide in a Financial Affidavit is true. It is critically important that yearn to feel safe and valued. Splitting up is inherently fraught with you understand what you need in supabandonment and rejection. Being port and that you may need help with aware of and acknowledging hurt managing that money in the future. feelings may pave the way for betAmassing your team, figuring out if ter communication in the future. you can mediate or if you will need a With fairness and honesty folks can litigator is important as is taking care unwind their families with the least of yourself in the process. Divorce amount of collateral damage. My is an expensive, draining and painful hope is that divorcing spouses can at marathon of an experience and preleast treat one another with respect. paring yourself with the best team The best divorces I have witnessed possible is key. were ones where the wage-earning Advice from me: don’t spend time spouse offered more support and talking about your emotions with alimony than what the courts would your lawyer, hourly legal fees can run have required. In so doing, the nonfrom $150-$1000 per hour. Venting wage earning spouse feels valued and about your emotional troubles with respected easing tension and develyour attorney can get extremely exoping a good foundation for compensive; so keep the discussion strictmunication and co-parenting. These ly legal. Ultimately, you will need an spouses put their children ahead of expert to help you untangle the storm hurt, anger and desire for revenge, of emotions you are likely to experiand behave in a way that allows for ence even if you are the spouse who healing and a healthy connection goinitiated the divorce. Find a therapist ing forward. you connect with and invest in your We rarely hear about divorce cases emotional health as you navigate your whereby the ex spouses walk away divorce. feeling like it was the best scenario It is also important to keep your exin a terrible situation. I believe we pectations about your financial future can all do this in a better way with and lifestyle under control. The reintention and a desire to leave blame ality is the wage-earning spouse will and vengeance at the door. The highhave to support two households going ly litigated divorces that take years forward or both spouses will need to and cost millions grab headlines but work. Being realistic about how your cause great damage to all parties, eslifestyle will look is important to the pecially the children. negotiation process. Fighting for unWe all know what doing the right realistic support will keep the legal thing feels like. The physical expefees mounting, adding to the cost of rience is of lightness and joy. When the divorce and decreasing the amount you attack your soon to be ex, ask of money you will have to split. for or expect an unfair amount of I strongly advise spouses to consider assets, or withhold assets, you will the emotional component for all parnot be doing the right thing. Check Randi Lehrman, Ava Diamond, Haley Rockwell ties including the children and family. your emotional pulse, be honest with Both spouses should take a big picture view and decide what they want yourself, if you are carrying around a bitter, hard feeling in your chest the process to look like and decide what the best outcome is. You can and you want to take that out on your soon to be ex, you will only collaboratively make a mission statement setting out your goals for loose. Vent with a therapist or good friend, but when negotiating with the process. This is especially important if there are children involved. your soon to be ex, be fair and think of how you can keep the situation Something to the effect “We intend to do the best, most honest and from being acrimonious. Do not minimize your ex spouse’s inputs, respectful job of splitting as possible so the children are ok and we whether a home maker or a wage-earner, be respectful and appreciative can communicate in the future.” Use this as a guide for joint deci- for what each other has done to form the family. When all parties feel sion making in co-parenting and how you treat one another. The tone respected and valued, the negotiation process will go smoother and W2W Magazine

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2/10/14 2:35 PM

Vicki Volper

Paula Levy

the end result far happier for all involved. Another large aspect of divorce for women is self-care. Many of us are slow to pamper ourselves, as we tend to take care of those around us first. In the case of divorce we are under extreme emotional duress. It is a key point to be kind to yourself and have your support system in place. You will need close family members and friends who can help you feel that you are not alone going through a tough time. A challenge in this process is often that girl friends or family members you imagined would be there for you may have trouble dealing with your divorce. They may distance themselves when you need them most. As hurtful as this is, their reaction is more about them than you. Be open to new friendships to build your support base. You may even be surprised at the friends who do show up with compassion and help you ease through this tough time. One of the trickier aspects of divorce or post divorce for the newly single person is dating and sex. We talked to a panel of divorce experts in partnership with W2W Magazine including Randi Lerhman, Associate Publisher and currently in the process of divorcing, Laura Campbell, Divorce Strategist and founder of The D Spot, a website for folks transitioning through the divorce process and Libby Trischler, a well known Fairfield County Realtor and recent divorcee. Randi expressed “a personal beef ” that even if she had “found a cure for cancer” the first thing her friends ask her about is if she has found a guy. She is personally focused on her career and has put dating on hold. It is tricky because she has teenage sons and they “are embarrassed at the site of me”. Randi has chosen to be mindful of her kids, while navigating the process, holding back from jumping 20

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Gail Sagel and Guests at the “After Hours” segment

W2W Magazine

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“95% is the statistic, of relationships that start with infidelity and end” according to Laura. “Successful relationships happen when people are happy, healthy and whole”


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2/10/14 2:35 PM

into dating and or sex while growing her career. According to Laura Campbell, founder of the D Spot, “ the likelihood is that you haven’t had sex in quite sometime at least with your spouse”. And that many women need to “reconnect with themselves and their sensuality” after divorce, especially since sex “after 40” is different than in “our 20”s”. Libby facetiously explained that she “might have made a mistake” by initiating her divorce without having a significant other already lined up. She has “struggled” with how to get back out there without getting involved with married “friends”. She feels that she is in the minority in Fairfield County by not having had a relationship developing prior to the divorce. “95% is the statistic, of relationships that start with infidelity and end” according to Laura. “Successful relationships happen when people are happy, healthy and whole”. Laura’s experience has shown her that recently divorced men and women need to take time to work through their emotions in the wake of a divorce. Getting into a serious relationship may not be the best strategy. With this in mind, Laura “went out on a limb” suggesting that there might be a “place where friends-with-benefits after divorce” would be a wise decision. (“Friends-with-benefits” is a sexual relationship without long-term romantic expectations for either partner). It may take time for you to be ready to date as Laura says or “happy, healthy and whole” again, so taking time before entering into a romantic relationship might be the best strategy. In closing, divorce is a tough time for the entire family. If you are divorcing or considering it, be sure to surround yourself with a strong team of experts that will help guide you through this difficult time. First know your financial picture. Then decide if mediation is right for you and if not, find a lawyer you can work with. If you are the spouse initiating the divorce, you are probably further down the emotional road than your spouse. If you are being left, you will need time to grieve the end of the relationship and develop a healthy narrative of what happened and why. Be sure to talk to therapist while working through this! Chances are without doing a thorough emotional dissection; you will repeat the same mistake. We can all rewire our neurological pathways for healthier relationships and this is a good time to get help. When beginning to negotiate the splitting up of assets and finances, be realistic and fair. Treat one another with respect and don’t minimize the other’s inputs. Create a mission statement and stick to it. If you have children together, you will have to coparent until one of you dies. Do your best to be honorable, fair and honest. That means paying support on time. It also means showing up for and dropping the kids off on time. And, when getting ready to date again, take your time, be picky, perhaps the “friends-with-benefits” route might be the best strategy for the short term. Ultimately, if you choose, there are some wonderful people out there to connect with. Choose wisely, look for a safe, warm, honest and caring person that values you and adores you. You deserve it! Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel Keeping Connected with Trevor Crow more panel discussions and advice. Be sure to like me on Facebook, Trevor Crow, LMFT follow me on Twitter, TrevorCrowLMFT. We wouls also like to thank THe Fairfield Theater Company for all of their assistance. To view this series, go to: W2W Magazine

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2/10/14 2:36 PM

Save it for Later Women Plan a Family with Today’s Reproductive Options Story by Tally Jacobs

Family.indd 24

2/10/14 2:27 PM


Family.indd 25

2/10/14 2:27 PM


didn’t want to miss my chance to have a family,” says Alyssa Sperber, a marketing executive who is also attending graduate school at New York University’s Stern School of Business. Two years ago, Alyssa was turning 35 years old, and about to embark on business school to study marketing while managing her responsibilities in the office. It was an exciting time of her life, but it also meant that she was several steps away from starting a family. She knew that her thirty-fifth birthday was an important milestone in terms of fertility, so she decided to make an appointment to see a reproductive endocrinologist for diagnostic testing. Her OB/GYN recommended Dr. Joshua M. Hurwitz, a Board Certified reproductive endocrinologist and a partner with Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut (RMACT). Alyssa met with Dr. Hurwitz, who conducted a physical exam, a sonogram of her ovaries and blood tests, including an anti-mullerian hormone (AMH) test which gauges the ovarian reserve of a woman. For the most part, the tests indicated that Alyssa’s fertility was average for her age. The most telling test, however, was the AMH test. It indicated that her number of eggs was rapidly declining. Dr. Hurwitz spoke with Alyssa about her options for preserving her future fertility, as well as maintaining her reproductive autonomy. To achieve both of these goals, he recommended egg freezing. When it comes to starting a family, women have more options than ever – and they are options they can pursue on their own. Advances in assisted reproductive technology (ART) have made it possible for women to either preserve their fertility for the future through egg freezing, or to start a family now with donor sperm and fertility treatments such as inseminations or in vitro fertilization (IVF). These choices empower women to build their family now, or to wait when they are ready to decide their future sperm source. “A women’s decision about how and when to start a family is in her hands,” says Dr. Hurwitz. “Egg freezing, or oocyte cryopreservation, shifts the focus from having to choose a sperm source now towards re-affirming a woman’s commitment to herself and her future family. Many of my patients find the idea of reproductive autonomy very empowering.” Egg freezing has recently come to the forefront of reproductive medicine. In 2012, the fertility field’s premier professional organization, the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), assembled a Practice Committee to re-assess egg freezing as a form of assisted reproductive technique (ART). The Practice Committee of the ASRM determined that the freezing and thawing of egg cells is a proven method for preserving a younger woman’s ability to have children, removing the technique’s “experimental” label which had been in place since 2008. This decision by the Practice Committee of the ASRM is based on a report titled “Mature Oocyte Cyryopreservation,” which examined nearly 1,000 published papers. While egg freezing gives women more flexibility, the report urges caution, reminding reproductive professionals and patients that egg freezing should not give women false hope or lead them to believe they can delay childbearing indefinitely.


Family.indd 26

2/10/14 2:28 PM

In other words, the technology cannot replace or turn back time. But it does give them more options. The change in classification is far more meaningful and far-reaching than semantics. It speaks to female patients’ options as well as advancements in laboratory technology that has improved egg freezing. A rapid freezing technique called vitrification maintains the delicate architecture of the human egg and eliminates crystallization which had plagued older techniques. The recent advances in cryopreservation have made freezing human eggs extremely reliable and successful. Vitrification uses a combination of sugar molecules, electrolytes, and liquid nitrogen, to rapidly freeze eggs in just 15 minutes. Previously eggs were frozen over a period of four hours, which exposed them to crystallization. Patients in a variety of situations can benefit from egg freezing, including women about to undergo chemotherapy; couples embarking on in vitro fertilization (IVF) who have an ethical issue with freezing embryos; couples whose diagnosis includes male infertility who are going through IVF; and women who are not yet ready to start a family. A woman’s egg quality and quantity diminishes over time. She is born with her lifetime of eggs, and from puberty to menopause she releases monthly follicles and eggs. By freezing her eggs, a woman can preserve eggs of good quality at her younger age. These eggs can later be used

during an IVF cycle to become pregnant with a future sperm source or, if the woman is unable to carry a pregnancy to full term, she can choose to work with a gestational carrier if needed. Along with egg freezing, there is also an increase in women who are interested in starting families on their own. To help support these women, RMACT is launching a program called Single Moms to Be, which includes resources and a medical team dedicated to their needs. This month, the fertility practice is launching www.singlemomstobe. com, which offers information and resources for women at various stages of becoming single moms, including information about treatment options, nutrition, and an online community of experienced single moms who answer questions. “Women can take control of their dreams for a family,” says Spencer Richlin, MD, a Board Certified reproductive endocrinologist who leads the RMACT Single Moms To Be Team. “This is more than just an idea – it is actionable. They can freeze their eggs; they can start a family on their own. It is very inspiring to work with women who follow their dreams.” For more information go to W2W Magazine

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Women, Money, and the Next Generation: Where Do We Fit In? Story by Haley Rockwell and Sarah Simon

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s women in the wealth management field, we are passionate about empowering women in their financial lives and feel strongly that women are uniquely suited to lead the wealth transfer process in their families. We are from different generations and in different stages of our lives. Between the two of us, and like many of you, we are mother, daughter, granddaughter, aunt, sister, friend, advisor, and confidant. Like all women, we fill many different roles at different times in our lives and want to share with you some interesting facts you may not know about women. Women are a powerful force in our economy – comprising 2/3 of consumers, half the work force, and 43% of the nation’s wealthiest people – we literally control trillions of dollars in the economy. We are also more likely to outlive our spouse and be the primary caregiver than our male counterparts. Most importantly, we possess behavioral and psychological traits that make us uniquely well suited to manage finances relative to men, there are physiological and psychological studies that show we are willing to commit to a process and resist the urge to make rash decisions about money. Many of us are concerned about giving too much to the next generation and creating dependence, rather than independence, in the younger generations. We want to avoid raising “trust fund” kids and instead pass wealth along in ways that prepare our children to be productive members of society that are making a positive impact on the world. Our goal is to address some of the questions we hear most often and provide insights how you as women can best prepare your family for wealth. How much money should you leave your children and grandchildren? There is no right or wrong answer to this question – how much you leave is deeply personal and will vary from family to family depending on values and circumstances. Some families approach this in terms of specific needs that they would like to assist with – e.g., graduate school, a down payment on a first home, or major health expenditures. Others think about it in terms of a career development fund and want to provide enough to cover basic living expenses each year so that their children will have the flexibility to pursue any career they choose, regardless of earning potential. While there is no exact dollar amount, it is interesting that a pattern that has emerged is for families to leave 10% of net worth to each child and/or grandchild, with the remainder being given to charity. So families with $15m - $30mm might give $1$2mm per child, while families with $50mm might give $3-$5mm and families of $100mm often give $10-$15mm to each child. Families often struggle with whether they must give exactly equal amounts to each family member. Since circumstances vary among individual family members, it is important to focus on fairness rather than equality – ask yourself what feels fair and reasonable in light of all the circumstances. Blended families may struggle with how much to leave step-children – again there is no set rule and it will depend on the nature of those relationships. As women, we tend to have a greater level of empathy than W2W Magazine

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The more difficult question for many is when should the money be in the hands of your children or grandchildren so that you don’t stifle their efforts to become financially independent?

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men and are able to think about these issues from the perspective of ourselves, our spouse, and our children. This is especially valuable when making determinations about how much to leave each child and grandchild. When should you give it to them? From a purely financial standpoint, gifting earlier is more tax efficient since those funds grow outside your estate and subject you to lower taxes than if you were to leave assets through your will. This would make the argument for at least putting those funds in trust as soon as you know how much you would like to give. The more difficult question for many is when should the money be in the hands of your children or grandchildren so that you don’t stifle their efforts to become financially independent? You want to ensure they have a basic understanding of how to manage money and control their spending, and may also want to wait until they have begun to build a career and have learned how to live on their own. The most common times for giving access to money to children are age 25 (already have a job and living on their own) and age 40 (well established in their career, own a home and have started a family), although some choose never to make a significant outright distribution during their lifetime to ensure that the next generation remains fully independent. Since more women are still the primary caregivers in the home, we are uniquely positioned to begin educating our children at an early age on basic financial principles and also to gauge which timeframe may make the most sense for our particular children. This does not require any specific knowledge of the financial markets –the most important lessons you can pass on are respect for the value of money, how to save, how to gift it to charity, and how to spend it responsibly. At a certain point you may choose to bring in an advisor to assist with some of the more technical principles of investing, but the most important core values are those that we as caregivers and home-makers practice every day. Do you give it outright or in trust? Many friends and clients ask us, “to trust or not to trust. That continues to be the question.” Once you have determined how much you should leave to your family and when you should give it to them, you will have to decide whether to give them this money outright or in trust. Well-drafted trusts can have many benefits including tax-savings, creditor protections, and divorcing spouse protection. It is often easier to place assets in a trust early on, then to have to bring up a prenup before your children’s weddings. There are also other structures that can aid in tax savings- including intentionally defective grantor trusts, family limited partnerships, and charitable remainder trusts just to name a few. And as noted above, trusts can allow you as the donor to control the timing of the distribution of assets to the beneficiaries and separate that from the timing that makes most sense for gift and estate tax planning purposes. The Trustee can also play a valuable role in helping to educate the beneficiary on basic principles around investing, spending and trusts. In many situations, the trustee may be someone other than a parent and serves as one more potential mentor to the beneficiary. So whether you are a mother or grandmother, or are a trustee, you should make the most of your everyday interactions with your children and grandchildren to share the basic principles that will

make them good stewards of their wealth in the future. How much should you share with your family about your wealth? More communication is better – people are often too secretive about family wealth and it leads to mistrust and misinformation. This applies to spouses as well as children. Having open communication with your spouse, even if there is financial inequality between the two of you, is critical both for the relationship and also because both spouses will play a critical role in conveying information to the children. Ideally, you should speak to your children incrementally over time about family wealth. Certainly this discussion should happen by their mid20s, and we would encourage you speak to them at the same time, even if some are a little young and others a little older so that you reduce the possibility of sibling friction and rivalry. It is important that you share with them your vision and engage them in a dialogue about their thoughts on wealth. Ask them their thoughts on how to manage family wealth, how much to give to charity, how much they think should be given to family and when and how. How do you educate them to be responsible stewards of wealth? There is a proverb that financial wealth is destined to dissipate in three to four generations. The first makes the money, the second preserves it, the third spends it and the fourth must re-create it. The theory is that the third and fourth generations run through their family’s wealth because they don’t learn to work, and turn into the much dreaded “trust fund kids.” Helping the younger generations to find their passion or calling and pursue it is as important as understanding the basic concepts of finance and investing. Different information should be conveyed at different ages to children – for 6-12 year olds, age appropriate activities include structuring an allowance, beginning to save, setting limits on spending and beginning to think about philanthropy; for 13-18 year olds, activities include summer employment, funding a Roth IRA, preparing a tax return and investing online; and college age kids may learn by working on a college spending budget, receiving mentoring from an advisor on the basic principles of investing, building a simple portfolio, and understanding the roles of trustees and beneficiaries. It is important to allow them to make

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mistakes along the way and they should have mentors they can work with either within or outside the family. Even if individuals will be working with professional advisors, it is important that they learn the basic principles of investing, so that they can be in a position to assess their advisor’s strategies and evaluate and communicate performance effectively to the rest of the family. They should also understand how trusts work and the roles of trustees and beneficiaries. One effective way to carry out the financial education process is to have regular family meetings that provide a venue for education and communication among family members. Family foundations and working collaboratively on philanthropic endeavors is also a good way to educate the next generation on basic principles of wealth management and investing. 32

Where does philanthropy fit in? Exposing children to philanthropy at an early age helps build an interest in and appreciation of the value of giving back to society. Philanthropy is learned, and if you encourage your children from a young age, it is more likely to be of value to them through out their lives. We have seen children as young as elementary school involved in different philanthropic initiatives of their families- in fact, some are even taking the lead. Engaging your adult children in designing an approach to charitable giving and implementing that strategy will also provide a valuable opportunity to teach them about how to make decisions about wealth and how to manage wealth responsibly. For many, philanthropy is a way of protecting future generations from the perils of inheriting “too much�, not appreciating the value of work and build-

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ing one’s own wealth, and certainly provides a preferable alternative to paying taxes. We know our strengths as women and the questions we should be asking, now what’s next? We have highlighted the skills that women possess which make us great communicators, now we have to put this to good use, and begin the dialogue. Think about how you would answer the above questions about how much, when and how, and then engage with your family to begin to instill the values that are important to you. It is important to involve both parents and children in these discussions, and it will go a long way if both the mother and father can present a united front. You don’t have to worry about being well versed in technical jargon,

the basic values and principles are more important and you can always engage a professional at the right time to provide additional technical expertise to the younger generations. Engage now and often and you will be rewarded with stronger family relationships and a much smoother and fulfilling transfer of wealth.

For more information or to contact Hillary or Sarah, go to:

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Dr. Alex Afshar

GOOD NEWS BAD NEWS Heavy Legs, Restless Legs, Spider & Varicose Veins Story by Susan Heller Photography by Neil Landino

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Dr. Alex Afshar and the Staff of The Vein Institute of Connecticut

irst, the bad news. Actually, the only bad news on the subject is that many people may not be aware that any of the above symptoms are a result of venous disease – which has to do with the way your blood flows. That’s pretty much it for news on the down side. The beginning of the good news is that it is easily treatable and once treated, it rarely returns. The better news is that the actual treatment is an out-patient procedure, takes about 20 minutes, is often covered by insurance and requires absolutely no down-time. If you don’t have the visual presentation of varicose or spider veins – those sometimes thready, other times ropy, veins that can appear anywhere on the legs – how do you know if you have venous disease? One very apt description is what a friend of mine used to call “crazy legs”. She described it as a creepy crawly sensation that made her legs jump around and kept her from ever experiencing a full night’s sleep. Then there is the sensation of heavy legs which is different than simple fatigue. If you’re on your feet much of the day, putting your feet up when you get home should provide some relief. Many people assume that a leaden sensation in their legs or general swelling is normal. Often, that is not the case, especially for teachers, hairdressers , delivery 36

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people , waitstaff, or even surgeons. There is a genetic component for a percentage of people with venous disease, however people who sit all day—truckers, call center personnel, video editors, are also at risk. It is an important health concern for many. If any of this rings a bell, or you want to investigate the cosmetic results of intervention, you can take advantage of the fact that most reputable doctors will provide a consultation, free of charge to see if you are a candidate for venous disease treatment. We’ve Come A Long Way Dr. Alex Afshar of The Vein Institute of Connecticut, notes that prior to 2002, treatment for venous disease required days in the hospital followed by down-time at home and left fairly significant scars. “Now,” he explains, “it is a minimally invasive, out-patient procedure, performed with a local anesthetic. The incision is less than ¼ inch, leaves no scar, and the patient can return to their daily routine immediately.” The Institute offers three non-invasive and virtually painless procedures to correct the visible and non-visible effect of venous disease. Even the diagnostic tool for locating areas where blood is back-flowing is a pain-free ultrasound.

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Though they have been doing this work for years, the staff of The Vein Institute of Connecticut understands it is brand new to every single patient A slight digression here - I have been writing articles for W2W for the last three years , if you read any of them you know that I have a soft spot for people who change the lives of others because they love what they do for a living. It really does make all the difference. Dr. Afshar falls into that category. His dedication to his patients is reflected in his standard of care and in the people he hires as staff. The fact that he has performed these procedures over 4,000 times speaks to exactly what you want from any doctor treating you – deep experience, consistent engagement. Additionally, the fact that the he and his staff socialize outside of work, reveals the quality of relationship they share and naturally extend to everyone who comes in the Institute’s door. Though they have been doing this work for years, the staff of The Vein Institute of Connecticut understands it is brand new to every single patient, which is why Nurse Coordinator, Renee Laboy, is all about providing comprehensive and compassionate care; before, during and after the procedure. Dr. A, (as he is affectionately known) performed the radiofrequency procedure on her a number of years ago, so she is eminently qualified to address any concerns and answer any questions a prospective patient may have. Interestingly, it is no longer just the female demographic who for cosmetic reasons, want varicose and spider veins banished. As the job marketplace grows more competitive, men with unsightly veins are finding they want to look their best and weekend warriors who were self-conscious about their legs, are discovering how much easier it is to play basketball, golf, volleyball etc., in shorts rather than long pants.

The Vein Institute of Connecticut has locations in Newtown and Fairfield. They do offer free consultations and every procedure is performed by Dr. Afshar. For more information, go to: W2W Magazine

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The Tale of This Food Writer’s 10-Day Transformation Cleanse Story by Linda Kavanagh


here’s a running joke in the chef world where we profess to “not trust people who don’t eat meat”. But, is it a joke really? I live my life as a true omnivore and more often than not, as a ravenous carnivore. I tend to be leery of those who cut any specific food group out of their life as I just can’t relate. Why would anybody deprive themselves of any food if they can enjoy every food in moderation? And how about these juice diets and vegan lifestyles? What must they be like? Dying of curiosity, I took my pork-fat loving self to Fairfield County’s newest feel-good real-food organic eatery, Green & Tonic, to learn more and put myself onto a healthier food path. I considered it to be a good sign when I found out that Green & Tonic owners Cai and Jeffery Pandolfino were the former owners of Plum in Cos Cob, a fabulous gourmet shop and caterer that specialized in hearty comfort foods. These were people I could trust! “I am the first one to crave double fried duck fat fries, “ Cai confessed to me on our first email exchange, “so if Jeff and I can do it, so can you, “she assured me about my upcoming 10-Day Transformation Cleanse I was about to start under her guidance. DAY 1 It was a Tuesday morning. I remember it well. I had just taught my early morning spinning class at the New Canaan YMCA. While spinning, all I could think about was the fact that I was not going to be able to eat breakfast after class or have my cherished cup of coffee. Oh !@#%. This goes way beyond breakfast! I am not going to be able to eat for 10 frickin’ days! I arrived at Green & Tonic at 10 a.m. to meet with Cai and Jeff. I admitted to the anxiety I was experiencing about attempting this part personal challenge and part crazy writing assignment. Sure! Let’s have the food writer report on a 10-day fast. It’ll be funny! Cai and Jeff told me their story about how they were tired of the over indulgence of the food business. After Cai’s last pregnancy both parents were not feeling their best. They embarked on their new healthy lifestyle together, seeking knowledge from the Center for Integrative

Nutrition. At home they experimented with recipes and weaned themselves off of high fat foods, caffeine and sugar. Jeff began a whole new style of catering, creating healthy meals for a small legion of clients. Long story short, Jeff sold his share of Plum and Cai left her position at Le Pain Quotidien and the duo set forth to bring nutritious eating to Fairfield County in the form of Green & Tonic. Their stores in Darien and Greenwich offer organic nutrient rich foods and fresh pressed juices including grain and green salads, sandwiches made with plant-based wraps and meat substitutes, as well as produce driven smoothies and delicious nut mylk-shakes. Armed with a 10-day vegan based “Transformation Cleanse Pack” from PURIUM Health Products, a leader in plant based, nutrient rich supplements and dietary formulas, Cai sent me off with words of encouragement and a tasty “fireball lemonade” made with lemon, cayenne, ginger, raw agave nectar and filtered water. Trust me, when you’re hungry, the combination of sweet and tart and spicy really hits the spot! The cleanse is created around what’s called the “power shake”, a plant-based powder containing vegetables (too many to name) called the Kamut Blend, which includes spirulina, rice bran solubles, activated barley, and (dry) carrot juice. The powder is shaken up with water or nut milk. The daily diet regime alternates this green, notso-tasty concoction with master amino acids, herbal fiber cleanse capsules, a nightly fiber cleanse drink and apothe cherry extract mixed with water. The cherry extract is a potent source of melatonin, which allows for a more restful sleep and is among the world’s premiere free radical scavengers and is antioxidant-dense. Along with the PURIUM line, intermittently small amounts of “flex foods” such as apple, avocado, red pepper and cucumbers can be consumed. DAY 2 I miss having my cup of coffee, that’s for sure. I was advised to keep my routine the same and simply forge ahead. So, I teach my class. I

W2W Magazine

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am surprised to feel nothing out of the ordinary as far as my energy level, but I drive home with a craving for something salty. Instead, I shake up the green stuff and down the aminos and look forward to a flex food later on. My first hurdle to overcome is a reception I have this night for meeting event planners that I am introducing to one of my restaurant clients. There’s going to be social imbibing and really great food. What am I going to do? Determined not to make a big deal out of my little non-food adventure, and to avoid the stress of it all, I immediately come clean to my guests and explain my situation. As I sip lemon water and pick on some make-shift “flex foods” of radish and parsley garnishes I am surprised by the words of encouragement and slight envy my cohorts express towards my healthy endeavor. “I would have done this with you, “says one woman, “I’ve been dying to try something like this. Doing this together would have been fun.” Fun? If only she knew that awaiting me at home was a big grainy and slimy fiber shake. At least the bed-time cherry juice is pleasant tasting. I sip it sparingly, wanting to make any decent flavor last as long as possible. DAY 3 They say the first 3-4 days are the toughest and I am starting to feel out of sorts. I sip caffeine-free tea while I work - anything to keep my mind off of my desire for a scrambled egg with toasted grain bread with butter. I have a headache and slight nausea. I immediately call Cai. She explains that my body is detoxing from the caffeine and the sugar (carbs). Good to know that this is normal, but day three turns out to be a little rough. Cai suggests that I pop into their Darien store and have them make me a power shake for my next green powder concoction. A blend of apple cider, aloe vera juice, kale, bananas, chia seeds, spinach, and camu camu (vitamin C rich berry) is whirled up with the powder. It’s a sweet and yummy break from the water and nut milk I’ve been consuming with the powder. I have a press dinner this night. I have decided to go to the dinner to meet and greet everyone and once they sit for dinner I will place them in the capable hands of the manager and chef. This causes me some anxiety as I have never NOT stayed for one of my press dinners. After all, these writers are here because of me. Luckily, the writers and the restaurant are all fine with my disappearing act and I even receive words of encouragement from them the following day.

am a little tired but able to function without a problem.Workouts have been the same while I am doing it. But then after I feel wiped out. My biggest challenge is the green powder – it’s unpleasant. So, I either just guzzle it down mixed with water or do a smoothie with almond milk / fruit to give it more substance (mostly in the morning). It’s not easy – that’s for sure. The weekend is going to be a challenge. Typically our weekends revolve around cooking and entertaining. I decided to stay low this weekend and keep occupied doing other things. 6 more days...I can do this! DAY 5 I panic slightly when I realize that my normal bowel movement has been interrupted. I had actually envisioned ten days of massive detoxification via my colon, but this was quite the opposite. Once again, a call to Cai was placed. She explained that I was only putting about 700 calories into my body a day. Quite simply, less input – less output. It makes perfect sense but it is still hard to digest. Get it? “Digest”…. OK, so I’m a little punchy. I head to a friend’s house that evening only to watch everyone cook and eat while I chug a green shake and munch on a half of avocado laced with cayenne pepper. Again, any sort of flavor or texture contrast seems like pure heaven. I must admit, the hunger has subsided and I am merely jealous that I cannot partake in the taste of the roasted pork and mashed potatoes, but it is not out of hunger. DAY 6 The nausea continues and the flavor of a raw red pepper is such a turn off. I grab a fireball lemonade from the Cos Cob Green & Tonic location and sit with Cai for a while to talk about the chemistry of the body’s immune and digestive systems. I am ingesting 15 amino acids

DAY 4 I receive an email from Jeff checking in on my progress. I respond: Today is the first day without the headache – ahhhhh... Was that from caffeine withdrawal? I W2W Magazine

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a day, which is equivalent to 15,000 mg a day of 100% vegetarian protein. The amino acids accomplish the following: • Normalization of protein synthesis • Assists with the stabilization or recovery of muscle strength, endurance, and volume • Helps keep body tissues firm • Helps minimize body fat • May support a weight loss regimen Our science class continued with Digestive Enzymes, which help to break down food so your body can absorb nutrients from it. These can be ingested through supplements or a diet heavy in plant-based foods, such as raw, uncooked and unprocessed foods. Processing and cooking destroys food-based enzymes. Digestive enzymes are produced naturally by your body, and digestion fails without key enzymes. The other key component to healthy digestion and our immune system are Probiotcs - the microflora, Cai explained it as, “The good guys that live in the gut and fight off pathogens versus the bad guys (think flu virus, bacteria, yeasts).” Gut health has been a hot topic as most people think about caring for their immune system with Vitamin C suplements. Whereas, when it comes to having the immune strength to fend off colds, flus, and infection, the power is actually in the number of “good” bacteria (probiotics) in the digestive system. In addition, having healthy levels of microflora helps the body to absorb more nutrition from foods as they pass through the gastrointestinal tract. Supporting a healthy level of probiotics is the best thing you can do to support the immune system, and your health. A plant-based diet

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offers great support for achieving this balance, as well as a probiotic supplement a few times a week to ensure you’ve got an army of probiotics to back up your immune system. A probiotic supplement should contain at least two active bacteria strains (or more), and has 1 billion organisms per serving explains Cai. DAY 7 I am accustom to the routine now, not-so-much the green juice, but I just down it quickly. My hunger has been diminished and I no longer have food on my mind 24/7. I feel strong during my workouts and I am able to get through my day with less irritability. I am enjoying how tired I am at bedtime and my ability to sleep through the night without waking up as much. Cai attributes this to less “variables in my system” such as alcohol, sugar, carbs and caffeine. My body seems to be running smoother, so to speak. DAY 8 That’s it. I am no longer able to tolerate the green powder juice-shake thing. They taste horrible to me now. I only consume two today, which I know is not a good idea but I simply can’t consume much more. I instead add a flex food of cucumber slices and sprinkle them with harissa. I continue to sip on tea all day (Senna leaves which aids in my lack of bowel movements). I attend another dinner event – this time it’s a tasting event for my client’s revamped menu. I go to show my support and instead of contributing my taste expertise, I pay more attention to plate presenta44

tion, menu description and pricing. To be frank, I don’t think anyone even realized that I wasn’t actually eating anything. DAY 9 2 DAYS TO GO! Cai and I meet again and try to address the nausea I felt throughout the process. It’s the one side effect that seems to be out of the ordinary. It could simply be my body’s reaction to the detoxification combined with my personal dislike for the green powder and flex foods. It’s a warm and muggy day and I am feeling lethargic. Cai sends me on my way with a “remedy” shake of coconut water, b12, bananas, blueberries and coconut meat. It’s just the boost I need to get through an editorial meeting in the afternoon. Everyone at the magazine wants to hear about my 10-Day Transformation but with one day left to go, I feel as if I can’t brag about my achievement yet. “Is it hard to get through?” “Was it worth it?” they all ask. Yes and Yes. DAY 10 Oh, Thank You Dear Lord I am thrilled to be at the end of this journey. I only consumed one green monster today. I am so over it. I teach my spin class. Everyone comments on how great my skin looks and how my face looks thinner. They seem just as excited about my last day as I am. Many profess that they didn’t think I could do it. Haha! Now they tell me!?

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Cai sends me an email reminding me that I will need to ease into the real food world as my body will consider much of what I want to eat as foreign and it will need to regain its ability to break it all down. This all makes sense but it will be a disappointment to my friends who have planned a feast the next night to celebrate my achievement. Looks like vegetable soup, grain bread and fruit smoothies for a few days. But at this stage of the game, that sounds like a gourmet meal! SUMMARY I did it! Thank you Cai and Jeff and the gals at all of the Green & Tonic stores for making this such an interesting and informative experience. I can’t say it was fun. For me, it was truly a challenge and it definitely had its highs and lows. But there’s no denying how wonderful I felt in the end and how this transformation inspired me to pay better attention to how my body runs on, and reacts to food. Six months later, I am back to my normal food lifestyle. A little bit indulgent but I have cut back on portions and some carbohydrates and I have added the amino acids to my daily routine as well as probiotics and I feel great. RESET CLEANSE – JOIN US! My girlfriend and I are planning a 10-day Reset Cleanse after the holiday which is a full body detox. The Reset Cleanse starts with three days of Green & Tonic’s awesome organic food and juice followed by a 3-day juice fast and then finishes with four days back on the food and juice. This cleanse includes supplements such as enzymes, probiotics, master amino acids, herbal fiber cleanse pills, a liver detox formula and zeolite, a mineral that helps rid toxins. This cleanse also includes coaching sessions and email support throughout. I’m excited about this cleanse as it strikes a balance with eating clean foods and then gently easing onto and off of the fast. “The supplements give the added benefit of increasing the body’s ability to get rid of stored toxicity and restore optimal organ function,” explains Jamie McKeown the Cleanse Coach for Green & Tonic, “We designed this cleanse to be an effective and safe way to not only detox the body but to really encourage long-term sustainable nutrition habits by taking the focus off of extreme dieting and encouraging a balanced approach to health.” If a ten-day cleanse seems a little too extreme for you, or the opposite, and you’d like to add various cleanses to your lifestyle on a regular basis, check out Green & Tonic’s three types of 5-day functional cleanses such as; GLOW for skin and energy, REVIVE for immunity and PURIFY for digestion and weight loss. Contact Jamie and Cai and tell them, “Woman to Woman”, you’d like to give your body some TLC and you’ll receive 10% off the cleanse of your choice.

Meet Cai and Jamie: Care to join us on this healthy adventure and share your progress on our facebook page? Contact me:

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ARUBA One Happy Island......Of Extremes! Story by Shelley McCormick

Colonial architecture in downtown Oranjestad

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Charlie’s Bar in San Nicolas


ith so many choices in the Caribbean finding the perfect island for the whole family can be a daunting task. Aruba has been called “One Happy Island” for many reasons: clean beautiful beaches, balmy trade winds, superb culinary offerings, a host of activities and the weather. Aruba is located in the heart of southern Caribbean, 15 miles off the coast of Venezuela and just outside the hurricane belt. The topography is varied; there is a blend of dessert and tropical landscapes. The southern and western coast are where you will find the beautiful and pristine beaches. As you travel toward the north east part of the island, the spectacular coastline becomes rugged. The island is a suitable habitat for a wide variety of flora and fauna species. Arikok National Park is where you can observe the great diversity of Aruba’s wildlife .The park comprises 20% of the island. You can spend a day enjoying gorgeous vistas of Aruba rugged terrain, desert like hills filled with tall cacti and breathtaking coastline. If you have an adventurous state of mind, all roads lead to Aruba. There are many options for moving around through the park is quite easy by car, horseback or renting quads. This park is well known to be one of the most prominent places in Aruba for an idea hiking trail. Hiking is not for the faint at heart. With over twenty miles of trails it is also a great place to go hiking or mountain biking. While hiking as the sun rises, this park consists of 29 rugged miles of rocky hill with a variety of hiking levels which offers a rich scenery, wildlife, and caves located throughout the park.


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Ferry terminal to Palm Island

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“Because Aruba is more of a desert than a rainforest, the humidity is low and and it seldom rains, but when it does, it’s usually only a short shower.”

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Aerial view Eagle Beach

Colonial architecture in downtown Oranjestad


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Golfing at Tierra del Sol

California lighthouse

Aruba lends itself as the sightseer’s dream. Beyond it’s beautiful scenery lies a deep history of architecture. During your vacation, you can visit the Alto Vista Chapel, more commonly known as “pilgrim church,” and experience firsthand the bright yellow religious monument. The California Lighthouse, constructed between 1914 and 1916, is a great place to bring the children who go dune surfing. Aruba has proven to be a place for the young at heart. In addition to the 82 degree weather year round, Aruba offers a variety of outdoor activities that any tourist would love to add to their list of to-dos. With attractions ranging from motorcycle tours to atv tours, these attractions are the perfect way to take in the sights at full speed. This destination is not just for the adventurous and fast paced, many love this island simply because of the tranquility and relaxation it offers. It’s almost inevitable to find a hotel or resort not located near a beach. Known for its sunny days, perfect weather and white sandy beaches, Aruba is an idea place for family fun. While soaking up the sun, children and adults can take a dip in the pool or enjoy a round of beach tennis, and activity that has become increasingly popular for those in need of some friendly competition. One of main the outdoor activities include the natural pool, Conchi. This pool, developed by an indentation in a volcanic rock that juts into the ocean, is a one of a kind attraction that many are excited to dip in these waters. Diving is a must in Aruba, as it was named the top wreck diving destinations in the Caribbean by Scuba Diving Magazine. The possibilities of enjoyment is endless, which leads to one of the main reasons Aruba attracts many returning tourists. W2W Magazine

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Natural bridge at rugged northern shore

With over 90 nationalities, expect to keep your palate intrigued with local dishes with influences from South America, European, and Caribbean foods.

With over 90 nationalities, expect to keep your palate intrigued with local dishes with influences from South America, European, and Caribbean foods. Love is always in the air in Aruba, and has become a popular destination to make your vows, renew your vows, or simply celebrate your love. Aruba has been named one of the World’s Top Honeymoon Destinations by Brides Magazine and Destination Wedding named Aruba’s Eagle Beach one of the Best Caribbean Beaches for Weddings. Couples can enjoy an open air couples massage or romantic sail at sunset. With a variety of packages available centered around romance, this island is a lover’s dream. Whether seeking adventure or relaxation, romance or family fun, this “One Happy Island,” is a one spot vacation for all. For more information on planning a vacation in Aruba, go to: W2W Magazine

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The Annual Benefit Luncheon & Fashion Show for Breast Cancer Alliance Over 900 arch supporters Kicked Up their Heels and Stepped Out for Pink, raising $1.3 million, at the Breast Cancer Alliance 18th Annual Luncheon & Fashion Show on Thursday, November 7, 2013 at the Hyatt Regency Greenwich. Kathy Clark, president of Breast Cancer Alliance, was proud to announce that the organization has raised more than $18 million over the past 18 years. The featured guest speaker at the luncheon was Pat Battle, co-anchor for “Weekend Today in New York” and senior correspondent assigned to NBC4. Her message was clear: “Early detection saves lives.” 1. Sally Michler, Jane Sprung,Lisa Levesque, Stefanie Steel, Leslie Petrick, Tucker Melancon, Karen Lowney, Lynn Carnegie, Steve Cone, Tomomi Arikawa, Keiko Arikawa, Lisa Fleming 2. Julie Johnson and Loren Taufield 3. Scott Mitchell, Tomomi Arikawa and Andrew Mitchell-Namdar 4. Lynn Carmegie 5. Brian Doran, Bill Mitchell, Linda McMahon, Frank and Maura Corvino 6. Anne Ogilvy, Leah Finkelstein and Ellen Mosher 7. Beverly Johnson and Karen Baldwin 8. Elisa Port, MD, Chief of Breast Surgery Mt. Siani 9. Lynn Hagerbrant, Ellen Keats and Courtney Plum


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OFFICE LUXURY FROM ITALY by Paolo Guzzetta Firenze

Interior Designer and entrepreneur Paolo Guzzetta introduces a new line of Luxury Office Accessories. His collections transform traditional desk accessories to highly functional works of art. “My clients wanted something different from the traditional products available in the market. They wanted something to complement their expressions of personality, style and success in their place of work. Ordinary is not an option.” Paolo brings his personal experience and flair to every design project, and this collection presented an opportunity to explore uncharted territory. “First, each individual component in the collection needed to be substantial and built to last. Then the challenge was to transport these ordinary elements into the world of luxury.” Each item is individually hand-crafted in Italy. The leathers are richly textured and the colors are vibrant. Palladium is used to highlight the metal components. Palladium was chosen because it is allergy-free and will not tarnish or corrode. Paolo Guzzetta, LLC includes over fifty years of experience in fashion, interior design and the beverage industries. The goal is to provide clients with unique expressions of success, lifestyle, and personality. Their products are as unique as our clients; each incorporating the essence of style, luxury, craftsmanship and utility. The first collection is a series of unique luxury furnishings for the home and office. This collection showcases fine, hand-crafted Italian leather goods fused with rugged, industrial desk accessories, each built for a lifetime of use. In future collections, Paolo intends to give his clients new ways to express their individuality. Each product will show their philosophy: craftsmanship and quality can be successfully combined in a high-fashion, haute couture presentation. Nothing will be ordinary. For more information go to: or visit their showroom at 30 Commerce Road Stamford 203.252.2553


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