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Real Estate Rock Star

Linda Skolnick

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Summer 2014

Issue 9



A Spirited Conversation By Linda Kavanagh

American Whiskey for a New Generation


Linda Skolnick Holds the Key to Global Success By Roshunna Howard

Award-winning real estate agent shares “secret recipe” for international notoriety


One Short Walk Down Greenwich Ave, One Great Leap Toward Curing Breast Cancer By Diana Sussman



Real Estate Rock Star

Linda Skolnick

Cover Photo: Neil Landino

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Editors Letter Family Finance

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Beauty Fitness Callout


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W2W Magazine

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editors letter

East Coast Home Publishings Lollie Mathews, Lisa Dearborn, Myself and Patrick Giddings


ne of our beloved writers, Susan Heller came to me with an idea for a story recently that we have decided to include in this issue of W2W. At first, I really had to think about it for a while, being our summer issue, but decided to go ahead with the story as I think it is a good time to put it in your heads and let it swirl around for a while.

Summer is a time to spend with family. Kids are out of school, Friday’s are half-days and people retreat to there destination spots in order to enjoy friends and family and reconnect after a long hard winter. These are the good times, these are the times that we create memories that last from generation to generation. Reminiscent of the Michael Keaton movie “My Life”, Susan came to us with the idea of creating a video journal for either your spouse, children or friends in case something tragic happens or if you want to give someone a note of your thoughts to be shared later with a loved one. It may seem trivial today, but when you are enjoying the summer, take a look at the people around you and ask yourself “How much joy, remembrance or understanding can this bring to someone I love down the line?” Think about it. Do it. It only takes a moment of time and if you down like can always push delete. Best and enjoy your summer! Shelley McCormick-Kolk

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More than money. More than an estate. Even more, than love. This can be the single most important legacy you will leave. Story by Susan Heller


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W2W Magazine

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hadn’t seen her in twenty-five years, maybe longer. We grew up together in a small town, pacing each other through kindergarten into middle school and junior high school; through the times when you are gathering yourself into a person so the people who populate your young life become inextricably woven, for good or for ill, into the fabric of you. We weren’t close friends but we shared history. When I was told she was dying, a series of still lifes played across my mind’s eye – all in black and white because my memories of being children together were sketchy, but the square-shaped flutter-edged photographs from that era were crystal clear in my head. I reached out and we reconnected, talking by phone several times a


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week. Marilyn knew the time-frame was not a long one but she kept seeking ways to prolong it – she had a child late in life, he was only six. As a film and video director I think in pictures, complete with sound track and special FX. Video cameras were teetering on the technology brink of cell phone-cinema, but the actual coding of that reality was a few years out. “What if,” I asked her, “what if, you rented a video camera for a couple of days? You could record VHS messages for him, for his 7th, 13th 18th birthdays. You could tell him that every time he saw a SuperLine Mack truck, that was you, letting him know how much you love him… you could congratulate him when he graduated college, got married, had his own child… he would know the sound

6/4/14 5:55 PM

family of your voice and see the love in your eyes… you could still be a part of his life.” The Why of It That was then, this is now and we all have superior video technology literally in the palm of our hand. So, what if… what if, you created a multiplicity of videos for the people you love, just the way you

in history, you can. You can keep an ongoing chronicle of what you’re proud of to date, you can offer support, advice, encouragement and connection because most of us don’t know in advance, the day of our departure. And, if you live a full, long life – you can either have a party and show everybody what you were wearing and how goofy your hair styles were along the way, use the compilation to embarrass kids at a wedding decades in the future, or, simply hit the Delete button.

“…he would know the sound of your voice and see the love in your eyes… you could still be a part of his life.” create a will because, without being maudlin about it, stuff happens. Accidents at home take 54,500 people in the U.S. annually, 22,631 die from falls. A surprising 40,059 people are accidentally poisoned every year. In the U.S., 46,844 of us die in traffic accidents each year which translates to one American every 11 minutes. Every day in this country, 28 people do not make it home, because they were killed by a drunk driver.* I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer, quite the opposite actually. This is something you should do, because for the first time

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* Sources: National Vital Statistics Report, 2011, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, 2010, The How of It The videos you create can be kept in the cloud on the kind of secure server that many people are familiar with like or Dropbox. However, the sheer magnitude of video being generated by the entertainment industry and other corporate entities these days has en-

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family gendered a burgeoning market that provides long-term storage for digital preservation that addresses the issues of data availability, portability and durability. Companies like EVault® LTS2 will safeguard your visuals, or Cintrex AV, will also provide media conversion so as time and technology move on - your archived content will be available in a format others, however far down the road, can view. If you change servers or decide to add additional companies to safeguard your material, all you have to do is update that information with the attorney or firm that holds your will and the passwords for each account. The Mushy Part How do you begin? Who do you include? How do you do this without feeling ridiculous? In terms of beginning, you might make a list of the people you want to be able to talk to if something untoward happens and you are no longer here. It may feel weird, many people are so uncomfortable about the existential prospect of their own exit that they can’t even bring themselves to write a will. But this really needs to be about the others in your life, the ones who need you and who love you. Pondering your own death may be uncomfortable but the solace, the support, the sheer magnitude of the impact you could have as a result of this kind of legacy are immeasurable. In terms of inclusion, I would make a case for close-held friends as well as family. We can’t always look people in the eye and tell them how much we love them or show them how profoundly they moved us, Americans are kind of shy that way. Oh, we bluff and bluster and go around making a lot of noise, but the quiet bits and deep emotion kind of stuff, scares us. I’ve created outlines and general scripting for folks, and even coached/directed them through the process. It can be grounding to have another person help craft what people may someday see; sometimes it’s easier to respond to questions, almost in interview style though there are also ways to create messages for people where you are not “on camera” the whole time. Some messages from the Great Beyond are serious and other times the hilarity of it all strikes people and the gift of laughter becomes a family treasure to be passed on to kids, grandkids and great grandchildren who are not yet born. The generations that follow will have the extraordinary experience of seeing, and hearing, and feeling, who you were, while you were here… on Planet Earth. If that idea spooks you, remember, you can always, as each milestone passes with you still kicking, hit the Delete key.

Susan Heller is a writer, producer & director. In the public sector she creates content for the corporate world and advertising for media. In the private sector she works as a ghostwriter and collaborator on books. She can be reached at:

W2W Magazine

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Anna Lisa Stockwell, Adam Patrick and Bryan Walsh

A Spirited Conversation American Whiskey for a New Generation Story by Linda Kavanagh W2W Magazine

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Mama’s Boy Manager Fallon Conte

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o longer considered “Your grandfather’s drink”, some of Fairfield County’s most innovative restaurateurs and bartenders got together to chat, mix and sip while sharing their thoughts about the current American whiskey trend sweeping our area, as well as the nation. “Bourbon is hot”, says Opici Family Distributing Wine & Spirits Consultant Anna Lisa Stockwell, “Over the last ten years, bourbon has seen a rapid rise in popularity around the world. Demand has grown so much that distillers are having trouble keeping up with production and distributors have had to allocate certain brands to restaurants and bars.” Before the conversation continues, let’s make a little sense of it all; Bourbon (an American whiskey) is a barrel-aged distilled spirit made primarily from corn and has been distilled since the 18th century. In 1964, the US Congress established federal regulations for producing the spirit, stating that Bourbon must be made from a mash (the base mixture of grain and water) that is at least 51 percent corn. The rest of the mash is made up of rye, wheat and/or malted barley. Unlike Scotch or cognac, bourbon must by law be aged in new, charred oak barrels for at least 2 years. Bourbon also has to be bottled at a minimum of 80-proof (40 percent alcohol by volume). While most bourbon today is still made in Kentucky, it can legally be made anywhere in the United States. Whiskey (also spelled Whisky) is a strictly regulated spirit worldwide with many classes and types. The typical unifying characteristics of the different classes and types are the fermentation of grains (barley, malted barley, rye, malted rye, wheat, buckwheat and corn), distillation, and aging in wooden barrels. Scotch whiskey, is malt whiskey or grain whiskey made [only] in Scotland and must be aged in oak barrels for a minimum of 3 years. The overall “whiskey” category can now defined by aged (years), barreled, single malt (single grain), blended, etc… The fun begins with our meeting of the minds, a lively conversation about our modern day cocktail culture and how the restaurant and bar industry has been answering the call for these more robust and sophisticated beverages. Leading the way is Mama’s Boy in South Norwalk, tagged as a Southern Table & Refuge, this down-home-down-south restaurant stays true to its concept featuring vibrant Kentucky-meetsCharleston cocktail concoctions such as; the Rosemary Maple Bourbon Sour made with Makers Mark, rosemary, maple syrup, shaken up with egg white; Best Dang Manhattan you Ever Had made with High West Son of Bourye bourbon, Cocchi Aperitivo Americano, Bittermens Bitters and a drunk maraschino cherry; and Makin’ Time with Maker’s Mark bourbon and thyme-infused simple syrup. “Much of what we do is to combine the old with the new,” explains Mama’s Boy Manager Fallon Conte, “The advantage in this particular restaurant is the southern concept and the expectation that goes with it. Bourbon based cocktails make sense here and customers nowadays are seeking out more flavorful and stylish drinks.” Bartender Adam Patrick, who has created craft cocktail menus for such local spots as Walrus & Carpenter in Black Rock and LUXE Modern Wine & Cocktails in Westport, recently revamped the beverage program for Chef Matthew Storch’s newly refreshed Match restaurant in South Norwalk. Adam says the challenge with creating new cocktail offerings for a well-known restaurant with an established clientele is introducing the flavored vodka drinkers to the naturally rich and spacey tasting brown spirits. Adam is slowly infusing these brown spirit brands and cocktails into Match’s beverage program and having tremendous success with it.

Mama’s Boy South Norwalk 1.5 oz rosemary infused bourbon (to infuse- steep 2

stalks of rosemary in 750 ml of bourbon for 5-7 days) 1/2 oz simple syrup

1/2 oz Brookside Farms Maple Syrup 1 egg white

Juice 1/2 a lemon

Sprig fresh rosemary

Combine all ingredients in a dry pint glass. Shake vigorously. Pour over ice in a rocks glass, garnish with rosemary sprig.

W2W Magazine

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Bailey’s Backyard Beverage Director Bryan Walsh


Bailey’s Backyard Ridgefield 2.5 oz infused vanilla bourbon (vanilla bean to steep


Real Estate Rock Star

Linda Skolnick

for 3-5 days)

.5 oz Vermont Maple Syrup

.5 oz cinnamon simple syrup (equal parts sugar and water, cinnamon stick, simmer, reduce) 2 dashes black walnut bitters

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Shake all ingredients, pour over ice, garnish with cinnamon stick.

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Bartender Adam Patrick

Bailey’s Backyard Ridgefield

2 oz Cocchi Vermouth di Torino

Kentucky Peach

1 oz Elijah Craig 21-yearr bourbon

2.5 oz Kentucky Bourbon

1 dash each of Fee Brothers Chocolate, Orange, and

1 oz white peach puree

Stir with ice and pour into a chilled coupe glass.

Slice of fresh peach for garnish

.25 oz Ramazzotti Amaro Liqueur Black Walnut Bitters

Garnish with an orange twist.


2.5 oz fresh lemonade

2 dashes peach bitters

Combine all ingredients in a shaker glass with ice. Pour into tall glass with ice and garnish.

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Cask Republic General Manager Casey Dohme

“Cocktail bar recipes, technique, and service have infiltrated the smaller markets. While there’s a wealth of good booze on the market today, still many bourbons, gins, and liqueurs are latching onto a trend, and promoting a product to an undereducated beverage market,” Adam says of the current market trend,” In the larger markets, a trend towards the cocktail “dive bar” is in full swing. Infusions, homemade syrups, and barrel-aged cocktails have become commonplace.” Essentially, much of what the consumer is experiencing is a shift in their own flavor palate. Their drink of choice has simply become mundane and they are looking for more complexity. Brown spirits are a wonderful solution. Mainstream bourbons are more crafted due to the longer aging time, and therefore more complex. Other spirits are rushed to market and don’t require the same craftsmanship. A good example is the flavored vodka market. Our experts cringed at the mere mention of these (mostly) unnaturally flavored and “essence” infused spirits. Referencing Mama’s Boy’s popular Rosemary Maple Bourbon Sour cocktail made with rosemary infused bourbon and local maple syrup, Fallon says “It seems odd nowadays, especially within our area, to see these flavored brands dominate the shelves. In the age of house made infusions and simple syrups, and with all of the amazing bitters available to us, it just doesn’t make sense to use these flavor imitations.” So, how do these so-called trends begin? Is it the brands themselves? Marketing strategies? “All of the above” says our group of drink masters while Beverage Director Bryan Walsh from Bailey’s Backyard in

Ridgefield mixes up a batch of Kentucky Peach cocktails for the gang made with Kentucky bourbon, white peach puree, lemonade and peach bitters. “In my 10+ years of restaurant experience, I’ve literally watched several trends come and go. The brown liquor trend seems to have started with the simple allure of a home-grown (domestic) spirit, in keeping with our sustainable and local food philosophy. A flourishing market has given producers leeway to try new things and bring small batches to market without prohibitive price tags. This new found Bourbon friendly environment has allowed younger bourbon drinkers, like me, to try the plethora of fine brown spirits being made today and they have now developed a taste for it.” Cask Republic in Stamford, having only opened in December of 2013, has already experienced this brown spirit phenomenon. While primarily a destination for quality craft beer from around the globe (50+ draughts, cask and aged beer offerings), Cask Republic’s beverage program includes a well-represented collection of brown spirits, as well as a variety of custom cocktails that incorporate these full-bodied whiskeys. To their surprise, within the first few months of being open they noticed substantial brown spirit sales which were not far behind their prominent beer offerings. “So far we have found that the Old Fashioned is our most popular brown spirit drink. Right behind it is the Manhattan, with either rye or bourbon. Both are popular drinks right now, due to the resurgence of classic cocktails, and a little bit of pop-culture (gotta love the midW2W Magazine

Food Summer 2014 W2W.indd 21


6/4/14 6:19 PM


Food Summer 2014 W2W.indd 22

6/4/14 6:19 PM

day bourbon imbibing on Mad Men), “says General Manager Casey Dohme, “While a fairly straight forward cocktail, there is an art to making them. It helps to top it off with a Luxardo liqueur maraschino cherry.” Cask Republic’s signature cocktail is the El Diablo, a play on the Whiskey Sour. Created by Bartender Lyles Williams, “For the infused bourbon we wanted two types of peppers, one with some good heat (jalapeno) and one with a bit of sweetness (red bell pepper.) The spicy kick is balanced with the sweetness of the bourbon and simple syrup, paired with a touch of tartness from fresh lemon and a hint of salty smokiness from the spiced rim on the glass. The components work well together and are complimented by the heat, while the flavor of the bourbon is still very much present.” All of our mixologists agree that there are some brown spirits you just don’t mess with, while others seem to work well in mixed drinks. And with so many interesting brands and flavor profiles to choose from, “Figuring it all out is half the fun – for the bartender as well as the consumer, “explains Anna Lisa. Whether they are sweet, oaky, smoky, smooth or bold, these barrel aged spirits are making their mark on the beverage industry. The brands most requested by name currently include: Bulleit Bourbon (high rye content), Basil Hayden’s (small batch), Jack Daniel’s, Jameson Irish Whiskey, Woodford Reserve (premium small batch Kentucky straight bourbon), Blanton’s (private reserve, single-barrel bourbon) High West (double rye – sold out currently), Willett Pot Still Reserve Bourbon (single barrel) and Rowan’s Creek Bourbon (small batch, aged 12 years). At a recent tasting panel for Modern Distillery Age, while sampling new spirits that were coming to market, the general consensus among the group of beverage industry professionals and MDA Publisher Gregg Glaser, is that the brown spirits category has indeed attracted a younger audience, as well as a new generation of distillers. Both seem to be hungry for richer flavors and both can appreciate the process. Perhaps they are discovering what wine makers have known all along. You just can’t rush a good thing. Resources: Bailey’s Backyard Ridgefield Cask Republic New Haven, Stamford Mama’s Boy South Norwalk Match South Norwalk A special thanks goes out to Cask Republic Stamford for hosting this event.

Cask Republic Stamford 2 oz pepper infused Four Roses bourbon (to infuse

– 2 chopped jalapenos and 1 rough chopped red bell pepper in 750 ml of bourbon for 5-7 days) 2 lemon wedges

A dash of Fee Brothers Old Fashion Aromatic Bitters 1/2 oz simple syrup

Rim a rocks glass with salt and smoked paprika.

Shake all ingredients, strain into rimmed rocks glass full of ice.

W2W Magazine

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Women Making A Difference A Guide To Philanthropic Giving By Haley Rockwell, Managing Director, LLBH Private Wealth Management

Finance.indd 25

6/4/14 5:53 PM


omen give more to charity than men: it’s a fact. Research from Indiana University has found, amongst other things, that boomer and older women give 89% more to charity than their male counterparts. Why? Probably because according to that research, women are more focused on the impact of their giving and care more about their personal experience with the organization than men. When given with thought, charitable donations can increase the benefits not only to the recipients, but also to you, your family and, yes, your finances. Think of such giving as akin to making an investment, and requiring some of the same considerations, processes and decisions. From the get-go, choosing the right organization will be your most important decision. You want to be absolutely sure that your giving does actually go, and have a true impact upon, the charity and cause you, personally, really wish to support. When the time comes actually to give, you may be able to increase that impact of your donation further. Rather than receive a restricted gift, one that must be used for a specific exempt purpose, your charity may prefer to receive an unrestricted gift that can be used for any exempt purpose. That is, to be used when, as and how the charity thinks fit. You may also want to consider not making the whole of your donation in a single year, but making, instead, a multiple year commitment to give. For many charities, the ability to plan ahead confidently can make a huge difference to the scope of their work going forward. In some instances, too, such a longer-term commitment can help an or26

ganization lock in matching funds from other sources: the organization gains, and you gain. Keeping track, and measuring the impact, of your donation may also be very important to you. (We all like to keep an eye on how our traditional investments are doing.) You should never worry about questioning the charity directly, and, if you are not sure what to ask, you should enlist the help of your advisor in deciding just what questions you should be asking of it. Then, of course, there is the “site visit”. I was deeply impacted by the visit I recently made to Duncan, a tiny town in Mississippi, where a charity we support, Save the Children, is currently working. Listening to staff workers, seeing what they are doing, and witnessing the immediate benefits they are imparting, was infinitely more persuasive of the impact of charity’s work than any number of pages of numbers. And, quite apart from that, the emotional benefit I, personally, gained was huge. I also felt that, as a corollary, I was doing the necessary due diligence associated with our donation. I do believe the emotional impact of philanthropic giving is not an aspect to be dismissed summarily. Actively engaging through site visits, by assuming a board role, as a trustee of a Donor Advised Fund, charitable trust or private family foundation, or even volunteering your time, can multiply the satisfaction you derive from your giving and also positively impact family members around you. It will provide you with an excellent avenue not only to share your views on giving back to those not as fortunate, but also to involve the younger members of your family in an initiative important both to you, and the world. You may choose to organize a family vacation around a site visit or make your children trustees in charge of selecting charities. Some more research results, this time from a study undertaken by the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund in 2009: women are not only tak-

Finance.indd 26

6/4/14 5:54 PM

ing an increasingly prominent role in determining households’ charitable giving (they make the majority of such giving decisions), but high income women, in particular, are more likely than men both to use sophisticated methods and to seek financial advice when making donations. Essentially, this means taking advantage of the many opportunities that are out there to improve the impact of their giving, not least by analyzing the effectiveness of the dollars they give away, as they would with the rest of their investments. I have already mentioned in passing three structures that can be used

make your charitable donation more effective — by gifting appreciated securities, as opposed to just to signing that check. Gifting appreciated securities is an effective way to avoid paying income tax on embedded capital gains while taking an immediate income tax deduction. This can be especially useful in a high income tax year. One final research result from Fidelity: women feel more strongly about involving children in philanthropy. Some 48 percent of women, versus 39 percent of men, consider it important that children continue their tradition of charitable giving. That being so, I believe it

“Charitable donations can increase the benefits not only to the recipients, but also to you, your family and, yes, your finances. Think of such giving as akin to making an investment” to improve the impact of your charitable giving: Donor Advised Funds (DAFs), charitable trusts and private family foundations. Which of these may be most effective for you will, of course, depend upon the rest of your wealth planning strategy. But as an example of the advantages they can offer, as qualified charities, contributions to private foundations and DAFs qualify for unlimited gift and estate tax deductions but also allow you to time the income tax savings separately from the timing of the gift to the charity. This can result in additional income tax savings beyond what you get with an outright gift. Setting such structures aside, there is, actually, an even simpler way to

Finance.indd 27

behooves us to educate them not only about the considerable benefits everybody can derive from charitable giving, but also about the ways of giving that can achieve the greatest impact — for everybody.

For more information on LLBH Private Wealth Management or to contact Haley Rockwell, please call 203.683.1530 or visit

6/4/14 5:54 PM

Profile.indd 28

6/4/14 5:48 PM


Linda Skolnick Holds the Key to Global Success

Award-winning real estate agent shares “secret recipe” for international notoriety

Enthralled in an intense tennis “I thought that was all I ever wanted to match, Linda Skolnick grips her do,” she exclaimed confidently. racket, eagerly awaiting to make conUntil, that is, she and her husband tact with the ball and send her windpurchased a new home for their growed opponent scrambling forward ing young family. She described the once more. Skolnick, a globallyentire process as uncommunicative renowned real estate veteran, waves and awful, from beginning to end. across the courts to a fellow player. Though their Realtor had a pleasant “Thanks for the package you left in personality, she failed to offer the my mailbox, Linda. It was wondertop-notch level of expertise and client ful”, the elated woman shouts while service that would have put the new Story by Roshunna Howard waving back. Confused onlookers mother and her family at ease during Photos by Neil Landino and local residents of the tight-knit the chaotic period of home buying. community of Westport, ConnectiShortly after maternity leave, while encut wonder what Skolnick dropped off at the residence of her former gaged in an in-depth conversation with a few random commuters on their client’s house that made her so excited. way to work, she had a sudden epiphany. The three strangers encouraged The twenty-year Realtor veteran, who is equally as competitive on the her to consider all of the precious moments that she, while working in court as she is in her field, smiled to herself because the brief exchange New York City, might regretfully miss as her children grew up. Sobered by gave her affirmation once again that years of practice made way for the the new revelation, Skolnick exited that train knowing that her life would perfect execution. And she has the awards to prove it. be forever changed. Linda Skolnick’s early days as a buyer for one of America’s most upscale “I walked into my boss’s office before stopping in my own office, and retail chains greatly contributed to her success as one of the top Realtors quit. I called my husband and told him. He said, ‘go back…tell them you in Connecticut’s ultra competitive Fairfield County. Shortly after gradu- are only kidding…we just bought a house.’” ating from the University of Massachusetts, Skolnick entered the pres- Reflecting back on that moment, 21 years ago, is now laughable to the tigious Bloomingdale’s executive training program. While at Blooming- Skolnick family, but at the time Linda thought, now what? Equipped dale’s, she worked her way through the ranks to ultimately achieve the with years of training in luxury services and a knack for technology, the role of Buyer, who specialized in luxury home goods and gift accessories. self-proclaimed “computer nerd” contacted her former Realtor’s office, During this time, she mastered the skills for which she has become widely determined to land a position within the company. Impressed with her known, including strong leadership, analytics, and creativity. For over six eagerness to make a difference and her computer savviness--a rare quality years, Skolnick remained content with her retail career. in the early ‘90s--her manager brought her onto the team. W2W Magazine

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6/4/14 5:48 PM

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6/4/14 5:48 PM

profile In the span of a few months, Skolnick’s dream of having more time with her family was a reality. She soon realized, however, that precious time with her young children, was often interrupted by the constant needs of her clients. Ironically, she was once again resentful at the imbalance of work and her personal time, which took her back to square one. “I was used to being respected in my field. I had risen through the ranks at Bloomingdale’s and was well-known. It was a rude awakening that nobody knew me or cared. I had to prove myself all over again.” Through the advice Mike Murray, her mentor and boss at the time, she resolved this obstacle by scheduling her personal time in the same manner as work-related appointments. “A client never missed out on an opportunity - and I never missed out on my kids milestones,” she shared. Skolnick spent the next two decades establishing herself as a top sales agent, specializing in high-end listings. Along the way, her consistency as a top producer attracted the attention of Coldwell Bankers and Prudential Headquarters, who lauded her with the coveted International Presidents Elite and the Chairman’s Circle Gold, respectively. Skolnick solidified her

become part of my inner circle. They’re part of my world and I’m part of theirs,” she reasons. If ever one is in doubt about Skolnick’s approachability, they are quickly put at ease by the award-winning Realtor’s sense of humor and bright smile. Her winning personality, paired with her impressive credentials, has earned her much respect for her mastery of client services. Her experience years ago as a neglected client to a less than attentive real estate agent has kept her grounded in her high-level career. She credits her father, a highprofile attorney with clients including Ed Sullivan and John Lennon, for personally motivating her to this level in her prestigious career. “He always said do it right or don’t do it at all. Always be prepared and always have a conscience.” Often sacrificing sleep, adhering to a tight schedule and accommodating the diverse needs of international clients, Skolnick offers concierge-style assistance to home buyers. Her roots in upscale retail set her apart as a professional who dedicates herself to making the home buying experience seamless. In order to do so, she sometimes has to wear many hats at once. “I tell them [clients] I am part boyfriend, part marriage counselor and

If ever one is in doubt about Skolnick’s approachability, they are quickly put at ease by the award-winning Realtor’s sense of humor and bright smile. stature amongst the top 2% of the world’s highest achieving real estate professionals. With such grand accolades, she has also established herself as an expert on the latest market activity and real estate trends. Her expertise caught the eye of area news editors, landing her the role of columnist for the Westport News in Connecticut. “Skolnick’s Scoop”, a bi-weekly column that provides insight and answers many client questions validated her specialization in her field. The “computer nerd” also created a website, According to her website, it was built in response to clients and friends, who had questions about restaurant reviews, directions to Little League baseball fields, handyman recommendations, etc. also serves as a direct source for current real estate market information. “I realized that putting that info out there for everyone was a great way to get my message out. I often [publish content] based on a question that a client or friend has asked.” she explained. The terms “client” and “friend” are oftentimes interchangeable to Skolnick, as she is notorious for retaining clients after the initial sale. Since most of her work and play are within the Fairfield County area, she often finds herself selling more than just the house. “Clients move into my neighborhood, I see them around town and they

part best friend,” she said. “I always keep their secrets, and I am there to listen or problem solve. My clients remain my friends.” To sweeten the deal, Skolnick lives by a “Brownies for Life” policy, which she describes as an annual holiday package delivery of her self proclaimed dangerously fudgy brownies, that are left quietly in her clients’ mailboxes. Her kind gesture is followed by a high volume of client responses, including: “Thank you!!!! My kids love you, the mysterious Linda who magically delivers brownies each year!” “If you see my husband and kids around town, don’t tell them…I told them you don’t deliver brownies anymore. Then I don’t have to share!” “We are stuffed, exhausted and shoveling in your brownies. I left all of the mail in the garage. That can wait. The brownies could not!” With so many approaches to enchant past and potential home buyers, there is no question why Linda Skolnick is a beloved professional in Fairfield County, Connecticut. She customizes and delivers her own personal recipe for success. Game point!

W2W Magazine

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6/4/14 5:49 PM

Relationships SUmmer 2014.indd 32

6/4/14 5:50 PM


Most Men Just Want You to Tell Them What’s Right…Not What’s Wrong Story by Shawn Jones


aby what’s wrong?” Hey. Think long and hard before you answer this question. You don’t know it yet, but it’s loaded. There will be severe consequences if you answer it the wrong way. Women emote. Men fix. If you forget everything else about men and women, remember those four words. I believe that most men truly want to know when something is wrong with their mate, but that’s mostly because they want to make sure whatever’s wrong has nothing to do with them. And if it doesn’t, they still have this overwhelming need to fix what’s wrong. So if your problem is a tough one, or has no foreseeable solution, then just keep it to yourself and discuss it with your girlfriends. Most women already know that when we have problems, we pretty much already know how to fix them. But we get caught in that trap of thinking it’s cute to share these things with our men. We feel all loved and everything because he seems genuinely interested in

what ails us. They do…they are…but only if they can fix it! It becomes a huge source of frustration if they can’t fix it. For example, don’t talk to your man about PMS, anxiety or depression. They don’t get it. They don’t understand unexplained hormonal imbalances or problems between you and your BFF. However, do talk to your man about squeaking brakes on your car, the broken lever on the toilet thingamagiggy, or problems you’re having getting that overdue promotion. When asked, be sure to add to the end of your story, “What do you think I should do, honey?” After he answers, it’s always a good thing to follow up with, “Thanks honey. I knew you’d know what to do!” You’ll be in like Flynn, and you’ll keep the peace in your home. When a man has overcome the urge to fix everything, and knows how to listen to you he is highly evolved and worth holding on to. But…make sure you truly have one of these before you start pouring out all your problems to him.

W2W Magazine

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6/4/14 5:51 PM

Relationships SUmmer 2014.indd 34

6/4/14 5:51 PM

“I want someone who’s not afraid to tell me I’m wrong.” WRONG!! Don’t bite. Don’t fall for it! Men are never wrong, so therefore, there would be no reason for you to tell them when they’re wrong…right? Look. I’ve been bitten by this one more times than I can count. The New Male wants us to believe that he has evolved to a state where he appreciates a strong woman that can help him walk the straight and narrow…help him become a better man and all that. This is SO tricky. The problem with this is that many of us don’t know the proper way to tell a man he’s wrong. It usually involves one or more of the following: neck twirling, eye-rolling, and/or a big fat, “I told you so!” Neither of these is good on any day of the week! None! Telling a man that he’s wrong is an art that many of us haven’t mastered, myself included. No matter how hard I try to phrase it in the best possible way, it always comes out wrong. The only thing I can tell you is that you should work out a way to signify to your mate that he’s wrong BEFORE you do it. For example, work out a secret signal like a wink of the eye or pulling your ear, or develop a catch phrase that only the two of you know so when he hears it, he’ll know that he’s treading on shaky ground. This way, he can’t get mad at you for “calling him out” about something because you mutually agreed to the terms. He has a little control over how you let him know he’s slippin’. They say that being in a relationship is like looking into a mirror. The person you’re with feels obligated to tell you all that is wrong with you. Oh, there are things that are right, but it’s just not human nature to focus on the good stuff. We all want to focus on what can be improved, or what is “wrong”. Sometimes the identification of our wrongness comes in direct verbal format. Other times, it can be very non-verbal or implied. Either way, there always comes a time when discussion springs up regarding why something is wrong and what can be done to right the wrongness. It usually turns into an unauthorized therapy session. That has always been a killer for me in most, if not all of my attempted relationships. I can’t help it. I’ve spent a lot of time learning about myself and all the psychological and emotional factors that have made me who I am today. So stuff just comes out! You tell me that you do something, and nine times out of ten I’m able to tell you why you do it…or at least why the experts would say you do it. I could quote a million authors or experts, it would still come out sounding like I dreamed it up myself and spouted it out as truth. Well hell, we’ve all watched enough episodes of Oprah or Dr. Phil to know some of the basics. Why are you mad at me because I say some of the same things?! I remember this one particular relationship where the guy really attached himself to me specifically because I seemed so knowledgeable about not just his “wrongness”, but being wrong in general. Sometimes, I would say things and he’d freak out because he knew I was saying the truth. He had heard it all before. He knew about his overeagerness to please those he could never please, and inability to trust because of being hurt so many times, and abandoned by those who swore to take care of him. He knew about many of the things that kept him from being successful in relationships, yet when I said them he seemed to be in awe that I “was so intuitive”. It was almost as if I was reading his soul (yeah, he said that). It started out as this endearing quality. He would call me because “…I was the only one that understood him…” and “…he loved talking to me because it made him feel better…”, but past experiences had taught me it would soon turn against me. After awhile, men just get tired of hearing about their inadequacies. So even if they know it’s the truth, they don’t want to hear it anymore. They certainly don’t want to deal with it, and eventually they begin to kill the messenger; nevermind, they engaged

Relationships SUmmer 2014.indd 35

6/4/14 5:51 PM

“Baby, do you like it when I do that?” Your response should always be, “Yes baby!” Period. I don’t even think I need to expound on this one. The male ego is a very fragile thing. Stroke, stroke, stroke.

Relationships SUmmer 2014.indd 36

6/4/14 5:51 PM

Relationships SUmmer 2014.indd 37

6/4/14 5:51 PM

I don’t mind a man being wrong, and I certainly don’t mind holding back on telling him he’s wrong. In fact, I kinda love making him feel right.

Relationships SUmmer 2014.indd 38

6/4/14 5:51 PM

the messenger to begin with. I would tell him that I no longer wanted to have those conversations with him because I refused to be his therapist. It was a no-win situation because it seemed that he was drawn to me for that very reason. He eventually stopped calling because of one of his many stupid male reasons and the relationship crashed and burned as I had predicted, but he later told me that he needed time to see himself through his own eyes…not as others saw him. Yeah right. Exactly as I had predicted. Each time this has happened to me (it has been multiple times) I vow that I’ll never do it again. And each time it starts to happen again, it becomes too late before I realize that I’m doing it again…and I get the same result. So…the lesson from this is that you just can’t tell a man what’s wrong with him, whether you mean to or not. Just don’t do it. I remember this other guy I went out on a few dates with pressured me and pressured me to tell him what was wrong with him after I told him I didn’t want to see him anymore. I can’t remember why I decided I didn’t want to date him anymore, but I just knew deep down inside that the aggravation I felt when I was around him was a sign that he wasn’t the one. He had some interesting habits and I just wasn’t down with him. In trying to keep with my new policy of not divulging male wrongness, I simply said to him, “I do not think we are compatible” and left it at that. I was barraged with a litany of whys and howcomes. He literally begged me to tell him what was wrong with him so that he could “learn and know better with the next girl he dated”. Sorry Charlie. I wasn’t going to fall for that one. No way. The way that he was reacting already led me to believe that he wouldn’t have been able to handle anything I had to say. He just wasn’t worth it. Besides, just because I didn’t dig him, didn’t mean someone else wouldn’t. There’s a top for every pot, I always say. “Baby, do you like it when I do that?” Your response should always be, “Yes baby!” Period. I don’t even think I need to expound on this one. The male ego is a very fragile thing. Stroke, stroke, stroke. You’ll find that life is always easier with the man you love when you accentuate the positive and focus on what’s right. If often means jumping up and down for things he’s done without prodding such as picking up his clothes or taking out the garbage. But what I’ve been told, but have yet to experience myself is that it’s like conditioning a man to do more and more right stuff. The more you praise the little things he does, the more things he’ll do right…or the less he’ll do wrong, however you choose to look at it. Men crave positive attention and reinforcement. Beware, though. Your praise must be genuine. They can sense fake praise a mile away. That will surely backfire. Also beware of men who seem so evolved that they feel this need to make sure that EVERYTHING they do is right before they make any real commitment. This can be a stalling tactic. It seems appealing at first because you think you’ve got this man that is committed to personal growth and pleasing his woman. What you end up with is a man who will nev-

Relationships SUmmer 2014.indd 39


er think good enough is good enough, and he’ll never commit to a relationship because he’s still working on this or that. I have a friend from college that has been engaged for more than two years with no wedding date in sight. Every time I asked him why they hadn’t set a date, he gave me one lame excuse after another about getting this together first, or getting that together before he made it official. It was always about him, never about her. From what I knew of her, she was ready to tie the knot and have babies. Yet, he’s been so busy fixing all that he thought was wrong, they still aren’t married. I could see if they were in their twenties or thirties, but these people are in their forties!! Good grief! You’re about as fixed as you’re gonna get, dontcha think? I know. To each his own. I think she moved in with him without a wedding date. I can’t be mad at her for hanging in there with her man. She’s a better woman than I, especially because that kind of patience is really what you need to snag your man, these days. I think that eventually every woman has to make the decision on whether or not a man’s issues, or inability to commit is worth the time and risk. I guess that’s why I’m single. Hmmmm. Go figure. I don’t mind a man being wrong, and I certainly don’t mind holding back on telling him he’s wrong. In fact, I kinda love making him feel right. There are enough people in this world constantly telling our men that they’re wrong. At this point in my life, I’ve learned not to sweat the small, and if it’s a deal breaker (we all have our deal breakers…at least we all should), then you just pick yourself up and move on to the next man, because maybe his wrong won’t be so wrong, or maybe his wrong will be more compatible with your wrong. It’s all about finding balance and perspective, as well as mastering tact and compassion. Now that’s not so hard, is it?

6/4/14 5:52 PM

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6/4/14 5:46 PM

beauty What’s New in the Field of Aesthetics?

The Balanced Face Story by Lisa Topham, RN


The world of Aesthetics has changed and evolved over the years. Treatments that were once reserved for the more mature face are now used in younger people and are lasting longer than treatments of old. As we age and lose facial volume, the options for softening or balancing the face as well as skin tightening procedures are more readily available and are able to bridge a person until the time they need or want surgical intervention. Here are some of the newer products available: Artefill This new state-of-the-art FDA approved filler provides support for the skin while stimulating collagen cells to grow and results in natural, long lasting results. ArteFill injection is a mixture of bovine collagen and biocompatible microspheres, which provide lasting support. Studies on Artefill have shown to last for up to five years. It smoothes lines around the mouth and plumps wrinkles in the lower face. It helps fill in the temple area and provides fullness in the cheekbones and jaw line, thus balancing out the upper and lower face. Voluma Another new injectable product released in January by the Allergan Company is Voluma. This hyaluronic acid filler corrects volume loss in the face, gives a subtle lift and lasts up to two years while providing a soft, natural look and feel that aids in wrinkle correction. As we age, we lose volume in our face and this volume loss in the cheek and temple area is a major reason we lose our youthful profile. Artefill and Voluma are two non surgical products that can be used to decrease this volume loss soften lines and wrinkles and provide youthful fullness of the upper and lower face.

Ultherpy & Exilis Other treatments available, primarily for skin tightening are Ultherapy and Exilis. An issue that occurs as we age is the collagen in our skin gets weak and acts like an old elastic band. The skin starts to become more lax and saggy with time. Ultherapy is the only FDA approved skin tightening procedure that lifts the skin on the neck, face and brow with no downtime. Results of collagen growth, lift and tightening are seen as early as three months after the procedure. Further results appear around 6 months after an Ultherapy is performed. Exilis is a fat melting, skin tightening procedure, which targets problem areas on the body. This comfortable, radio frequency procedure feels similar to a hot stone massage. Fat cells are melted in problem areas and skin is tightened in as little as 4 to 6 sessions. Target areas include the love handles, lower belly and saddlebags as well as inner thighs and upper arms. Exilis also tightens the mid to lower face, around the mouth and the upper and lower eye areas.

When thinking about embarking on the aesthetic journey, it is important to look for someone with experience in the field. Lisa Topham, RN is the Director of the Split Rock Aesthetic Institute in Wilton, Connecticut. She has been practicing in the field of Aesthetic Nursing for 30 years and is always at the forefront of new and exciting technology and treatment modalities. Under the Medical Direction of Dr. Neil Gordon, Split Rock offers the aforementioned product and treatments as spart of their array of services. If you are interested in learning more about any of these services, please call Pat for a complimentary consultation at 203.831.8029, or visit us on the web at W2W Magazine

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Go Figure Barre Studios founder Cindy Sites

Fitness Summer 2014.indd 42

6/4/14 5:43 PM


A Transformation at the Barre Story by Ann Quasarano

Fitness Summer 2014.indd 43

6/4/14 5:43 PM


hen you attend the ballet, the first thing that strikes you is the almost otherworldly poise and grace with which the dancers move. The second thing you notice is how incredibly strong they are –both mentally and physically. It’s no easy feat to perform a perfectly executed arabesque or series of dizzying pirouettes with pinpoint accuracy. It’s in that moment that you realize that ballet goes far beyond an elegantly performed dance – there’s a lot more than meets the eye. Ballet is about physics, about advanced coordination and muscle control, but there’s a metaphysical element too. You


don’t perform the arabesque, you become the arabesque. It’s about transformation. It’s this sense of transformation that brought Cindy Sites from dancer to teacher to entrepreneur. A classically trained dancer, Sites is the founder of Go Figure Barre Studios, a first generation barre studio that provides boutique instruction in The Figure Method, a technique she developed after years of study that incorporates classical ballet, Pilates, Yoga, and orthopedic exercises to safely and effectively tone, strengthen and condition the entire body. From her home in Greenwich, Sites oversees ten Go Figure Barre Studios that stretch from Fairfield County (she has locations in Green-

Fitness Summer 2014.indd 44

6/4/14 5:44 PM

wich, Darien, New Canaan, and Westport) to Westchester (Rye and Armonk), Nantucket, Massachusetts, Palm Beach, Florida, and across the country to Scottsdale, Arizona. In March, Sites opened her first California studio in the tony seaside community of Carmel. “It is so gratifying---and a bit surreal---to take a step back and look at the growth of Go Figure,” Sites said. “Fourteen years ago, I could not have imagined that we would grow to 10 studios and see ‘barre exercise’ become a household word!” Sites journey began as a young girl with a passion for ballet. Having studied classical dance well into her teens, Sites had contemplated a career in the arts. But life had other plans for her. After attending Muhlenberg College and graduating with a degree in psychology and legal studies, Sites worked in the financial industry before marrying and having children. Like many new moms, Sites wanted to get back into shape after having children, but in an era of step-classes and high-impact aerobics, she struggled to find an exercise method that appealed to her. In 1991, she and her family relocated to Greenwich and Sites discovered the Lotte Berk Method of barre-based exercise. Developed in Germany by a professional dancer, the Lotte Berk Method is performed at a ballet barre using dancer’s poses. “It really resonated with me because it utilized the classical ballet technique that I loved so much,” Sites explained. The method focuses on intense isometric movements

Fitness Summer 2014.indd 45

6/4/14 5:44 PM

Fitness Summer 2014.indd 46

6/4/14 5:44 PM

designed to exhaust the muscles followed by periods of deep stretching. This two-step process lengthens the muscles and results in a lean, feminine sculpted body similar to that of a ballet dancer. Before long, Sites had channeled her enthusiasm for the program into a second career as an instructor at the studio. As a dancer, she was keenly aware of the types of injuries that could occur during intense exercise and she sought to make the movements safer and more effective. Working with an orthopedic surgeon and chiropractor, Sites refined the technique with a focus on safety and flexibility and tweaked the movements to target women’s typical problem spots – particularly the thighs and derriere. This became the basis of the Figure Method. When the Lotte Berk studio in Greenwich closed, Sites took a leap of faith and opened her own studio under the Go Figure brand. Sites attributes her success in an industry cluttered with big box gyms and here-today-gone-tomorrow fitness trends to both an incredibly effective technique and a highly personalized level of instruction. “We limit our class sizes so that we can provide an individualized, hands-on experience,” Sites said. “It’s also fun and incredibly effective, women notice the difference after just a few sessions and that is so motivating!” What drives Sites to devote herself to bringing her unique fitness technique to women across the country? Clearly it’s the sense of community that she’s instilled at the studios. “At Go Figure we pride ourselves in embracing every body type and age group. Regardless of one’s level of flexibility and strength, virtually anyone can benefit from The Figure Method. It’s extremely rewarding to see women of all ages and sizes working side-byside to achieve healthier, stronger bodies,” Sites explained. Although she’s been busy building her empire, Sites still stays active in the arts community, serving on the board of the School of American Ballet and as a trustee at the American Ballet Theater for more than 20 years. She also had the honor of having served on George W. Bush’s President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities working closely with Laura Bush on developing after-school programs for underserved youth. “Being involved with the dance community has particular meaning to me as ballet served as the foundation for The Figure Method. My involvement with these world class organizations has motivated me to create and offer the best barre class experience around,” Sites explained. The transformative effect of dance has had far-reaching consequences in Sites life both as an entrepreneur and as a mentor to her students. She said, “Being able to share my passion for ballet and fitness through this effective exercise method has been a life-changing experience. There’s nothing more gratifying than helping others to become healthier, stronger, and more fit. Oh…and there’s that fabulous physique that you’ll develop at Go Figure, but that’s just a bonus!” Go Figure has ten locations: Arizona: Scottsdale California: Carmel Connecticut: Darien, Greenwich, New Canaan and Westport. Florida: Palm Beach New York: Armonk and Rye. Massachhusetts: Nantucket For more information on Go Figure, go to:

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Yonni Wattenmaker, Exeutive Director BCA, Julie Genovese, Caroline Brecker, Nicole Ewing

Philanthropy Summer 2014.indd 48

6/4/14 5:41 PM


One Short Walk Down Greenwich Ave, One Great Leap Toward Curing Breast Cancer Story by Diana Sussman Photography by Debra Somerville


n April 27th, pink balloons and pink clothing dotted Greenwich Avenue in Greenwich, Connecticut as at least 500 people came out to participate in the Breast Cancer Alliance’s biggest “friendraiser” of the year, its 9th Annual Walk for Hope. The purpose of this one mile walk is for people of all ages – friends, families and neighbors -- to come together and show their support for loved ones, friends, and colleagues who have faced breast cancer. Everyone knows someone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Breast cancer does not discriminate. It attacks men too. Having a common friend struck by breast cancer motivated five very different women - Lucy Day, Susan Elia, Kenny King Howe, Valerie Marchese, and Cecile McCaull – to work together to create the Breast Cancer Alliance (“BCA”) in Greenwich Connecticut. In 1996, their friend Mary Waterman had been diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. Waterman chose to devote the rest of her life to founding an organization that would help improve survival rates and quality of life for those impacted by breast cancer. Waterman’s five friends chose to help her, resulting in the BCA. Because of its comprehensive approach, the BCA is unlike other such organizations. It funds innovative research by offering exceptional project grants, young investor grants, and breast surgery fellowships. To maintain a tight connection to the community and ensure that its funds are being put to good use, BCA only offers funding to institutions, individuals or organizations within a 200 mile radius so it can personally visit recipients. In fact, a site visit component and mid-term and end of year reports are required by any recipient, whether the gift provided is $5,000 or $125,000. The BCA also offers education and dignified support and screening for uninsured and underinsured individuals. Further, the BCA is an independent entity and not part of an umbrella organization. The BCA spends at least 80% of the money it raises directly on the cause. For instance, W2W Magazine

Philanthropy Summer 2014.indd 49


6/4/14 5:41 PM

Caroline Brecker, Yonni Wattenmaker, Exeutive Director BCA, Julie Genovese, Nicole Ewing

in 2013 it gave away $1.4 million and spent less than $250,000 on operating expenses. It is able to operate so leanly because it has only two full time employees, Yonni Wattenmaker, who has been the Executive Director of the BCA since in June 2011, and Crystal Stout, who has been the Executive Assistant since 2013. Wattenmaker was particularly interested in applying for the position at the BCA because her grandfather is a breast cancer survivor and a good friend of hers had just been diagnosed with metastasized breast cancer. The BCA also receives significant advice from the 26 members on its board of directors, who are composed of doctors and scientists from prominent east coast institutions, including Yale and Mt. Sinai, and a wide variety of people from the local community. None of these positions receive remuneration. However, individuals who serve on the external scientific review committee to assess the efficacy and feasibility of research proposals are compensated. The BCA has allocated over $17,000,000 in funding over the last 17 years and raises a majority of these funds at an annual luncheon that the Mitchells Family, owners of Richards in Greenwich and Mitchells in Westport, has co-sponsored over the last seven years. Other fundraising events include a golf outing at Glen Arbor Country Club in Bedford Hills and a junior fashion show. Corporate sponsors include 50

Anne Fontaine, Field Point Bank, JP Morgan Private Bank, Kekst and Company, McArdles Florist and Garden Center, Omnicom, PepsiCo, and Vineyard Vines. Like the BCA’s founders, the three co-chairs of the 9th Annual Walk for Hope – Caroline Brecker, Nicole Ewing, and Julie Genovese – were motivated by how breast cancer had impacted their lives. Brecker first learned about the BCA through her office at J.P. Morgan Private Bank (the “Bank”) in Greenwich. Fourteen years ago, the wife of one of Brecker’s colleagues had lost her struggle with breast cancer. Six other breast cancer survivors worked at the Bank. As a result, the Bank had always been an avid supporter of BCA and the walk, initially called Hands Across America. When the head of the office stepped down Brecker became involved and passionately advocated for continuing to support the walk and the BCA. Brecker, with the help of her assistant, began chairing the walk three years ago, when she changed its name to the current one – the Annual Walk for Hope. At that time the walk attracted about 100 participants, primarily from Greenwich. Brecker sees the walk, which requires a minimal donation to participate as a wonderful “friendraiser” and a way for anyone of any age or economic background to come together to support the community. She is also excited about the high turnout of men participating in

Philanthropy Summer 2014.indd 50

6/4/14 5:41 PM

Sharon Phillips President BCA, Tricia Goddard Top Right: JP Morgan team Right: Greenwich Country Day School Dancers Bottom Right: Omnicom team the walk. Although breast cancer is seen as primarily a women’s disease, men do get diagnosed with it and in any event when a woman in a man’s life is diagnosed with breast cancer, the man’s life is impacted, as well. Brecker sees her experience with the BCA as being “the best example of high impact philanthropy, especially for women who want to be engaged.” Brecker also feels that being on the board of the BCA gives her the opportunity to “see at a board level what can be done” and that by having a seat at the table she can help friends struggling with the disease. Genovese first learned about the BCA through her husband when a woman on the BCA board, who was also a breast cancer survivor, convinced her husband that his company, Baywater Properties in Darien, should become a sponsor. Genovese learned about the walk through Wattenmaker. Genovese approached her friend Nicole Ewing to see if she wanted to co-chair the walk with her. Given that Ewing’s mother had just been diagnosed with breast cancer for a second time she was particularly interested in supporting this cause. As Ewing said, “Having had such a close family member struggle with this disease, I want to do everything to help find a cure.” This is Genovese’s and Ewing’s second year co-chairing the walk. Genovese and Ewing sought to broaden the geographic scope of the walk, as well as the age range of participants. Last year, around 300 people showed up in the rain. They were touched that so many of their friends from Darien participated in the walk despite the fact that it was pouring. Ewing remarked that “to see them all there in the rain was very moving and shows you how valuable friendship can be.” “I am happy to bring our friends together to make them aware of this amazing organization and the resources it provides to all of us in finding a cure and to all the research being done. We are families helping this cause every day,” stated Genovese. Brecker, Ewing, and Genovese have succeeded in broadening the walk tremendously. These women, together with Wattenmaker, W2W Magazine

Philanthropy Summer 2014.indd 51


6/4/14 5:42 PM

Julie Genovese, Caroline Brecker

Yonni Wattenmaker, Exeutive Director BCA, Nicole Ewing


Philanthropy Summer 2014.indd 52

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Trish Shannon and Annie Amato

“All of us have been touched in some way or another by cancer, whether it is a family member, whether it is a co-worker, a friend, a sister or a mother. It’s a way of giving back and showing our support as we all try to stop this disease.” have created a Wellness Fair featuring the following participants: Beauty Counter, Becker Salon, Be Shri Yoga, Equinox, Green and Tonic, Look Good Feel Better, McArdles, Splurge, Tesla, and Williams and Company. They arranged for a mobile mammogram to come as a reminder of the importance of annual mammograms and added a Wall of Hope on which people can sign in honor of someone’s memory. Additionally, they engaged Trish Goddard of NBCUniversal syndicated to serve as the Grand Marshall for the event. Goddard herself is a breast cancer survivor, having been diagnosed with it in 2008. In addition to the number of participants growing five-fold in 9 years, now three generations of families and their pets all walk together. Walkers in Genovese’s family s include her father, her husband and her children. Wattenmaker’s parents and children also walk with her. Brecker’s children have been participating for years. The route has remained a short one mile down Greenwich Avenue to encourage people from 9 to 90 to participate. Further, while initially the walk attracted only local participants, now they come from Rye, New Canaan, Darien and other towns in Fairfield County. The walk also attracts a wide range of sponsors. This year’s sponsors

were Platinum Omicron, Gold, The Genovese Family/Baywater Properties, Greenwich Hospital, Pepsi Co, Bronze Hat Attack, Buji Baja, The Mifflin Family, NEMG, Z Restaurant Group, Diamond, The Brecker/Yenor Family, Silver, JP Morgan, NBC Universals, Stamford Media Center, Williams and Company, Winged Keel, Crystal Becker Salon, and Rand Insurance. Brecker, Ewing and Genovese are thrilled with how the walk has grown and plan to grow it further in the future. What motivates these women? As Ewing said, “All of us have been touched in some way or another by cancer, whether it is a family member, whether it is a co-worker, a friend, a sister or a mother. It’s a way of giving back and showing our support as we all try to stop this disease.” Overall, Wattenmaker is “proudest of how the organization has grown and expanded and of the incredible energy of volunteers and supporters that she sees on a regular basis. This is not about one person’s desire to be successful but about men and women coming together for a common goal.” Like the organization itself, Wattenmaker is also proud of how the walk has expanded in its demographic, not just geographically but also in age. W2W Magazine

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pikedSeltzer started with a summer day, a boat, and a mermaid. Brewer and founder, Nick Shields rowed from the estuaries of Westport, CT to the expansive views at the mouth of the Saugatuck River. Ideas tend to crystallize mid- exercise, especially when on the water encircled by shimmering sun diamonds. As if whispered by a mermaid, the inspiration for a new kind of drink surfaced that day. The goal would be simplicity, said to be the ultimate form of sophistication. Back ashore, he streamlined his recipe by paring natural ingredients down to their essences. Using techniques gleaned from wine making, brewing, and flavor design, Shields mixed up cold- fermented, citrus- infused brews, then charcoal- filtered them to purity. “Simple and natural is just better,” he says. About 80 batches of refinement later, SpikedSeltzer West Indies Lime was ready for the bottle. As a 5th-generation brewer from the Haffenreffer family of Boston, he inherited a passion for beverages. His great- great grandfather, Rudolph Haffenreffer brought German- style lagers to Boston in 1869 and opened his own brewery the following year. Over the next 143 years, the Haffenreffers launched powerful brands like Pickwick ale, Narragansett lager, and Private Stock. Dave Holmes sampled these mixes as they evolved from the early trials. He jumped at the chance to help his friend build a new company around it. Early in 2013, Nick and Dave teamed up to bring SpikedSeltzer to

market Spiked Seltzer is a unique, all natural, citrus, flavored, low carb,6% alcohol beverage. While technically a beer, it’s unlike all traditional beers because it does not contain any barley, wheat, or sorghum, making it completely gluten free. Nothing artificial is added. A proprietary blend of sugars is cold-brewed to dryness for a taste between a vodka soda and champagne. Infused with fresh -pressed lime essence and with only 5g of carbs per bottle, the finish is clean, crisp, and lively. SpikedSeltzer comes in a 12 oz. glass bottle with quotes under the twist-off caps. It can be served from a chilled bottle, over ice in a highball glass, or used as a mixer for cocktails. Cocktail recipes such as “MER-MOSA”, “BELLE-INI”, and “COSMO-FIZZ” can be found on the 6 pack bottom as well as online at “In recent years, consumer tastes have shifted away from artificial and heavily-sweetened drinks, says brewer and founder, Nick Shields.” “ The philosophy in creating SpikedSeltzer is to strive for simplicity, using just a few select ingredients and purified water”. A list of retail stores can be found on the company website. Sampling events and new retailers will be announced at as well as on the company’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

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lobal style purveyor Roberta Freymann is pleased to announce the opening of her new Roberta Roller Rabbit store in Greenwich, Connecticut. The store will open mid April and is located in the heart of town at 103 Greenwich Avenue. The boutique opening is part of Ms. Freymann’s aggressive retail expansion strategy. Marking her 13th retail location, this will be her second boutique to open this year; Roberta Roller Rabbit opened in San Francisco earlier this month. This also marks Freymann’s sixth boutique to open in the past two years; Roberta Roller Rabbit opened in September 2012 in Marin County, California and in July 2012 in Newport Beach and in November of the same year in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York City. The brand continues to grow rapidly internationally as well with the 700 + foot expansion of Punta del Este, Uruguay store this past October. Roberta Roller Rabbit, an offshoot of Roberta Freymann’s namesake label, was inspired by a fable of a mag-

ical rabbit that Ms. Freymann found on a piece of discarded fabric in India. Launched in 2003, with a collection of colorful hand block printed kurtas, the relaxed, resort-inspired line has evolved into a lifestyle brand offering a plethora of products which include clothing for men, women, and children, as well as accessories and home furnishings all produced by Roberta with artisans in India. Graphic and floral prints are named after characters in Roberta’s life and capture Roberta’s love for children and complete the signature whimsical spirit that has become synonymous to the brand. Upon entering the 1500 square foot store, customers will be immersed in a delightful world of colors, prints and textures. The boutique walls are painted in neutral shades complementing the merchandise mix and reflecting Roberta’s effortlessly sophisticated style.


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