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Alina B. Genevieve 2016 Mixed Media on Mirror

Stephen Ciuccoli Dried Tarot No.1

John Traynor

Jane Schmidt

The Value Of Working With An Art Advisor Story by Sandra Pelletier


quipped with an extensive knowledge of the contemporary art market and design trends, Sorelle Gallery’s team of art advisors provide their clients with a completely custom buying experience. Miranda Girard, Rafaella LaRoche, Alina Bisikirskaite, Meghan Roach and owner Sandra Pelletier, make the process of building your collection as simple as possible. Whatever your reason for purchasing, an art advisor prioritizes your preferences while aiding in the navigation of an increasingly intricate art market.

when selecting artwork. They understand preferences and needs, but can provide alternatives and complements as a means of problem-solving. They are also well-versed in facilitating commissioned projects and professional framing.

Building your Collection: Advisors Tips

Rare is Valuable. Original paintings and limited, early edition, handsigned prints and artist proofs are more valuable because they are either one-of-kind, or one-of-a-few.

Each interaction with Sorelle Gallery’s art advisors is entirely catered to the client. Advisors create digital renderings to demonstrate how the client’s favorite artwork will appear in their space, providing them the opportunity to visualize and refine their selections prior to moving forward in the process. Taking it a step further, Sorelle advisors visit clients’ homes to assist in placement and design.

Follow your he(art). Buy what you like. At Sorelle Gallery, we promote the idea that an investment in artwork is a solid investment. Fabian Bocart, founder of the art advisory firm Tutela Capital has advised, “Invest confidentially in art, because an artwork will never be bankrupt.” Artwork holds value in more ways than one, so go with your gut.

For the Love

Diversify. All types of artwork go hand in hand, so don’t get stuck in one type of medium. If you like a sculpture, try it out next to your

Much like a designer, the Sorelle team has your best interest in mind 18

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