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HOME+DESIGN July / August 2017


Editor-in-Chief Matthew J. Kolk 203-820-1092 Managing Editor James Eagen Contributing Writers Deborah Brannon, Lisa Gant, Susan Heller, Lollie Mathews, Jennifer Jackson-Outlaw, Jessica Rivest, Kait Shea Contributing Photographers Jane Beiles, Michael Biondo, Phillip Ennis, Tria Giovan, John Gruen, John Hannon, Paul Johnson, Neil Landino, Mark La Rosa, Tim Lee, Daniel Milstein, Janice Parker, Durston Saylor, Debra Somerville, Eric Striffler, Jonathan Wallen, Woodruff/Brown Photography Copy Editor Elena Serocki Graphic & Web Design East Coast Home Publishing

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HOME+DESIGN November / December 2016


Editor-in-Chief Matthew J. Kolk 203-820-1092 Managing Editor James Eagen Contributing Writers Deborah Brannon, Lisa Gant, Susan Heller, Lollie Mathews, Jennifer Jackson-Outlaw, Jessica Rivest, Kait Shea Contributing Photographers Jane Beiles, Michael Biondo, Phillip Ennis, Tria Giovan, John Gruen, John Hannon, Paul Johnson, Neil Landino, Mark La Rosa, Tim Lee, Daniel Milstein, Janice Parker, Durston Saylor, Debra Somerville, Eric Striffler, Jonathan Wallen, Woodruff/Brown Photography Copy Editor Elena Serocki Graphic & Web Design East Coast Home Publishing


Publisher he physical character of many cities are his years Amazing Transformations issueandis towns a unique Shelley E. McCormick monitored by various Building and winter. Zoning departblend overhauls to this subtle curtains-andecomplete definitely lucked out Sure, we ments within individual borders. Ininthe case of carpets refreshings. It shows the variety which you had a their few days of “true” winter with some 203-545-7091 Connecticut, these responsibilities areofleft up towith the can update your and thewemyriad resources in snow, butlook now that are into March, 169 different cities and towns within itsthe borders as Account Managers which you apply to create perfect home. thecan time change rightyour around corner, Lisa Dearbornto take a look around our Connecticut has no county governments. we have a chance Patrick Giddings to evolve and the products It goes to our industry continues homes andshow planthat ourasprojects for spring. Lollie Mathews These boards are to often made of civic minded and looks continue expand, theup homeowner now has volunteers the ability todoing truly their civic to insure their town is one that is a desirable place create a unique look and feel to their homes that express their individuality In light ofduty last years drought, Eva Chiamulera of Austin Ganim Business Development to live andinus work. We people givingplantings their time, and thewith way which theyadmire live thierthese shares a beautiful variety of drought resistant to Randi K.lives. Lehrman, Esq.for enthusiasm and Marketing dedication. insure your home can maintain regardless the water levels. & Salescolor Advisor to the GoldofCoast We have been creating this unique issue for over ten years now and I still East Coast Home + Design However, wethe all live income a rapidly changing world. Where enjoy it when photos in from our partners and issue starts to Our Melange department has been taken over by this some of peoples our fa111 Forest Avenue, Fairfield, CT 06824 and creating preference in lifestyles as fast asSpring. technology, an take shape. The out-of-the-box of partners vorite designers sharingchanges theirthinking looks forour Great their new ability picks Fax: 203-286-1850 imaginary between status to quo many zoning to realize the“tug-of-war” dreams of their clients isthe a you. testiment theofskill of each firm and insider resources to help guide and buildingin regulations participating this issue. and a new generation of home buyers looking in different many aspects, as from nimblyour as Experts the Field We also to getlive, three lessons Thethree timingvastly of thisdifferent issue is very calculated andinisnew meant to arrivefrom on your on topics: Trends lighting the In our 5th Annual Builders and Architects Roundtable, look doorstep during the dog days of summer. Itin gives you the time towe curl up Lightovation International light show Dallas, The Art of UnEast Coast Home + Design is published six issues per year. To subscribe:; Subintoascriptions: someone ofyear, issues order create arelax dialog ever on beach chair with glass ofinyour fevorite Rose’, andon losethis yourself derstanding a these Client and on Design. $28; two a years, $50. Collaborating Back issues can beto purchased at Closet For editorial inquiries: Editor, Home +how Design, we 111 they Forest Fairfield, CTto 06824 or e-mail: our mattkolk@ changing environment and canAvenue, all adapt insure citin the possibility ofEast theCoast “what-if’s” as apply to your home. For advertising inquiries: Please call Shelley McCormick at 203-545-7091. Reproduction whole or in part withies and towns their while remaining This isis prohibited. amaintain veryAll projects informational one,areIforhope this assists inrights the outissue permission describedindividuality in this publication private, noncommercial use only. attracNo commercial usejotted or exploitation are given orof implied. Thecurrent opinions expressed writers for articles published East tive forto the changing needs its future residents. After you have down some notes, give oneand ofbyour partners a call.byLord process of making your home, your home. Coast Home + Design are not necessarily those of the magazine. knows, we have given you enough to choose from! I hope you find this important article as informative and thought Best, provoking as we do. EAST COAST HOME PUBLISHING Cheers,

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istorical homes capture our attention. Perhaps we’re curious about how our predecessors lived in bygone days, or perhaps we love the weight of history and the stories that come with it. Or perhaps historical architecture inspires us—as it does Gardiner & Larson Homes, a well-oiled designbuild team based in Fairfield County, CT. This firm, spearheaded by Judy Larson and Bill Gardiner, Jr.—the design half and the construction half of the firm respectively—often finds itself inspired by pre-war homes built in the early 20th century. “We especially love what were known as ‘summer cottages’—homes built by wealthy city dwellers seeking relief from the summer heat with open floor plans, wrap-around porches and high ceilings to allow air to flow from front to back,” Judy explains. Often, she adds, these homes also included sight lines from room to room, wide passageways and numerous tall windows to invite the light in. Gardiner & Larson Homes also consider these important elements in their designs, along with large open kitchens and a carefully orchestrated flow coordinating the home’s interior and exterior gathering spaces. “In terms of construction,” Judy continues, “we love the quality and solidity of pre-war homes—the wonderful thick walls, high ceilings and tall and heavy interior and exterior doors.” Her firm, she notes, features all the contemporary advances that the original homes that inspire them lack, such as simpler interior millwork, better lighting and much improved energy efficiency. Gardiner & Larson Homes delightedly renovated this particular home on spec. Once upon a time it was a summer East Coast Home + Design

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home, built by the Mead family circa 1895. Much of its original architecture was altered in the 1960s, when previous owners remodeled it to accommodate their large family. When Judy and Bill’s firm had the opportunity to rebuild this residence, they set their sights on creating a modern interpretation of a turn-of-the-century summer home. This involved rebuilding most of the home, but they kept the original first-floor framing, exterior boulder façade and a similar first-floor room layout with thick walls and heavy pocket doors. “Although the house was completely rebuilt, we replicated the gambrel rooflines and shingle exterior, along with some playful embellishments, such as sawtooth shingle design at the gable end of the main roof,” Judy explains. “We ‘bowed’ the shingles above some of the larger windows, typical of some homes of this genre.” The home has a splendid, variegated appearance at a distance, thanks to the variety in shingles: the lower part of the house is sided with hand-split cedar shingles, the upper half features machine-cut cedar shingles, and the roof is covered with naturally weathered tapersawn cedar shingles. Gardiner & Larson finished bringing this home up to date by adding multiple wings to provide a garage, kitchen, family room and master suite. To unify this magnificent example of the modern historical, they built a wraparound porch with a standing seam metal roof, dotted by skylights and supported by tapered square columns. “Perhaps one of the most unique features,” Judy says, “is the large foyer and enormous upper-stair hall, filled with light and open to a roof veranda at the back of the house.”

Architecture.indd 19

Before This home is a marvel, and its homeowners agree: after purchasing it, they brought Gardiner & Larson Homes back to add a wine cellar and exercise room in area of the original stone and brick foundation. DESIGNER Judith Larson Gardiner & Larson Homes New Canaan, CT 203.972.1409

7/14/17 10:23 AM

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hen your NYC townhouse needs a facelift, you call in an architect; when you want that renovation to be a particular deft blend of classic luxury and modern sensibility, you call Anthony Minichetti. This magnificent renovation went beyond skin-deep, and Anthony Minichetti Architect created a residence that’s beautiful to the bone.

This townhouse sits on Manhattan’s Upper East Side near Madison Avenue, and is the second home of a pair of clients from Boston. When they purchased this residence, it was for love of the location—they went in knowing that a full gut renovation would be necessary to create the space they dreamed of. The townhouse had been divided into four small apartments and needed to be opened up. “We wanted to create a single-family home, as was the tradition of early townhomes in NYC,” Anthony explains. “We opened up a three-story grand stair hall atrium, which allowed access to all public spaces for the home.” The tired, brick-lined stairwell became a stunning vertical passage of four inch-wide plank borders, with herringbone inset fields of white oak stained a rich, velvety walnut brown. A narrow kitchen, nearly claustrophobic in scope, was transformed into an airy, graceful space written in bright white cabinetry grounded by those luscious brown floors. The cabinets are custom-designed millwork by Anthony’s firm, topped with sumptuous Crema Perlato marble slabs with a honed finish, imported from Italy. The transformation on the outside is just as dramatic and superb as the one inside. This townhouse was well worn and a dull brown, with a tall stoop set above a short flight of stairs. To refresh this façade, Anthony explains, “We removed the old front entry stoop and created a gated sunken garden at the front yard.” Removal of the stoop permitted the home’s vertical circulation to be inboard, expanding the living spaces to match the full width and

Architecture.indd 21

7/14/17 10:24 AM

grandeur of the townhouse through and through. With the new façade, the townhouse stood visibly reinvigorated, clothed in contemporary clean lines. “The updating of the façade included simplified contemporary detailing with a rusticated base, oversized running bond coursing, and window pediments of limestone pigment,” Anthony notes, adding that his team used traditional stucco in limestone pigment. “This created a refreshing aesthetic for the streetscape and fabric of the neighborhood, versus the dark heavy brownstone of the past.” The door and window trim work and pediments, he also points out, were designed to echo traditional West London homes. Anthony’s favorite part of this splendid project is also one of its most compelling features: “the kitchen relocation to the lower level with direct ac22

cess to the garden for outdoor dining and gatherings.” The sunken garden, floored with ash gray granite pavers, hosts an evergreen perimeter hedge and a delightful dogwood centerpiece to throw a refreshing shade over outdoor pastimes. This townhouse is a breath of fresh air to its New York City neighborhood. ARCHITECT Anthony Minichetti Anthony Minichetti Architect 777 North Street Greenwich, CT 06831

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he box Colonial is familiar to us all: a New England tradition and an example of American colonial architecture. We know the layout with its central hall separating discrete living and dining rooms, while the kitchen, family and breakfast rooms are grouped at the back. We recognize its shingled profile and rooflines, its flat face. As Peter Sciarretta of Hemingway Construction puts it, “You know this story—you can tell it to your children!” Here’s another story we know: Hemingway Construction, fine builder of custom homes, does not build on spec. That’s what makes this


project such an amazing transformation. Hemingway Construction seized inspiration and strove to reimagine the traditional box Colonial home. We are so often living in the modes of yesterday. We cleave to homes that don’t facilitate our modern life because it’s what we’ve always known. We live habitually. What if we didn’t? Hemingway Construction decided to find out, and began by rewriting its own story. Peter eagerly describes the inception of this spec home. “We took what we do every day with our custom clients and wrote down their top 10 or 15 wishes and wants, and customized those into

Architecture.indd 24

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Before East Coast Home + Design

Architecture.indd 25


7/14/17 10:25 AM

a home for sale,” he says. His energy was infectious, and Hemingway Construction’s questions were compelling. “We said, ‘What is trending now? What is popular now? What is popular for these young adults who are the families of tomorrow?’” The answers to these questions resulted in a sumptuous house well balanced between classical grandeur and modern sensibilities. The design team opened up that central hall, leaving the first floor as an airy common space where the conventional concepts of rooms blended one into the other. The living room, kitchen, family room and other areas 26

don’t need walls—they are delineated by architectural features, such as the striking center sash marking one corner of the living room. Gorgeous, warm-stained hardwood floors offer a continuity of flooring throughout, and a profusion of broad windows fills the home with light. Generously thick marble countertops and a custom range hood with nickel strapping lend the kitchen a crisp feel, and pendant lights from Circa Lighting hang suspended as burnished works of art. The more practical aspects of daily life are attended to via a private entry space with cubbies, a laundry center with sink and clothes rack, and kitchen-adjacent desk space.

Architecture.indd 26

7/14/17 10:25 AM

It is recognizable as a Colonial home—just with the proportions shifted into something fresh and vital. Where a traditional Colonial home might feature six to eight windows, this home revels in walls of glass. The front door is tucked between wide side panels of glass rather than smaller side panes. There are no shutters, but there are shingles. That familiar profile is present in this residence, and yet its details are as individual as a human face.

The second floor returns privacy to those who live there: each bedroom features its own bathroom and incorporates a built-in workstation to accommodate computer use or homework. There’s even a communal desk in eye-catching black tucked into a corner near the stairwell, so parents can work within earshot of their children, or children can browse the Internet in a monitored setting. The reimagined Colonial baths are a study in charming asymmetry and strong lines: sinks are square, the cabinetry features sharp deep drawers, and clean lines abound. Yet there is whimsy there, too: one vanity sports a vertically rectangular mirror and an utterly delightful small window where you’d normally expect more mirror. The exterior of this home scales to the neighborhood and does not unduly distract the eye.

This home was a labor of dreams for many fantastic professionals: Peter Sciarretta worked alongside his team members Salvatore Sciarretta, Doug Horn and Michael Sciarretta. Hemingway Construction teamed up with distinguished architect Christopher Pagliaro of Pagliaro Bartels Sajda Architects of Norwalk, staging designer Cynthia Princi of Cynthia Princi Restyling and Design of Darien, and landscape architect Glenn Ticehurst of Benedek & Ticehurst of Bedford. Together, they accomplished something truly memorable—and maybe will even begin their own trend. Even now, Hemingway Construction is working on another two homes in this fashion. BUILDER Peter Sciarretta Hemingway Construction 115 Mason Street #2 Greenwich, CT 06830 203.625.0566 East Coast Home + Design

Architecture.indd 27


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Architecture.indd 28

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iving directly on the East Coast can be a beautiful risk. It’s a place where wide horizons fill your heart every day, and storms can be utterly awe-inspiring— and as dangerous as they are beautiful. When you live here, you don’t live by half-measures—you seize your time, your family, your friends, and nurture every moment. And when you need your weekend home and its environs to facilitate these times, you’ll be extremely fortunate to assemble the exceptional team of Pagliaro Bartels Sajda Architects and ARTEMIS Landscape Architects. The team features such notable and irresistible leaders as Nick Sajda, Christopher Pagliaro and Tara Vincenta. This home in Fairfield Beach, CT, badly needed the clever attention of this team, sitting as it does on the barrier island and facing Long Island Sound. The old residence was built in

Architecture.indd 29

the 1980s and was both well-worn and heavy with clichés. “It didn’t fully take advantage of the water,” Christopher Pagliaro explains, “and, most importantly, it was very much noncompliant with today’s FEMA regulations.” The size of the house actually exceeded contemporary zoning regulations, Chris says, and it was only sensible to salvage the home, lift it and build from there. His team also faced rebuilding the foundation to meet velocity flood zone regulations, essentially creating a “house on stilts” while still coordinating with New England coastal architecture. The landscape around the house was also ravaged by hurricanes, essentially offering a blank slate for Tara’s team at ARTEMIS Landscape Architect’. The homeowner is a musical theater artist from NYC who purchased the residence for the opportunity it offered to get away with family and friends. She desired a space customized to the preferences of herself and her guests, with an eye toward maximizing enjoyment of the coastal environment. A bevy of

7/14/17 1:35 PM


bedroom suites were a must, as was a private floor for the master suite where she could retreat for peace as needed. Chris describes the home as the most unselfish design his firm has ever created, divulging that the pool-adjacent spa features storage for beach towels that the homeowner had monogrammed with the name of each regular guest. “Each suite took on a nickname and personality of its own,” says Chris. “So instead of ‘Bathroom-2,’ it was ‘Mama’s Quilt’ or the ‘Corduroy Room,’ all based on the material and finished selections indicating which regular guest would call that theirs.” The client enjoys gardening and wanted some garden space, adds Tara, and one of her biggest 30

wish-list items was clear boundaries. “She wanted privacy from the road,” Tara explains. “She lives at the end of a road, and people were constantly pulling into her driveway, turning around and traipsing across her property to get to the jetty to fish. We were challenged to pay attention to the edges of this property.” This project started and continued as a challenge, but one that Nick and Chris were more than equal to, especially given their firm’s extensive waterfront experience. “The lift was incredibly challenging because we had to build an entirely new foundation under an exist-

Architecture.indd 30

7/14/17 1:35 PM

ing house,” Chris notes. The redesign was a study in push and pull, striving to create the desired home without expanding the abode’s footprint or exceeding zoning limitations. Beyond these critical technical details, the team created a space that emphasizes enjoyment of the outdoors and leisure time. Bountiful mirrors invite appreciation of sweeping views of the water, while a game room and lounge provide spaces for recreation. The “Ice Cream Bar” is a second kitchen at pool level, where guests can move in and out without worrying about their wet bathing suits and sandy feet. Tara took up the thread, laboring alongside Nick and Chris to craft a cohesive narrative from manmade materials and nature-given bounty. Working within the constraints of lot coverage restrictions and toward the client’s wish for a clearly demarcated property that offers privacy, Tara and her team forged a complex landscape in a compact expanse. “A lot of our driving force was, first and foremost, to protect the property as much as we could,” she says, “and have it be as sustainable as possible—protection meaning from future storms, and sustainability meaning using as many native and salt-tolerant plants as possible.” For the homeowner’s gardening spirit, the team put in raised boxes to shelter her vegetable garden and flowers, ensuring they wouldn’t be washed away by tidal floods. Her lavender, echinacea, hy-

drangeas and other plants can flourish here. Moreover, the garden is sheltered by terraces and the natural windbreaks of seagrasses and a dune fence fronting the beach. The whole landscape exists in intricate layers, with a pool and spa terrace giving way to lower levels, featuring a sandy firepit, a meandering path and an exquisite marine-grade stainless-steel fence. A single catalpa tree marks the edge of the client’s property, the magnificent and lone arboreal survivor of Hurricane Sandy. These details are just a taste of the intricate treasure built for this delightful client. The property also boasts a spa and pool. “The spa has an overflow edge, and the pool has a double overflow edge,” Tara points out. “It extends the view out to the water, as well as creating a clean, crisp edge.” Chris comments that Tara’s code pool enclosure of stainless-steel pickets, reminiscent of beach walks, is “brilliant!” Then there’s the flawless selection of outdoor furniture from Dedon, JANUS et Cie, TUUCI and Loll Designs. While there are no clichés in this incredible home, one well-worn phrase is appropriate: there’s something for everyone. It is the perfect weekend retreat. East Coast Home + Design

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Architecture.indd 32

7/14/17 1:36 PM

Manhattan With a chic, sophisticated aesthetic, our Manhattan Collection’s contemporary teak framing is defined by clean lines emphasized by horizontal slats. Beautiful teak wood is perfectly selected for outdoor gathering spaces, featuring rich coloring and naturally protective oils which resist the elements.

Bourdeaux Crafted by hand using reclaimed elm—salvaged from beams collected from centuries-old buildings—our Bourdeaux Collection will be the focal point of your outdoor space.

ARCHITECT Christopher Pagliaro Nick Sajda Pagliaro Bartels Sajda Architects 3 Pine Street Norwalk, CT 06854 203.838.5517 LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT Tara Vincenta ARTEMIS Landscape Architects Hamptons Seating 277AFairfield Avenue #4 simply elegant design, our Hamptons Outdoor Dining Bridgeport, CTis06604 Collection inspired by classic, English gardens. These all-weather furnishings are artisan-crafted from natural teak 203.683.1808 hardwood. Their beautiful frames are hand-finished to phasize the wood’s coloring and unique, organic features.

Melange.indd 19 33 Architecture.indd

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ho do you turn to when you’re seeking a contemporary and comfortable interior design with a strong sense of style? These homeowners found their answer in Beth Krupa, a veteran of the fashion industry and an insightful globetrotter who has emerged as an interior design auteur with a distinctive sensibility. With a family celebration on the horizon, the clients, a young family, brought Beth in to transform four ho-hum living spaces into stylish rooms conducive to life and delight. East Coast Home + Design

Interiors.indd 35


7/14/17 10:48 AM

“My clients desired spaces to celebrate special occasions and bring together not only their friends, but also their children’s,” Beth explains. “Our concept was to create classic, yet young design while using modern and energetic elements.” She lightened up the entire space by replacing dark wood floors with 18-inch squares of toned taupe marble, letting each room flow into the next through the bright unity of this gorgeous flooring. Her team also installed an audio system throughout the first floor, ensuring that her music-loving clients could clearly listen to music from any room and give their guests a superior aural experience during gatherings. Before Beth redesigned their dining room, the clients had furniture that was too small for the space, with an uninspired light fixture and walls of deep ochre. While speaking about her work, Beth rhapsodizes 36

with flair: “To transform the dining room, I used sparkle and sheen in a tonal space with extreme silhouettes and glamorous touches to add to the celebratory occasions.” Kravet Georgetown side chairs and a settee stand grouped around the oval dining table; the chairs are upholstered in fabric with a silk-like texture, completed by a chenille bias welt and button trim running vertically down the chairbacks. A ceiling darker than the pale walls infuses the room with a greater sense of space. Everywhere here is meant to glitter: the walls and ceiling are covered with Thibaut wallpaper that is both metallic and textured, while the windows sport Kravet Lucite hardware and drapes embroidered with a shiny appliqué. In the nearby butler’s pantry, sparkling wallpaper and stainless-steel pegs create a remarkable wine display and storage system. The fine glass-fronted china cabinet from Century Furniture adds that grounding touch of timeless mo-

Interiors.indd 36

7/14/17 10:49 AM

dernity, while the Chippendale mirror crowning a Caracole buffet fronted by smoked glass provide a sense of festive displacement. The glowing starburst of the Arteriors chandelier and the modern art gracing the walls are the finishing touches on an effortlessly dazzling dining space. The inspiration for the living room transformation stemmed from the captivating impressionism of an Allan Tuttle painting. “The jewel tones are magnetic as they truly draw you in,� muses Beth. She kept the color palette for the rest of this room straightforward and serene, with plush furniture, a pale patterned area rug, and two-toned drapes with houles trim. Those Tuttle jewel tones flicker about the room in small touches: throw pillows, benches, sconces, and more. The family room features this same economy of vibrant color, providing a lush and relaxing place for

Interiors.indd 37

Design | Build | Interiors Exteriors | Custom Cabinetry 1111 Boston Post Road Rye, NY 10580

P: 914.967.6020 E:

Jennifer Howard Owner/Designer

7/14/17 10:49 AM


Interiors.indd 38

7/14/17 10:49 AM

Before the family to gather. The generously-proportioned sectional sofa by Ambella Home is covered in a velvety-feeling cream fabric, with a pair of tufted side chairs to match. Beth designed the variegated red ottoman with Lucite legs herself to provide that dramatic juxtaposition with the predominating neutral shades of the space. A sea-glass chandelier from Ro Sham Beaux glows above the room, and to one side of the sofa sits a shell-fronted console table from Caracole with stowed seating. Beth believes these are two of the most valuable pieces in setting the tone of her design. “These are the first things a guest sees upon entering the home,” she says. “They present a casual, yet elegantly beautiful, welcoming vibe.” Beth Krupa’s interior design is truly a distinctive yet relaxing style, perfect for transforming a house into a home.


INTERIOR DESIGN Beth Krupa Beth Krupa Interiors 135 Bedford Street #201 Stamford, CT 06901 203.745.2129 East Coast Home + Design

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ometimes an amazing home transformation is about rescuing the soul within a space and this was certainly the case with Sarah Kennedy Dolce’s new residence, a house in the grand 1905 Colonial Revival style that was suffering as a casualty of time and neglect. “The house was really a mess, and I kept saying I didn’t want to see it,” Sarah explains. “Finally, one day we went in, and I took one look at the herringbone floors and it was all over. Sometimes you can’t help who you fall in love with.”

Sarah describes the process of restoring a sense of grandeur to this august space as almost a rescue situation, but she has never shied away from a challenge before, priding herself on looking past any current disrepair or folly to the true potential of a space. With her family settling in to their new home, she dedicated herself to restoring the house to its glory days. “There were so many wonderful period details, like pocket doors and even the filigreed radiators, meant to be seen, that were overlooked or ignored,” Sarah recalls. From chivvying on her painters to apply coat after coat of white paint onto wood trim and the coffered ceiling, to refinishing those enchanting herringbone floors, Sarah breathed new life into the living and dining rooms. She confides: “I feel like the house was standing up a little taller in gratitude.” The previous homeowners were using the dining room as a game room with a central pool table, while the living room felt drab and uninspired. Sarah lightened and refreshed everything. She embraced the beautiful natural light afforded by the first floor’s large windows all almost five feet

Interiors.indd 41

7/14/17 10:50 AM

wide by seven feet tall. She also indulged in one core luxury that inspired much of the design: “Woods & Stars” wallpaper from Cole & Son. “It was an extravagance, but every time I look at it, I smile,” Sarah notes. “Using that as a catalyst, I painted the living room walls a flat black above the woodwork. It is so dramatic and rich.” She used this transformative project as the perfect excuse to confirm her love of Tony Duquette and Hutton Wilkinson, choosing Hutton’s “Malachite” fabric to cover her David Easton-designed dining chairs from Chaddock. Floating above the dining table is a light fixture both contemporary and timeless: the clear glass-box chandelier was designed by her cousin, Ames Ingham. 42

The family collaboration doesn’t stop there. Sarah reveals that several of her furniture choices for the living room were inherited heirlooms. “The bar in the living room belonged to my grandparents,” she says, adding that it inspired the bar she and her cousin designed for Chaddock. “The brass cocktail table is a treasure from living in Hong Kong as a child.” The brass of that table offers a grounding counterpoint in a room bedecked with striking pops of pattern and color like the chartreuse in the Designers Guild window treatment she selected, a lively color that, Sarah explains, “started popping up everywhere in the house. Happy accident that ties the whole first floor together.”

Interiors.indd 42

7/14/17 10:50 AM


There’s not much accidental about this house, but it is happy, both restored and new, all over again. INTERIOR DESIGN Sarah Kennedy Dolce Home Works 509 N Main Street Port Chester, NY 10573 914.934.0907

Before East Coast Home + Design

Interiors.indd 43


7/14/17 10:50 AM



hen you find your “forever” home, choosing the right interior design is as important as choosing the ideal house. You don’t want the backdrop of your treasured lifetime memories to be painted in the shades of someone else’s life. This is even more important when you’re

raising children in the home. Barbara Feinstein, owner of B Fein Interiors, was delighted to find herself entrusted with the task of renewing her clients’ newly chosen forever home. “My clients had strong opinions about the former residents’ design choices,” recalls Barbara. “It all had to go!” In the living room, the process began with lightening the walls to a pale sandy fawn—and stripping the walls in every room of an unfortunate wallpaper se-

Interiors.indd 44

7/14/17 10:50 AM

B FEIN INTERIORS lection. It was a “nice paper,” Barbara explains, “but a good example of scale gone wrong. The pattern is too small for such a large space.” Instead, she refreshed the walls into neutral canvases: matte backdrops for art, furnishings and life. The eye finds serenity as it flows from wall to wall and room to room, landing on beautiful embellishments or thoughtful art choices along the way.


“The clients wanted their space to feel timeless and tasteful,” Barbara reflects, discussing her design direction. “They wanted it to wear well with kids and dogs. This was not to be a space East Coast Home + Design

Interiors.indd 45


7/14/17 10:50 AM


Interiors.indd 46

7/14/17 10:51 AM



with a rope at the threshold.” This philosophy, which Barbara also embraces, is embodied everywhere you look in this timeless interior that is refined without being a museum. Visual and tactile interest is brought into the living room in layers: an area rug softens the space among plush chairs from Wesley Hall and a sofa from Hickory Chair, all without hiding the luminous wood flooring. A dark cabinet with padded doors, the one heavy piece of furniture in the room, is balanced by the tall, wide windows opposite, with their attendant Pearson daybed. Barbara’s deliberate use of bold colors throughout achieves that ideal proportion that enlivens the room and breathes vitality into the space, rather than strangling the room’s atmosphere. She also created a focal point—missing from the architecture of this living room—by hanging three Osburn wall mirrors from Bassett side by side. The effect is beguiling, delightful and ultimately surprising, notes Barbara. “The room feels open yet grounded and absolutely pleasing,” she says. This sensational combination of room enough to spread your wings yet still stay down to Earth infuses the foyer as well. Here, the room’s bright airiness is grounded by the deep wood of a Regina console table, which in turn is counterbalanced by delicate lamps and the simplicity of an Ablenay mirror from Uttermost in an antiqued gold finish. Staggered photographs from the client’s personal collection add interest to one’s journey up the stairs, like so many fascinating stepping stones. Altogether, this collaboration between Barbara Fein and her clients perfectly captures a home that is meant to be lived in. “That sense of comfort and ease, that sense of home, was the goal for this space,” Barbara explains. They certainly succeeded in achieving that. INTERIOR DESIGN Barbara Feinstein B Fein Interiors 51 Greenacres Avenue Scarsdale, NY 10583 914.261.1114

Interiors.indd 47

7/14/17 10:51 AM


Interiors.indd 48

7/14/17 10:51 AM


o design stays fresh forever: times change, and people with them. Trends evolve. When you find yourself living in a setting that is no longer in sync with your daily life, you reach out to the professionals, you find an accomplished interior designer. This client found Lara Michelle of Lara Michelle Beautiful Interiors. “My clients inspire me with the challenges to make their homes beautiful, yet still livable,” Lara says. “I love helping to make their design dreams a reality.” This dining room had fallen out of favor with the homeowners, who disliked the bright colors and French country-style decor. In fact, this transformation was part of a gut renovation and addition that Lara Michelle Beautiful Interiors completed for them, updating the interior with modern flair in a poised and neutral palette. “The homeowners wanted a more updated, contemporary feel,” Lara explains, “but also wanted to keep a few key pieces of their furniture and stay true to the traditional architecture of the house.” Lara’s team removed the curvy moldings and rounded chairs, replacing them with chic straight edges. They also refinished the floor, slightly cooling the warmth of the wood stain to a shade that still conveys warmth, but tranquility as well. The elaborate French country details were replaced with simpler, sleeker choices; deep red and creams gave way to silver, white and gray. The walls are now clothed in Peony & Blossom wallpaper by Lee Jofa in dove and silver. A silver ceiling shimmers down, painted in Benjamin Moore silver glaze over pale oak. Silver glitters from the window treatment as well, fashioned from Romo satin. Even the faux leather window seat gleams in silver! Elegant wall sconces and a breathtaking Spiridon Ring Chandelier from Restoration Hardware—flaunting hundreds of hand-set faceted crystals—provide intimate illumination. Stark white dining chairs from Crate & Barrel present a modern profile against the more traditional dining table and buffet. “These darker pieces keep the room from looking too stark; they add some warmth and uniqueness to the design,” Lara says. “I also love how the custom area rug grounds the furniture, adding a plush contrast to the hard surfaces of the wood table and leather chairs.” The riveting wool and silk area rug is a custom piece from Carpet Trends in Rye, NY. The final result is a breath of fresh air capturing peaceful felicity. Lara Michelle Beautiful Interiors worked with several other professionals to refresh this client’s home and create an exquisite and sophisticated design. Terence P. Lennon was the architect, while Builders Atelier served as the general contractor, both from North Salem, NY. INTERIOR DESIGN Lara Michelle Lara Michelle Beautiful Interiors Westchester, NY 914.939.5777 PHOTOGRAPHY Chuan Ding Glenville Photo & Image Center Greenwich, CT

Before East Coast Home + Design

Interiors.indd 49


7/14/17 10:51 AM



obin McGarry, ASID, Interior Design, is a passionate interior designer adept at zeroing in on the heart of what her clients want, and breathing life into their dreams. “We always strive to create good design and style,” she says of her design team, “but a space must also have ‘spirit’ that reflects the people living there. No two of our clients’ homes look similar, and I’m very proud of that.” Actually, this splendid interior completed for a longtime client does look similar to a previous


design, but that can be forgiven: Robin herself helped the homeowner realize her previous interior design dreams a decade ago, and was invited back last year to update the home with something more colorful and a bit less traditional. “Some clients want a sophisticated interior design, but I have found the quality of life created within is most important for homeowners,” Robin says, explaining her design philosophy. “We develop their best ideas so they will get the most enjoyment from their home, including comfort, durability

Interiors.indd 50

7/14/17 10:51 AM


Interiors.indd 51

7/14/17 10:52 AM

of fabrics and functionality.” This practical artistry leads to interiors with longevity—and loyal clients. In the case of this exquisite home in Southport, CT, Robin admires the tasteful simplicity preferred by her client, and was delighted to assist in refreshing the home’s color palette. The homeowners, however, didn’t want to replace any of their furniture! Robin and her team met the challenge head-on by making one crucial decision at the start: with the professional guidance of rug consultant Alix Perrachon of Alix Unlimited in Larchmont, NY, they selected a marvelous new rug that incorporated the fresh color scheme. “The rug selection was paramount in the design process, and from that purchase everything fit together,” Robin explains. They chose a superb hand-knotted rug from Samad, featuring shades of blue and creams suffused with delicate pops of melon. From this driving pièce de résistance spiraled a series of fine and alluring choices, which are reflected in the living room: subtle persimmon fabrics enliven warm wooden chairs, and labyrinth-patterned throw pillows in 52

Interiors.indd 52

7/14/17 10:52 AM

sky and deep blue accent the sofa. The design team recovered the client’s beloved furniture in gorgeous textiles from Jim Thompson, Mark Alexander, Nobilis, Holland & Sherry, Romo, Hodsoll McKenzie, Loro Piana and Larsen. The homeowner searched for more modern artwork to complement her rejuvenated environs. “She did a beautiful job!” Robin exclaims, adding that each choice made was meant to enrich “the architectural design of the room and the classical elements of the home, which are very special here.” The walls are perfect in their pale shades, and dark wood furniture characterized most often by slender grace ground the interior sublimely. This home breathes a centered sense of self, harmonious with a touch of playfulness, and it is utterly a triumph. INTERIOR DESIGN Robin McGarry Robin McGarry, ASID Interior Design 11 Riverfield Drive Weston, CT 06883 203.454.1825


PHOTOGRAPHY Neil Landino Fairfield, CT East Coast Home + Design

Interiors.indd 53


7/14/17 10:53 AM


ome staging is an art form, and finding an artist who truly understands that art form is a requirement in today’s home market. These artists look at a house, beautiful in itself, and then help all comers see the home that could blossom even further. Leia T. Ward, principal staging designer of her company, LTW Design, is just such an artist. “When I preview a home prior to a staging,” she says, discussing her design philosophy, “I think of the buyers and what lifestyle they are aspiring to have, if they were to purchase the home.” She researches buyer demographics, then crafts a staged interior that speaks to their desires—all while allowing the house to show her what it wants to be. “I always have an instinct for the exact


style and mood the staging needs to convey,” Leia notes. She identifies the bones—or key features—of a home, such as architectural details, focal points and superb views. “A staging should never compete with the bones of the home,” she says. “Instead, it should highlight them.” Leia was brought on by David & Holly Hawes of Halstead Realty to stage this luxury home in Darien, CT, built on spec by Doherty & DeLeo Development. This fabulous residence sported smart technology, four floors, an elevator, an outdoor kitchen and pool—and so much more. Beyond these amenities, the house sang architecturally with an open layout, French doors, lovely moldings, a two-story foyer and, again, so much more! “They were looking for a stager who could create a design that supported and featured all the work that was put into

Interiors.indd 54

7/14/17 10:53 AM


Before the details,” Leia points out. The home, she adds, “is located around the corner from the water, has excellent schools and is an easy commute to NYC.” It was even featured as one of the top four homes of Darien and Greenwich for the Luxury Home Tour 2017.


Leia put her expertise to work, filling the fabulous house with just the right selection of furnishings to tempt a buyer without hiding any of the home’s stunning details. The large space immediately made her think it might be filled by a large family, with all the bustle and fuss that entails. “This house being so close to the water immediately evoked a feeling of calm,” she reflects. “I wanted the buyers to walk through the door and feel at ease, relaxed, at home. I think a casually sophisticated design with clean lines with soft accents of blue would create an appealing environment for this buyer demographic.” Neutral tones, cozy textures and clusters of furniture gracefully showcase the home’s potential. She chose to stage one uniquely shaped room offering built-in bookshelves, a East Coast Home + Design

Interiors.indd 55


7/14/17 10:53 AM

fireplace and brilliant views as an office. A simple glass desk, minimally accessorized, conveys the idea without obfuscating the room’s details.

stop the flow and compete with the glass doors and gorgeous view.” She was right, of course: she innately grasped what would suit that house—right down to the bones.

Her favorite aspect of this staging, however, was the two-story entry: the first step in a buyer’s dream journey of what could be. “It had windows and molding to the ceiling, and opened into the living and dining room,” Leia recalls with enthusiasm, explaining that glass doors to the backyard stood directly across from the front door. She wanted to showcase this open floor plan and how the natural light floods through. “I left it open so buyers can really see how expansive it is. I felt that if I put a piece of furniture in the middle, it would

HOME STAGING Leia T. Ward LTW Design 24 East Avenue #224 New Canaan, CT 06840 203.893.4406


Interiors.indd 56

7/14/17 10:53 AM


Monterey Designed by Mark Tyrie, the awardwinning Monterey armchair and deep seating chair in new “Chalk” cording joins the Monterey range. Inspired by the mid-century modern movement, the chair features a teakwood frame and all-weather woven cord made from Textilene®/Olefin® fiber.

Melange.indd 57 Interiors.indd 21

7/14/17 5/8/17 11:12 10:53 AM




Interiors.indd 58

7/14/17 10:54 AM


he juxtaposition of modern pop art with a delicate interior design inspired by nature is a delicate dance with unexpected steps. It takes a deft hand to cultivate a cohesive whole around these elements, and that’s exactly what was called for when Linda Ruderman of Linda Ruderman Interiors was asked by longtime clients to redesign their Palm Beach home on the Intracoastal Waterway. She was more than equal to the challenge. Linda finds sources of inspiration in small and large places: in beach glass or a fascinating stone, in the colors of an evening sky, in her travels, or in her books on architecture and interior design. She’s also driven by an interest in history, studying the architecture and interiors of the past while imagining how they could be adapted—she recontextualizes these historical threads in the modern warp and weft of life. In this splendid, sprawling abode designed by Harold Smith of Smith and Moore Architects, Linda worked with her clients of over 20 years to enliven and transform their home. “ The house was filled to the brim with dark English furniture, clutter and chintz everywhere!” Linda exclaims. “So much so that the beautiful archiEast Coast Home + Design

Interiors.indd 59


7/14/17 10:54 AM

Interiors.indd 60

7/14/17 10:54 AM

Interiors.indd 61

7/14/17 10:54 AM


Interiors.indd 62

7/14/17 10:54 AM

Artistic Tile

tecture wasthelost.” homeowners decided oncrean as well as hope She of aand storythethat is not yet over—that elegant direction that would emphasize the stunning views ation and life continue. I’d like to acknowledge my collaboraof the Corey high Grant ceilings, the coffered and torsthe andwater, friends, Tippin and Kim ceilings Nelson, who all the other details of incredible architecture. They also have brought a whole lot ARTISTICTILE.COM of beauty into this world.” wanted to showcase the homeowners’ outstanding collection of pop art. “So, while they still wanted thisis home to feel In showcasing their creativity and compassion this powerful traditional, they were willing to explore transitional,” Linda window display project, these top designers each offer a unique adds, “and the juxtaposition of the modern art really gave it design but all convey the same message: spread the word, raise the twist I think we were all looking for.” The art collection awareness and promote care, compassion and hope in the fight set the HIV/AIDS. mood for each room, and the tropical environment against informed[OK as edited?] their choices among these pieces. In the library, the dramatic coffered ceiling and panel walls Resources are stained in warm wood tones, with a lowering [should Christopher Spitzmiller pair of wide zig zag lamps in this be “towering”?]crown of antique brass embodied by marigold Farrow and Ball Designer Resources a Chameleon Fine Lighting chandelier. A incustom-designed “Yellow is the most luminous of all colors the with purchases and shipping, and can even suggest accommodations, Locations and Designers in almost culture represents sofa by spectrum, Paul Himber is every covered in ittaupe Silverton Weave needed. Alexander Doherty warmth” from Lee Jofa,sunshine,happiness, while the customand chairs were upholstered by Alexander Doherty Design Paul Himber in Osborne & Little Montacute Crosslee fabric We arrive Doherty at Antichita Trois, where I’m introduced to Alberto Alexander 71 W 85th Street #4A Anfoin aqua and white. A custom Amiel Medallion area rug from dillo. again I’m whisked away—indeed, my feet UpperOnce West Side New York, NY barely 10024 touch the Holland & Sherry softens the space, and Paul Himber ’s cusGypset Travel ground!—to the interior ofwith a somber palazzo. Of course, the ground 322 Columbus Avenue 212.390.1572 Acrylic bench Mongolian Fur Seat tom valances and drapery panels in Zimmer & Rohde’s floor is reserved for acqua alta, and thus left vacant. We enter an New York, NY 10023 more Felt—Aari embroidery on a felted ground—introduce elevator that is small even by European standards and are brought to 212.799.0900 more vibrant The Holmes table So color. cozy - Worlds Away- yetcocktail interesting in from Ferrell the most spacious rooms ofany hisroom magnificent palazzo. Alberto guides Antonino Buzzetta Mittman and the Roman Thomas “Orbit” side tables conus through his treasure trove of antiqueAntonino paintings on reverse Antonino Buzzetta Buzzetta Design glass; trast beautifully with the contained softness of the room, aFlatiron collection of lions (the symbol of Venice); ancient boxes, some as 39 W 14th Street #504 CHANDELIER complementing PUZZLE the striking walls and modern art. beautiful the inside the outside; furniture; glass; and, 32 E. 22nd New York,paintings; NY 10011 Inspired byonaStreet house of as cards, our Puzzle Chandelier is made ofNew course, chandeliers (this is Venice, all). I’ve always been fond of sheets of solid brass layered into after a dynamic composition. York, NY 10010 917.971.0571 The clients wanted an open, free-flowing that of would adLinda Ruderman transformed the fullhouse interior thistake magThe Architectural Modernist feel isand warmed by the luminous of212.334.8330 Venetian Murano chandeliers, now I’mup convinced that antique Design by Sara Baldwin for New Ravenna, The Aurelia fromGault Sam vantage of a dramatic waterside location on a cove. Sellars Lathrop nificent home, but hesitates when asked which aspect of metal. your Chandelier above a circularoftable, is theHang way to go.isPuzzle Delft Collection a modern American interpretation a cen-like Architects and Artemis Landscape Architects wereoffortunate to colthe design is her favorite, since every part the house is our Nixon, or in a fabulous foyer. Carmina turies oldRoth craft, . Shown here isCarmina a hand Roth cut jewel glass laborate on thisgrand classic modern home. special. “familiar The living room that connects to the newly David isLapis, a Venetian partialMica, Persian descent on hisand father’s hassle.” 32 EastRachtian Putnam Rothfinish. Interiors mosia shown inAvenue Lazuli,ofthem Lolite, Absolute White erie’s team decided to update to anCarmiña off-white Doing so built loggia was my favorite space,” Linda finally decides side. At hisCT shop we find antique Persian rugs from Tabriz, Kashan, Greenwich, 06830 203.987.5961 Blue Spinel. not only helped lighten the rooms but also offered the enduring look While Howard Lathrop of Sellars Lathrop provided the overall deafter some thought. “It was challenging due to the size of Photo credit: Chuan Bing. Isfahan and China, around which one could easily build a room. This CHRIS PAGLIARO: 203.422.0990 that the couple was seeking. Plus, helped provide a sense of signspace. direction the house and the site, he knew it was important the Thefor sunset with all the its color blazing sky already set the Ibiza Collection thoughtfully arrangedapplicable and packed storeLounge also features glassThis is particularly for antique the Millennials because they uniformity within home.wefrom to bring infor Tarathe M.the Vincenta Artemis, a firm known for its do exbackdrop rooms would create.” Her design team ware, silverware, jewelry and out important, sought-after Jewish pieces. not have the patience to wait the development of a project. They Connie Cooper Connie Cooper pertise in coastal plants and sensitive ecological locations. Howard threw themselves wholeheartedly into the challenge, creatgrays,catches whites,mytaupes silver, which “really makes decorated the artWhat eyeapartment areand paperweights from the 1950s, would rather rent thanresults—a invest atimeless home that they don’t 396 Roadwere East an Connie Cooper The couple thrilled with the home is saysaPost he and Tara “worked collaboratively toinmeld theDesigns interior of the ing refined, tranquil space from which to enjoy the that views. work stand out nicely,” she says. with mythological creatures. know willexterior.” be or how much it will They Westport, CTit06880 58 Highcost. Point Road don’t want just aswhen welcoming toready their to their adult guests. house with the An intimate dining tablekids sitsasamid white-lacquered McGuire to hear, “Public hearing, appeals periods,Westport, Health CT Department 203.221.3117 06880 review, chairs Spinneybeck’s Acqua upholstery leather White covered was Chiara also inintegrated into sleeker modern powder Orseola and walk me back to the where the tour began, 5-6 weeks for a building permit and then 10 months tointerplay aand yearI am to 203.256.9183 “Hedgerows and stone walls work together to form the and Sunbrella fabric. A bronze fire screen made by Eric Velroom, which was long andmyself narrow, and needed its fixtures toofI pleasantly surprised to find in familiar surroundings. Then build.” They want answers, deadlines, and an end-game result of Caleb Anderson INTERIOR DESIGNER planes and solids thata create the design aesthetic,” Theanpalleca stands before fireplace outfitted with he reclaimed be small and modern. Laracircle, believes aresays. important realize we havefinancial made a impact.” large and that theywhites have given me a lesson planning and D & D Building Valerie Grant etteuse oftiles hardscape materials is limited washed rock, tique from L’Antiquario. The to living room loggia space in smaller rooms thatriver have no narrow wininto getting around Venice, too.and dark rooms Suite 1519 Caleb Anderson Valerie Grant Interiors concrete pavers, Ipe wood deck tiles and native stone outcropping. features a custom banquette by Paul Himber, an Artifacts dows or don’t get much light. In this case, Lara “didn’t want CHUCK HILTON: 979 ThirdTuck Avenue Drake / Anderson 14 Friar Circle Retaining walls are natural concrete matching pavers. A native International glass top cocktail table, andthe a Ralph Lauren to clutter the wall artwork,” she to says, “soa Leaving Venice islong like empty parting with with aagencies lover; I and daydream linger “The problem is there are so many so many interest New York, NY 10022 67atIrving Place, 12th Floor Summit, NJ 07901 stone wall runs adjacent to the road and the parking area. Joshua Tree Chair in Woven Lampacanay. “I loved designing instead I chose a delicately patterned silver-white wallpaper little longer before we’re returning to reality. Visitors at least take groups. Currently, working on a waterfront project. Wecan have a 212.752.5544 New York can NY 10003 917.921.1916 the trelliage with thea antique mirror behind it,”ofLinda says. to fill the wall with bit of shimmer and tons interest.” comfort ina bringing something backagency, home—a beautiful lion, tree, box, historian, wetlands agency, coastal zoning, building, 212.754.3099 Tara white, provided a clean, simple landscape that keeps fits the architecture and “No matter where you sit in the scheme loggia, you have water views The silver and gray color the small room chandelier, a commissioned Luigi Bevilacqua fabric all forjust that very spebiologist, structural engineer, lighting consultant, to getI were apMichael Herold spectacular waterfront setting. As she explains, “Howard and that reflect everywhere.” light and bright evenunique thoughbag. it has no like windows. cial upholstery and/or Finds these add design sparklethe to proval for 17 a schematic so Ribbon we can was then begin 160 Route North The Jenning Brutalist in agreement that the landscape toactually be simple andtoarchitectural, interiors and wardrobe, lifting onetelling out of thejust sea of get sameness. house. And it’s two years they’re us, to through the Paramus, NJ 07652 Michael Herold Table will dazzle thethefor particularly atpick the entrance to home, thewith use aoftint clipped INTERIOR DESIGN Lara likesLamp to a whiteincolor wallwith paint of agencies.” 201.265.4030 Michael Herold Design and vermodern home with striking ilboxwood hedges, ivy groundcover, concrete plank walkways Linda Ruderman the color that will coordinate with any other colors in the Venice is a bewitching city that I can’t 287 waitS to getStreet back#8 to as soon Main lumination, simple geometric nacular stone site walls.” Linda Ruderman Interiors room. She uses brighter whiteAnd on itthe window trim, as possible. Itthen makes me ayearn for more. makes me wonder, Looking toward the future, one of the conundrums for residential Patrick Mele Lambertville, NJ 08530 designs and boldto metal done with the off-white color on the 74 Greenwich Avenue doors and ceilings contrast Cockatoo Wallcovering Scalamandre Spring 2016 fabric Where will The Antiques Diva takeIndoor/Outdoor me to travel and shop next? a towns with 2project acre zoning isfinish. the 22 of expanding Upper East Side 609.460.4763 BIZET TABLE inher aThe gold leafwas One of the goals tocombined extend theCatch direct coastal vegetation Greenwich, CT 06830 wall. Unless clients insist, she tries to steer them away book. colors Linda has selected are the multiple downtown to attract new residents and/or allowing hous142 East 73rd Street A stunning hand-wrought base is topped into the house, all while becoming part of the shoreline. To achieve 203.552.9700 following: 27056-002 Surf, 27059-002 Surf,for 27058-002 from white fabrics on upholstered items, obvious practiThe Antiques &with Co ing toDiva be built. bucolic setting is what love New York, NY 10021 circular tempered glass. Distinctively Osborne Little -27067-003 fun in awhite/light-colored child’s room or perhaps amany mudSurf, Surf thisunits theand team used aThe variety of ornamental grasses andpeople perennials, cal reasons. The only upholstery fabric Toma Clark Haines about their towns but what happens to the mill rate 212.737.7400 Patrick Mele room bathroom or any space needing unexpected pops ofwhen colorofthe tax individual and suitable for a range including echinacea, sage andvinyl joe-pye weedwhich to fill is in among she likes to use 2213 is aRussian faux-leather fabric, great “Surf’s I love these fabrics forclients, + 49 171 386 Before period andfresh contemporary settings. base is(0)mostly singleup, family residential? People, just setting. decide 203.550.2264 the native shoreline vegetation and enhance the natural cove at resisting stains and dirt. spring, they remind me of the water” to hop over the border Zanzibar and moveTicking to Westchester. Good Rug schools, Woven Cotton


middle Small Architecture.indd Melange.indd Arts Front and Spaces.indd of Book Antiques.indd book.indd Jan 19 2016.indd 29 15 Melange.indd Roundtable.indd Interiors.indd Melange.indd Mel Interiors.indd Designer Architect In the -of Outdoor.indd Field.indd Section Section 25 63 37 1733 47 A.indd 53 A.indd 13 35 35 31 9

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t times, superb renovations aren’t about increasing one’s use and enjoyment of a home, but about improving its resale value for the next homeowner. This was the case with an exemplary garage renovation completed last year by Karen Bradbury, owner and designer at Closet & Storage Concepts. The project was featured on an episode of Property Brothers, a television show hosted by twin brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott, who help homeowners buy and sell fixer-uppers with an emphasis on renovations resulting in dream homes. The former homeowners of this particular garage loved their home but were moving to an area that could better accommodate the educational needs of their five-year-old twin daughters. “ The garage was in such disrepair and so crowded with stuff, they knew it would be a deterrent to future buyers,” Karen explains. “Property Brothers suggested they renovate the garage.” Karen worked closely with the Property Brothers’ staff to achieve a clean, functional space while hiding 64

unsightly necessities like house pipes and electrical apparatuses. Closet & Storage Concepts has a showroom and factory in Norwalk, CT, where it designs and manufactures its exceptional storage solution systems. The company also provides in-house installation. “Having our offices, showroom and production in the same facility,” Karen says, “provides for very effective communication, and allows us to streamline the cycle from the design to installation.” Karen revealed that the most challenging aspect of this transformation was creating functional storage while accommodating those mechanical bones that keep any house in order. “We had to work around pipes, conduits, etc.,” she notes, “and make sure that when the doors were closed, you would never suspect there was anything behind them except storage.” The cabinets are crafted from three-quarter-inch furniture-grade particleboard with a laminate finish, while the workbench features a Formica top. The clever slatwall panels are fabricated from plastic.

Interiors.indd 64

7/14/17 10:55 AM

Rising to the challenge of this project was a rewarding experience, Karen says. And she has cause to be proud: a formerly overcrowded garage with rough walls and many exposed pipes is now a thoughtfully sleek space featuring slatted walls for tool storage, a practical workbench and neat, utilitarian cabinetry. CLOSET DESIGN Karen Bradbury Closet & Storage Concepts 356 Ely Avenue Norwalk, CT 06854 203.957.3304

Live Edge Wood Tables & Furniture Custom Made from an Extensive Inventory of high interest slabs.

Hand-Picked Just for you! Factory Direct from our Westchester Workshop Before

Visit Our Showroom: 15 Kensico Drive | Mt. Kisco, NY 10549 | 800-244-5432

Interiors.indd 65

7/14/17 10:55 AM



Kitchens.indd 66

7/14/17 10:58 AM




ennifer W. Howard is adept at creating splendid, functional spaces that maximize utilization of a home’s space while neatly keeping within her clients’ established budgets. Calling on nearly three decades of experience in high-end residential design, Jennifer and her company, JWH Design & Cabinetry, assisted a family with three young daughters in capturing their dreams in wood, stone and sunlight, transforming the fixer-upper house they’d purchased in their ideal neighborhood. The old kitchen design was awkward and dark, Jennifer notes, hobbled by poor organization of work zones and cabinetry placement. The laundry room sat in plain view in one corner of the kitchen, separated only by a peninsular counter that became a catchall space. Her clients asked for a brighter, better, more inviting kitchen and East Coast Home + Design

Kitchens.indd 67


7/14/17 10:58 AM

Before dining area. “As a kitchen designer and cabinetry specialist (and mom of five),” Jennifer explains, “I know that accomplishing the right appliance layout, storage solutions and overall aesthetics with our custom cabinetry is the key to a successful design and beautiful result.” A stunning chrysalis was on its way. “The first ‘Aha!’ moment came when I realized that completely flipping the kitchen was going to allow a major transformation of these spaces,” Jennifer says. The interior walls became the anchor point for a new range and refrigerator, along with a snack area and fantastic walk-in pantry. This freed up the wall adjacent to the backyard to host a corner banquette and accommodate larger windows and a pair of pretty French doors. Bright white cabinetry, quartzite countertops and luminous glass-sheltered pendant

Kitchens.indd 68

7/14/17 10:58 AM

lights enhance the light-drenched qualities of the new space, while warm, red-oak floors and the dark base of the kitchen island provide grounding counterpoints. A sliding barn door in shades of weathered wood add texture and a hint of farmhouse whimsy, as does the island’s apron-front sink. The laundry space opposite is now enclosed in its own room with a frosted pocket door. The completed renovation is spectacular—and her clients even had access to a temporary kitchen with sink, dishwasher, refrigerator and microwave in the dining room throughout the process. But the kitchen is not the only show-stopping transformation Jennifer completed for this client. She also redesigned and expanded the master suite to include an enviable walk-in closet and serenely restful bathroom. The design team did away with the old closets framing a narrow walkway to the bathroom, with JWH Design & Cabinetry relocating walls, windows and doors in deference to Jennifer’s adroit space planning. The new bathroom includes lavish beveled mirrors above double vanities and cabinetry in calming gray, and also captures an open, airy quality with opaque wall sconces and recessed ceiling lights. Other spaces on the first floor were converted into an attached office for the client and a separate playroom for their daughters.

“It helps when your client has great taste,” Jennifer says. ”Her wishlist pictures made it easy to understand her desired details.” JWH Design & Cabinetry uses a 3D rendering program as a critical component of its design phase, allowing team members and clients to make most decisions up front. This helps the team move efficiently and the homeowners move freely during and after the renovation. With this kind of work emerging from her vision, expertise and team, Jennifer’s clients will be enjoying these gorgeous spaces for years to come. DESIGNER Jennifer W. Howard JWH Design & Cabinetry 1111 Boston Post Road Rye, NY 10580 914.967.6020

East Coast Home + Design

Kitchens.indd 69


7/14/17 10:58 AM



odee Construction is a full-service general contractor, owner-operated and offering devoted project management from design to finish with inspiration, clarity and aplomb. The company handles demolition, construction, finishing touches and much more. While team members find themselves inspired by muses as varied as the glamorous 1920s and the simplicity of nature, they zero in on their clients’ visions first and foremost. “Whatever theme or genre our clients fancy, we make it our mission to bring it to fruition,” says Majid Bahmanpour, Owner of Bodee Construction. “Our end goal is to put a smile on our clients’ faces, and know they will enjoy that room or space every time they step into it.”


For this remarkable kitchen transformation, the Bodee team worked to execute a design created by the homeowners, their interior designer and Porcelanosa, a ceramics manufacturer and retailer. “It was important for the clients to trust that their contractor would execute the kitchen design exactly as they had imagined and planned for,” Majid explains, noting that Bodee Construction came highly recommended for that role. While this strong team had already developed a marvelous plan for the renovation, Bodee Construction was able to refine their concepts and fully materialize their vision. This home is a jewel placed in a splendid setting, fronting a lake and sporting panoramic views. Generous windows collect sheaves of light and invite the outdoors into the home. “The loca70


Kitchens.indd 70

7/14/17 10:58 AM

East Coast Home + Design

Kitchens.indd 71


7/14/17 10:59 AM


Kitchens.indd 72

7/14/17 10:59 AM

tion and environment surrounding this property lent so much to the creative process and gave us all a great foundation to work off,” Majid notes. The clients purchased the residence knowing they’d renovate the interior to make it shine as well and reflect their individual tastes. The original kitchen had an awkward shape and poor flow, especially regarding the placement of appliances, and also featured a low ceiling, rustic cabinetry and unattractive brown tile. Only a complete transformation would do. Majid explains Bodee’s approach: “The objective was to make the most use of this irregular space—to create a regular shape with a practical flow where appliances, sink and faucet were installed—and to bring the beauty of the surrounding nature inside.” Priorities included expertly designed custom European cabinetry built precisely to the client’s specifications, and a stunning countertop of Cambria Oakmoor and PentalQuartz Super White. The design team raised the ceiling and painted it and the surrounding walls white. The windows and skylights are left unobstructed, incorporating all that lambent sunlight, while square recessed lights, LED lighting built in under the cabinets, and accent tape lighting also provide illumination. The appliances are built into the kitchen, increasing the usable space, while generous storage is provided by the lavish counters and cabinets. Engineered wood flooring and dark woodgrained base cabinets are reminiscent of tree bark, further blurring the line between nature and interior while warming up the space. “The contrasting white lacquered upper cabinets act as a blank canvas, reflecting the outdoor colors,” says Majid. “This plays well overall with the airy look and feel of the space.” What is Bodee Construction’s favorite part of this amazing kitchen? The team loves the window backsplash looking out on such a fantastic view. “We think the ultimate pièce de résistance is the countertop design,” Majid adds. ”We fabricated the end slab to take the shape of a waterfall with plenty of seating area and leg room underneath. And now, with designated seating areas large enough to fit more than two, everyone can sit comfortably and enjoy the gorgeous view.” GENERAL CONTRACTOR Majid Bahmanpour. Bodee Construction Fort Lee, NJ 212.689.3333

East Coast Home + Design

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7/14/17 10:59 AM



itchens are the hidden hearts of homes, our lives beating through them every day. It’s within those vital walls that meals are prepared, our children do their homework, and we plan our days. We even open up our kitchens to entertaining, the act of communal food preparation a source of joy and bonding. When our kitchen beats out of sync with our lives, however, it can be a source of struggle and dismay. In the case of this kitchen in Fairfield, CT, the homeowner


brought Keri McKay of Keri McKay Interiors on board to transform a dated, monotone space into a bright room of delight. Nestled within a wooded property that is blessed with privacy and splendid garden views, the house is luminous with natural light streaming through its windows. It’s the full-time home of a family with young children, and Keri made it her mission to understand what is important to her clients and how they live in their home. “My goal in every project is to make my client’s home not only beautiful, but functional and livable for today ’s

Kitchens.indd 74

7/14/17 10:59 AM

Kitchens.indd 75

7/14/17 10:59 AM

busy lifestyles,” Keri says. For this space, the homeowner wanted a more contemporary kitchen with a hint of glamour. The clients liked the kitchen layout and quality craftsmanship of their existing cabinetry, Keri explains, but disliked the flatness of the room. “In the old space, the same wood finish was used on the floor, cabinets, countertops and backsplash, making it feel dull, dark and uninteresting,” she notes. Keri was determined to infuse the kitchen with texture and use reflective materials that take advantage of the natural light flooding in from window and skylights. Her design team kept the cabinetry, refinishing it and painting it a pure white, and painted the compact kitchen desk a soft gray. They installed lovely quartzite in white and gray for the main kitchen countertops, then stained the existing wood counters a warm, dark gray and finished them with a high-gloss lacquer. These counters are one of Keri’s favorite aspects of the design. “They look crisp and elegant and give sharp contrast to the white cabinets and light oak floors,” she says. The dazzling kitchen backsplash features white herringbone tile and miniature mother-of-pearl tiles; in fact, the motherof-pearl mini-brick tiles completely frame the focal window, providing a glimmering portal through which to view their verdant yard. “This satisfies my client’s desire for that bit of glamour,” Keri notes, “and adds some

Kitchens.indd 76

7/14/17 11:00 AM

Roundtab Ourdoor

Choice® selection provides an outstanding display of deep blue flowers through early fall, attracting pollinators of all types. The compact form of this sun-loving shrub mixes well with perennials and grasses. Hydrangea paniculata ‘Strawberry Sundae™’ (Dwarf Panicle Hydrangea): In coastal regions, our obsession with hydrangeas is hard to deny. Although not our first choice when selecting for dry sites, if you must have some hydrangeas in your xeriscape, the panicle form is most appropriate. Strawberry Sundae is a First Editions® Plant, its flowers beginning mid-summer as a creamy white, and transitioning to shades of deep pink. It is suitable for drying or fresh arrangements. Lavandula x intermedia ‘Phenomenal’ (Lavender): For the gardener who has struggled with overwintering lavender in New England, this recent introduction tolerates both extreme heat and humidity. The evArnold Karp and Robin Carroll ergreen silver foliage of this herb is deer-resistant; its prolific fragrant SCOTT HOBBS: flowers attract hummingbirds and butterflies. “When the regulatory process takes 6 months to a year, and is uncertain in terms of results, a lot of the fun goes outSky’ of it for client Panicum virgatum Prairie Winds® ‘Cheyenne (RedtheSwitch and for the architect. Sometimes I can’t even break ground for year Grass): This Proven Winners® nativar begins the season with blueto 18 months waiting for the various approval processes. If we could green foliage that transitions to a reddish purple in late summer. A figure outat we’d have better worth morewell money of midsizethat grass almost three feet houses, in height, it works in aand mixed greater value, but because of the regulatory environment people are border with perennials and shrubs, as well as an accent plant in conwalking away.” tainer gardens. STUART DISSTON: Sedum rupestre ‘Angelina’ (Stonecrop): Although only a few inches “I have a client who is about to walk away from an 8 million dollar

Ourdoor Spaces.indd Roundtable.indd Kitchens.indd 77 45 41

project of thesedum 2 yearprovides approvalyear-round beautiful process – his texture jobThe situation against has tall, thisbecause groundcover color. mid-sumchanged. Two years, that’s a long time.” the quartzite and lacquered mer yellow flowers pale in comparison with its foliage, which transicountertops.” tions from chartreuse in spring to shades of orange and red in the fall. It works well in the landscape as well as in containers and rock gardens. MATT KOLK: The culmination of this “Let me ask a question? Does the timing project forCranberrybush): is thea process kitchendiffer revitalfor Viburnum trilobum ‘Wentworth’ (American A large people building versus renovating?” ized, at last beating in time shrub, this American Beauties Native Plants® selection produces white homeowners’ lives. spring flowers that attract butterflies. with In latethe summer, the bright red A chorus of voices sounded most of which agreed that renovation berries provide food for songbirds, and its stunning red fall foliage is a could be the most arduous KITCHEN reconciling DESIGNa structure great alternative to the invasiveprocess burningbecause bush shrubs. that met code when originally built now Kerifaces McKay major uphill battles, sometimes insurmountable. That leaves Kerinot McKay only Interiors the architect and These are just a few of the many plants that, once established, can better builder, but the buyer and seller in a financial Fairfield, lurch. CT handle dry conditions. With our ever-changing weather patterns, it is important to make water-wise decisions203.414.0133 that reduce our impact on the ANN SELLARS: environment while still creating aesthetically pleasing landscapes. “This is not just about Millennials. This is also about the regulatory process Resource itself and people wanting to renovate. I explain the whole approval process to clients and their reaction? “WHOA!” Then I get an email, and this has happened Eva Chiamulera, ASLA, PLA three times in the past four months. “We decided to bag this project.” Austin Ganim Landscape Design, LLC 320 Kings Highway Cutoff HOWARD LATHROP: Fairfield, CT 06824 “I was on the 203.333.2003 Westport Planning & Zoning Commission for 8 years. We tried desperately to change the regulations, make it easier, and we did improve it, but it’s still terrible. Clients have said, “We want Before to build or renovate but we don’t want to go through the Westport

7/14/17 3/7/17 5/7/17 11:39 11:00 8:39 PM AM


Kitchens.indd 78

7/14/17 11:00 AM



f the kitchen is the heart of the home, you want that heart beating brightly. And brightening is exactly what was sought in this stunning kitchen renovation, which also expanded the space and added a breakfast room flaunting gorgeous expanses of glass. Nick Geragi, general manager at KLAFFS Kitchens and a widely published expert on kitchen design, joined the homeowner’s design team of Chris Pagliaro (Pagliaro Bartels Sajda Architects, Norwalk), Steve Shoals Contracting (Wilton), Kathleen Cragan (Kathleen Cragan Interior Design, Wilton), and artist Jayne Howard (Fairfield County) to do just that. “When we first met the client in the showroom, she walked over to a kitchen display vignette and picked up an antiquelooking teacup prop,” remembers Nick. “It was half gray and half off-white with a hint of red in it. She handed it to me and said, ‘This is the color scheme.’” Ten years before, Nick had designed the client’s previous cabinetry—French country-inspired, stained a rich, deep brown—and now he was tapped to help redesign the space. As the homeowners’ taste changed, they felt the traditional dark woods left their kitchen feeling cluttered. They yearned for more light. They collected their inspirations, put together a stellar team and handed Nick that teacup. To brighten the kitchen and cater to the homeowners’ love of nature and the outdoors, the design team fostered a transitional feeling in neutral shades. Gone are the warm wood East Coast Home + Design

Kitchens.indd 79


7/14/17 11:00 AM

cabinets; in their place, handcrafted inset cabinetry by Rutt stands resplendent in cloudy white. The center island and cooking hearth feature a rustic hickory cabinet stained gray with black accent glaze to confer an aged aspect upon the wood. “The hickory was used for its casual appearance of natural open graining, knots, splits and dents to soften the more formal solid palette offered by the painted perimeter cabinets,” Nick explains, “giving our new transitional theme an earthier feel.” The white oak plank flooring is stained a slightly warmer shade, infused with a touch of red. A magnificent cooking hearth is fronted with Connecticut fieldstone, as is the stone fireplace that nurtures a seating area nearby. The countertops are sumptuous Calacatta marble, and Jamie Young curved pendant lights hang suspended over the kitchen island. Cisco Brothers pendant lights sparkle above the kitchen table, which is a refinished farm table painted a lovely mix of grays and off-white by Jayne Howard. The breakfast addition hosting the kitchen table is a light-bathed delight in itself. “While lightening up the heaviness of the dark woods,” Nick explains, “the client looked to brighten and enlarge the space by adding a glass-enclosed breakfast room with floor-to-ceiling glass and skylights.” This area also features exposed antique beams and timbers, which line the interior ceiling structure and frame ship-lapped ceiling planks. 80


Kitchens.indd 80

7/14/17 11:00 AM

As beautiful as it is practical, this kitchen also encompasses a breakfast prep wall, multiple pantries, a peninsula, and a room-within-aroom containing a planning desk, second sink and dishwasher. Taken all together, this kitchen beats a bright tattoo of peace, practicality and feel-good comfort. No one is immune to its layered wholesomeness. Asked about his favorite part of the design, Nick says, “Every attribute and detail of this space came together to make the whole design work: the color scheme, cabinet textures, stone cooking hearth, conversational fireplace seating and the breakfast addition all build on one another to make this space complete.� KITCHEN DESIGN AND CABINETRY Nick Geragi Klaffs Norwalk 203.866.1603 Danbury 203.792.3903 Scarsdale 914.740-1800

Kitchens.indd 81

7/14/17 11:01 AM

C 82

arol Kurth is an architect and designer with strength and continuity of vision. Priding herself on her multidisciplinary approach, she has collected accolades for both her residential and commercial work. Carol creates settings for life and work that unify form and function, environment and architecture, necessities and embellishments

into a cohesive whole that inspires and delights her clients. In the case of this Westchester, NY, residence, the homeowners were experiencing a schism between their entertainment-oriented spaces and their private spaces. “The family areas, kitchen and exterior spaces were nondescript and didn’t function well for the family,” says Carol. “The side entry they used daily was a tight passageway with no place for coats or taking off shoes,

Kitchens.indd 82

7/14/17 11:01 AM


Before and no access to a mudroom and laundry area.” There was nowhere to organize the kids’ backpacks and homework, nor any truly useful desk space for the domestic duties of running a household. The clients wanted a less divided space, a family-focused open kitchen area, and a playful exterior space to invite them outside and blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living. Carol’s firm tackled this wish list with zest, reimagining the kitchen into an

expanded kitchen center more in sync with the homeowners’ lives. They enlarged and reoriented a back staircase and opened up the side entry, allowing space for a beautiful Dutch door, a practical mudroom with cubbies for each family member, and a functional yet lovely laundry room. Mini-slate flooring from Devereaux Tile & Bath lend the mudroom a touch of earthiness. In the kitchen proper, the design team removed the wall separating it from the family room and created an axis that balanced a remarkable stove alcove, East Coast Home + Design

Kitchens.indd 83


7/14/17 11:01 AM


Kitchens.indd 84

7/14/17 11:01 AM

featuring native fieldstone against the family room’s fireplace at the opposite end. White cabinetry imparts an airy grace to the space, supported by the unyielding elegance of Calacatta marble. To bolster the new open space and reorganization of the kitchen, Carol’s team “detailed a system of coffers and beams to hide structure as well as develop lighting,” she says. The resulting architecture is both compelling and pleasing to the eye, as one admires the millwork before appreciating the dazzling Vaughan pendant lights that wink at every beholder. This welcome surfeit of imaginative design that proved just right for this family continued into the exterior spaces: in partnership with Kevin D’Ambrosino Landscaping, the team masterfully designed and executed a luxurious pool with a waterfall edge, complete with a whimsical slide of waxed concrete and a sumptuous adjacent spa. They also designed an irresistible outdoor pavilion in mahogany, featuring a trellis that casts compelling shadows on the flagstones. One end of this pavilion is entirely covered, providing protection for an outdoor living area featuring a fireplace and comfortable seating. A picturesque dining area sits on axis to the brilliant pool. “This is on the same level as the family room and kitchen for easy entertaining al fresco,” Carol notes. And so, a fractured home design is made whole and vibrant with life. KITCHEN DESIGN AND CABINETRY Carol Kurth Carol Kurth Architecture + Interiors 644 Old Post Road Bedford, NY 10506 914.234.2595 East Coast Home + Design

Kitchens.indd 85


7/14/17 11:01 AM


Kitchens.indd 86

7/14/17 11:01 AM



hilds Restaurant on Coney Island may no longer be with us, but its beloved bones remain. The landmarked building was recently renovated as part of a restoration project to repair damage caused by Hurricane Sandy and breathe life back into the boardwalk. Where Childs Restaurant once thrived now stands Kitchen 21: a restaurant project composed of five eateries and bars under one roof—well, four under one roof, anyway. The fifth, Boardwalk & Vine, is technically on the roof. While remodeling for the Parachute Bar—so named in honor of the defunct Parachute Jump ride, another Coney Island landmark—Kitchen 21 installed a bar that stretches more than 100 feet long. Spanning nearly the full length of the open dining room, it’s the longest bar in New York City! To design a striking focal bar top that would blend with the architectural aesthetic and stand up to the wear and tear of a rollicking establishment, the Parachute Bar at Kitchen 21 turned to Brooks Custom, whose innovation and quality lead the countertop industry in finishes and craftsmanship. Jennifer Donohue, public relations and social media manager at Brooks Custom, discussed this stunning bar top and its flawless finish. “The project was part of a full restoration of a landmark building,” Jennifer explains. “The goal of this transformation was to retain the charm and classic boardwalk feel of the original structure, while incorporating modern elements for the new eateries.” Walnut is one of the most popular species of wood used in contemporary bar tops, she notes, and a walnut bar top in itself is a marriage between the modern choice of walnut and the classical wooden bar. Brooks Custom labored masterfully to capture the proper stain on the walnut, and included classical details like a handsome ogee edge and bronze banding. To achieve a durable finish that is as low-maintenance as pos-

sible—and can also weather a continuous crowd of mirthful drinkers and diners—Richard Brooks, president of the company, created Brooks Custom’s signature Marine Finish. “He developed a new commercial bar top finish specifically for this project,” Jennifer notes. ”The new wood bar top finish is waterproof and stain-proof, and will hold up to an incredible amount of traffic and use without needing to be refinished.” The Parachute Bar and the spirit of Childs Restaurant are both well served by this fine custom bar. Noting the wide range of projects undertaken by Brooks Custom, Jennifer also discussed a private bar project the company custom fabricated for homeowners. The clients were doing a home bar renovation and contracted with Brooks Custom via their builder. For such contract work, Brooks Custom is largely uninvolved with the design process, refining designs only when helpful. As Jennifer puts it, “Our clients present their design vision to us, and we offer any engineering solution or design suggestions to make the project run smoothly and accurately.” This homeowner settled on a bar top of sheet metal zinc with a mirror polish and a decorative Allentown cold cast zinc edge. “Brooks Custom is a hands-on manufacturer, and we work directly with our customers to get the correct finish, “Jennifer explains. “We welcome our clients into the shop to review their project before it is installed or goes out for delivery.” Indeed, Brooks Custom is hands-down—and bottoms-up!—one of the most accessible and professional custom fabricators in the business. KITCHEN DESIGN AND CABINETRY Richard Brooks Jennifer Donohue Brooks Custom 15 Kensico Drive Mt Kisco, NY 10549 914.666.2029 East Coast Home + Design

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true home transformation touches on every aspect of the house and land—from the interior to the façade to the landscaping. After all, a lawn, driveway and garden are your home’s outward adornments, capable of sending messages of grandeur, practicality or peace to the world, without you ever speaking a word. When the homeowners of this formerly Colonial-style home collaborated with James Schettino Architects and Fox Hill Builders to achieve a majestic Plantation-style renovation, they brought Jennifer Anderson Design & Development on board to create landscaping to match. 88

Asked about her inspirations as a landscape designer, Jennifer Anderson muses, “I have always been drawn to structural elements. Just one single element, whether from nature or architecture, can transform the direction of a design.” She notes that this home’s newly Neoclassical architecture, drawing on Southern Plantationstyle homes, provided a guiding star for this endeavor. Her clients, a family blessed with six children, now had their dream home: an elegant residence ensconced in town. “The challenge for us,” Jennifer explains, “was to design an appropriate landscape that suited the style and scale of the house with limited space and steep elevations.” As the Southern Plantation-style home is not common in New England, Jennifer researched the grounds that often accompany such

Landscape.indd 88

7/14/17 10:31 AM

Landscape.indd 89

7/14/17 10:31 AM

Landscape.indd 90

7/14/17 10:31 AM

residences in Savannah, Charleston and other iconic Southern locations. Her findings informed the worldly nobility on display in the final design. Hand-molded bricks and Chinese granite were used throughout the exterior spaces and stairs on one approach to the house; those same stairs are flanked by Longshadow dry cast limestone planters that enhance the classical aesthetic of the home’s façade. Reproductions of Charleston gas lanterns adorn the landscape as well, and even the iron railings for the stairs were custom-made to augment the home’s new atmosphere. Clipped boxwood globes and hedges complete the dignified formality.


The biggest challenge of this landscape redesign - which also turned out to be Jennifer’s favorite part - was endowing the home with a properly magnificent approach. “The property was very tight, and the house sat high on a East Coast Home + Design

Landscape.indd 91


7/14/17 10:32 AM

hill at the end of a cul-de-sac,” Jennifer says, “so creating a ‘grand entrance’ to this house was important.” Designers achieved this by laying an oil and stone driveway with a cobblestone apron in a herringbone pattern. They also added custom brick pillars flanking the landing of a stone staircase. “We added a large granite landing below the porch steps,” Jennifer continues, “to accommodate the scale of the massive columns and front porch.” With the hydrangeas in bloom and all that lush greenery, paired with amaranthine choices in structure and materials, the landscape is truly the realization of the family ’s dream. LANDSCAPE DESIGNER Jennifer Anderson Jennifer Anderson Design & Development Wilton, CT 203.834.9666

Before 92

Landscape.indd 92

7/14/17 10:32 AM

Landscape.indd 93

7/14/17 10:32 AM



he massive pink-hued granite rock outcroppings of Haycock Point, emerge from the waters of Long Island sound, worn smooth over the years by the constant action of waves and wind. Atop the formation, this seashore cottage had weathered many a storm, in the aftermath of Irene and Sandy, the cottage needed to be raised and renovated, once complete the gardens were in need of a renovation of their own. The owners wanted to create an area that would provide waterfront space for their family to relax and entertain, while accounting for a bit of separation from the public spaces in this tight knit community. This unique site presented its challenges not only in the form a difficult plant habitat but also in its proximity to the adjacent street and drive. An old chain-link fence was removed from the street frontage, replaced by a picket fence and arbor, to create a definitive edge between the public and private space. Standing irregular dusty rose sandstone was selected for the path and patio to compliment the native stone, the stones texture is soft underfoot and perfect for coastal living. The rippled patterns in the stones coloring are reminiscent of the patterns worn across the rock


Landscape.indd 94

7/14/17 10:32 AM

Landscape.indd 95

7/14/17 10:32 AM


Landscape.indd 96

7/14/17 10:32 AM

outcroppings that the cottage sits atop. Existing boulders from the site were incorporated into both the planting beds and as a perimeter to the patio space. The owners were rather sentimental of the shade tree in the front yard, the garden was to incorporate it into the plan, as a testament to its survival. The coastal garden incorporates a combination of textures and colors to create a landscape with four seasons of interest in this sometimes-harsh environment. The soft textures and unique candles of the emerging pine foliage provide winter interest along with Cephlotaxus and variegated Euonymus. The spring is marked with the coming blooms of blue catmint, purple sage and soft yellow yarrow. As the ornamental grasses beginning to grow, with the start of summer the drifts of roses and hydrangeas and along the fence line and throughout the garden begin to flower. With time the panicle hydrangeas and grasses will provide additional screening between pedestrians and the garden room. Fall is marked by the gentle motion of grasses in the sea breeze and bright white blooms of Montauk daisies. The majority of the garden lies between the seawall and street frontage, in order to provide additional seasonal color custom raised planters were constructed next to the house where there was little soil available to create a planting bed, incorporating a combination of perennials, clematis and New Dawn roses. The landscape renovation has transformed this space, from a pile of boulders and debris to a charming cottage garden room, where the family can relax and enjoy the magnificent sunsets.


LANDSCAPE DESIGN Austin Ganim Landscape Design Austin Ganim & Eva Chiamulera 320 Kings Hwy Cutoff Fairfield, CT 06824 203.333.2003

East Coast Home + Design

Landscape.indd 97


7/14/17 10:33 AM



Landscape.indd 98

7/14/17 10:33 AM



ome would say there’s nothing more important than making a great first impression. These New Canaan homeowners took that advice to heart when formulating their wish list for this home. Both entrances to the structure—the approach to the property from the street and the access to their front entryway–lacked the appropriate scale and interest. One of the first items on their list for Hoffman Landscapes, Inc. was to “fix” the awkward driveway. It had an unremarkable entrance from the street, with low stone pillars not befitting the scale and grandeur of the home, and a steep, serpentine drive. “The entryway to the home was lacking drama and not commensurate with the scale of the home itself ” said Brian Cossari, Hoffman’s landscape architect for the project. “The front of the home already had the makings of a courtyard with the house having a cozy L-shape around the entrance. It seemed only logical to encapsulate the entire space. Also, the homeowners had already embarked on a project to enlarge the front door and portico, which meant that the courtyard had to be scaled to enhance the home’s entrance.” The solution was to reposition the entrance from the road. At the street level entrance, a gracious cobblestone apron welcomes guests from the roadway and matching cobblestone gutters provide an attractive edge around the perimeter. A retaining wall has been introduced at the entrance to provide visual stability before the descent of the driveway begins. The driveway was then regraded and lengthened to reduce the pitch and make it easier to navigate in snowy weather. East Coast Home + Design

Landscape.indd 99


7/14/17 10:33 AM


Grand masonry piers support the custom iron gate and are dressed with oversized cast limestone planters. The large urns now help bring the overall scale of the entrance into the proper proportion with the home. At night, the planters are up lit with lights that have been sunk into the asphalt and into the pillars, replacing the need for traditional coach lamps. Throughout the year seasonal plantings beckon visitors to enter and when illuminated at night they make a vivid first impression. The secondary arrival area is demarked with lower piers and urns as well as masonry walls that frame the guest parking area. These key elements relate the landscape to the home’s architecture. For the front entrance, a dramatic flagstone courtyard utilizing biaxial symmetry creates a gorgeous entrance garden. The centerpiece of the space is another oversized urn that acts as a focal point in the courtyard and when elevated on a pedestal, reduces the grand scale of the home from the pedestrian’s eye level. LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT Brian Cossari Hoffman Landscapes, Inc. Wilton 203.834.9656 Greenwich 203.637.1131 Fairfield 203.254.0505 Litchfield 860.868.0103 Westchester 914.234.0304 100

Landscape.indd 100

7/14/17 10:34 AM

Landscape.indd 101

7/14/17 10:34 AM



o matter how much we love our home, sometimes it just needs a facelift. Wear and tear are as natural as growing older, nothing for us to shrink from as homeowners. Indeed, this may be the ideal time to reinvent our adored residence, bringing its profile and façade more in line with our modern tastes, and improving on

it with fine and durable materials. And in these times ripe for transformation, you’ll find Connecticut Stone: a family-owned, full-service stone company whose innovation and professionalism are poised to take your interior and exterior spaces to the next level with custom stonework.

CONNECTICUT STONE Tyra Dellacroce, vice president of interior sales and marketing at Con-


Landscape.indd 102

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necticut Stone, talked about the striking transformation of this traditional Colonial home that required some TLC. “The exterior of the home was badly in need of repair,” Tyra explains. “The existing siding was rotting and water was seeping into the home, creating mold and water issues.” The homeowners collaborated with Connecticut Stone and architect Robert M. Berger to maintain their residence and clothe their home in lasting beauty.

One of Connecticut Stone’s cutting-edge innovations is ThinStone™, a veneer fabricated using fine stone from first-rate quarries. This innovative product is economical, lightweight and versatile. It’s suitable for interior and exterior home improvement projects, as it’s both fade-resistant and does not require a foundation for installation. “We opted to use a combination of Liberty Hill ThinStone™ and Full Veneer,” says Tyra, pointing out that ThinStone™ was used for the East Coast Home + Design

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facing, while Full Veneer was needed for the radius door surround. During the renovation, a new roof was installed, an outside kitchen added, a porch with copper roof built onto the front of the house, and HardieShingle siding applied alongside the stone veneer. The design team also built up the existing chimney to stand in a more pleasing proportion to the house. “The original red brick chimney was very tall and skinny,” Tyra notes. “To correct this, the architect designed a combination of ThinStone™ with slabs at the top of the chimney.” This brought the height of the fireplace down and into proper proportion, without the additional expense of dismantling the original chimney. 104

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When asked about her team’s favorite aspects of this transformation, Tyra singles out the arched door surround, the exterior kitchen and the chimney. She describes the door arch as being reminiscent of the Old World with a modern cut, and raves about the outdoor kitchen. “It was done in a combination of Liberty Hill ThinStone™ for the base of the kitchen, and then custom polished slabs for the countertop,” she explains. “It is a wonderful example of how different the same stone can look when you simply change the finish.” What’s true for stone is also true for homes: with the application of an elegant vision and superior materials, a maturing home is renewed. STONE CONSULTANT Tyra Dellacroce Connecticut Stone 138 Woodmont Road Milford, CT 06460 203.882.1000

East Coast Home + Design

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ancy King is in awe of the power of nature, and she shares that sense of wonder through her work as a landscape architect. She shapes a space gently, working hand in hand with Mother Nature to guide the land into verdant expression within the bounds of her clients’ desires. Her firm, Seventy Acres, collaborates fully with all partners on a project. “We work closely with our clients, architects, engineers and the land itself to craft outdoor spaces that enhance our clients’ lives and connect them to the outdoors and the beauty of nature,” Nancy says. “We know the power of design, and we understand the importance of our environment.” This waterfront property in Fairfield County, CT, was a blank slate when Nancy arrived, featuring only an old concrete terrace at the top of the parcel’s four-foot seawall and no access to the coastal waters. “Our clients primarily wanted access to the beach with a set of stone steps that would look like they’ve always been there,” Nancy recalls. “They also wanted a full garden to frame the view of the water and offer privacy, while overflowing with color, texture and seasonal interest.” Seventy Acres developed a plan of cultivation: monolithic fieldstone slab steps would provide access to East Coast Home + Design

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the water, native and adapted plants tolerant of coastal salt would be added, and a town-required rain garden would be installed to manage storm waters. They also worked in a lawn so the clients’ frolicsome puppy would have a place to play. For the garden, Nancy had to consider the two distinctive styles of the homeowners: one enjoys a well-ordered and balanced garden space, while the other is keen for a more organic, natural expression. Nancy expertly fused the two ideals into “the perfect blend of natural materials, lush plantings and crisp, ordered geometry,” she says.

gardener, and we knew she wanted a lush and overflowing series of outdoor spaces that would be beautiful to be in, as well as to view from above, when the house was completed,” says Nancy. “My favorite aspect was combining the organic design elements with the more balanced and symmetrical orderly spaces.” Often, she notes, the strong contrasts in a lively landscape are what make a space memorable.

The landscape is organized to showcase the splendid water view provided by the property’s location. Ornamental grasses sway in the breeze on the upper seawall, and a flat lawn set with silver travertine offers the ideal lounging spot. The lower lawn is luxuriantly edged with colorful shrubs and perennials, and Seventy Acres custom-designed corten-steel raised planting beds to bring a touch of desired order to the abundant herbs and vegetables. “Our client is an avid

LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT Nancy King Seventy Acres 49 New Street Wilton, CT 06897 203.470.2742

And what about that view from above, when the home was finished and all could appreciate it? In a nutshell, says Nancy: “Simply sublime!”


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Home Works Interior Design 509 North Main Street Port Chester, NY

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wnings have been with us for thousands of years, and they just keep getting better. From woven market stall shades in ancient Egypt to the high-end and motorized retractable awnings of today, we humans make hiding from the sun an art form—and relaxing in the shade or enjoying the outdoors during inclement weather a stylish endeavor.

MEET NEW HAVEN AWNING New Haven Awning is one of the best awning companies in New England. It’s an institution in Connecticut, where it’s been fabricating and delivering topquality awning solutions since 1930. Over the course of its 87 years in business, the company has changed only hands three times.Most recently, when purchased by Daniel Barnick and Thomas Gumkowski of B and G Enterprise 17 years ago, the co-owners skewed their business more toward the residential sector than the commercial. During this time, New Haven Awning has experienced unparalleled growth and significantly expanded its commercial and high-end residential client base. “We handle a broad spectrum of different types of awnings,” says Daniel. “We can pretty much do anything when it comes to awning or canopy work. I’ve had situations where designers have shown me a little sketch on a drawing, and from that point we engineer everything out. It might be something we’ve never made before, but we figure it out and do it.” SERVICES BOTH LARGE AND SMALL As a full-service awning company, New Haven Awning does everything from con110

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cept to installation to annual service and cleaning. It also does graphics work, and has a large-format printer in-house. It can apply a logo or company name to vinyl applications for windows and vehicles, or bake the graphics directly into Sunbrella fabric using its on-site Sunbrella Graphics Machine. It can also hand-paint awnings when appropriate. Beyond awnings and solar screens, the company even offers swag-type appliques for use under awnings and trellises.

cranked or automated retraction—New Haven Awning is also the primary distributor for Corradi in New England. Corradi is at the cutting edge of awning technology, and manufactures beautifully trim awnings in innovative materials with striking or understated silhouettes. At this time, New Haven Awning carries Corradi’s Pergotenda® and DEFENSE® lines, along with some of its solar screens.

New Haven Awning has a 15,000-square-foot facility in Connecticut, where staff members custom design and manufacture essentially any awning you can imagine. They can easily accommodate large commercial and residential products, and can provide a wide variety of products, including shade sails, solar screens and awnings for vestibules, enclosures and more. Customers can visit their installations and appreciate their work in action firsthand at such distinguished locations as the J House Greenwich and the Restoration Hardware Gallery at the Historic Post Office in Greenwich.

The Pergotenda® line can be made using wood or aluminum, and most can be freestanding or anchored to a supporting wall. These retractable awnings are at the forefront of awning technology and design, and can be customized to fit any exterior. Their sleek silhouettes are the perfect complement to any kind of architecture. “Another thing Corradi prides itself on is water management features,” says Daniel. “They have anti-drip and anti-spray features built in that stop water from creeping around the sides or running underneath the awning.” Integrated gutters complete Corradi’s incomparable protection against rain. The DEFENSE® line is similar in use to a cantilever umbrella, but with a more modern, stunning design—and an attached anemometer that automatically closes the shade in the presence of

Besides offering a bevy of custom choices for awnings fabricated at its facility—from hundreds of colors to a choice between hand-

East Coast Home + Design

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forceful winds. “If you’re on the coast, if you have a yard that butts up against the water, if you want something that stays in that nautical theme, it fits right in,” adds Daniel. The company’s solar shades come in both isinglass (or vinyl) and open-weave materials—perfect for a restaurant’s outdoor patio to offer seating with open views even when it’s raining, or for inviting summer breezes into your home while keeping mosquitoes out. UNIQUE & EXTENSIVE INSTALLATIONS New Haven Awning has been honored to work on some incredible and unique projects, including designing huge awnings shaped like UFOs to be outdoor rooms for a PepsiCo tasting day event. One of its most beautiful, exclusive designs was developed in partnership with premiere playscape designer Luckey Climbers: the company installed a 15-foot climber at the Children’s Museum in Los Mochis, Mexico. This incredible installation is shaped like a jellyfish, with a large canopy of Nite-Lite® fabric treated for impressive durability. The awning is also glossy on top with a translucent interior, ensuring this amazing jellyfish awning glows when backlit—a piece of art to take your breath away. The firm has also done equally impressive and quite expansive installations for a host of other businesses. One significant example is the Tokeneke Club in Darien, where the team undertook a multiphase project to improve club members’ experiences of their outdoor spaces. New Haven Awning put in a series of spectacular sail shades and two of the largest retractable pergolas on offer (Corradi’s 25 by 30-foot B-Space units). “We mounted two of them 40 feet up in the air, and they use it as a retractable roof over an open courtyard,” Daniel says. New Haven Awning completed the installation with side panels to finish enclosing the courtyard and protect against wind. 112

READY TO WORK WITH YOU No matter how big or small, simple or complex your needs, if you’re in the market for an awning, New Haven Awning can work with you. The company often teams with designers and landscape architects, and is always ready for the next partnership. The staff offers expert guidance on every project, so you’ll never find yourself overwhelmed by the process; they’ll look at your site, ask about your needs and offer recommendations. You can even see what the finished product will look like before they begin fabrication. Using Awning Composer software, they can show you what an awning will look like on your property in different styles, lighting, colors and more. The program will also price out the job for them, so you’ll have all that information up front. You can learn more at their website, where they also maintain an active and helpful blog that will keep you informed and inspired. Just remember: whether you want a grand covered entrance to your corporate office or a way to cool your home more efficiently, New Haven Awning has magnificent and smart options waiting for you. CONTRACTOR Daniel Barnick Co-Owner New Haven Awning New Haven 178 Chapel Street New Haven, CT 06513 Stamford 110 Prospect Street Stamford CT, 06905 800.560.5650

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