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Conversation Transcript: Comedy Group *For ease of understanding, I took the liberty of numbering the speakers 1: “Yeah.” 2: “Because we just…not enough of them got run. Like the pirate skit had pacing problems and in terms of with with people who were entering and standing up and things.” 3: “There was something wrong, so that’s good.” 2: “Yeah. Er, I would, I would have preferred to run the pirate one again, but we were missing two people for it the night we were supposed to run it. So…” 1: “I mean, uh…that wasn’t en—I don’t think it was a matter of running it, pers—okay *sniff*. “ 4: “Um, that—“ “There’s always an opportunity to look at a—“ 4: “A script—“ 1: “—to look at a script when you’re not at practice.” 4: “You don’t have to, you don’t have to, um, run a sketch--a skit, um, over and over again and have it down pat, you need to know your lines. There were a lot of lines during the show where people were just like, like, there was a cue for them to start something, they would wait, um, two seconds—which feels like a minute when there’s just dead space, and then someone would just be like, ‘Oh yeah, now I’m supposed to say something.’ Um, as far as like how sket-sketches are run I-I don’t and I don’t know how to fix this, but the writer—I I-I feel—tends to have a pretty general idea of how this, how it’s supposed to look and it’s not real easy the way that we have everything structured where, um, we run sket—you don’t ha—you don’t have any time to say—to-to pull everyone together and just, like, who’s in the—who’s in the sketch and say ‘This is how…I-I pictured this happening. This is how—’ a-and then you can also—and I-I remember doing that with, um, uh, where I, where I had sex with myself. You got one. And like where we ran that and we—a few times like even I-I think even on the Saturday before it wa-it was just up, you and I just sitting there saying ‘Can we do this? Maybe like that.’ That’s really important and nifty—I-I don’t if we can add that somehow to the thing. I think that like Thursday should maybe be more focused on—” 1: “—Like a workshop—” 4: “The shows—a-a workshop of the sketches of where, like, you can separate—“ 3: “—Not everyone needs to see them. Not—doesn’t matter—” 4: “Yeah. Just ‘cause that’s—I’m pretty sure—I-I like to hope that that’s how most sketch comedy shows work—is that, once shows are—once sketches are in a show, we all—we don’t have to see them all. We

should be able to go separately and do a workshop. Maybe that would be a really really good way to help our Thursday, our Thursday thing instead of just saying, ‘This is what we did. Remember?’ And then —‘cause that’s what Thursday is right now.”

Assignment #3: Eavesdropping  

Assignment: to listen in on two separate conversations, and record them word-for-word for at least two minutes. Then, take these transcript...

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