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Annotations of Photographs Part 1

In these 6 photographs above my intentions was to get close up to bugs and see what they looked like in more detail. As well using certain tools on the editing software called “Adobe Photoshop CS6”. More detail in this is in my synopsis.

How these photographs where done:

Magnifying Glass – In my photographs above instead of using the normal approach of Marco Len’s I decided to experiment with taking a photograph with a magnifying glass instead. In photograph 1 (top left) we can see how I done this as I left the magnifying glass in the image.

Materials – The materials that I was used to hold the bugs in place was a clear glass with the insect inside of it injected with a silver liquid to stop it decaying.

Photoshop Editing Tools (Burn, Sharpen, Saturation & Crop) - Using these four tools in Photoshop I was able to re-color balance and crop the images to make them more appealing and crop it down to the right size. Some sections where to bright and some where to dark so using these tools I was able to balance it out to make it correct, as well use the sharpen tool to bring more detail about the image out.

Silver Nixs (Editing Software) – With the final 2 images above (bottom middle and bottom right) I used a known editing tool called silver nix to enhance the image even more giving it more of a black and white feel to the photographs which makes it more different from the rest of the photographs that I had done.

Annotations of photographs  

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