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Newsreport Anouk: news reporter Matti: Gulliver Simone: news reporter Andor: weatherman Anouk: Hello and welcome to Lilliput news, In today’s news: - Miss Q apparently can speak Dutch - Andor got wet - Matti spoke English in class - Simone stopped taking selfies But first, on the beach of Lilliput island a giant man stranded on shore, when the rescue teams arrived they tied him up so that he was unable to move or hurt someone. When later proved that he was harmless they set him free. But first over to weatherman Andor who is standing on Lilliput beach. Andor: *this piece filmed and will be played on the beamer* Thank you Anouk! Today it is the 5th of November and the weather is terrible. I have seen a great storm heading to vanDiemen’s-island. In this storm, there was presumably a ship called ‘The Antelope’, which left on the 4th of May from Bristol, heading to the East-Indies. Notable persons on this ship are Captain William Prichard and surgeon Lumeul Gulliver. The ship will very likely strand in the neighborhood of our island Lilliput, and we of course hope that all passengers on this ship are unharmed. We of Lilliput news will keep you updated with all the latest news. Anouk: Well, as you can see the weather over there is terrible, thank you Andor. Simone: In the studio we have the giant man who stranded on shore of Lilliput beach. His name is Lumeul Gulliver, welcome Gulliver. Gulliver, how did you get all the way up here? Matti (Gulliver): Well because it all happened so quick I cannot remember it all. in short I our boat got stuck in a terrible storm and it broke down and before I knew it I was laying on the beach of Lilliput. Simone: Aha okay, and what were your first thoughts when you woke up here? Because you were tied up and laying on an unknown island. Matti (Gulliver): I first thought I stranded on shore of a normal country but soon I realized that you guys are all really small and Lilliput is not a normal island

Simone: That is very understandable. How do you think that you are going to get away from this island? Because your ship is shipwrecked somewhere. Matti (Gulliver): I am not sure yet but it looks like a beautiful island so I will probably stay for a while. Simone: Maybe a bit of a funny question, but how come that you are so tall? We didn’t know such giant people existed. Matti (Gulliver): maybe I am not big you people are just small. Simone: Alright, well this is all the time we have for tonight , Gulliver thank you for being here and we of Lilliput news will see you tomorrow with the latest news. Have a nice evening

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