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Mario Kart is one of the most popular game in the world. Mario Kart is a game that will never disappoint you. It is not the most in-depth game but it is perfect for fun. In Mario kart 8 there are different weapons you can get through the boxes. The highlights of the game are of course the graphics. In that era, there remains a little to be desired. There are a lot of details in every course. Mario Kart 8’s title might as well read ‘Mario Kart7 Deluxe, because this is essentially an HD retreat of the 3DS racing classic with a few extra’s thrown in for good measure. And that is of course a good thing. The land/sea/air transformation seen in Mario Kart 7 provides not only aesthetic variety but potential clever play, and now it’s bolstered by fourth mode: anti-gravity racing. So you are still zapping, boosting, and redshelling your opponents around Mario-themed tracks, only now you are doing it on the walls and even the ceiling. But unlike the rollercoaster track layouts that seem to promise so much fun, Mario Kart 8, at times, feel a little flat.

Mario kart 8  


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