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Maison du Parc

Maison du Parc

Table of Contents PROJECT BRIEF. . THE TEAM. . . . . . . SCHEDULE . . . . . . PHASE I. . . . . . . . . PHASE II. . . . . . . . PHASE III . . . . . . .

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Maison du Parc x SCADpro In the spring of 2019, the Syndicat Mixte du Parc Naturel RÊgional du Luberon connected with SCADpro seeking solutions to enliven their Maison du Parc building. Our team was asked to deliver design proposals that engage the façade with the street through descriptive banners and a welcoming entry vestibule, better accommodate interpersonal communication via ergonomic, human-centric design through the reception, and increase sales through a reorganization of the boutique. This renovation will ideally enhance the user experience, increase sales and foot traffic, and reflect the energy of the Luberon.

01 Maison Du Parc x SCADpro


Maison du Parc

The Maison du Parc is a mixed syndicate of local authorities grouping 77 municipalities, the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur Region, the Alpes de Haute Provence and Vaucluse departments. The missions of a regional nature park are defined by law and are divided into five main axes articulated around a project in terms of the challenges of the territory. They include: the protection and management of the natural, cultural and landscape heritage; land use planning; economic and social development; reception, education and information; and experimentation and innovation. The partnership approach is part of the DNA of a regional nature park to put as many actors as possible into action around the territory’s sustainable development objectives. However, the first partners remain the municipalities that are members of the mixed union of the Luberon Regional Nature Park.

03 Maison Du Parc x SCADpro


SCADpro Lacoste “SCAD prepares talented students for creative professions through engaged teaching and learning in a positively oriented university environment”

The Savannah College of Art and Design was founded in 1978 by Richard G. Rowan, Paula Wallace, May L. Poetter and Paul E. Poetter in Savannah, Georgia, United States. Twenty-four years later, SCAD opened their first campus abroad in Lacoste. Around 2008, the school launched SCADpro –a design shop and innovation studio that connects leading companies with the next generation of creative professionals. SCAD students have had the unique opportunity to work with well-reputed companies to gain experience in their fields by creating design solutions for real-life projects.

05 Maison Du Parc x SCADpro


Meet the Team 2 Professors 34 Students 2 Majors In spring of 2019, the Lacoste campus hosted courses for interior design –the SCAD program ranked number one in the United States by DesignIntelligence. Through SCADpro, interior design majors, in conjunction with preservation majors, were paired with the Parc Naturel Regional du Luberon to re-imagine their building in Apt, France. Team members include students and professors from SCAD’s Atlanta and Savannah Campuses. Together, the team comes from diverse backgrounds and all contribute their creative minds to this project.

07 Maison Du Parc x SCADpro

Professor Letourneau

Professor Sweny

Kelley Lowe

Kalli Allard

Celena Basadre

Camila Bejarano

Seth Bilkis

Cullen Bissell

Summer Bray

Jessica Burns


Stephanie Fellas

Makeda Goss

Marah Grossman

Emily Hallman

Kirsten Holland

Julie Kim

Jim Lin

Emily Leppig

Kathryn Luu

Brielle Macnicol

James Mifflin

Abbey Nairn

Tracy Nguyen

Mattie Overmyer

Sarah Quinn

Nicole Reyes

Madi Sacramone

Gabby Sauceda

Brianna Scafidi

Rebecca Schroeder

Chelsea Secor

Darian Smith

Grace Theus

Erin Verdi

Lauren Whitfield

Courtney Yapp


Week 8 Schedule

Week 1 The first week of this project began with personality investigations to determine how each team member works best. The intention was to pair different personality types together to form the most efficient groups for collaboration. We studied museum and exhibition design, as well as European standards. We also had our first site visit to the Maison du Parc in Apt, France. We toured the building, met several of the dedicated employees, and spent some time examining the existing conditions and measuring the building.

Week 2 During week two, we explored precedents, case studies, and prototypicals. We divided into teams to complete Phase I: Pre-Design and Concept. We investigated our site observations, building analysis, client and user profiles, concepts, and defined our project goals.

09 Maison Du Parc x SCADpro

Week 3 On the third week, we took an extended learning trip to Paris. We visited several museums, such as Pompidou Center, Louvre Museum, Orsay Museum, and the Louis Vuitton Foundation, to observe the gift shop designs. We completed sketchbook case studies to further investigate these observations.

Week 4 Week four consisted of discussions about exhibition strategy and the importance of experiential design. We discussed interior elements, such as form, lighting, and materials. We also visited the Château La Coste and examined the gift shop design, methods of displaying merchandise, and furniture choices.

Week 5 On week five, we eagerly presented our midpoint projects to our clients. While waiting for feedback from the clients, we studied museum systems, such as lighting, security, and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. We also discussed and considered the visitor experience in the museum.

Week 6 During week six, we revisited our designs and reviewed individual and peer feedback. We discussed modes of exhibition display, accessibility, codes, and universal design. The class toured The Ochre Conservatory in Roussillon to learn more about the raw material and its local history. We also had a guest speaker, RĂŠgis PĂŠan, visit our class to discuss experiential design and concepts.

Week 7 On week seven, we utilized the client feedback to combine the successful elements of each design into one final design. We enhanced the design and prepared for the client presentation. The rendering team added their final touches to best communicate the design to our clients. The class took a field trip to Mathieu Lustrerie Chandelier Museum to see ancient and recent chandelier designs.

Week 8 During week eight, we finalized our designs and prepared our presentation deliveries for the client. We had different teams for design drawings, renderings, boards, specifications, and the process book. At the end of the week, the two classes presented the final designs to the clients. 10


Maison Du Parc x SCADpro

Phase 1: Research and Analysis

Prior to design concept, students researched the client, region, and site and conducted case studies throughout France related to exhibition and boutique design.


The Client Le Syndicat Mixte du Parc Naturel Régional du Luberon Park Charter The Luberon Park charter is structured according to 4 axes, which express the missions of a regional nature park: • to protect the landscape, manage the natural resources and share the local heritage; • to develop and manage the territory, contributing to the definition and the direction of the organization projects; • to contribute to the economic and social development, creating collaborations between a quality environment and economic activity; • to insure a welcome, an education, and sharing of information that favors contact with nature, sensitizing the the residents (especially schools) to environmental issues in order to share the intention of the territory. A fifth mission reinforces those four axes: to take experimental actions or examples and participate in innovation and research programs. 13

Maison Du Parc x SCADpro

77 185,000 171,500 3

Municipalities Hectares Inhabitants Mountain Ranges

The Luberon Regional Nature Park’s Maison du Parc was founded in 1977 and consists of one president, one director, 50 technical staff members, 95 delegates in the Union Committee, and 31 delegates in the Union Office.











The Site The Maison du Parc is located in the town center of Apt, France. The building is mostly surrounded by residences with a public square located in front of the west facade. One street to the north is the Rue des Marchands. This street houses the largest weekly market in the Luberon. The Apt market happens every Saturday and has existed for close to 900 years.

Legend Maison du Parc MusÊe d’Apt Residences Healthcare Churches Retail Restaurants


Maison Du Parc x SCADpro

Apt, France This area recieves a lot of foot traffic and exposure since it a hub for locals and tourists. Movement around the site is dominated by pedestrians, but some vehicles are present mainly in the residential areas. Knowledge of circulation in this area is necessary to discover how to draw more users to Maison du Parc.

Legend Vehicle Circulation Primary Pedestrian Circulation Secondary Pedestrian Circulation Entry/ Exit


The Building TERRAZZO




















Maison Du Parc x SCADpro

Notes on Current Condition











Space Types




60 Place Jean Jaurès, 84400 Apt On the façade, there is minimal signage through banners as well as 2 flags above the entrance door. The door is a very big, heavy, dark wood door. There are black bars on the windows for security purposes. Visitors are first greeted by a glass partition wall with double doors creating a very small vestibule. The natural light is very limited upon entering. The flooring throughout the entrance and the reception area is concrete aggregate. The wall paint throughout is an off-white color. The brochure wall behind the stairs is very narrow, unorganized, and has a barrier on the ground blocking easy access into this space. The reception desk and the boutique checkout are connected. The heater follows along the wall and wraps around the bottom of the reception desk. There is poor and inconsistent lighting throughout. There is a single glass door to enter into the boutique. The boutique receives much more natural light through two large windows but still has poor and inconsistent artificial lighting. There is yellow and gray tile flooring and more off-white wall paint. Wayfinding, circulation, organization, and good lighting are all important unresolved issues in this building. 18

PRESERVATION ANALYSIS In addition to interior design students, preservation majors lent their knowledge to this project. The role of preservation students was to focus on the historical building that houses Maison Du Parc and suggest appropriate treatment that aided the interior design.

19 Maison Du Parc x SCADpro

Condition Assessment Water WaterDamage Damage The walls adjacent to the vestibule have experienced significant water damage, deteriorating the plaster and creating a positive environment for hazardous biological growth. The damage is unsightly and can result in the loss of historic material if left unrepaired. Building BuildingStabilization Stabilization The protruding portion of the facade has probably been pushed out by the unbalanced weight of the other structural sections when they were all unified in the 18th century. The northern end of the building could experience advanced structural deterioration, cracking, and, eventually, collapse if not resolved. Exterior ExteriorStucco Stuccoand andInterior InteriorPlasterwork Plasterwork The exterior and interior plasterwork is cracked and spalling. The exterior stucco is also blighted with graffiti, which should be removed to respect the historic integrity of the structure. 18th 18thCentury CenturyDoor Door The door is experiencing advanced weathering and discoloration. It should be refinished to create a more welcoming entrance.


Maintaining the Interior The ornamental plaster found in the picture rails and cornices of the Maison du Parc’s Boutique, lobby, and light well is in relatively good condition. It is clear from the exterior of the building that there is structural shifting occurring on the north facade. As with any preservation pursuit, it is recommend that any repairs, replacements, or other maintenance should be reversible so that no historic materials are lost in the process of the restoration. Climate control protects museum artifacts and cultural heritage by removing pathogens (fungicides, pesticides, pollutants, and humidity) from the air. It also maintains a comfortable climate and improves energy efficiency Currently the Maison du Parc has minimal HVAC infrastructure in place (Radiators). They do not have any air conditioning, dehumidification, and filtering systems. Changes should be made to improve the energy efficiency and regulate air flow. A Mini-split HVAC system is recommended because its ductless heating and air conditioning system eliminates the need for an evaporator unit. Cooling beams would also separate ventilation and dehumidification and conserve energy. Lastly, a mini-duct high velocity AC system would be ideal because its ductwork can be hidden underneath the floor.


Maison Du Parc x SCADpro

Maintaining the Exterior An inspection of the exterior can reveal possible leak locations, cracked masonry, bubbling surfaces, and anything that is slipped, cracked, or peeling.

Damage to stucco often occurs when water seeps through cracks or joints, causing the stucco to crack and lose its bonding capabilities. There is a significant amount of marking along the northern and southern end of the building. It is hard to identify whether these markings are new, but it is important to identify the material of the markings in order to preserve the historic stucco. The cast iron bars protecting the ground level windows can experience rusting, missing parts, impact damage, structural failure, broken joints, loss of anchorage to masonry, and brittleness. Any open joints provide another way for moisture to enter and cause damage to either the cast iron or the building itself.

The cast iron bars protecting the ground level windows can experience rusting, missing parts, impact damage, structural failure, broken joints, loss of anchorage to masonry, and brittleness. Any open joints provide another way for moisture to enter and cause damage to either the cast iron or the building itself.

The door is currently experiencing advanced weathering and discoloration, contributing to an unwelcoming environment. The building’s wooden windows are experiencing advanced weathering and wood rot. Intervention should be taken to improve the windows condition and protect their architectural significance. Discard decayed wooden pieces and replace with splints. Then treat the windows with a fungicide and waterproofing. Gently scrape off deteriorated paint and refinish the windows to protect them from further weathering. 22

23 Maison Du Parc x SCADpro

Phase 2: 1: Initial Schemes

Seven teams formed out of the two classes to develop schematic designs. The teams proposed concepts reinforced by the findings that stood out from phase I research and represented them through hand-drawn or digital renderings of the interior spaces and exterior facade.



Reconnecting Reconnecting to to Community Community Chelsea Secor, Nicole Reyes,Secour, Courtney Courtney Yapp, Jim LinYapp Jim Lin, Nicole Reyes, Chelsea

Maison Maison Du Parc x SCAD Pro 25 Maison Du Parc x SCADpro

To design an intuitive and creative solution that reconnects the Maison du Parc to its mission of conservation and education. Natural landscapes inspire the sinuous and rhythmic forms implemented throughout the space. This concept aims to entice visitors and locals alike to rediscover the essence of the Luberon.


Faรงade Security glass replaces the iron bars and planters attached to the second story windows contain cascading ivy for enhanced street presence.

Floor Plan The reception flows from the brochure display, along the organically formed desk, to the relocated computer station for park-goers to plan their visit. The receptionist is free to move about the space and available to assist visitors at each touch point.

27 Maison Du Parc x SCADpro

Gift Shop Reading Nook

Receiption Community Wall

The Design The design features warm, neutral materials with a variety of natural textures. The space welcomes interaction with the community wall and the children’s reading nook.



Layering Communities Madison Sacramone, Mattie Overmyer, Emily Leppig, Brianna Scafidi, Marah Grossman, Mack Goss

29 Maison Du Parc x SCADpro

In biology, a community is an interacting group of various species which each occupy their own unique ecological niche. Similarly, the Luberon region is comprised of 77 municipalities that each have their own defining features. The biodiversity found throughout the Luberon exhibits multiple relationships that direct the design for this space. Focusing on the concept of layering communities reinforces the history, diversity, and unification of the local community.


The Facade The facade is inspired by local Provence architecture, including historic homes and roman ruins. New banners will complement the warm facade with a cool color which is traditional to the region. Window security will be an unique depiction of local municipalities.

The Plan The newly defined plan will improve circulation, functionality and positively promote Maison du Parc. Employees and visitors alike will discover the Luberon through exhibitions, shopping, research and resources.


Maison Du Parc x SCADpro


1. Des artefacts 2. Plans 3. Apprendre 4. DĂŠcouvrir

The Information Cove

The Vestibule The Reception


The Space The interior will reflect the concept of Layering Communities with features such as the reception desk that is created with 77 layers of soil collected from each municipality. Traditional Provincial colors are used throughout the scheme.



Rising with the Sun Kalli Allard, Camila Bejarano, Darian Smith, Grace Theus

33 Maison Du Parc x SCADpro

The colorful journey of the sun’s ascent into the sky will inspire the curious mind to embark on a new adventure. Welcomed by warm ochres and yellows, the user will be invited to learn about the rich natural history of Luberon, while the transitions into soft greens and deep blues will prepare the user to rejoin the fresh air and embark on their own trek through the park.


Faรงade The faรงade will have updated banners to attract attention as well as planters beneath the windows. The security bars on the windows will be kept but painted a light color to create a more welcoming environment.

Floor Plan In our floor plan you can see the changes made in the overall layout in the space. While the vestibule remains the same the reception desk has been relocated to utilize the space behind it for a brochure room. The boutique has been redesigned to have a simplified centralized plan that allows for easier circulation.

35 Maison Du Parc x SCADpro

Gift Shop Information Wall & Security

The Information Cove

Reception Hiking Station

The Design Use of the colors inspired by the sunrise is used as a subtle guide throughout the space. Warm




rattan furniture and fixtures create a sense of comfort and invites the user to explore the space and the merchandise. Art murals by local artists will be implemented to bring in the culture of Provence. 36


Illuminated Exploration

37 Maison Du Parc x SCADpro

Brielle MacNichol, James Mifflin, Julie Kim, Stephanie Fellas

The design for Maison du Parc is inpired by the shadow and light of the Valley and the explorer’s curiosity as they journey through the park. Simplified forms and thoughtful lighting will enhance way-finding and allow the culture of the Luberon to speak for itself.


Faรงade We suggested removing the bars from the windows and adding flower boxes on the window sill to make it more warm and welcoming. We also proposed new graphics, including larger signage to attract attention and a new set of bright banners that are cognates.

Floor Plan The main ideas proposed in our floor plan include cleaning and refinishing the existing flooring, creating a custom reception desk that mimics the curves of both the groin vaults in the space and the rolling mountains of the Luberon valley, and retaining the existing layout of the gift shop with new displays.

39 Maison Du Parc x SCADpro

Information Wall

Reception Gift Shop

The Design Simplify, re-define, and enhance the space through the use of light and shadow. Use accent lighting to highlight the shape of the vaults, fun illuminated signage to attract and guide people to the exhibitions, and add custom shelving in the gift shop alcove on the back wall as a featured display. We also wanted to keep as much existing furniture as possible by repainting it to give it a new life.



Natural Curiosity Celena Basadre, Seth Bilkis, Erin Verdi, Rebecca Schroeder, Kathryn Luu, Hew

41 Maison Du Parc x SCADpro


The Facade We suggest repainting the building and window bars to brighten up the fascade. Flower boxes under the windows will add life to the building. New banners that can be read

The Plan The ideas proposed in our floor plan include cleaning and refinishing the existing flooring, creating a custom reception





mountains graphics, and reating new more organized displays in the gift shop with new displays.

43 Maison Du Parc x SCADpro

The Vestibule

in French and English will help attract positive attention.


1. Des artefacts 2. Plans 3. Apprendre 4. DĂŠcouvrir

The Information Cove

The Reception The Boutique


The Space Is supposed to feel bright and inviting with custom cabinetry, fun patterned tile and unique light fixtures to give the space a home like atmosphere. Through organization and streamlining the area will feel refreshed and inviting.



Integrated Legacy Gabby Sauceda, Cullen Bissell, Summer Bray, Jessica Burns, Emily Hallman, Kirsten Holland

45 Maison Du Parc x SCADpro

The concept of “Integrated Legacy� aims to incorporate the rich heritage and history of the Luberon Valley and its inhabitants into the design of the Maison du Parc building. We drew inspiration from the natural material of ochre that has been historically gathered from the environment. One of our objectives is to evoke the feeling of being a child and discovering new things for the first time. We want to carry this idea throughout the design of the welcome center by sparking a childlike curiosity in visitors and making them want to interact with the space. We hope to promote exploration throughout the space and to stimulate a special feeling of experiencing something new for the first time. We have chosen to use a color palette of the natural colors of the landscape in the Luberon Valley - light hues of orange, green, and purple. Our material choices are local, sustainable, and noble.


The Facade Flower




blend with nearby residences. The existing security bars are painted white and the facade features


The Plan In the vestibule, we proposed replacing existing vestibule doors with glass door. To create Create an immersive entry experience, there will be pressed botanicals between the glass panels. In the reception area, we propose reducing the size of the reception desk. To increase functionality in the boutique, the displays to increase organization and optimize view of merchandise 47 Maison Du Parc x SCADpro

The Vestibule

illuminated signs


The Boutique

The space improves overall and

circulation incorporates

overall colors and elements




The Stairs

The Boutique Nook

The Vestibule The Brochure wall

The Space



Sensations of the Luberon Abbey Nairn, Lauren Whitfield, Sarah Quinn, Tracy Nguyen

49 Maison Du Parc x SCADpro

Taking influence from the Luberon itself, the design of Maison du Parc will reflect the region, incorporating the geography, colors, and cultural heritage found throughout. It will be an educational and aesthetic space that shows the beauty of the surrounding area, encouraging visitors to explore both the space as well as the region. There are countless treasures to be discovered in the Luberon, and Maison du Parc is where the journey begins.


Façade Flower boxes on the facade create a more welcoming feeling. New banners feature bith English and French vocabulary. An A-frame sign put on the sidewalk lets visitors know when Maison du Parc is open

Floor Plan The





funiture. The vestibule will now have an automatic door for a sealed entry. The hiking station has been moved to the south wall of the gift shop. On the west wall is the children’s reading nook.


Maison Du Parc x SCADpro

Reception Exploration Wall

The Information Cove

Vestibule Gift Shop

The Design Mountain graphics on the walls make visitors feel




surrounded by nature. Orange to




frames curiosity. furniture

provides more natural feel and the gift shop offers window seating.


CLIENT FEEDBACK After the schematic presentations at midterm, The Maison du Parc presented constructive feedback on how to proceed. The clients were partial to banners and wayfinding graphics that utilized cognates, or words that are the same or similar in both English and French, as part of a larger effort to cater to visitors of different backgrounds. Inside, they requested that the proposed desk be open on one side to expand the range of movement for the receptionist on staff and tend to her needs as an individual. They liked elements that immersed the user in the spirit of the park -those sculptural and graphic components which heightened the excitement in the space upon entry, at the reception desk, and in the shop. They also appreciated the inclusion of rugs and upholstered seating which infused the retail area with a homey, comfortable quality as a nod to the building’s history as a “hôtel particulier.” A common critique was to avoid finishes which rendered the space too dark. They were partial to light colors and solutions that allowed natural light to pour in unobstructed when possible.

53 Maison Du Parc x SCADpro


55 Maison Du Parc x SCADpro

Phase 3: Design Proposals

With this information, the seven teams condensed into two - one for each class - to produce new, hybrid designs that embodied the best of each proposal and addressed all the needs of the client.



Cultivating Wonder

57 Maison Du Parc x SCADpro

STUDIO I TEAM: Kalli Allard

Tracy Nguyen

Camila Bejarano

Sarah Quinn

Stephanie Fellas

Nicole Reyes

Julie Kim

Chelsea Secor

Jim Lin

Darian Smith

Brielle MacNichol

Grace Theus

James Mifflin

Lauren Whitfield

Abbey Nairn

Courney Yapp

Monica Letourneau, professor


D ISCOV E R I NG YO UR CO N N E C TI ON TO T HE LU B ER O N Visitors of all ages and abilities are welcomed by a sensory experience that embodies the essence of the Luberon. Colors inspired by the sky at sunrise, the sweet melody of a citril finch, and the timeless prose of a poet encourage visitors to explore the landscape, join the community, and share in the sense of pride native to the people of Provence.

59 Maison Du Parc x SCADpro


ENTER the faรงade

the vestibule

community wall


the reception

EXPLORE the Luberon


FAÇADE Visitors are enticed to enter with seasonal banners featuring iconographic representations of regional specialties like hiking, lavender fields, and nautical fossils. Maison du Parc accommodates all of its guests with a handicap-accessible speed table.

flower boxes

v front exterior of the building

Maison du Parc sign

shadow box notice board

window bar paint


Maison Du Parc x SCADpro

< Banners - All Year These banners can be displayed the entire year, using symbols that represent a variety of seasons in the Luberon. Four distinct colors also represent the variety of color seen in the Luberon throughout the year. The first three banners contain words in both French and English that relate to the clientâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s mission.

Banners - Spring > These banners could be exchanged for another set in the springtime. Decorated with symbols of poppies and strawberries, as well as orange for the emerging flowers and green for the sprouting plants, they provide viewers with a glimpse of spring in the Luberon. The words on these banners relate to popular activities that can be done in the spring. 62


community wall


reception lobby

reception office shop

63 Maison Du Parc x SCADpro


illuminated mountain motif

Maison du Parc logo appliquĂŠ

walk-off mat

^ view of the north wall of the vestibule from the main entrance

Upon entry, an illuminated mountain motif highlights the logos of park sponsors and flows beyond the automated airlock, welcoming guests into the reception lobby.

glass sliding door


RECEPTION A curvilinear desk of slatted oak topped with honed natural stone mimics the undulating horizon line of the local landscape. Contemporary shelving displays brochures to encourage users to stop, browse, and discover what the Luberon has to offer. v view of the reception from the stairs

brochure display shelf

small pendant lights

map of the Luberon

stone countertops

wooden stools

view of the reception from the vestibule door >

65 Maison Du Parc x SCADpro



The space adjacent to the stairs offers park-goers the opportunity to interact with each other. Users are invited to share their experiences through written messages or photographs applied to a magnetic map of the park.

v view of the stairwell from the reception

bulletin board and magnetic whiteboard

terracotta tile

stone stair tread

67 Maison Du Parc x SCADpro

^ the stairwell with the security gate partially closed

the stairwell with the security gate fully closed ^

The security gate in the stairwell will remain the same, but will gain a covering to look more friendly and approachable. The covering, when the gate is closed, will show a map of the surrounding area with fun images representing each village, being both aesthetically pleasing and educational. 68

SHOP In the shop, guests are greeted by the songs of regional birds and a radiant tree form that is surrounded by local, artisanal products and literature. Dressed in soft goods such as a rug, pillows, and upholstered seating, the space is a harmonious blend of nature and home.

display table

speaker system

track lighting

69 Maison Du Parc x SCADpro

wall lamp

wooden shelving

chenille fabric upholstery

cotton fabric pillows

woven area rug

view of the > checkout and childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s reading nook

< view of the window seating



The words of the poem “Qu’il est beau ce Luberon” by Serge Bec printed in French and English bid visitors farewell, inspiring them to explore, and to return.

view of the vestibule from the lobby v

large pendant light

trash receptacle


Maison Du Parc x SCADpro




Layering Communities

73 Maison Du Parc x SCADpro

STUDIO II TEAM: Celena Basadre

Kirsten Holland

Seth Bilkis

Emily Leppig

Cullen Bissell

Kathryn Luu

Summer Bray

Mattie Overmyer

Jessica Burns

Madi Sacramone

Hew Evans

Gabby Sauceda

Mack Goss

Brianna Scafidi

Marah Grossman

Rebecca Schroeder

Emily Hallman

Erin Verdi

Brian Sweny, professor


C E L E B R AT I NG THE DIVE R SITY OF T HE LU B E R ON In biology, a community is an interacting group of various species which each occupy their own unique ecological niche. Similarly, the Luberon region is comprised on 77 municipalities that each have their own defining features. Focusing on the concept of â&#x20AC;&#x153;layering communitiesâ&#x20AC;? reinforces the history, diversity, and unification of the local community.

75 Maison Du Parc x SCADpro


ENTER the faรงade

the vestibule

the reception

the info cove

the gallery


EXPLORE the Luberon


FACADE Visitors and locals alike are greeted by a colorful crosswalk that leads them to the newly restored provincial facade that joins history with modern elements to symbolize a renewal for Maison du Parc. Guests will be enticed to enter by the doors that will remain open during the day by a magnetic system.

FF&E item name description and brief specs

FF&E item name description and brief specs

Signage will highlight the Luberon Geoparcâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s partners with laser cut, patina steel signs. Signage will also clarify what can be found inside such as the boutique, exhibitions and information. The entrance is framed by two large pots that create a welcoming appeal with greenery. The facade will also have custom window boxes on the first floor windows in order to reminisce on the origins of the historic home. The window boxes will be constructed from the repurposed bars on the current ground floor windows. 77 Maison Du Parc x SCADpro


The provincial aqua banners are inspired by





compliments the warm facade. They highlight some of what Maison du Parc has to offer itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s visitors and can be easily translated to travelers.

A new security feature will be implemented on the ground floor windows. Custom patina steel, >

laser cut, panels mimic the rolling shadows of the mountains and valleys in the Luberon Region.

The northern facade will be renewed with a mural, > designed and painted by local artists. 78


79 Maison Du Parc x SCADpro

VESTIBULE custom map wallpaper

pendant lighting

As guests enter Maison du Parc they are immediately immersed into the Luberon Region by a 360 degree map, softly illuminated by the glow of a mountain motif. The vestibule glass will be replaced with an automatic door to increase functionality. The door will be declared with the logo and hours of operation. 80

RECEPTION Upon entering through the vestibule, guests pass a screen that will educate them on thing such as biodiversity, Luberon in your plate and other cultural norms. Then, they are treated by a receptionist who sits at a custom desk curated from soil, ochre and stones from the 77 municipalities in the Luberon Region, this will depict layers, exhibiting the diversity of each community. On the side of the desk is a panel of complementary brochures for guests to explore and consult with the receptionist.


desk layers


v elevation of reception


reception desk axon

view of reception from entry >


Maison Du Parc x SCADpro


LOBBY & INFORMATION COVE v lobby view showing ochre wall adjacent to stairs and information cove

83 Maison Du Parc x SCADpro

For lobby security, a canvas map will be attached to the existing security gate. This will ensure the upper levels are blocked off when needed, but still showcase visual interest in this area. The ochre wall will be sculpted in a traditional sgraffito technique by a local artisan. Images of flora and fauna will be raised and recessed so that visitors can create texture rubbings on paper as a memory of their time spent in the Luberon. v elevation of ochre wall

^ security gate canvas cover

Parallel to the reception area is a unique, custom ochre texture wall feature that guests can interact with and take a piece of the Luberon home with them. The mountain motif continues up the stairs in a painted gradient that connects each step. Next to the stairs is an information cove where visitors can research their journey in close/ visible proximity to the receptionist for assistance.

wood stools



BOUTIQUE v view of boutique displays and post card wall

As a valuable resource to guests, the boutique organizes a collection of books, maps, posters, postcards and local goods. The book covers are exhibited so that customers can browse with ease. Additional storage below displays will hide back-stocked inventory while maintaining a easy transition when products need to be replenished.

wall paint

ceiling lighting

wall mirrors

85 Maison Du Parc x SCADpro

^ entry view into boutique

A subtle alarm will alert the receptionist that someone has has entered the boutique when the door opens so that they can be attentive to visitors. The point of sale counter creates a division between back-of-house and the boutique. The POS counter will flip up for the receptionist to assist customers, it also has a locked cabinet underneath for cash transactions. We propose that a small check-out system such as an iPad is used. 86

FIRST FLOOR GALLERY SPACE We propose that the 1st floor remains open during the day to exhibit a rotating gallery for local artists. For security purposed the door handles will be replaced with a key code access.

security door

picture lighting

87 Maison Du Parc x SCADpro




exit view of vestibule



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Mattie Overmyer Maison du Parc Project Book  

Mattie Overmyer Maison du Parc Project Book