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This typeface is sans serifs style so it appears easier to read, yet also blunt and harsh. The small kerning means it appears crowded, which intensifies the thickness of the lines. I think this font is too ‘office like’ and formal, and would present the incorrect image for my artist and the music.

This style of monotype font is more interesting to look at, with the projection finishing off the end of each letter and giving more shape to the text. However I think this font is too old fashioned for the modern genre of music and the song, specifically. It would create an incorrect brand identity for Bella, as she is young and it would create a misleading identity and image for her, especially with regards to the visual elements of the music video and narrative, and I want my productions to have a visual correlation.

I think this typeface is appropriate in the artist image I want to create and reflects the style of the music and genre well. The sans serif nature of the font ensures it is easy to read and clear, and neat. This compliments the colour schemes I intend to use as they are all fresh, simplistic and natural colours. Therefore the overall aesthetic of my productions will have a link, and the same style. I love how this font is simplistic and conforms to the minimalist visual style. It isn’t complex therefore aids the genuine and unembellished brand/artist Identity I want to create. It compliments and conforms to the natural/nature genre convention of indie folk.

I like this scripture because of how expressive it is, without being overly complex. Although I think the proportional spacing of the typeface may hinder the minimal effect I desire to create. The fixed pitch that the above typeface has creates a cleaner image. However this typeface coincides with the content of the song’s as they are all personal and ‘freeing’, and this script is extremely free and non confined.

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