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Matt Dent is a Artist/ illustrator based in London. Constantly doodling on paper his pen wanders to create patterns, objects and various types. Matt’s work is created by using layers of hand drawn illustrations to create a bigger composition. His diverse portfolio emphasizes what he can create just from a pen. Being inspired by illustrators such as Mike Perry, Shepard Fairey, and Damien Correll develops his fascination into the art world. Contact: Website:

Raphael O’selle is currently studying Illustration at University Of Westminster. His inspirations are the everyday life activities that we take for granted e.g. walking down the road, talking to a friend, running for a bus or train. O’selle’s inspiration is the ordinary, the things we come to recognise as the norm, the things we look at once and forget a second later. Raphael tries to make the ordinary seem spectacular. He does this by using a medium of art that seems to be forgotten, the basic pen and paper. Using a wide variety of pens, pencils and colour he creates depth and detail in abstract artwork. Contact: Website: n/a

23 year old Illustrator/Artist Chris Dent recently graduated from Camberwell College of Arts in London where he studied Illustration. Chris likes to explore his fascination and intrigue in all forms of architecture, with much of his inspiration coming from cities, hip hop, street culture, Saul Steinberg, David Foldvari, Greg Lamarche, Grotesk, SO_ME. Working straight onto paper with pen without the use of pencil or guidelines determines his natural trail of thought creating character within his work. Contact: Website:

Arran Gregory is currently a student at the Chealsea School of art. He spends most of his time picking up his pencil/pen and drawing. He uses his pencil/pen because he believes it’s the most simple and direct way to express ideas and personality through artwork. Gregory says ‘Just as a graphologist can read peoples handwriting and get a sense of their personality it is the same for illustrators and the quality of line they create.’ He spends an inordinate amount of time starring at blank pieces of paper until his pen is inspired. He draws influences from the likes of Miyazaki and Supermundane. Contact: Website: n/a

Matthew Dent

Me and My pencil’ features 4 illustrators from London. Including both commissioned artwork and experimental projects, the work collected here shows that cutting-edge hand drawn illustration is still thriving and still continues to push boundaries in a digitalised environment. ‘Me and My pencil’ reflects these diverse approaches to illustration and celebrates their unique gift of drawing. Edited by Benita Goder


A book edited by Benita Goder showcasing a selection of artists: Matt Dent, Raphael O'selle, Chris Dent, Arron Gregory.

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