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UNION JACK AS PROP Pictures of a garish flag


UNION JACK AS PROP Pictures of a garish flag

The world’s most iconic flag pictured as fashion outfit from Geri Halliwell’s corset to the common enthusiastic.


They told this man that drinking diet Coke with Union Jack suite will reduce risk of hart attack. London, nd. © Barry Lewis/In Pictures/Corbis

INTRODUCTION This Book shows a wide range of uses of the British flag, better known as Union Jack in multiple contexts, which go beyond the official displays of a flag. We can consider that flag a sort of prop, word that in fashion industry means a common object chosen by Stylists in creation of shooting sets. The prop is something that, if taken out of his context, helps to create something new wherever you can see the possibility of playing with it and use it in order to enhance a situation. The Union Jack, born as symbol of the union of Ireland and Great Britain in 1801, has begun to be prominent symbol in the sphere of fashion since the British Invasion movement of the 1960s, when British music bands began to be known and appreciated all over the world against Americans ones. But since the first half of last century we can already see how the British patriotism was shown putting the flag on dresses or using it as a scarf or an hat in Popular celebration promoted by the monarchy in order to make people faithful. Now a day many product made in Britain or not are inspired to the Union Jack, the aims of this obsession can be a patriotic tribute, or a need of say that you have visited UK, or a simply aesthetic choice. Mattia Matrone

In William Parrack’s factory the pro­ duction of Flag is constant. Those flags (Almost 10 miles of wool) will decorate the Coronation route next June, Rochford, Essex, 08th Janua­ ry1953. © Bettmann/Corbis


Taylor Swift performs at the 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show at Lexington Avenue Armory in New York City. 13rd November 2013. © AKM‐GSI/Splash News/Corbis

Model wears an exquisite dress during Jen­ ny Packham fashion show, Milan Fashion Week. 27th September 2006. © Karl Prouse/Catwalking/Getty Images

Hempel award, the 20th China intematio­ nal young fashion designers contest during Bei­ jing Fashion Week. 25th March 2012. © Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

Wildfox Swim ­ Mercedes­ Benz Fashion Week Swim, Miami, FL. 23rd July 2012. © Arun Nevader/ WireImage/Getty Images

Julien Macdonald wears a Union Jack style suit at London Fashion Week. 18th September 2005. © Justin Goff/UK Press/Getty Images


It seems that the former model Jckie St Clair ripped off an Union Jack by the hoist and beded as a ribbon; an esy way to be noticed at Royal Ascot, Ascot, Berkshire,UK. 19th June 2012. © Samir Hussein/WireImage/Getty Images

A discret ribbon is still apprecieted by innova­ tive designers, as shown during London Alter­ native Fashion Week 2012 held at Spitafields Market,UK. 16th April 2012. © Jenny Matthews/In Pictures/Corbis

Britsh pride: This handmade hat shows the national pride of this visitor to the Epsom Derby. Surrey, England, UK. 1970-1995. Š Patrick Ward/Corbis

The eccentricity icon Anna Piaggi has been one of the greatest fan of the Union Jack and weared it in multiple forms and several occa­ sions. np, 01st January 2000. © John Stoddart/Getty Images

Timeless elegance. This pictures is one of the first showing a woman wearing an Union Jack emboried on her beach beret. Hastings,UK, 04th July 1936. Š David Savill/Getty Images

These two ladies hide with a smile and with theyr hats any envy during popular celebrations for the Royal Wedding in Trafalgar Square. London, 29th April 2011. Š Jenny Matthews/In Pictures/Corbis

The hat of this lady is supposed to protect from the sunshine, not even from the photographer’s glimpse. Ascot,UK, 19th June 2001. © Tim Graham/Getty Images

Paris Hilton wears a casual coif during a shopping tour around London with Doug Reinhardt. 17th April 2009. © Martin Fraser/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Every year the Royal Ascot attracts many ladies and gentleman which hope to be noticed by the high society: many of them believe that a patriotic pattern is essential in oder to be admitted in Royal enclosure. Ascot, Berkshire,UK. 22nd June 2012. © Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images


Many make up artist won’t be able to paint better the Union Jack on a face than this young Briton. np,nd. Š Ocean/Corbis

Paint the Union Jack on nails requires precision and hopefully a professional nail designer, but many ladies did it by themself as a way to celebrate the Qeen’s jubilee. London, 04th June 2012. © Tim Graham/Getty Images

Katy Perry does it better: The singer shows a garish eyelashes at the UK premiere of the movie “Part of Me” in London, 03rd July 2012. © WeirPhotos /Splash News/Corbis

A lady attends popular celebrations for the Royal Wedding in Hide Park, her paint face is cheap and is alrea­ dy almost gone, but she keeps cheering. London, 29th April 2011. Š Tom Radenz/Demotix/Corbis

Nailpaint for every day: Katy Perry goes to the Dover Street Market in London’s West End with discret and well designed Union Jack nails, 02nd March 2010. Š Gotcha Images/Splash News/Corbis


An evergreen: The most iconic British shoes Dr. Martens are strictly linked with daily life of workers in the second half of last century and also with the underground culture. The Union Jack is one of the million color textures Dr Martens are available in shops such as Candem Market, just beware of fakes! London, nd. Š MAISANT Ludovic/Hemis/Corbis

Horse races are always the best occasion where find good strokes between grass and footwear: Union Jack shoes decorated with a cuple of harts at Doncaster racecourse. Doncaster, 12th September 2013. © Alan Crowhurst/Stringer/Getty Images

Leather boots with Union Jack. np, 16th September 2009. © PYMCA/Getty Images

Actress Helena Bonham Carter arrives at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards at the Kodak Theatre: Each footstep reveals an Union Jack patch on her Stocking. Hollywood, Ca, 27th February 2011. © Ethan Miller/Getty Images

If blue and red bored you,this black and white interpretation of Union Jack Stockings can be a nice alternative. np,18th September 2010. © PYMCA/Getty Images

TV star Julie Brown choose to add a Tartan touch to her style at the 7th An­ nual BritWeek Festival “A Salu­ te To Old Hollywood” Launch Party at British Consul General’s Residence in Los Angeles, Ca, 23rd April 2013. © Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Even an US symbol like blue jeans has got the British flag paint. np,18th September 2010. © PYMCA/Getty Images


This is one of the most succesful bag desi­ gned by Alexander McQueen: Actress Eve attends the Opening of McQueen flagship botique in Los Angeles,13rd May 2008. © Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Sophie, Countess of  Wessex has no dubts on the rule of British fashion industry in the world on her clutch style handbag are writ­ ten statements such as: “Britannia Rules” and “Flying The Flag For Fashion”. Reading, UK, 19th January 2010. © Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

This other lady carries a much easier shopping bag with an Union Jack revised in a hippy style. np 08th July 2009. © PYMCA/Getty Images

Shopping bag with a B&W Union Jack de­ sign. np08th June 2009. © PYMCA/Getty Images

Camilla of Cronwall carries a Union Jack purse where pajettes designs the flag during a visit to the MOMA, New York, 01st November 2005. © Pool/Tim Graham Picture Library/Getty Images


This 1960s Austin Healey Sprite has been decorated with custom Union Jack paint and is running a Classic Car race along the England. 17th May 2008. Š Martyn Goddard/Corbis

Beach Car: the American singer Cher poses on a Union Jack custom painted buggy car. np,1970. Š Tony Frank/Sygma/Corbis

Super Car: Carol Alt sits on  Austin Power­ s’s XK8 Union Jack painted Jaguar conver­ tible in New York, 24th July 2002. © Jim Spellman/Getty Images

Sport Car: a McLaren F1 GTR of the Gulf/GTC Racing team in the line up before the start of the 24Hours of Le Mans, 15th June 1996. © Tim Graham/Getty Images

City Car: despite any French national pri­ de a Renault Twizy is shown painted with the British flag in order to conquer the UK market. The car manufacturer won’t have to change the driving side in this case. 02nd November 2013. © Michael Preston/Demotix/Corbis

Classic Car: a red dressed mo­ del poses with the most iconic car made in Britain, the Mini Cooper, obviously painted with the national colors, np, 1968. © Popperfoto/Getty Images

Official State Car: Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice of York are forced to drive on the left crossing Berlin on a modern Mini du­ ring a campaign for tourism and business in Great Britain, 7th January 2013. Š B. Cool/ /Splash News/Corbis


Britons’s bellies grew in few days during spontaneous Neighbourhoods celebration for Queen’s Diamond Jubilee: billions of handmade patriotically decorated cupcakes have been prepared and shared with Nei­ ghbours along the whole Commonwealth. Godalming, Surrey, UK, 04th June 2012. © Paul Jerram/Demotix/Corbis

Royal style: Camilla of Cornwall is going to cut a fine Union Jack Cake she bought for the ‘Big Jubi­ lee Lunch’ in Piccadilly ahead of the Diamond Jubilee River Pageant, London, 03rd June 2012. © Chris Jackson ­WPA Pool/Getty Images

Countryside style: One year earlier another great income occasion for dietists has been popular celebrations for the Royal Wedding: in that case many housewifes baked cakes with images of William and Kate and the Union Flag, np April 2011. Š Martin Prr/Magnum Photos

In order to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the ending of the Second World War the May Day Bank Holiday was mved to the 08th of May, only in 1995: sugar foil with Union Jack had been prepared to decorate cakes for this celebration,np, May 1995. Š Martin Prr/Magnum Photos

A cup of Geeno, please!: even the most known Italian hot drink gets an Union Flag decoration for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, despite the bad sound in English of the word “Cappuccino” this barman in central London did an exquisite work, 01st June 2012. © Tim Graham/Getty Images


Geri Halliwell during an historical perfor­ mance at the Brit Award as Ginger Spice: her Union Jack suit has made the singer and the Spice Girls legend: Geri left the band just one year later. London, 24th February 1997. © Gotcha Images/Splash News/Corbis

On the left in a mini­dress, Marle­ ne Schwerter from Berlin, and in a Union Jack trouser suit, Lois Ha­ mel from Amsterdam compe­ ting for the title of ‘grooviest outfit’ at the premiere of the film ‘Ka­ leidoscope’ in Leicester Square, we can beat she made good impression on British jury. London, 9th September 1966. © Gotcha Images/Splash News/ Corbis

A street performer dressed in a Union Jack flag suit walking to his pitch on the riverfront walkway entertains tourists in London South Bank, London, 21st January 2014. Š Mike Kemp/In Pictures/Corbis

Menswear: Ray Davies at a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Show, Np, 1995 . Š Neal Preston/Corbis

Apron with Union Jack is weared by this amateur tailor as she attends to Vinta­ ge 1940s weekend in Haworth, Yorkshire, 14th May 2010. © Gotcha Images/Splash News/Corbis

Fancy Dress: The Annual Gay Pride Parade, Female Impersonator dressed in Union Jack suit. np, nd. Š Eurasia Press/Photononstop/Corbis

Paloma Faith spotted while she is walking around catwalks venues during Lon­ don Fashion Week, 17th September 2011. © Gotcha Images/Splash News/Corbis

A lady in a garish Union Jack suit poses at the Royal Ascot, 19th June 2007. © Anwar Hussein/Getty Images

Geri strikes again: the former Ginger Spice launches her new Union Jack collection for Next posing near her iconic 1997’s real size image, but her legs are now more covered. 02nd February 2012. © I‐Images/ZUMA Press/Corbis


Innovations: the bikini and matching umbrella, desig­ ned by Renee Pezaro, are made of waterproof nylon. The model is posing for the Boat Show in Earl’s Court, December 1968. © Jim Gray/Keystone/Getty Images

A Union Jack biki­ ni and cloak desig­ ned for the Silver Ju­ bilee celebrations. 23rd September 1976. © Stanley Lewis/BIPs/ Getty Images

Models wearing a Union Jack bikini and trunks lean on a railing at the edge of Trafalgar Square. They are part of an advertising campaign aimed at promoting tourism in Gibraltar. London, 1969. Š Hulton�Deutsch Collection/CORBIS

Spice Girls are unforgettable: models choosen with aim to remind the Spices launche new Union Jack collec­ tion designed by Geri Halliwell with Next at Mercer Studios, London 02nd February 2012. © Mike Marsland/WireImage/Getty Images

Mass products: Beach towel printed with Union Jack lies on the Hemsby Beach at Great Yarmouth near to Norfolk, UK, 21st July 1998. Š Eleanor Bentall/Corbis


Union Jack decorated official ‘Wenlock’ London 2012 Olympic mascot souvenirs sit on display in side the Lon­ don 2012 official store at the Olympic Park in Stratford, London, 31st July 2012. © Bloomberg/Getty Images

Stuff for tourists: red double decker bus marked with Union Jack teapot for sale in Portobello market. London, 23rd February 2012. Š Roberto Herrett/Loop Images/Corbis

Stuff for freaks: a musican plays a Union Jack violin at Edwardian Parade during Broadstairs Folk Week, Kent, UK, 20th June 2002. Š Patrick Ward/LUZphoto

Pillows, figures, peluches and a wide range of furniture sold as Union Jack souvenirs with a touch of vintage taste. London, 23rd May 2012. Š Jon Arnold/JAI/Corbis

Clown nose and bowtie as witnesses of happyness during a popular celebration for William and Kate’s Wed­ ding. London 29th April 2011. © Thomas Hegenbart/Agentur Focus/LUZphoto

Sellers: a staff member of Cool Britannia souvenir store in Union Jack clothing complete with a Royal baby doll shows all the amenities of the shop in Piccadilly Circus, London 11th July 2013. Š Keith Larby/Demotix/Corbis

Collectors: Margaret Tyler surrounded by some of her 10,000 items celebrating the British Royal Family. She is supposed to have the hugest collection of this kind of memorabilia in the world, including many Union Jack gadget. We will be glad if a copy of this book could be added too. London 01st July 2010. © Tom Stoddart/Getty Images

Acknowledgements This book is just an exercise made for a school research project, any commercial use is not allowed. All the pictures are exclusive property of their owner agencies: ©Corbis Photo, ©Getty Images, ©LUZphoto, ©Magnum Photo or collections with which they are associated.

Actress Petula Clark emerging from a British flag during a party in Los Angeles, Ca, 1965 © Michael Ochs Archives/Corbis


School exercise for a photo editing course. any commercial use is forbidden.!eserciziodellabellaunion-jack/c1...


School exercise for a photo editing course. any commercial use is forbidden.!eserciziodellabellaunion-jack/c1...