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MATTIA INSELVINI Via Carrebbio 61 Gussago, Brescia +39 3474886663 10 August 1992 Italian

Work Experience Feb 2017 - Now OMA/AMO - Architectural Intern, Rotterdam Concept design, diagrams, drawings, model making Sept - Oct 2016 Accademia di Brera - Academic Tutor, Milano Tutor at workshop ‘DeepBrera: new spaces for Brera Art Academy’ Jun - Jul 2015 Extrema Outdoor Festival - Architect, Eindhoven Designer and builder of a stage made of wood pallets. Feb - May 2014 Studio Archea Associati - Junior Architect, Milano Internship as designer, draftsman

Education 2014 – 2016 Politecnico di Milano, Italy Master Degree in Architecture

Key subjects: Design studio, History of architecture, Building Tecnology

Key subjects: Architectural design, urban design, mathemathics, physics

Feb - Jul 2015 TU Eindhoven, Netherlands Six month erasmus programme in Eindhoven 2011 – 2014 Politecnico di Milano, Italy Bachelor Degree in Architecture

Personal Development 19 - 28 Oct 2016 Studio Kazuyo Sejima - Inujima, Japan Restoration of an abandoned sewing factory in Inujima 2015 – 2016 Advanced School Of Architecture (ASA) 2 years training programme for 32 selected students of Politecnico Feb - Oct 2014 Politecnico di Milano - 150 Hours Collaborator, Milano Help desk, public relations during events, web developer assistant 5 - 15 Apr 2014 New York Institute of Technology - Workshop in New York Metabolism of a City: Regenerating urban tissue in Brooklin Skills Languages Italian (Native), English (C1, IELTS certificate) Softwares Highly competent with Adobe creative suite, AutoCAD, Rhinoceros Competent with Vray, Revit, Final Cut Pro Advanced user of MS Office applications. Comfortable on Windows and Mac Web Good knowledge of HTTP language Other

Photographer, traveler, acoustiscian I’ve worked as an Educator, taking care of children and organizing activities







EXTRA/PUBLICATIONS Video making: 1. Membranes, 2013 - Studies on Milano’s public and private spaces (watch!) 2. Prada Transformers, 2014 - OMA in Seoul + Transformers + Kraftwerk (watch!) 3. Ossessione, 2015 - Studies on the relation between Pianceza and Po (watch!) 4. Sanare, 2016 - Design for a wellness path in Forte di Pietole (watch!) Selected exhibitions: 5. Microcosmi Meravigliosi, 2013, Architettura in Città, Torino (go!) 6. Collecta [imprints], 2015, Politecnico, Piacenza (go!) 7. Des Art, 2015, Venice Biennale, Venice (go!) 8. Reviewal, 2016, Casa del Mantegna, Mantova (go!) 9. Salon Des Refusès, Fuori Salone 2016, Milano (go!) Competitions: NYC Aquarium & Public Waterfront, archoutloud - (Honorable Mention!) Tokyo Vertical Cemetery, archoutloud - (Finalist!) University Island, Young Architects Competition (go!) Iceland Trekking Cabins, beebreeders Experiental Beer Garden, Young Architects Competition Selected publications: 10. Macchine Sonore, 2014 (read!) Prof. Massimiliano Nastri, Mattia Inselvini, Luca Gallizioli Bachelor thesis on the relation between people, spaces and contemporary music. 11. STUDIO magazine, issue 11, 2017 (purchase!) Dio C’è: a research on drugs and urbanism drawings and text by GruppoTorto ENSUITE Stage on Archdaily, 2015 (go!) ENSUITE Stage on Divisare homepage, 2015 (go!) A Landmark To Be Seen on AR Folio, 2016 (go!) Library With Compluvium on Archisketchbook (go!) #Reviewal on La Gazzetta di Mantova (go!)

PROFESSIONAL WORKS Extrema Outdoor - Ensuite Stage - Eindhoven


Studio Archea - Colle Loreto Housing - Lugano Studio Kazujo Sejima - House Restoration - Inujima

14 18

ENSUITE STAGE Stage for a music festival in Eindhoven status: BUILT web: site: Extrema Outdoor Festival, Eindhoven (NL) project year: 2015 team: Mattia Inselvini, Frank Prujisten, Habib Kaya, Joren van Jaarsveld supervision: Tom Veeger, Faas Moonen construction advisor: Marcel Mosterd The stage, made for La FĂŞte 040, is built with six hundreds pallets used as compositive, aestethic and structural element at the same time. The input from Extrema was a stage made

Elevation of the stage


completely out of pallets, embracing the visitors and creating an intimate and cozy atmosphere. Ensuite is a semi-circle with a diameter of 20m and height of 4.5m, similar to an arena. There are three main layers. The first is a base of horizontal pallets, leveling irregularities in the ground. The second is a honeycomb structure made of triangles, framing views to the nearby lake. The third is a crown of vertical pallets, used for lighting and sound equipment. The project was built in six days and dismantled in two, requiring tools only as advanced as an automatic screwdriver. Despite the stage being built only of wood connections, construction was made to resist fierce gusts of wind, clearing the safety requirements of a densely populated festival.

Photograph taken during the music festival


5. Exploded Axonometric of Joint Detail. For the most complex joint, the honeycomb structure where six pallets meet, a single, general-purpose connection was designed and applied to all main load-bearing nodes.

Exploded detail; picture taken during construction


Photographs taken during construction


RESIDENZE COLLE LORETO Housing in Lugano, Switzerland status: BUILT web: site: Lake of Lugano project year: 2011 - 2015 team: Archea Associati contribution: CAD Drawing The building presents itself as a unique volume, oriented facing east toward Lugano Lake. Inside, 16 apartments are set in the concrete-structure building, supported exclusively by two staircases. Two cantilevers, respectively 20m towards the lake and 12m towards the hill, emphasize the structural choices and gives fre-

Axonometric view


edom inside the dwellings, because no pillars are needed. The ground floor is a porticato, where the staircases llow access to the 4 upper floors; between the two stairwells there is a large window overlooking the basement, where there are the swimming pool and an extensive fitness area, equipped with sauna and changing rooms. Parkings and technical rooms are located one floor below. Each floor of the building consists of three main types of houses, all with large balconies and large openings, as well as roof gardens on the fourth floor; inside them all the technological solutions adopted are designed to guarantee a high standard, both from the point of view of thermal and acoustic insulation. The plan is designed to obtain a reduction in energy consumption.

Photograph of the facade with the glass panels


Plan and section scale 1:500/1:250


Photograph from the street below


HOUSE RESTORATION New exhibition space in Inujima status: ONGOING site: Former sewing factory in Inujima, Japan project year: 2016 team: Politecnico di Milano / Tokyo Keio University supervision: studio Kazuio Sejima tutors: Yoko Takaike Inujima is a small island in a quite inland sea called Seto Naikai. You can walk around the entire island in about 1 to 2 hours. Once flourishing with industries as copper refining and stone quarrying, it is said that this small island had a population of 5000 people. However, along with the decli-

Result of the workshop: the exhibition space


ne in the industries, the population on the island declined progressively, and now there are only about 50 islanders. The average age of the islanders is about 80 years old and the aging population and depopulation now remarkably limit the development of the settlement. Various sceneries appear as you take a walk around this island created by gentle hills. The island has a gently sloping landscape so that, as you walk, the sea is continually coming into view right next to you before disappearing again. Basins, which remain from the old quarries, appear in various points on the island as ponds. Though only one stone quarry remains active now, the ambiance of the time when quarries were thriving remains as these ponds create a landscape of its own.

Photographs taken during construction


SELECTED ACADEMIC PROJECTS EstraneitĂ / Appartenenza - Art Museum - Milano


L.A.N.T.E.R.N.A. - Aquarium - New York


Landmarks for Piacenza - Urban regeneration - Piacenza


Floating Zip - Public waterfront - New York


Sanare - Wellbeing path - Mantova


Recursive Island - Performance spaces - Inujima


Golden Growing Tower - Vertical cemetery - Tokyo


ESTRANEITA’/APPARTENENZA Contemporary Art Museum, Milano status: Master thesis project: 2016 site: San Cristoforo railway yard, Milano, Italy team: Mattia Inselvini, Greta Andreoni supervision: Guido Morpurgo, Annalisa De Curtis, Andrea Vercellotti, Alessandro Raffa, Giuseppe Tagliabue

to a closer, an interpretation of the project area that sees Piazza Tirana in the presence of two poles: the popular historic district Giambellino and newly residential tower ladder realized by 4Associati study. It is, thus, identified a kind of balance dictated by the two existing buildings, thanks to which it was possible to identify the perimeter, defined by an excavation, in which seat the Gallery of Contemporary Arts Integrated. In this sense, the project assumes two different behaviors depending on the The urban scale analysis has been understood as the area of​​ emergencies wi th which it relates. To the north the united front Scalo San Cristoforo is part of three major systems affecting creates a dialogue with the city and, especially, with the street the city: the axis of the waterway, the railway network and axis Deceptions and Giambellino district. While to the south the old system Scalo San Cristoforo-Barracks Santa Barbara. overlooking the four exceptional volumes, creating a front of The analysis and understanding of these urban systems has led more fragmented and facing the open space and the canal.

Bird eye view of the project in relation with Milano


Typologies of spaces, model of the project






L.A.N.T.E.R.N.A. Public aquarium, New York status: HONORABLE MENTION web: project year: 2016 site: Queens, New York team: Mattia Inselvini, Claudia Consonni, Martina Fabris,Giovanni Lanzi supervision: Chiara M. Donisi, Maria Vegeto Two landscapes appears in front of people coming to the area: on one side Manhattan, on the other side a system of lanterns, a new way to enjoy an aquarium: L.A.N.T.E.R.N.A. is a life and light experience. The aquarium becomes a new

Bird eye view of the project site


landscape for people, even if they won’t enter it. They are invited to have a walk along multi-layered paths in between the tanks which are linked with the surrounding environment and the urban context: while walking outside you are able to glimpse the inside whereas from the interior you can appreciate the park, the waterfront, the skyline. There are many facilities in order to enjoy the area 24x7 and all year long. An open air cinema is just upon the auditorium, a system of squares on both sides of the basin invite people are to meet around LANTERNA and make it the new landmark in the mental map of the people living there or visiting the area. LANTERNA is a special place to remind, a wonderful belvedere on Manhattan skyline.

View of the lantern from the caffè


1. boat and riverside access 2. waterfront steps 3. open-air pool 4. restaurant square 5. botanic garden 6. open-air theatre 7. dock 8. main lobby space 9. marine research hub 10. phytodepuration plants 11. waterfront promenade 12. waterfront steps 13. metro connection 14. city access 15. car access 30




LANDMARKS FOR PIACENZA Public spaces towards Po River status: ASA Piacenza, 1st PRIZE project: 2015 site: North of Piacenza, Italy team: Mattia Inselvini, Antonio La Marca, Ms Sirrpika supervision: Juan Carlos Dall’Asta, Guya Bertelli, Fabio Fusco, Marina Tornatora

to the river through a series of connected ground paths La città di Piacenza ha sempre avuto un rapporto controverso con il fiume Po, come testimonia la distanza che divide Palazzo Farnese dalla riva più vicina. Negli ultimi 50 anni in quella fascia di 1km si sono sedimentate grandi infrastrutture e aree industriali che hanno sterilizzato il luogo dividendo di fatto la città dal fiume. Landmarks for Piacenza. The city has always refused its Il progetto si pone l’obbiettivo di ricostituire un dialogo relation with river Po, divided by several layers of infra- tra questi due landmark fuori scala, attraverso un percorso structural barriers. Tree big monoliths lead from the city che crei continuità e dei menhir, visibili dalla città. 1



Masterplan; diagrams: 1.Relation 2.Connection 3.Activation


View from a window in Piazza Milano




Plan, sections and views of the path





View of the Landmark acros the river (6)


FLOATING ZIP Public waterfront in Brooklyn to the historical and natural behavior of the project area. Navy Yard has always been an area between earth and sea, where the boundaries between two sides were always blurry. The project works on time and speed before working on volumes. The area is colonized slowly by modular structures, which can be easily constructed and disposed according to the necessity. In this way the design intervenThe project was born with the flooding of Hurricane San- tion becomes an equalizer and a measure of the place. The dy. The idea starts from a real and immediate need and design elements, however, not only remain where they are then became almost utopian and provocative. The design placed, but can move, break off the ground and sail to the concept is based on the defense from the hurricane, set coast of Manhattan. Aaccording to the necessity. status: workshop at NYIT project year: 2014 site: Brooklyn Navy Yard, New York team: Mattia Inselvini, Luca Gallizioli, Andrea Govi supervision: Antonella Contin, David Graham Shane, Massimiliano Nastri, Pedro Ortiz

Masterplan: Brooklyn is linked with Manhattan


axonometry; view from the bridge



Section of a barge leaving Brooklin Navy Yard


6 AM Program, diagrams of movements


11 AM

16 PM

Manhattan, after the flood


SANARE A path for wellbeing, Mantova wellness path, understood as spiritual well-being in which the senses become instruments to establish a new relationship with reality. Seven armoury from the II World War are re-used as pavilions to explore the meaning of senses and ancient social symbols. From south-est: Fire, Darkness, Hearing, Taste and Smell, Touch, Exhibition, Spoliation and, in the center of the triangle-shaped bastion, the Purification pavilion. A sensory journey, a sort of museum of the sensations where the culture device through which we filter the real wworld defuses to give way to a different view on things.

status: ASA Mantova workshop project: 2016 site: Forte di Pietole, Mantova, Italy team: Mattia Inselvini, Antonio La Marca Enrico Pinto, Laura Zura-Puntaroni supervision: Diego Cisi, Enrico Montagnoli The workshop concerns heritage recovery and protection of a historical site, Forte Pietole, which is located in the outskirts of the city of Mantova. The project focus on a part of the fort’s walls that is now completely filled of wild nature, and aim to create a

I. Fire II. Darkness III. Hearing IV. Smell/Taste V. Plaza VI. Touch VII. Exhibition VIII. Spoliation IX. Purification X. Belvedere





Site masterplan


View of Plaza (V) and Touch (VI)



View of the Teahouse (IV)


RECURSIVE ISLAND Performance spaces in Inujima status: university project at Politecnico di Milano project year: 2016 site: Island of Inujima, Japan team: Mattia Inselvini, Martina Fabris, Andrea Govi supervision: Kazuyo Sejima, Jonas Elding tutors: Giulia Setti, Francesca Singer When you approach for the first time the small island of Inujima, it is easy to think only as a small island in the ocean. But if you change the scale of your sight and you zoom out in the lanscape it is evident how Inujima has a recursive behaviour, it is an island in the inner sea of another island, Japan. And it is even more interesting to go closer again to the island and to see that on it there are many small ponds, as artificial

Masterplan of intervention


seas in the island. This recursive and almost fractal behaviour is a metaphor to loose the scale of Inujima and reconnect it to the whole Japan. Today there is an evident disconnection between the inhabitants that are disappearing from the island and the visitors that are brought to the island with art, as aliens or elements that are foreigner to Inujima. The proposal is about a small performance space as a new connection point between the inhabitants and the people will visit the island. The space is located in the symbolic point of the quarry, or as called before, the small inner sea of Inujima. In this central point that becomes also a physical reconnection of the paths of the island the theatre gets its original significate of meeting place, of a space for discussion and confrontation.


Exploded axonometric of the performance spaces; Longitudinal section.


View of the japanese inner sea from the upper performance space


GOLDEN GROWING TOWER Vertical cemetery in Tokyo status: FINALIST site: project year: 2016 site: Shinjuku, Tokyo team: Mattia Inselvini, Claudia Consonni, Martina Fabris, Luca Gallizioli Between the dazzling lights that illuminate the streets of Tokyo there are some that bashfully rise to the sky, distinguishing themselves from the chaos of the city. Those are the lights of the GGT: the Growing Golden Tower. Getting closer one comes across a covered plaza, permeable to the metropolitan fluxes. This does not steal ground to the city; on the contrary it adds value by creating a new urban space. At the center a sculptural stair invites to climb to the first floor,

Bird eye view of the project site


where the look is captured by the movement of the elevators: real habitable spaces. Inside these it is possible to have tea or to buy flowers for the beloved, all enjoying a panoramic view of the city. Most of these elevators are even more special spaces because they carry the visitors from the earth to the sky: the slow speed of the lifts allows the detachment – both physical and mental – from the everyday life and gives time to ponder the dualism of life and death before reaching the remains of the beloved, carefully placed in the columbarium. The positioning at high level of the columbarium allows to be far from noises and city-lights, giving it a celestial atmosphere. The urns are positioned in cells which can be freely personalized with gifts and flowers, letting them breathe and be seen from the visitors.

View of the ceremonial sphere soaring from the main hall


tea room lift, ceremony lift


meditation lift, flower shop lift

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