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Look, think, focus, move, control, push, hope. Hope is the part I prefer. It’s all uncertain, until you have the negative in your hands, seeing it, touching it. It’s more true, more honest, because what you shoot, you’ll develop, in your bathroom, with amateur equipment and lots of insecurity, but with a tireless willingness to do it all alone. This is my way to tell who I am, through what I see and what I feel, through all the emotions that I try to transmit with every single photo I took.

These photographs represent my life, my friends, my youth in an honest way, with the purpose to share happiness and to create a bond between me and everyone who looks at these images. Photography is my way to create community and share moments.

graphic and communication

Galilei Ferrari // branding Galilei Ferrari are two school that decided to merge. The logo is the 3D combination of G and F, initials of the schools, that create a new shape, who can be used with different point of view depending on the topic. university project

K-Way // photography K-Way asked us to create a series of images that could be used for an advertising campaign. My idea has been to focus on the usefulness of K-Way jackets and to their bond with nature, creating surreal landscape that merge jackets and wildlife. There is no logo, but they are recognizable by the colored zip, strong branding element of K-Way. master project

felicità [fe•li•ci•tà] SF. INV. [dal lat. felicĭtas -atis, der. di felix -icis ‘felice’] La compiuta esperienza di ogni appagamento.

Lurisia Acque Minerali // editorial design This project concerns the creation of an interactive book, based on the concept which the brand follows for its decisions: happiness. The book includes employees portraits, with their definition of happiness, and pages to make the reader interact with the book. thesis project

Roberta “La felicità può essere anche una passeggiata con il cane o una bella serie tv.”

Elena “È difficile ricavare dei momenti per sè stessi, ma alla fine a me basta vedere il sorriso dei miei figli per essere felice.”

Lurisia Acque Minerali // photography The project was to create a single image that could give value to the product. I choose to work with complementary colors, enhancing the color and the shape of the bottle. master project

Mesap // branding Mesap is the piedmontese mechatronics hub, that reunite most of the companies that work in this fields, creating bigger project with european funds. They needed a complete new image of the brand. My project is focus on the bond that this hub create between companies, giving the opportunity to grow and work in new fields. thesis project

Jeep // advertising In this campaign I used the high recognizability of Jeep logo to connect it to nature, like if it’s part himself of the natural elements. university project

Guido Catalano // advertising Guido Catalano is a turinese poet, widely knows for his ironic and innovative approach to poetry, and for his passion to use enter key. He wrote a novel, his first one, in which he almost did not use this key, so I focused the campaign on this ironic element. university project, then published by the author

Lacoste // advertising Lacoste nowadays is a fashion brand, but at its beginning, they made clothes most of all for tennis players and other kind of sports, so I decided to put the focus on their origins, giving value to their sporty soul. university project

C’è tutto un mondo dentro Lacoste

Lacoste, da più di 80 anni, è vicina agli sportivi. Per noi la polo non è una semplice maglia, ma un mondo fatto di passione e autenticità.

COM 2 Tecniche di scrittura per i media

Giuditta Albesiano Mattia Bottero

Architecture Workshop Poster // Graphic design The purpose of this work was to create a poster for a workshop of architectural design, using just one color, except black and white, and only three simple shapes: circle, square and triangle. I choose to create silhouettes of buildings without colors, to connect it to drawings, and a strong sky, to emphasize the buildings. university project

Graphic design university project

Mattia Bottero

Roccaforte MondovĂŹ, Italy

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My photography and graphic design portfolio


My photography and graphic design portfolio