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4A is an initiative of the Asian Australian Artists Association Inc. We gratefully acknowledge the assistance of the Commonwealth Government through the Australia Council, its funding and advisory body; the NSW Government through Arts NSW and the City of Sydney. Principal Patrons: Geoff and Vicki Ainsworth, Daniel and Lyndell Droga; Kerr and Judith Neilson; Patrons: Richard Funston, John Lam-Po-Tang, VisAsia; Benefactors: Matthias Arndt, AMP Foundation, Richard Funston and Kiong Lee, Lisa Paulsen, Jan Manton Gallery, Adrian Williams, ARTCELL; Friends: Brooke and Steve Aitken, Tonee Knowles and Dr Gene and Brian Sherman AM.

Chinatown Comics Matt Huynh

Within the Four Seas ... Jun Woo Do Recite with Feeling ... Anna Zhu Only on Saturdays ... Bridget Poon Dollar Dogs ... Daryl Prondoso Double Dragon Kung Fu ... Jin Wu Koon The Hustler ... Teik Chew

ABOUT MATT HUYNH Matt Huynh is a Sydney born comic creator and illustrator. Matt’s visual narratives aim to share stories from overlooked worlds, whether reporting claw machine subculture for Performance Space Carriageworks, Chekovian steampunk for Seymour Theatre, or maths history Powerhouse Museum Publishing. Creative Sydney Festival named him one of the most innovative contributors to Sydney’s culture for his documentary graphic novel CAB, documenting true stories from a suburban migrant community. Find out more at ABOUT 4A CHINATOWN MAPPING PROJECT 4A Chinatown Mapping Project is a series of community projects aimed at developing lasting and evolving links with local community groups whilst also exploring different ways in which artists might try to imagine Chinatown’s locality. 4A values productive partnerships between artists, organisations, and the community as the key ingredient to promoting contemporary Asian cultural thinking and cultural diversity in the arts.

4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art is an initiative of the Asian Australian Artists’ Association Inc. Since 1996, 4A has operated as a not for profit organisation committed to promoting contemporary Asian art in Australia. 4A is dedicated to exploring the artistic dialogue that has evolved as Australia’s cultural, political and economic relationships with Asia become more dynamic and vital. 4A provides an inclusive environment for contemporary artists to investigate Australia’s place within the region.

The 4A Chinatown Mapping Project has been supported by the NSW Government through Arts NSW ARTIST ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, Annette Wiguna, Tu Hao Tran, Yasinta Widjojo, Gabriel Clarke, Jordan Verzar, Jun Woo Do, Anna Zhu, Bridget Poon, Teik Chew, Daryl Prondoso and Jin Wu Koon Martial Arts Academy.

Discover Sydney’s Chinatown through its locals and the stories of Jun Woo Do, Anna Zhu, Bridget Poon, Daryl Prondoso, Teik Chew and members of the Jin Wu Koon Martial Arts Academy! This collection of short comics illustrated by Matt Huynh takes us on an emotional, historical, social and psychological trip through this historic district. Matt Huynh is best known for his inky and energetic brushwork and his passion for exploring uncharted territory. In this collaborative project, Huynh sought to create an engaging and visual expression of personal memories of everyday experience that emerged out of Chinatowns’ cracks and corners. These stories spotlight the seldom-exposed side of the neighbourhood, which is experienced by those who live and work in the area, hidden to visitors behind tourist attractions. These stories encompass a wide breadth of emotions, tones and weight – from anecdotes of the everyday and slice of life observations to the significant, life changing, whimsical, frustrating, and poignant.

Chinatown Comics  

4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art commissioned me to create a series of short comics from stories from Chinatown regulars, locals and vis...

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