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I Love You, Ethan. FYMP Media Production By Matthew Howes


INTERIOR ETHAN’S FLAT BEDROOM - NIGHT 14TH FEBRUARY (PREMONITION) Ethan wakes up in a panic with sweat on his brow. Breathing deeply he turns over and looks at his wife, who is still asleep. As Ethan begins to get up, he looks over at the clock. It reads 00:13am. Shuffling out of bed, he tries not to wake Scarlett.


INTERIOR ETHAN’S FLAT KITCHEN/BATHROOM (PREMONITION) Ethan makes his way throughout the house passing various photos of his past; his marriage, a drunken night gone too far, and a broken frame with no picture. The bin holds the contents of a Chinese takeaway, uneaten and opened. He continues through the kitchen heading to the bathroom when he spots a valentine’s card lying on the table. Looking it over he sees it has been ripped in two, the tear right through his name. He grabs tape from a nearby draw and fixes the card together, placing it on the counter slowly. Sluggishly, Ethan approaches the bathroom door and gently pulls the handle. The door opens and Ethan lifts up the toilet seat, starting to urinate. Bang! Ethan looks out the door questioningly raising his eyebrows, but he continues about his business. Ethan quickly exits the bathroom, but hears a glass break disturbing his natural sleepiness. A shadow looms out in the hallway giving Ethan reason to duck behind the counter, he swears to himself. ETHAN (MOUTHING) Shit! His mobile phone sits idly on the counter behind his head; a silver flip phone straight from the early 2000s. Ethan peeks around the kitchen counter spotting nobody in plain sight, he makes a dash for the phone and flips it open. Frantically, he types a sequence of numbers. 999. Ethan glances at the call button but hesitates, fighting with his own thoughts. He flips it closed again, looking for a nearby surface. Close by, a vase sits on the table and he swaps it for the phone. The weight of the vase feels substantial. Meanwhile, amidst all of Ethan’s actions, the masked assailants enter the kitchen. The tranquility of the flat is disturbed by the sounds of moving furniture and disgruntled men. Ethan keeps a keen eye on them as they enter the kitchen. They continue to search for Ethan, eventually splitting off into separate groups. Ethan prepares to make his move when only one assailant remains in the room. He breathes deeply, almost letting his nerves get the better of him. A few moments pass as he spots his prime opportunity, Ethan makes his move keeping as low to the floor as possible. His target gets closer and closer. SCARLETT Ethan?!


A feeling of paralysis numbs Ethan’s body as his wife enters into the kitchen. As Ethan stops the masked man turns to face him. Fear flows through his body, a terrified look scarring his face as he looks up at the assailant. The mask covers the entirety of his face revealing only his eyes and mouth. He grins. Ethan attempts to attack the man with the vase, but is stopped by the vice-like grip of the assailants hands. The vase falls to the floor smashing into several pieces, both Ethan and the assailant struggle kicking ceramic everywhere. Scarlett screams as another assailant grabs her, quickly forcing her to the floor. Meanwhile, Ethan manages to barge past the larger man making his way towards his traumatized wife. He swings for the other assailant, defending his wife with an endless barrage. The original masked man recovers and walks past the counter, he grabs the sharpest knife possible and storms towards Ethan. The knife arcs as he begins to swing it. He pierces the skin, jabbing hard. ETHAN No! Unfortunately, Scarlett has taken Ethan’s place trying to protect him. Droplets of blood begin to fall to the floor as she falls with them. The loud thud can be heard miles away from the flat. Ethan runs over as the assailants quickly exit, he picks her head up resting it on his lap. She coughs up blood as she and Ethan speak. ETHAN No...No! I’m sorry... SCARLETT I love you, Ethan... Her voice trails off as she breaths her final breath. Ethan starts to shake her in denial, but it has no effect. Tears fall from his face as he begins to cry, he holds Scarlett close. The air is still after the commotion, all that can be heard is Ethan’s mourning. 3

INTERIOR ETHAN’S FLAT BEDROOM - MORNING 14TH FEBRUARY Ethan wakes up once more, more panicky than the last time. ETHAN (WHISPERS) Not again... He looks over Scarlett to peer at the clock. It reads 07:12am. Scarlett’s eyes open and she wakes up steadily. SCARLETT What’s wrong?

3. ETHAN Um... Nothing. How about... breakfast in bed? Ethan deflects the question, putting on a smiley facade to cover up his nervousness. 4

INTERIOR ETHAN’S FLAT KITCHEN The gas from the hob makes a loud hissing noise as Ethan turns the knob. A clicking noise indicates the ignition as a blue flame appears. Ethan holds the pan above the flame, placing it gently. He grabs some olive oil from a nearby cupboard, adding it to the pan. Every action he does is committed to very gently. Every motion is smooth, but not harsh. Ethan appears to be quite calmed by the art of his cookery. He grabs some eggs from the fridge along with bacon and sausages. The pan starts to sizzle from the heat generated by the flames, Ethan begins to crack the egg. He pulls it open pouring a perfect egg onto the pan. A second egg appears from the side as he begins to crack it. Ethan pours the second egg onto the pan, but this time the yolk breaks creating a mess on the pan. Ethan frowns, breaking away from his smiley and calm appearance. Shortly after, Scarlett walks into the kitchen fully dressed in her work uniform. ETHAN You’re going to work?.. But it’s valentine’s day... SCARLETT Sorry, I forgot. I’ve got a big meeting today. Scarlett’s look suggests otherwise, a fake smile painting her face. The eggs sizzle in the background as she quickly leaves the flat. ETHAN Bye... Scarlett slams the front door behind her causing the house to shake. He reacts to the slam timidly, closing his eyes. Ethan turns his head towards the eggs with a depressed look. The eggs are scorched; as black as the night sky. Sighing, he removes the pan from the hob and pours the charred contents into the bin.


EXTERIOR NIGHTCLUB - DAY 14TH FEBRUARY Ethan stands outside a door with a plain wall. He looks up seeing the sign for a nightclub, obviously dead during the day. The alley provides no sign of life. He kicks a stone as he waits impatiently, taking his flip phone out of his pocket he looks at it. Ethan stares blankly for a short period of time. The door swings open and three men appear, one larger older gentleman leading at the front.

4. BARRY Ethan! The larger man approaches, his voice booms through the air hitting Ethan directly. He jumps and turns around, phone in hand. BARRY You’re still using that old flip phone then... Still approaching he pulls out a new smart phone. BARRY About time you got a new one, isn’t it? Ethan puts his phone in his pocket giving an ashamed look. He nods to Barry nervously, Barry gives a smile back signaling to his two henchmen. The two smaller people encircle Ethan, one knocks Ethan’s shoulder. Ethan tries to act calm but starts to tremble as the henchmen get uncomfortably close. Barry turns 180 degrees as the two henchmen start to frisk Ethan. BARRY What is it this time then? You’re wife not fingering your ass anymore? Barry laughs to himself as the henchmen smirk to each other. Ethan gives a disgusted look as the two henchmen work over him expertly, Ethan’s coat gets pulled about as the two men rough-handle him. Ethan pulls his coat away as he interrupts the large mans audible laughter. ETHAN I need money... The large man stops laughing, the henchmen following suit. Barry quickly turns, faster than his frame can manage. He almost sprints towards Ethan at an unbelievable pace, growling ferociously. Before long, Barry falls upon Ethan and he tries to step back. The henchmen, however, hold him into place as he comes face-to-face with Barry. With nowhere to escape, he submits to the rabid pit-bull. Barry stares into Ethan’s eyes but Ethan cannot look back, his eyes dart around looking for a way out of the situation. Time passes as Barry attempts to strike fear into Ethan’s soul, his attempt a success. Barry continues to talk, spitting as he speaks angrily. BARRY You still owe me for last time you little cunt! Barry stands over Ethan barking swear words at him. Ethan cowers, looking towards the floor.


ETHAN I...I know. I. Please, I got bills. My marriage is falling apart! BARRY Why didn’t you say so?! We all care so much about your fucking marriage! Barry gives a sarcastic laugh as he talks. He pulls back his large fists angrily has he lays into Ethan. Ethan is unsuspecting when the fist hits his ribs. The henchmen move slightly as Barry’s power impacts them causing vibrations in their arms. Ethan gives out a pained wheeze after each hit, but Barry’s pounds are relentless and everlasting, the final one causing Ethan to spit out his blood onto Barry’s jacket. His large fists return into his triumphant posture as the henchmen drop Ethan on the floor. Ethan’s coughing resonates through the quiet alleyway, no-one else in sight. Barry calms himself, breathing heavily. However, he quickly regains his composure, adjusting his clothing to how it was before. He grabs a tissue from his top coat pocket and proceeds to wipe the blood from his jacket. Curled up on the floor, Ethan is still coughing in pain while Barry finishes cleaning up. BARRY Now that you’ve paid me the first dividend. (Coughs) I’ve got a job for you. One of the henchmen passes Barry Ethan’s flip phone, to which Ethan gives a confused and pained look. Barry types in a number as he and his two henchmen walk back to the nightclub. Recovering, Ethan manages to lean up but is greeted by having his phone thrown at him. BARRY My contact’s number is on there; phone ’em when you’re ready, and don’t be a twat this time! Barry retreats into his lair swiftly as Ethan manages to put his phone away. Stumbling to his feet, Ethan makes his way out of the dank alley. 6

INTERIOR ETHAN’S CAR/SEASIDE PROMENADE - DAY 14TH FEBRUARY The sound of waves vibrate through the air as they crash against the promenade. The sea is rough with high levels of wind blowing sand every which-a-way. A car draws up, parking unsteadily against the curb mounting it slowly. The handbrake makes a grinding noise as the car stops, engine idling for a short time. It cuts out as Ethan twists the key, they jingle as his hands shake against


them. Nervously, Ethan checks his now-chipped flip phone; 9 missed calls - Scarlett. Ethan places the phone on the dashboard slowly, sighing to himself. He shuffles in his car, regretting his decision to drive here. Slowly removing the seat belt, Ethan grimaces trying to position himself comfortably. He rubs his rib cage, remembering the assault from earlier. The waves crash against the promenade as Ethan rests his head, he closes his eyes. The sound of gulls and the sea fade away as Ethan focuses his mind, a dull vibrating noise taking over. It gets louder and louder overpowering any and all sounds. Ethan finally appears calm, tranquility flowing throughout his body. 7

INTERIOR ETHAN’S CAR/SEASIDE PROMENADE - DAY 14TH FEBRUARY (PREMONITION) KIMBERLEY Hey... Hey! Ethan awakes from his meditation, startled by this new arrival. A skinny woman dressed in black stands outside of Ethan’s car window. KIMBERLEY You gonna answer that? ETHAN Um... No. I... KIMBERLEY Come on then, we’re losing time. Ethan quickly prepares himself, leaving the car post-haste. Amidst his rush, he leaves his phone on the dashboard. It reads; 10 missed calls - Scarlett.


EXTERIOR SEASIDE PROMENADE - DAY 14TH FEBRUARY (PREMONITION) Ethan follows the woman nervously at a distance, he pulls some woolen gloves out of his pockets and puts them on. Rubbing his hands together, Ethan breathes into them trying to generate a source of heat. The woman, however is dressed in minimalistic clothing for winter, sporting only a jacket as outerwear and no gloves. She walks confidently without shaking from the cold weather. The sea seems more unruly than before, waves crashing against the barriers with great force. The strange lady prompts Ethan to hurry up using her hands as signals. For a while they walk along the promenade, the silence between them is deafening. Ethan keeps a few feet between them as they proceed, wondering what her intentions are. Kimberley seems to be ignoring Ethan’s presence, her heels make a loud knock each time they hit the floor. After what seems like forever, Ethan and Kimberley arrive at their destination. Two men stand in an alcove, their appearance is similar to that of Barry’s henchmen. They are dressed in suits with a


stark red tie, their jackets are a deep black. Like Kimberley, they aren’t wearing any gloves and seem unaffected by the cold. One of the henchmen is holding what appears to be a duffel bag, quite weighty according to the strange man’s stance. Kimberley approaches them with Ethan following timidly behind. As if this was a daily occurrence, the three glance at each other. Ethan shakes from the cold sea air as one of the henchmen walks into the middle. He places the duffel bag on the floor, looking directly at Ethan. He feels the man’s stare cutting into his skull, Ethan looks away with an uncomfortable expression. The henchman swiftly turns back and returns to his original position. Kimberley looks at Ethan, nodding towards the bag. Ethan understands the instruction and walks slowly towards it. He kneels down feeling the weight of the bag, taking his time. Meanwhile, the strange woman pulls out a silenced pistol and quickly aims it the henchman on the right. She pulls the trigger faster than anyone can react. The bullet impacts him square in the chest causing him to fall to the floor. Ethan cowers, trying to get as low as possible. The second henchman attempts to pull his gun out of the holster, but is quickly shot in the knee. The pistol flies across the floor into one of the nearby drain pipes. Ethan stares at the newly killed henchman with a terrified look, an arm goes to grab him. KIMBERLEY Come along Ethan. Ethan recoils trying to escape but the women is much stronger, she successfully pulls him towards the injured henchman throwing him forward. Ethan looks up as she chucks a switchblade at Ethan, it lands in his lap. KIMBERLEY I want you to teach him a lesson... Carve your wife’s name into his skull. Ethan goes a pale white at the thought, almost throwing up the contents of his stomach. He goes to interject but is greeted by the barrel of the silencer pressed against his head. KIMBERLEY This is what you wanted, isn’t it Ethan? To save your marriage. Do it and you’ll be rewarded. Ethan pulls open the switchblade slowly with both hands, clearly inexperienced with it. Sweat drips from his head as he hesitantly kneels over the injured man. INJURED HENCHMAN Fuck you. You... You cunt!


The henchman holds his leg agonisingly, swearing as Ethan confronts him. He tries to struggle but Ethan holds him down. The knife gets closer and closer to his forehead, Ethan starts breathing heavily. Kimberley puts the gun back in the holster trading it for a box of cigarettes. Walking off, she lights one and begins to smoke it in the distance. As soon as she stops the henchman starts screaming in pain, the sound is ear splitting and can be heard for miles. The area, however, is as isolated as the Sahara. Ethan continues to carve an S into the screaming man’s head. Tears fall from Ethan’s eyes signifying the damage to his morality, they stain the henchman’s jacket alongside his blood. Between the screaming and the swearing, the woman seems unaffected, merely smoking her cigarette. The henchman eventually gathers enough strength to throw Ethan off of him. A metallic sound signifies the loss of Ethan’s blood stained switchblade as the injured man pins Ethan down. He wraps his hands around Ethan’s neck causing him to choke, Ethan’s timid nature getting the better of him. His arms flail trying to search for the knife as the blood covered henchman puts all his strength into his hands. Ethan is left breathless, tears falling from his face. The henchman smiles, blood falling from his. Kimberley still has no reaction to the event, almost finishing her cigarette. Amidst the lifelessness of Ethan’s breathing, he finally finds the handle of the switchblade, jabbing it into the side of the henchman. He falls to the floor, Ethan rising up and continuing his stabs. Screams from the henchman become quieter and quieter as he loses blood, he waves his arms around covering Ethan in blood. His hands try and claw at Ethan’s face, but there is no strength behind it. The henchman eyes grow lifeless and Ethan breaks down into a quiet mobbing. He drops the knife. Kimberley finishes her cigarette, crushing it underneath her foot. She walks back to Ethan and smiles at the bloody sight. KIMBERLEY The things we do for our loved ones... Her smile dissipates as she pulls her gun towards Ethan’s head one again, slowly this time. Kimberley pushes against the trigger matched with a great resistance from the gun. She pushes it further against his head as Ethan’s tears roll down his face. But silence overcomes Ethan, the waves stop, the gulls stop. The sound of a dull vibration taking over again. Kimberley puts the gun down. KIMBERLEY Hey...



EXTERIOR SEASIDE PROMENADE - DAY 14TH FEBRUARY The tears continue to fall down Ethan’s face as he sits in his car. Another premonition has occurred and Ethan appears panicky, he looks at his gloved hands but there is no blood. KIMBERLEY Hey! You gonna answer that? Ethan snaps out of his confusion, looking at the woman with bloodshot eyes. ETHAN Uh...Yeah...Um. Give me 5 minutes. The woman nods at him, leaving to prepare a cigarette in a similar fashion to before. Ethan looks at his phone to see 10 missed calls from Scarlett. He goes to phone her, but the once reliable flip phone dies. Looking in the wing mirror back at the woman he prepares the car, putting his seat belt on quietly and putting the keys back in the ignition. He pulls away in a quick fashion leaving the strange woman behind. She gives a depressed sigh as she pulls her phone from her pocket. A number quick dials and she puts the phone up to her ear.


INTERIOR ETHAN’S FLAT KITCHEN/HALLWAY - DUSK/NIGHT 14TH FEBRUARY The atmosphere of the house is quiet, the smell of Chinese takeaway permeates the air. A valentine’s card for Ethan sits on the table next to some plastic bags, they appear to be full of warm food. Suddenly, Ethan disturbs the tranquility of the house by bursting through the door and locking it quickly behind him. Impatiently, Ethan rushes to the kitchen bumping into various pieces of furniture. He narrowly avoids falling over a table in the dark hallway. Upon entering the kitchen, he removes his gloves and throws them to the floor. Ethan looks around hesitantly, but his timid stance melts away when he spots the card on the table. On the front it says "Ethan <3". He smells the takeaway and smiles to himself, forgetting his circumstances. But he quickly remembers, brushing his hair back. He then looks down at his watch, the time reads 11:13pm. ETHAN One hour... Ethan hears a bang as he heads towards the bedroom. ETHAN No...No no no. Not yet... No.


Ethan takes cover behind the counter, just like before. The time on the cooker stating a different time; 00:13am. Expecting men to enter from the front door, he tries to grab something from the kitchen counter. This time he decides on a knife, compared to the nearby vase. Ethan tests the weight of the knife preparing himself for their arrival. He is unfulfilled when they don’t seem to appear. He jumps as he hears the back door bang shut and he repositions himself, hiding around the corner. ETHAN (WHISPERS) This isn’t how it’s meant to be... Ethan whispers to himself with a confused look. He starts to panic, but Ethan manages to stifle himself. He breathes deeply closing his eyes as the unknown figure approaches the kitchen. He looks around, spotting the actual time on the clock. Swearing to himself, he freezes his position to maintain his noise level. Time freezes around him as the footsteps get closer and closer, louder and louder. A timid roar escapes his lung as he jumps out and swings the knife, narrowly avoiding Scarlett and piercing the kitchen counter. SCARLETT (SCREAMS) What the fuck Ethan?! Ethan panics as he misses Scarlett, but he quickly shushes her. ETHAN Listen, we need to leave... SCARLETT What’s wrong with you? I tried to phone you but you didn’t pick up. ETHAN You need to listen... SCARLETT There’s some men sitting in a car outside, they’ve been there for hours. I... ETHAN (SHOUTS) Scarlett!! Listen, I owe someone a lot of money. This... man wanted me to kill someone, he’s obviously been watching us. SCARLETT D...Did you?


ETHAN No... No, I didn’t. At least I don’t think so. SCARLETT What? You’re not making any sense. ETHAN I’ll explain later, we need to go. Scarlett nods in response, still confused by this situation. The two characters make their way out of the back door to escape the henchmen entering the house. The henchmen spot the disposed gloves on the floor and make their way to the back, only to see the back door swinging on it’s hinges. HENCHMAN Fuck! 11

EXTERIOR FLAT/ALLEYWAY - NIGHT The couple attempt to sneak out through the back garden, they keep as low as possible as they retreat. Ethan takes his time, trying not to alarm any henchmen on his route. He spots a black car in front of the flat, the henchmen clearly searching his house and making a ruckus. Ethan and Scarlett scurry the opposite direction, trying not to arouse suspicion. Their pace quickens as they walk away from the parked car. The headlights turn on, the engine starting with it. Not loud enough for the couple to hear though, the distance is too great. The black car starts to follow them, driving as slowly as they walk. Ethan notices it out of the corner of his eye, he takes Scarlett’s hand and quickens the pace once more. A walk, turns into a jog, then into a sprint as Ethan tries to escape his and Scarlett’s fate. Finally, a way out makes itself obvious to them as they turn the corner and find an alleyway. Scarlett and Ethan quickly rush down the narrow path as the car pulls up at the end. Two henchmen exit the car, faces covered by masks. They shout towards the other pursuers, but the couple cannot hear the muffled yells. The henchmen begin to storm down the narrow path. Ethan grips Scarlett tightly as they run as fast as their legs will take them. A four-way junction appears as they turn a corner. A way to escape, Ethan thinks to himself. As the couple approach the junction, a masked man grabs Ethan. The two struggle as Scarlett watches helplessly. Timid Ethan fails to overpower the man and a blade enters his side, a similar fashion to how he stabbed the henchman on the promenade. Ethan screams in pain, speaking his final words to Scarlett.


ETHAN I love you, Scarlett! Now run! Scarlett cries as she sees her loved one fall to the floor, breathing his last dying breath and blood pooling on the floor. The henchman turns around menacingly, but Scarlett sprints as fast as she can. The tears from her face form a trail behind her as she attempts to escape. The end of the alleyway quickly comes into sight, any relief she has coming back to her. As Scarlett reaches the end she is grabbed by what appears to be one of the henchmen. Their appearance similar to the rest, he wears a black uniform and a mask. She struggles trying to hit the strange man off, but her attempts are futile. MASKED MAN (ETHAN) Scarlett! Calm down Scarlett! The man speaks softly to her, she freezes on the spot as she realises whom the voice belongs to. He lets go and she backs away. He takes his mask off. ETHAN Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s me Scarlett... Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Ethan. End

I love you, ethan fymp media production  
I love you, ethan fymp media production