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Matthew Hole Graphic Design

RIBA Annual Report This brief was to design a creative annual report for a company of my choice. I chose the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) as I wanted to look at and experiment with the shapes we often see in modern architecture. The outcome is an A1 poster designed to have the characteristics of a blueprint or building plans.

Ordnance Survey: Foragers Symbols

These are a new set of pictograms designed in response to an Ordnance Survey brief. The symbols are aimed at foragers and people that enjoy searching for their own food. They are designed to be used on a 1:25000 Ordnance Survey map and are placed on to help foragers find out where the best places are to find various fruits, nuts, leaves and funghi.

Ordnance Survey: Pocket Guide

With the release of the symbols I have created a promotional “pocket guide� to aid foragers. This guide is to be taken out when foraging to help show when various things are in and out of season, whilst also providing the user some things to look out for when searching for food.

Feel Good Drinks

Response to a YCN student brief, whereby we were to take the Feel Good Drinks brand and make it “famous”. The outcome is a short 30 second stop motion video commercial in which fruit starts to dance and spin with the music whilst expanding throughout. The scene is then changed when the fruit begins to move back in on itself and a bottle of Feel Good is filled up. Each individual piece of fruit was cut up and moved around the surface individually by hand for each captured frame. Ingredients: • 13 Oranges • 9 Limes • 8 Passion Fruit • 7 Lemons • 6 Apples • 2 Mangos • Lot’s of blueberries Collaboration with John Burgess.

Deep Restaurant Branding

I have created a set of brand guidelines for a fictional seafood bar and restaurant called “deep”. The concept behind the name and brand is that of sustainable fishing; which I have tried to relate to in the logo design. The thin lines and hook shapes are representative of those used in line fishing. With the name “deep”, I saw the rare opportunity to create a logo that could be read correctly when flipped upside down. With this in mind, I went on to use this concept on my menu design and other stationary.

Deep Menu

The menu is a somewhat unconventional design. We are usually given one menu each when dining out, however I wanted to integrate the ambigram logo by creating a menu that is shared by diners as they sit opposite one another. Each person sitting at the table can read the menu and logo correctly.

Design by Numbers

This is a response to a blog post titled ‘Design by Numbers’ which was published on the website The post by Dmitri Siegel discusses how advertisements we see online are tailored to appeal to us and how designers can follow a set of “rules” to target their audience. The outcome is an A2 poster that takes the title and deconstructs it into a dotto-dot puzzle, whilst still remaining legible.

Curriculum Vitae


Advanced: InDesign Illustrator Photoshop Word






Name and Date De Montfort University (Sept 08 to July 11)

Qualifications BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Basingstoke College of Technology (Sept 07 to Jun 08)

Foundation Art & Design

Queen Mary’s College (Sept 05 to May 07)

A Levels in Graphic design, Computing and Business Studies

Brighton Hill Community College (Sept 00 to June 05)

10 GCSE’s Grade A-C including Maths and English

Company Gap Inc

Date October 09 to November 10

Information I worked here on the shop floor and behind the till interacting with customers whilst tailoring their shopping experience to their own needs.

Following time constraints I decided to leave to concentrate on my final year of study at university.


January 07 to December 08

I started here as a shelf stacker and was then given the role of ensuring all items in my department were in date.

My job also involved helping customers out whenever possible and ensuring a standard of tidyness.

Previous Employment

Dreamweaver Flash Excel

Swiss Design Advertising Typography Branding

Sport Socializing Current Affairs Music

AS Levels in Mathematics and Media Studies


My personal portfolio and CV