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Once there was a young girl named Miyole. Miyole was a young scientist that liked to do experiments. Miyole was originally from Haiti, but she was raised in Dubai along with her foster sister Asa.  Miyole now lived and was stationed on a big space ship called the DSRI. One day another ship was attacked by pirates and destroyed. Miyole and her friends from the DSRI helped rescue the survivors.     named Miyole. One of the survivors that they rescued name was Cassia. Cassia told Miyole how the mean and nasty pirates had kidnapped her brother.  Cassia went to her friend Miyole for help. Miyole and Cassia stole a ship and went out to rescue her little brother.   

Suddenly they found themselves attacked by the Daikait.   Miyole and Cassia bravely fought back and the Dakiat ran away. 


  As they continue on their journey. They see a white blob on the side of their ship. And the ship freezes.   But it wasn't a blob as they had feared, it was coordinated to a place. They followed the cordinants  and made it to the place where her lost brother was being held captive

   They prepared themselves for battle. They fought a small army of pirates and was able to rescue her brother. The End.   

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