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Energy Overspend    May  2013   UK  Hospitality  Industry  Wasting  £180m  a  Year  on  Energy!  Recent   research  from  the  Energy  Efficiency  Financing  (EEF)  scheme  suggests   that  the  UK  hospitality  industry  is  overspending  on  energy  by  an   incredible  £180m  per  year  with  inefficient  technology,  equipment  &   controls  being  blamed  for  the  energy  overspends.  Heating,  cooling  &   ventilation  have  been  identified  as  key  areas  for  potential  energy   savings,  highlighting  an  issue  that  we've  long  been  passionate  about:   reducing  waste  &  inefficiency  within  HVAC.  If  you’re  interested  in   improving  the  efficiency  of  your  HVAC  system,  just  call  us!    

Awards June  2013   Being  the  winners  of  three  prestigious  awards  already  this  year,   including  'Best  Golf  Resort  in  the  World'  as  voted  by  the  Daily  Telegraph   Ultratravel  Awards  2013,  Leigh  Tec  will  be  returning  once  again  to   undertake  canopy  extension  works  at  the  World  Famous  Gleneagles  this   June.  Being  the  Host  Venue  for  the  2014  Ryder  Cup,  set  within  the  gentle   beauty  of  850  acres  of  Perthshire  countryside,  Gleneagles  is  certainly  a   place  we  love  returning  to.  


New Machinery      June  2013   Introduces  its  latest  acquisition  of  the  AMADA  HFE  II  Series  Press  Brake.   Now  on  site  and  part  of  Leigh  Tec's  2013  development  plan,  this  huge   Company  investment  of  over  £80,000  is  already  making  its  mark  on  the   Companies  future  manufacturing  capabilities.  In  line  with  Leigh  Tec's   Environmental  Policy,  HFE  gives  the  user  great  flexibility  whilst  a  newly   designed  control  panel  and  energy  saving  drive  improves  overall   efficiency  and  ultimate  profitability.  



New Premises      22  June  2011   The  company  has  taken  a  step  forward  in  the  way  it  produces  its   products.  In  order  to  keep  up  with  demand  and  ensure  constant   workflow,  the  company  has  made  a  bold  decision  to  move  into  new   premises.  This  means;     -­‐  More  space  so  we  can  hold  more  stock.     -­‐Keep  a  stronger  workforce  to  keep  up  with  demand.     -­‐Acquire  more  machinery  to  stay  at  the  forefront  of  the  industry.       All  of  this  means  we  can  now  increase  our  manufacturing  output  in   order  to  give  you  class  leading  service,  top  quality  products,  all  in  a  time   frame  which  suits  you.  The  customer.        Our  new  manufacturing  address       is;    Leigh  Tec  Systems  LTD    Andersen  Road    Goole,  East   Mail  News  &  Media  Business  Awards  2009       September  2009      

The  British  Business  Awards  Association  have  today  confirmed  that   LeighTec  Solutions  Ltd  have  been  selected  as  one  of  the  three  finalists   for  the  "Small  Business  of  the  Year  Awards".        The  winner  will  be   announced  at  the  Awards  Presentation  Dinner,  which  will  be  held  at  the   Willerby  Manor  Hotel  on  the  26th  November  2009.        We  are  obviously   pleased  to  be  associated  with  the  BBAA  and  to  have  been  selected  as  one   of  the  finalists  for  this  prestigious  award.    

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