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2857 – OfficeReef – Off Page – Choosing The Best Label Printing Accessories All label-printing accessories are not created equal. If you’re using a quality label printer and not a label maker – yes, there is a difference – then the bottom line is, you want die-cut labels. Die-cut labels are rolls of pre-cut labels that can be printed and pulled off one at a time. They can be made of paper, film or plastic depending on what your needs are. Brother® labels and DYMO® labels are great options in the die-cut label category. Label printers connect to your computer and are ideal for creating larger pieces like shipping labels, postage, custom name badges, banners and signage. They don’t have built-in keyboards, so you need to have them connected to a PC or MAC. As far as label printers are concerned, you can’t go wrong with DYMO label printers and Brother label printers. The DYMO LabelWriter® 450 is especially popular. Grab the die-cut label size and color you want for the job and you’ll be in business. Label makers typically have built-in keyboards and come in a variety of sizes for multiple uses. The basic handheld versions are ideal for general home use and organizational projects. More advanced handhelds are extremely useful in office, commercial and industrial settings that require permanent and precise labeling. Desktop label makers offer more bells and whistles in terms of font, style, framing and pre-programmed templates. If you need dozens or hundreds of labels printed every week, then you need the mother of all desktop label makers, the PC & MAC connectable label maker. DYMO label makers deliver in this category along with Brother label makers and Casio label makers. There is definitely more than meets the eye when it comes to label printers, label makers and printing accessories, so make sure you’ve got the right equipment before you start your projects and events.

2857 – OfficeReef – Off Page – Choosing The Best Label Printing Accessories