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What are the tools required for hot water system and how it works?

The components used in gas hot water system includes, 1. Tank: •. It is made up of metal and it contains a water protective liner •. There is an additional insulating blanket over the outer shell

2.Dip Tube: •. It is used to pass the water to the water heater •. The water travels from the top of the tank to the bottom through this dip tube.

3.Shut off valve: •. It is located outside the heater and above the unit. •. it is used to restrict the water from entering into the water heater.

4. Heat out pipe: •. it allows the hot water to exit the water heater. •. It is suspended towards the top of the tank’s interior. 5. Thermostat: •. It is a device which acts as a thermometer and temperature control device.

6. Drain valve: •. It is located at the bottom of the tank. •. Used for the following reasons, Empty the tank Replace elements Remove sediment Move the tank to another location.

7. Pressure relief valve: •.

Within safe limits, it keeps the pressure inside the water heater.

Working of water heater: •.

The cold water is fed by the dip tube from your home’s water lines.


After that, water is heated up to certain temperature.


Each element of the system receive power through the thermostat.


The hot water exits from the tank through the heat-out pipe.

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What are the tools required for hot water system and how it works  
What are the tools required for hot water system and how it works  

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