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• is a learning hub which provides information all about Australian Shepherd. • We provide breeder/ litter listings which includes the data on health clearances, pedigrees, registries and a guide that helps you to choose the right breed. • You can also submit your litter/ breeder listings.

The hub contains the following information about Aussie, • • • • • • •

EBooks History and origin of Aussie Temperament qualities Way for finding breeder mentor Health and behavior basics Exercising with Aussie Photos, videos and Document archives

Aussie Basics: • Our Aussie Basics information will give you a complete knowledge on choosing the right Aussie whether it is a companion, a sport dog, a show dog or a stock dog. • This section tells about the life span, breed standard, height and weight of an Aussie.

• By knowing the temperament qualities of Australian Shepherd, you can easily train your dog. • Buying a dog is not that much easy. You need to know the pros and cons of the breed before buying it. • You can get a new puppy by analyzing and understanding these information.

Health and Behavior Basics: • Knowing the health and Behavior basics of dog is very essential to safeguard the dog from various genetic health problems. • The common genetic problems in Aussies include malocclusions, cleft palate, juvenile cataracts, primary glaucoma merles, etc. • The entire section guide you to protect your dog from such kind of diseases.

Aussie activities: • Aussies are generally want to do some kind of job whether it is fetching the paper or formal competition. • By learning the information provided in, you can train or exercise your dog which includes heeling, sitting, standing and maintaining a stay.

• If you want to know any kind of information about Australian Shepherd, then you can surf for learning more knowledge about it. • It is a learning hub made only for the breed Aussie. • Reach us at

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Theaustralianshepherd net – the informative hub for australian shepherd on the internet is a learning hub from which you can get all information about the breed Aussie. It contains breeder/litter listin...