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Agricultural Courses- Health And Risk Management Approaches Agricultural science is the study of such practices which are involved in the field of agriculture. Although agriculture and agricultural science are related to each other, but they are quite different from each other. Agriculture is the art of growing plants, vegetables and fruits for consumption of human beings. On the contrary, agriculture science deals with improvement, research and development in techniques of production such as pets control, irrigation management etc. It involves the process necessary for improving quantity and quality of agricultural products. Agriculture science is a multi-dimension access to practice and understanding of different social, economic and natural sciences which are involved in agriculture. Students who complete their graduation in agricultural science have a good understanding of the relationship between ecosystems, farmers and endconsumers through the exhaustive study of botany, animal husbandry, economics and everything else which is involved in food production and farming. As more than 50% of the population of the world is directly or indirectly involved in agriculture and production of food, degrees in agricultural science gives a broad spectrum of career choices which range from education to agronomy. The degree course comprises of a curriculum which prepares the students for entry level jobs in this field. They are provided training in botany, zoology, animal agriculture, horticulture, soil science, basic chemistry, sustaining agriculture, production of food and the economics of agricultural production. Such varied subjects make sure that the students are well-prepared for any challenge that they may come across in this field. It is not always possible for the students to get enrolled in full-time degree courses because of scarcity of money and time. In such type of cases, students can apply for diploma courses. Any student who has passed X level can apply for such diploma courses. These diploma courses remain available in the field of agriculture. The courses are made in such a way that they provide a complete introduction about agriculture, animal husbandry and horticulture. Diploma courses are recommended for those students who want to pursue their career in

management of agricultural farms and horticulture management. There are many kinds of diploma courses such as advanced diploma, post graduate diploma and basic diploma courses. Such courses provide the students with the knowledge of various attributes of agricultural science. Such courses also provide some fundamental subjects such as human resource, financial and physical management. Diploma courses of agriculture are provided by all the top universities throughout the world. Diploma courses can also be done through distance learning.

Safety and Risk management for Agriculture courses  

Agriculture industry is considered as the most dangerous industry to work for. This industry work involves handling heavy machineries. To op...

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