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Spitbraai Cape Town –Came A Long Way Down Cape’s Memory Lane, From The Dutch Days Through A Long History Past To Modern Times The rich and interweaved history of Cape Town through its golden periods to the troubled waters finally reaching the much stable and beautiful modern times have left a strong impression on Cape’s gastronomic lifestyle. Some of them like the Spitbraai Cape Town chose to put quite a mark on the cultural practices. South Africa as we all know have layers of grey and white in her history. Cape Town has for long been due to her placement in geography and many other factors, a politically and sociologically important place. This South African city had witnessed the complicated history of the country and withstood the test of time bearing the several impressions history has left on her from social to political to its food habits. An ideal example would be the Spitbraai Cape Town that was a recipe found by the slaves who were Middle Eastern in origin, travelled with the Dutch VOC settlement to South Africa, and became an integral part of the city’s culture. The Dutch Influence A marked influence of the old Dutch settlement can be noticed from the Company’s Garden which is still existing at the centre of the city bearing the marks of the time when it was utilized for supplying fresh productions to the Dutch East India Company ships that passed by. Bearing the history of Cape Town are the principal city museums grouping around this famous botanical garden. The South African Iziko Museum has a rare collection of prehistoric mementos to the famous Whale Well; Iziko National Gallery that houses the outstanding examples of the famous resistance art, and many art treasures. The District Six Museum represents the remembrance of this vivacious multiracial community, which once was compulsorily removed by the infamous apartheid regime. The mixed racial history strongly affected the multi-cuisine food habits of the city. There have been many culinary cuisines that got introduced in the city –Malay, Indian, Italian, Moroccan, French, Portuguese, Congolese, Brazilian, Greek, Korean, Thai, Afrikaans (consisting of the famous Spitbraai Cape Town), and many other. The Days of Slavery Long Past

As a heartrending remembrance of Slave-economy stand the Church Square and Slave Lodge. If you take a stroll down Long Street, you will find the reinstated buildings bearing several marks of history since time immemorial. There is this Old Town House Gallery standing tall at the Greenmarket Square with tucked away somewhere upstairs is a Rembrandt. To taste some more elegance of the eighteenth century do visit the Wet House Koopmans-de, and the historic house garden of Rust en Vreugd. During some of these days if you want to create a typical local atmosphere to have some barbecue Cape Town style and you do not have an idea of how to go about it –go take help from Spitbraai Hire. Considering the fact that you have walked a long way down memory lane of this enriched and exotic civilization, take some steps forward with such a typical South African barbecue to intertwine your soul with the culture and history of this city of Cape Peninsula. The Malay Influence Bo-Kaap in Cape Town offers you an extremely colorful trip inside the history of Malay population of Cape Town who happened to be the early Muslim settlers, in the famous BoKaap Museum. You can choosewalking down the trendier streets of nineteenth century De Waterkantor getting a feel of the shady andpainful past of slavery at Prestwich Memorial. There is a gun firing ceremony every day at Signal Hill, you can either walkup there to have a look or just listen out to the firing of the Noon Gun. The Malay has a rich influence on the food habits of Cape Town population as well and has a cuisine on the name. Finishing Up If you do want to stay closer to your common steaks and barbecue however, choosing a Spitbraai Hire will be the right way to go.

Spitbraai Cape Town –Came A Long Way Down Cape’s Memory Lane, From The Dutch Days Through A Long His  
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