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Solar Panels – Know About Their Typical Efficiency Rating Every morning, sunlight (photons) falls over the solar panels installed on the roof of your home. The modules convert the photons to particles called electrons of DC (direct current) flow. It is quite obvious that the more intense the sunlight will be, the more electrons will be produced by the solar modules. The latter particles then move out of the modules and flow into invertors and other electrical devices. Inside the inverter, DC is converted into AC (alternating current). Bi-directional measuring devices are used to track the amount of solar power produced. Most interestingly, the amount of solar energy that remains unused flows back to the grid via the measuring device or meter. What is the standard efficiency rating of solar modules? A typical efficiency rating is the percentage of photons bombarded on the solar modules converted into usable electrical energy. When it comes to the standard efficiency rating of solar panels, they are near about 11 to 15 percent efficient. It might vary from brand to brand. The higher the efficiency of the modules, the lesser the surface area you tend to need in the modules. There are a number of factors that determine the efficiency of these modules. They are – orientation of the panel, temperature, panel pitch, roof pitch and shade (enemy of solarpowered devices). So, before installation, you should consider them for sure. What do you mean by high efficiency panels? Most people think those high efficiency solar panels cape town are the best. Although it is true, it is not applicable everywhere. A high efficiency panel means, it uses less of your rooftop space. Until and unless your rooftop space is unusually small, efficiency should not be a major concern. One important thing, high efficiency panels are a bit expensive. This is why, commonly they are not used by the people. Moreover, whether high or low efficient, these panels add to the value of your home.

Solar panels – know about their typical efficiency rating  
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