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Contract Cleaning In Cape Town And Johannesburg

The company Extreme clean was established in Johannesburg in 2001. Later on it established its branches in Cape Town as well. This company specialises in the procedures of carpet cleaning, pest control, window cleaning, office cleaning and contract cleaning. Its main feature though is contract cleaning in Cape Town and contract cleaning in Johannesburg. The company’s main objective is to become the best in the business. There is a great amount of competition in this profession and hence the clients get lots of options. But still most of the people choose Extreme Clean over other companies as this company always lives up to the expectations of their respective clients. •

Carpet cleaning

This service provided by the company ensures cleaning of small and large carpets belonging to homes as well as vast offices or other places efficiently and effectively. Extreme Clean helps to clean the carpets and make them look good and even newer. Carpets should be cleaned through professional cleaners to maintain the longevity of them and who does not like to see a shiny and polished carpet flowing on the floors. If the carpet of your office or home is not cleaned properly by any professional carpet cleaner, then it may lead to several diseases also as an unclean carpet becomes the growing ground of several diseases. •

Pest control

This company provides the service of pest control as well. With the help of advanced techniques and pesticides, removal of bugs, pests and insects can be ensured. Pest control services are availed by households, offices etc. Efficient workers who are recruited by the company make the work of pest control effortless which otherwise is a very hectic and stressful work to do. You will not require to face any trouble once you hand-over this job to this company as they are an expert in this field and will help you in pest control with utmost efficiency. •

Window cleaning

The workers with advanced equipments and techniques do the work of window cleaning in houses and offices or shops etc. Windows are made shiny and they look new. A clean and clear window enhances the beauty of your house also while a shabby one decreases it. •

Office cleaning

The company takes up the work of cleaning of the entire office. The size of the office ranges from big to small. Each and every nook and cranny of the office is cleaned by using proper advanced tools and materials. •

Contract cleaning

Contract cleaning in Cape Town as well as contract cleaning in Johannesburg refers to providing various cleaning services from time to time on the basis of any contract to the client. According to the contract the company has to make provisions for the client to clean his office or household, as the case maybe, at the time or days specified from time to time. The service is extremely professional and you don’t need to worry about this service as they are an expert and professional in this field.

Extreme Clean is considered to be one of the best and the leading companies in this business.

Contract cleaning in cape town and johannesburg  
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