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Studio 1 - Space, Solid, Volume, and Material Materials and Methods Studio 2 - Plaza Soledad Studio 3 - Lowline in the Greenway Email:

Studio 1 - Space, Solids, Volume, and Material Date of Project: Fall Semester 2011 Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota Design: Matthew Rhein Studio 1 began with an experiment of space, solid and volume. Photographs of spaces around the University of Minnesota created ideas for solids, which were then simplified using a series of wooden blocks. Using the wooden blocks to create space and voids, experiments were done to find arrangements of space. Plaster models were cast to show an overall identification of a division of space. A site in Minneapolis, Minnesota was also introduced giving function to the volume. From the plaster models, paper models were then used to create a program. Through iteration, plaster, paper and natural lighting were mixed to create an importance to the space and program of the site.

Materials and Methods Date of Project: Fall Semester 2011 Project Building: Villa Chardonne Architects: Made in Sarl Built: 2008 Project Partner: Andrew Hawkinson The purpose of the Materials and Methods project was to create a scaled model that expressed an important part and details of a building of our choice. My partner and I chose a residential house constructed in Switzerland. We focused on the front section of the building that shows how one of the caissons supports the structure. Details include the connections of the floor to wall, floor to ceiling and layers of material and insulation of the structure. We obtained document drawings from the architects and modified them to show the structure details.

Studio 2 - Plaza Soledad Date of Project: Spring Semester 2012 Location: Oaxaca, Mexico Project Partners: Katie Benz and Lauren Strauss Plaza Soledad is a large and important public square in the city of Oaxaca, Mexico. Our studio was given an opportunity to redesign the space. My partners and I believed that the site seemed to be mostly used as just a transportation method between two streets. We wanted to utilize the space and create an alternate path that people could move through. The redesign of the space included more vegetation and the addition of water to influence people to gather in the square. Additionally, we were to add a library and a historian's house near or on the plaza as a part of the new program. Scaled models of the two structures were created to show them in more detail.

Studio 3 - Lowline in the Greenway Date of Project: Fall Semester 2012 Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota Project Partner: Angie Pederson Studio 3 started with an investigation of the Minneapolis Greenway with our entire studio. After the entire group researched the area and exchanged information, we chose partners that were interested in similar design ideas. Designing for our clients, the Greenway Coalition, my partner and I, created an idea we called the "Zipper" to tie the two sides of the Greenway together. The spaces designed were used to influence people down onto the path and utilize the space between the two communities. We each selected two different areas along the path for intervention and designed the spaces separately using the design rules we established.

A special thanks to all who have helped me over the years to get to where I am at today. All of my family, friends and the teachers who have guided me through my school years and life events. They have all contributed to helping me become a better person. Matthew Rhein

Matthew J Rhein MArch Portfolio 2017  
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