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Issue Number 1

Issue Number 1

letter from the editor

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The honesty you get out of a disposable camera is why I enjoy them. The fact that you have no control except for a push of a button. After you develop the film you get the chance to be inspired again and view the photo from a different perspective. I am constantly wondering who people are and why or how they make decisions. What I hope to achieve is simple, to have an outlet where people can show their creativity and lifestyle to the world. Hope you enjoy

Editor-in-cheif: Matthew Partida

Interview by: Alex Suarez

Alex Suarez: “Tell me a little bit about this project you’re working on.” Matthew Partida: “I’m creating a docu-style magazine called Disposable. The plan is to give people disposable cameras and to have them take pictures of things that inspire them in their daily lives in an attempt to capture something real as opposed to something contrived. The idea is to delve into someone else’s thoughts and look at their personal creative process. What motivated me in doing this was that I wasn’t being inspired by anything…nothing was driving me. I wanted to develop a magazine that was honest and that would push me in my own creative endeavors. A S: “They say that necessity is the mother of invention; did you feel like there was something lacking in other publications?” M P: “There’s not a lot out there that summates our generation and that zooms in on how we cultivate certain aspects of ourselves through a creative process or through a singular, experienced event. A lot of magazines only show an artist or celebrity’s bio [from the perspective of the interviewer] and it can feel fabricated, whereas Disposable will take the reader on a guided tour of another’s creative journey. I want it to be more observational and real.” A S: “There’s this whole sub cultural renaissance that’s occurring and there’s been a huge comeback with the 35mm film and Polaroid’s. Simplicity seems to be the driving force behind it, but there’s still something ‘picture perfect’ about it. Obviously there’s very little control with the outcome of a disposable camera. Is this what made you choose that as the sole medium?”

Q&A by Alex Suarez M P: “I’m not trying to get actual photographers to produce and manipulate a picture to their liking. I wanted the pictures to be something that came out of the need to just document a thing or a place within a moment.” A S: “Tell me a little bit about yourself. What inspires you, visually?” M P: “I grew up in Southern California, so I tend to gravitate towards surf culture, soft lighting, different shades of blue. . . I’m fascinated by the clear purity of the ocean, especially now living in San Francisco where everything feels grey.” A S: “What, in your words, is your most positive attribute?” M P: “I’m a good listener and I try hard to understand all types of views, even If I disagree with them. To try and understand someone else’s point of view can help you and can either affirm what you personally believe in, or it can at least help you to gain a different perspective. “ A S: ”A negative attribute?” M P: “I don’t have any of those.” (Laughing)

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