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October 2010

THE TROPICAL PARADISE OF ASIA As I gradually drift with the current I see the typical fish, [Moorish Idol’s, Angel fish, nothing special]. I question myself, is this all that Gili Air has to offer? Everyone was still hoping for the one dive where the mystical beast would draw smiles on our faces. I knew that today was going to be the day. Hands around my body I continue to float waiting for Dedi, our local dive master to give us the signal of a shark. I was still astonished at the vast coral and the calmness of the water. As I check my gauge to find out I’m losing air, hope seeps

away from me. As I sigh in disappointment the signal we have all been waiting for finally appears. I feel the excitement racing around my body, and I see the excitement in my friends. This is great!

Gili Air, at the bottom tip of the Island of Lombok, is the best kept diving secret in Asia. Despite the coral reefs, wine blue seas, white sand beaches and waving palm trees, the island remains almost unvisited. Most of the visitors to Gili Air are divers who want to


By: Matthew Miron

WHAT LOMBOK OFFERS experience the amazing underwater world.

Making sure all the air was out of my BCD I leisurely kicked my up to the surface. While taking my I turn my head in all directions to gasp of fresh air I was interrupted find the shark, but yet I’m by Hunter shouting in triumph. confused as it still didn’t reach my “That dive was awesome!” Once eyes. The white tip was sleeping at on the boat we all rushed to the peace camouflaged by the sandy roof for some needed heat. As we bottom. We were excited and I debriefed and joked about all the really wished I could talk but all creatures we’d have to log in our that I could do was to blow tons of book. We reached the shore and bubbles. The shark didn’t waved to our fellow classmates appreciate this as now it was (now divers). I realized it was awoken and didn’t look too another beautiful day on the waters pleased. I knew sharks wouldn’t around Gili Air. The sun was attack but you can never know for shining, the winds were mild, sure so I was still a bit worried. ocean was blue, and all was right The sleek streamline body of the with the world. shark allowed it to gracefully glide through the water. It began to Whether you are the adventurous circle us and came as close as two type or the relaxed type Gili Air is meters away. I stared into it’s a perfect get away. You can spend white eyes and they seemed to your whole day exploring a new glare back at me. I was so satisfied world or you can lay on the beach and I knew everyone else was as enjoying the quite peaceful beach. well. We stayed hovering above There is never nothing to do. If the sandy bottom watching the you are bored you ask the friendly shark swim, waiting for us to leave locals, because they will know all so it could sleep again in its the hotspots. Gili Air is the perfect original spot. Time went by as so island that can suit any and every did the air in our tanks, it was time personality. to ascend, leaving the powerful creature alone.

Photos by Vinner turner


Maecenas aliquam maecenas Come explore the underwater world in Lombok. Whether you want to see natural coral or what to see artificial reefs, Lombok has both.

The Tropical Paradise of Asia  
The Tropical Paradise of Asia  

My amazing trip to Lombok, Indonesia.