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MATTHEW JORDAN CLARK T: 859.327.0800 E: A: 270 Lexington Ave Apt. 2 Lexington KY, 40508 I am receiving Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture from the University of Kentucky. I currently work as a graphic design marketing intern for UK. I am seeking full-time employment and a vibrant workplace with like-minded people.

Achievements University of Kentucky “Design Week” competition winner, 2012 James I Stephens Memorial Scholarship, 2011

Education Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture, University of Kentucky (UK), Graduation Date: May 2015 Lexington Catholic High School, 2007


Work Experience

Studio and Civil Engineering AutoCAD, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Google Sketch up, 3-D max Design.

Graphic Design Marketing Intern

References Arnold Westlund III Senior Vice President Wells Fargo – Investments, 333 East Main ST, Suite 120, Lexington, KY 40507, 859-243-5014 | 800-354-9066, arnold.westlund@ David Funk CEO of Capstone Inc, Director, Baker Program in Real Estate at Cornell University, dfunk@, 740-591-4738

University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, May 2014 – Present, Promote and advertise all programs and services in the department of Academic Enhancement’s, gaining experience with social media management.

Landscape Architecture Intern

Capstone, Inc., Athens, OH, May 2013- Aug. 2013, Was expected to be involved with and led the conceptualization, design, and implementation of comprehensive landscape architecture projects. Team leader on all design workshops.

Lawn Works, Inc. Worker

Scott Campbell (Landscape Architect), Lexington, KY, 2006 - 2008 Worked with the plants and the design implementation process.

Assembly Worker

Toys“R”Us, Inc., Lexington, KY, 2010 – 2014, Managed and assembled bicycles and other displays. Assisted with customers sales and item management.









Lexington, KY

Lexington, KY

Louisville, KY

Ridge, KY

Turfland Mall

Lexington, KY | 2012

This site was an abandoned mall that was scheduled for demolition. The task was to make a more profitable consumer centered shopping area. The new mall incorporates green practices through cost-efficient options for managing pollution runoff and protecting clean water. This green infrastructure solution saves taxpayers money and benefits the community by properly managing water where it falls. Shopping centers that feature green spaces and lush plants by stores correlate with 33% more profit than a typical shopping center. The layout of the green space is arranged so that the parking lot runoff is delegated and infiltrated back into the water table. This shopping center will not only cater to shoppers but also provide a park for the surrounding neighborhood.

Site layers

Images top to bottom: Outside of the Lead Platinum REI. Inside the courtyard. The turf field on top of the REI. Diagram: The layers are building to parking to green space to plan.

EPA Rain Work

Lexington, KY | 2012

This design was entered in the EPA’s 2nd annual Campus RainWorks Challenge for university students. The site’s green infrastructure uses vegetation, soils, and natural processes to manage stormwater and create healthier urban environments. While single-purpose gray stormwater infrastructure is largely designed to move urban stormwater away from the built environment, green infrastructure uses vegetation and soil to manage rainwater where it falls. This site had flooding problems, so with this design that brings the Wolfcreek back to the surface, the flooding issue would be resolved, and a series of Wiers could provide a beautiful landscape for the surrounding communities.

Design Concept

Green space

Hydro space

Areas of soil

Restoration map

Louisville Waterfront

Louisville, KY | 2013

Louisville’s Waterfront is a vibrant and ever-changing landscape, with a number of projects underway to expand the waterfront. The popularity from projects in the past like the Big Four Pedestrian & Bicycle Bridge and the Lincoln Memorial have promoted further development along the Louisville Waterfront District. This design features a master plan for Riverview Park in Southwest Jefferson County. Projects encompass the past as well as the future, with management of the Belle of Louisville a prime example of protecting our community’s history. This site was designed to be a Waterfront exercise park, aiming towards a healthier Kentucky.

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Ohio River Rock Wall

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Track Biofiltration

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Stage Course


Cross Walk

Kentucky Winery

Ridge, KY | 2010

This winery, inspired by an old Italian style winery, is located in the heart of Kentucky surrounded by lush forests. Based off analysis maps, the different kinds of grapes are specifically grown where they will flourish. Location is the most important factor with establishing a small winery. Wineries usually have a design plan that includes areas for the various stages of winemaking, for instance, receiving the wine, fermenting, and bottling. Properly designed buildings and a courtyard will make wine producing easier and enhance the experience for the guest. This simple layout is the most effective and efficient to make a tourist driven winery. The vegetation growing on site consists of Kentucky native plants that are also grown in the upper regions of Italy, including cypresses, spruces, and cork oak trees. This winery will serve as an educational and economical opportunity for the community.






The grapes are harvested by hand and brought inside to start the winemaking process.

The grapes then are crushed/pressed and destemmed to a liquid purĂŠe.

Then the grapes, yeast, sugar, and preservatives are mixed into a vat.

As the grapes must ferment, carbon dioxide forces the skin and stems to the surface of the lid.

The wine is transferred into small oak barrels, this is to age the wine and to impart complexity and depth.

Then the wine is carefully bottled to prevent any unnecessary contamination.





Lexington, KY






University Of kentucky A hierarchy is implied, even when designers areA freewheeling Assembly Of parts. Clearly showing Hierarchy is A beautiful design, Not to mention Very successful.

Even the most compelling Piece benefits from a design That leads The eye Through the material. Unicycle blues LOGO Kentucky based Company Type can work simultaneously onto horizontal and vertical axes. Different Type functions As a container to hold the rest of the information In the logo. The width of the lettering Can being manipulated By clever use of tracking.

When it comes to Branding And Logos, A tidy, Almost Ideal Approach clearly Sets forth Information For the viewer. Tidiness And a clear design Is good. Going beyond the solution And Designing Larger Is great. Large and small keywords provide Depth. This also shows The importance Of Hierarchy, As Well as unexpected Bursts

of energy in an organized Logo. In designing a project That includes a range of information, Designing with a grid or Centerpoint is important. While visually broadcasting information so that it reads loud and clear.

Business card Matthew Clark packing a lot of letters into a piece, Whether it is a poster, Matchbook, or A business card Can help form a grid. A indigenous logo And type design using A Certain number of Type Faces Can help point out key information.

This is a design project to develop and market a product. This marketing strategy was targeted to a specific group of people (wealthy environmentalists) through this well-designed series of infographics that tell the story of this item.

Matthew Clark Landscape Architecture Portfolio  
Matthew Clark Landscape Architecture Portfolio