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Use Deadlocks and Other Ways to Secure Doors at Home Keeping security levels high at home is essential given the fact that burglaries and theft are common conditions that occur even in security-tight neighbourhoods. As much as you want to invest on the quality and beauty of your home, you also need to have an equal amount of stress on investing on security features that should form a huge part of your home. The use of deadlocks is a common security feature in homes. The concept of a deadlock is that it is a kind of lock that you have to lock and open whether you are outside or inside your home. The concept seems blatantly redundant but if you are living in an apartment, and you want to make sure that the door lock to your apartment room cannot be picked from the outside, then having a deadlock that is locked on the inside can deliver you the peace of mind you need for a good night’s sleep. A deadlock is also used in doors where you want the room to be kept away from unauthorised access. If you have a door in your home that leads to the swimming area or your patio area, have that door installed with a deadlock so your kids won’t have unsupervised access to the said area. They may reach the knob to open the door, but they still won’t be able to get in because they need the lock to unhinge the deadlock. Also, granted that burglars have gained access to your home with all your prized possessions in their hands, you can be assured that they won't be able to get your items out of the door because your door is locked on the inside. With locks installed on both sides of your door, you will have enough time to call security before the burglars can run away from your premises. Of course, aside from this kind of security feature, there are a lot of ways by which you can secure doors at your home. You can have dead bolts fitted in on your door aside from having just one knob. There are different dead bolts that you can have your locksmith fitted on your door. You can choose a single sided deadbolt where the key access is placed on the outside of the door and all you have is a rosary knob to close or open the knob on the inside. There are also double dead bolts that you need to lock whether you are inside or outside of the door. You can also have lever handle locks that double as a door handle and an additional door lock. If there are people with a handicap living with you in your home, having a lever handle lock can make access for them easier while still retaining the security feature you need for your house. The knob can be like a button that you have to depress or a rosary knob that you have to turn to lock and unlock it. No matter how beefed up your security is at home with all the different door locks you can have installed by your locksmith, it is important that your keys are kept well in a chain and cannot be accessed by unauthorised hands. Even with deadlocks, deadbolts and other kinds of locks in place, if the keys are left lying around in random places, then it totally defeats the purpose it was made to do.

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Use Deadlocks and Other Ways to Secure Doors at Home