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Anchor Stencil ď‚— Anchor stencil masks are made use of

for sign manufacturing. Anchor stencil mask items are offered from McLogan in 3 forms. Each item is created to permit sign makers to apply a cut stencil with the proper amount of adhesion.

116 Anchor Stencil Mask ď‚— Mask

is a high-tack adhesive for use on raw wood areas and urethane foam board. Features trimmed sides and a sturdy, clear film liner that provides easy alignment and smooth, specific cutting on computerized sign-making machines. This stencil has a really assertive adhesive and is not recommended for usage on some wood without testing a sample piece. DO NOT usage on pre-painted, pretreated or glass surfaces.

117 Anchor Stencil mask ď‚— Mask is a medium-tack version

of Design 117, specifically made for pretreated and pre-painted areas. Great for soft timbers without the threat of area lift. Can also be used safely on glass, tile and pretreated urethane foam board. Trimmed edges permit hassle-free, accurate monitoring with electronic signmaking equipment. A turdy, clear film liner offers added rigidity.

Mask is a high-tack stencil created for sandblasting on raw timber and urethane foam board. Has easy-release orange liner. The durability of the adhesive removes the requirement for filler or spray adhesives.

This pattern has a very vigorous adhesive and is not recommended for use on some woods without initial testing an example piece. Do not select on prepainted,pretreated or glass surfaces.

Note: It is best to select a 60 degree cutter when cutting Anchor stencils with plotters.

Anchor Stencil Anchor stencil masks are made use of for sign manufacturing. Anchor stencil mask...