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Gameplay, Genre and Games Borderlands franchise: Borderlands is an action role-playing first person shooter. The game has different types of gameplay like cooperative gameplay, levelled game play. You can play borderlands alone or with your friends. Borderlands is an open world game and also has some nonlinear gameplay involved.

FIFA Franchise: FIFA is a sports game that includes cooperative gameplay, versus gameplay and also has a I little aspect of role playing as you can make a ‘virtual pro’ and level up the pro and progress on to bigger teams, harder difficulties and bigger competitions as you level up and customise your pro. There I also a strategy aspect to it as you can choose to be manager of a team and buy and sell players to improve your team as you try to become the ultimate manager and lead your club to glory.

Crash Bandicoot: Crash bandicoot games have had lots of different genres but the main one is platform themed. The first ever crash bandicoot was a platform game that was very fun. There was no levelling up or cooperative gameplay and the goal was to collect a diamond hidden in every level.

The evil within: The evil within is a single player survival horror game in a third person perspective. The player must play through chapters to progress along the game and has zombies, demons and other creatures. It is also a hack and slash game as you have to use axes, knifes and even brass knuckles if you run out of ammo.

Football Manager: Football manager is a strategic in depth football manager game and a manager simulator as you take control of any club you wish or start unemployed. While manager you have to take care of the clubs finances, players’ contracts, staff and more. You can also assign skill points to your manager to increase certain attributes like attack or defence. Football manager also has a challenge section where you can join a club fighting for survival halfway through the season or join a club that is near to having an unbeaten season.

H1Z1: H1Z1 is a massive multiplayer PVP game based on either working together against other players or trying to survive alone while other players are hunting each other. Players parachute into a map and search for weapons to help them survive and get to the safe zone and escape the toxic gas which is released across the map every 3 minutes till everyone is either dead or the time limit runs out.

Until Dawn: Until dawn is an emergent gameplay horror game. The game starts off when two sisters fall off a cliff and die after leaving a cabin with all of their friends. One year later the friends return to found out that there is a curse on the mountains and that creatures called wendigos are out hunting them down one by one. The player gets to choose who lives and who dies while choosing certain options to progress through the story.

Smite: Smite is a third person action game that is a MOBA. It’s a pvp hack and slash game with players being able to choose gods to fight with against other players or the AI.

Skyrim: Skyrim is an action adventure, role-playing game which is playable in first or third person. It is an open world game with only the AI as enemies with no multiplayer.