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Matthew Ghabrial

Menswear FDT

The Light and electricity theme made me want to look at images of electric circuit boards. I extended existing lines from images of circuit boards to create my own circut patterns.

I wanted to use stiff fabrics to experiment with, so my first chice was to experiment with diffrent colors of a good quality felt.

My project first started by this image of light and reflection. my initial design ideas were those of a futuristic aesthetic.

Then I chose to make some samples using diffrent colors of felt, Making some appliquĂŠ using the patterns generated from the electric circut boards.

Using collage and experimenting with different weight paper and and clear plastic. I developed this waist coat which gives off the illusion that is a corset, but in fact it is a waistcoat because the upper part is made of the see through plastic.

Design development using the appliquĂŠ samples .

Some more fabric samples, experimenting with different weight NEOPRENE, and clear plastic.

Some ideas for a colour pallet. Mixing complimentary violet and mustard yellow with cool shades of grey.

I come across this bar code on one of the circut boards that I was looking at, and decide to take and develope it further.

Trying the barcode flowers in diffrent colors, with GOLD cap casing and screws

I grew the barcode into a flower garden,. An idea for using in print for jacket inning and ties as illustrated above.

Whilst really enjoying designing futuristic outfits, I was also trying to think about market placement, so i decided to experiment with a more rounder softer silhouette.

This waist coat has an A symmetrical zip at the centre front. With another zip between the shoulder seam and arm hole, when unzipped together, they reveal more of the undergarments.

Trying to find a balance between wearable and highly stylized.

I have dissected these shapes by passing lines through them, then taking parts of the shapes to realise new odd shape.

The Barbican, Architecture based research.

I found inspiration in this rounded edge squared shaped interior and lighting at the Barbican centre which I was fascinated with. I took the clean lines of the squares and the rounded edges and experimented with it on 3D cubes. Mixture of woollen, felt and crocodile leather for trimmings.

Again passing lines, and having them cross each other on familiar shapes, then dissecting them, to reveal unusual shapes to use as ideas for silhouette.

Trying the same method on classically cut jackets, and moving colour around. Same colour, on same cut, but in different parts of a garment. Does it give the illusion its a different cut garment? Yet to find out!

Initial concept of running lines through classic cut garments rapidly finds its way into sports wear.

Sampling detail of side seam. Crocadile letherette binding on Worsted wool.

Saville Row goes to Paris!

Nicholas Samuel Program  
Nicholas Samuel Program  

Menswear fashion sketchbook