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Matthew R. Frame matthew@mrmrframe.com @mrmrframe +44 (0)7812395588 Studio F12, 23-27 Arcola Street London, E8 2DJ

Bespoke Artisan Murals

I’m an award winning illustrator and muralist with a range of experience providing site-specific artwork for clients. My intricate drawings elevate public and work environments, the shareability of my imagery providing a unique opportunity for social media engagement on platforms such a Twitter and Instagram. Affordable and durable, my work is a simple and effective way of creating a fantastic set piece for an office, restaurant or home. Working in a diversity of environments has provided me with the skills to coordinate and project manage deadlines effectively, as part of a team or individually and under a tight deadline.

Value To Client My practice is highly adaptable to a variety of needs, be it a statement wall for an entrance foyer, a revamped staff room or a child’s nursery. Specific graphics, branding or the history of a business can all be incorporated into my artwork - the collaborative and research-based approach I employ for commissions ensures my client’s needs are met effectively.

Materials Working with a combination of pencils, Posca paint pens, emulsion and a projector I can create a variety of murals to suit any space. Posca are the number one choice for street artists world wide due to their excellent coverage, quick drying time, ability to work on a variety of surfaces and permanent nature. The water-based pens are nontoxic, odourless and are exceptionally clean to work with making them the ideal medium for creating art within a work or hospitality space that is open to the public.

Durability The paint is permanent on porous surfaces, the mural can also be treated subsequently with a matt, removable varnish to increase its durability and protect it from UV and other types of damage.

Shareabilty My artwork elevates the social experience of any space by creating a strong narrative that encourages interaction and sharing. My brief from ZAP Architecture when transforming the 9-story stair core of the disused BBC car park into an illustrated jungle stipulated that the stairs should become the most photographed and Instagrammed in London. With hundreds of unique views and likes I generated publicity for my clients and added value to their business, the buzz around an original piece of artwork being created onsite being widely shared and appreciated online.

Cost Efficient My work provides an opportunity to create a striking impact without the need to invest in specialist construction materials to create statement walls. The mural depicted here spans 6 x 5 metres and was completed in 7 days, the materials employed costing under ÂŁ150.

Cost to Client Costs are specific to each project, varying on the nature of the brief, the usage of the mural and the scale of the task. For the intial planning and design process a day rate will be charged, subsequently a permanent artwork licence and installation fee.

Reliability I have the experience necessary to ensure the projects are completed on time and to my client’s satisfaction. For Pergola on the Roof I was tasked with leading a team of 4 other artists and numerous volunteers in order to get the installation completed in a very short time frame. My setting of interim goals and excellent management skills are equally applicable to my solo work, the mural I completed for HQ Gastrobar being a key example. I was required to schedule the artwork around a refit of the restaurant and also make provisions for working in and around the staff and customers present. I work well as part of a creative team; I see the murals as a collaborative endeavour between my clients and myself. Feedback and participation in the planning and design process are key to the projects being successful and allow for the ability to scale up or down effectively.

Requirements - - - - - - -

Moveable scaffold platform to the height of the space Swing back ladder to the height of the space Power access point Health & Safety induction if the works are to be completed in a site under construction and necessary safety equipment. Site access Control of the light source within the space to allow for the use of projector A moveable light source

The substrate ideally would be plaster or a similar smooth surface but Posca can also be used on the following range of surfaces: - - - - - -

Clay, rock, stone, brickwork Ceramic and porcelain Wood Aluminium, iron, coated steel Fabric Glass (upon completion of the mural glass would need a protective varnish to ensure permanence)

Process Timeline Brief The client will provide a brief for the project that includes an expected timeline and budget for the works to be completed. Site Visit An initial site visit to photograph and explore the potential artistic application for the environment accompanied by a meeting with the client to discuss their thoughts for the space. I will provide an approximate fee at this stage in the process. Rough Sketches and Proposal A visual and written proposal will be prepared consisting of rough sketches and my thought processes leading to this stage. The client will be provided with a PDF document with a number of possible options that will be refined collaboratively to reach a final design. Final Design to Sign off A final sketch and PDF proposal based on client feedback will be produced for approval. Acceptance of commission form On the final design sign off an acceptance of commission form will be provided for the client stating my fees, material costs, access and equipment needed. The design fee plus a third of my total installation fee must be paid in advance of my beginning work on-site. A discount of 5% is available to the client on total cost of the project if my invoice is paid within 5 working days of receipt. Production Initial sketching out of the artwork on-site will follow the purchasing of materials for the mural. By using a digital projector to blow up my images to scale I am able to work quickly and efficiently in many environments, the only stipulation being that the light source must be controllable. For outside work this stage must take place in the evening or night-time. Finished Result Artwork completed to schedule, final sign off with client.

Site Visit

3 options provided

Refinement based on client feedback

Completed mural

Additional Costs Subsistence, travel and accommodation (if outside of London) to be paid for by the client. A redrawing fee is applicable if further changes are made post-sign off. I will be available to fix any major damage in the unfortunate event this occurs and it is not the result of client negligence. References Paddy Hogan HQ Grand Canal Square, Dublin 2. Ireland paddy@hqhanoverquay.ie Charlie Gardiner Incipio Group Ltd The Cottage, Pall Mall Deposit, 124 - 128 Barlby Road London, W10 6BL, UK charlie@incipio-events.com Pol Gallagher ZAP Architecture 20 Great Peter St, Westminster, London SW1P 2BU, UK pol@zaparchitecture.com Jill L’Estrange L’Estrange Designs Blackrock, Co. Dublin, Ireland jill@lestrangedesigns.ie

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Bespoke artisan murals matthew r frame  

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Bespoke artisan murals matthew r frame  

Mural information pack