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Understand Google Android Tablet Available On The Marketplace For a tablet to be categorized as Google Android tablet it have to be running on the Android Operating system. Before involvement of Google, Android was actually a small company that was not so famous. It was developing mobile computing on the OS in the year 2005. This was being done using Linux engine that helped in creating an open OS. Nevertheless, since Google take the company after buying it, they have made it grow on a very tremendous way. Today the OS is tweaked on the daily living. Going with the android news, more than 40 million smart phones devices on circulation today are running on the android operating system. On Android market today, the latest Android OS is the Jelly Bean version that comes after the Ice Cream Sandwich. As Google take names from popular desserts, experience with Google Android tablets match with their names as they offer quality services to every user. Android resources are being developed each single day making them the best for users who wants quality in the apps and resources they use on a daily basis. Android users especially those who have used iPads before want to know what android tablets comprise that they would get in Apple iPad. The biggest advantage that you get when you purchase Google Android tablet is using opened operating system. When you iPad runs on closed operating system you are trying to say they are code secretive and it is very difficult to access the source code. When you are on point of difference on operating system creating android app is very easy compared to iPad that has built in. android os is very flexible and at the end Android app news will ever come with information on new added apps that are user friendly. Android market experiences new apps that have been introduced to a point that at times it gets very hard to keep up with the new advancements that are introduced daily. When you get Google android tablet you have a choice of more than 600,00 apps that in real life it will be hard to exhaust them all and do not forget more applications are being added for the best experience on your side as the user.

Understand Google Android Tablet Available On The Marketplace