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Know Android 4.0- Generation next for android platform launched through Samsung galaxy S3

The other day watching my favorite movie I went through a commercial Of Samsung galaxy S3. It was too fascinating to watch the voice recognition application mode. As like other series Samsung galaxy is now ready to get you a phone that gives tough competition to iphone. Working on latest version of android 4.0, it seems the phone is all ready to take you to the next level of android applications. But before going out to purchase this latest android with skinned version by Samsung you got to know about android 4.0.Though it says ‘designed for humans’ if you are still using an android 2.3 you got to get adjusted mentally to this phone and shifting towards version 4.0. No doubt Samsung to make it more convenient for you the utility of android has launched this ice cream sandwich android version 4.0.You got to know the utility of OS better with this android application review. Features of android 4.0 that you will get in Samsung galaxy S3 are:       

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Simple , intuitive and more visible common actions Easy navigation through virtual buttons and system bar. You can keep in constant touch with interactive and rich notifications. Home screens are customizable and content rich. Widgets that are resizable help you check social streams, mails and more. Without unlocking you can do many actions as changing the music tracks, go to click the cameras from the slide lock screen. Add your own responses through a control in text messages options on the incoming call screen. Without picking a phone send the message and end the call. A single swipe can help you erase unwanted notifications. Texting has become a lot easier with android 4.0 spell checker. You just need to tap for misspelled words, find better words. Download third party dictionaries. Open microphone on phone for powerful voice input and streaming voice recognition is one fantastic feature android 4.0 is giving. Face unlock, cloud connected, transforming videos, photo editor, visual voice mail, build in support for wi Fi and Bluetooth HDP devices are other great features.

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Know Android 4.0- Generation next for android platform launched through Samsung galaxy S3