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Welcome to Maleil (my • lel). We are an online magazine and this our attempt at our first issue. Maleil is currently run by two people, Matthew (ma,) and Leila (leil.) We are two wannabe flower children living in suburban Connecticut with loud music and weird thoughts. Leila is obsessed with space and punk rock, and I drink too much Chai Tea (and other caffeinated things) which usually earns me the title “charismatic” . The dream team if you ask me.!

interviews, and creative shit for people to look at, read, and be inspired from. We want this to go from humor blog to Vogue but include everything in between, we do not cater anyone in particular and we are not any one genre. !


We know nothing about what we are trying to do but Leila is funny, and I know how to use a computer, so we will try. !



We are hoping for this magazine to be a little bit of everything, we want it to be for everyone. We will not pretend we know what we’re doing. The hope is simply that each issue will have funny articles, interesting pictures, new ideas, interesting

Expect to see fashion spreads, funny pieces, serious pieces, art, interviews, and expect for all of it to be done by two people making it up as they go along. We will Google things, we will learn, and we will make it look cool. We hope you enjoy. !


— Matthew & Leila!


! Red in the Grey - mø ! KISS ME ONCE - KYLIE MINOGUE ! Why’d you only call me when you're high (cover) - miley cyrus ! swingin’ party - lorde ! belispeak - purity ring ! freedom (#1) - mø ! fall underneath - snakadaktal ! fire rides - mø ! ** MØ = NEW OBSESSION

Some tunes we are currently into to listen to while you read.





CRAVING WARM WEATHER. Some necessary items for the snow is gone. — 10 & 11


Why candid photos are amazing. An addiction to unflattering photos of people. — 12 & 13

! What IS MALEIL. What are

THOughts: Matthew. How

we, who are we, what is this, etc. — 3

making pillow forts changed my life. — 15

playlists. A short list of

WHITE OUT. Leila loves

music we picked as our current favorites.. — 4

books and can’t write one. — 16 & 17

THIS. I am still figuring this out,

ALBUMS. Our current favorite

maybe the table of contents should be first so I don’t have to list it. — 5

albums to play on repeat while reading . — 18 & 19

! !

! Nice To Meet You. Meet your two new favorite the people. — 6 & 7

! ! !

INTERACTIONS. Leila’s lack of social skills and other problems she has. — 20 & 21



Goodbyes. One final letter

thoughts: Leila. Leila’s

from us, sorry. — 23

opinions on why you should consider strangers plants. — 9


Extra stuff.

— 24 & 25

NICE TO ! ! !

Hi, I'm Leila. I like to watercolor, do yoga, and just walk. Before you think i'm just another "indie girl" I am also a punk rock princess. I kind of live a double life, one of flowers and another of alternative music and leather jackets. I'm a light switch, going from dark to light every time I am needed. And I hope you will be here for a while, please enjoy your stay. !


— Leila, Head writer.


Hi, I'm MATTHEW. Chai Tea addict and pop queen expert. The entire Starbucks staff knows my name but I want the world. I spend my free time editing my Instagram’s and eating mac and cheese. I try to keep my Instagram and my outfits looking prime and I harm anyone that trash talks avocados; They are amazing. !


— Matthew, Editor & Designer.



Strangers It is just a little bit heartbreaking to me that people easy get freaked over talking or being near someone they don't know. Like sitting on a train next to a stranger everyone immediately goes to the worse case scenario they could have with this other citizen. ! ! ! ! "What if they try to talk to me then kill me?"! ! "What if they shove me of my seat?" ! ! "What if they kidnap me?"! ! ! Now, when I was in elementary school my principle told my classmates and I to never ask 'What if" and I never understood why. What was so bad about asking a damn question, right? Well now I realize: Most 'What ifs' are never positive questions, out of 10 'What If' questions about 2 are considered

positive things to happen in your life. Stop with the 'What ifs'. While you should always be alert, don't go out into the world being so nervous that another will hurt you. ! ! ! Treat people as a new plant, they are full of potential and wondrous thoughts that you have already dismissed because you are a little scared, don't be scared. Be strong and grow, because I am a stranger to you. I am just a person who is typing on a keyboard and you are reading along. Which actually sounds kind of rude, let me introduce myself: (Read Leila’s Introduction on Page 5: Nice to Meet You.)

5 1


7 10

8 2




CRAVING WARM WEATHER I don’t think I’m alone when I say that I am very done with winter. There is only so much pretending and so much music from last summer to listen to until faking won’t cut it anymore. Nevertheless, I



am still pretending there isn’t ice on the ground and planning what I will do during those magical three months that seem so far away. So as a ritual to aid me through the cold I assembled some items for when the snow melts and the bees come out.!

! 1&2. These item’s go hand in hand, you need a camera you love and a notebook to document your adventures. (In my case the camera is my Polaroid.)! ! 3. To lock in your tan or wash away the beach, Lush products.! ! 4. Good t-shirts are all I wear in the summer.! ! 5&6. Obviously.! ! 7. A phone case with good summer vibes and protection from the beach.! ! 8. Don’t leave the house without headphones. Ever.! ! 9. Blueberry EOS is life. During any season.! ! 10. Mason Jars are a way of life and I need mine to survive.! ! 11&12. Simple summer shoes in bright colors.

Why CANDID PHOTOS ARE AMAZING I love candid photos. I have always loved candid photos, and one of the top reasons I love candid photos is how much the people in candid photos, hate candid photos.!


I’m all about America’s Next Top Model, and fashion shoots for Vogue, and setting up lighting and a set will always get you a good photograph, but I still think candids take the cake. !


I love the flyaway hairs that never got fixed and the smudged eyeliner or how people look when they are talking. In my opinion, the best pictures are the following: People talking about something happy, people talking about something they know a lot about, people that look bored as shit, and people that are bored and/or pissed. !


These are everyday things, and they go unnoticed until you decide to trap them in the vertical rectangle of an iPhone camera. !


The picture on the right is my friend Kimmie talking about the waffles she just finished. I take a picture of my friends every time I go out with them and every once and a while you get a dope picture that reminds you of the vibes from that night or lunch or coffee date.!


The camera roll on my phone is filled with pictures the people in them would hate, but I think are the best. They are not for Instagram or Facebook, they are just to remind you what those people are like, and make you feel exactly how they felt when they were caught off guard and captured naturally.!


Take more candid photos. Buy more disposable cameras. Have impromptu dates more often. Save your friends’ faces.!


— Matthew



PARADISE I do not think that it is any exaggeration to say that making pillow forts has shaped me into the person I am today. !


I would define a pillow fort as a personal paradise, shaped by your idea of what the perfect space is, and usually made in harmony with the ideas of your cousins, or your sibling, or your friend sleeping over, or maybe your mom if other people aren’t your thing. !


Regardless, creating my paradise with couch cushions on every snow day and weekend helped me develop my eye for design. I was able to articulate as a toddler what I knew was comfortable and visually appealing and how to create space for the other, less advanced toddlers. !


This eye translated to my current bedroom, my paradise, and it translated to all the little nooks I create to watch Netflix in or work comfortably in. And with all jokes aside, my advanced knack for constructing

blankets from ages five to nine gave me the skills I have in creating what I know makes me feel comfortable, making the corners that swallow me when I’m bored and tired, and making linear lines into a home. !


The world I live in has been primarily shaped by what I know I like living in and I think every child should be encouraged to make a mess of the living room until they find their paradise. 

WHITE OUT!! Jeez, is it terrifying I already have writers block? I mean, I want to be a writer but I can only write a little paragraph? I really didn't expect this to happen. Maybe I should start simple. Books (yeah, what's more simple than 1000 paged stories when I can't write 1 good job Leila,) I love books they are just so freaking cool and awesome how one person can write like a whole story about another that may not

even be true. And when people are all like, "books are so lame" don't you just want to smack them in the damn face like what did books do to you man?!


I'm currently reading a class book. I know, class books are absolute shit but this one is absolutely amazing. When I picked it up I could not stop reading it and when I did I could not stop thinking about the next part. It is called The Absolute True Diary of A Part-

Time Indian By Sherman Alexie and I am losing my mind. It's so far a heartbreaking story about a Native American boy named Junior who decides to go off his reservation and into a white school. It is absolutely worth your time and I promise if you loved The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, you will definitely love this.!


Somedays I think I could be a story teller. Sometimes I think I could write a story about a boy who goes on adventures. But I don't know, I would probably get bored half way through it and burn it in a fire. Which kind of sucks.!


I can write poems though.!

Poems are fun and easy, there isn't really this huge commitment that is needed and you can basically write about anything you want. I can write about space, people, avocados. It's amazing that I can write and write and write until I don't want to. What a beautiful way to overdose.! — L"




KISS ME ONCE - KYLIE MINOGUE I have no regrets shamelessly choosing a pop album and here is why: If you are not aware, pop music from England is amazing (Kylie*, Marina & The Diamonds, Natalia Kills, Ellie Goulding, Foxes, etc.) If you are also not aware that Kylie Minogue is QUEEN and her albums will give you life then now you know I guess. This is her brand new album and it is amazing and perfect to blast in the car as it gets warmer and everything about it is perfect. If you are too good for pop music making you unable to listen to this album I can’t hear you over how loud my pop music is. — Matthew



SHRINES - PURITY RING This is my less-pop choice. This album is a staple for my life, it is so dope and I listen to it almost daily. The sounds and effects on this album are so cool and if your car has a good sound system I highly suggest you play this loud. My favorite songs are Belispeak, Crawlersout, and Obedear. I love their creepy vibe and weird style of music and I can’t wait for their next album.! — Matthew



PRETTY. ODD. - PANIC! AT THE DISCO My current favorite that I absolutely can't stop listening to is the wonderful and majestic Pretty. Odd.  By Panic! At The Disco. Spring is starting and this album just makes me want to pick flowers, drink iced green tea and lay in the grass for days. I love the beautiful duets between Brendon Urie (lead singer) and Ryan Ross (ex band mate), the poetic lyrics of the songs, and the hippy like vibe it gives off. If you need a spring song full of peace signs and sunflowers, listen to the life that is Pretty. Odd. — Leila!

EVERYTHING IS DEBATABLE HELLOGOODBYE We love this album. If I had a dollar for every sleepover Leila and I had where we jammed to this I would have enough money to buy this album for everyone ever. It’s just so good that it is common ground between my Lady Gaga taste and Leila’s obsession with punk and alternative. It is also the right vibes for the start warm weather and is overall amazing. Favorites: Die Young, Die Dumb; Not soon, (Everything Is) Debatable, An External Force. You need this. — Matthew (& Leila) !

interactions Fun Fact: I am terrible with human interactions in person. I start out smooth but I'm like a fish in the winter and just fucking freeze when the uncomfortable silence comes after saying hello, its kind of a gift, really. It's not like I TRY to make it weird and uncomfortable, I just have absolutely wrong timing and wrong placement. If I had a dollar every time I have been awkward and just plain old bizarre, I could easily be a millionaire. But here are just some times where I could have earned a dollar:!


$1- I was at the local workout center to go for a run on the treadmill because my thighs are bigger than Uganda, when I what I saw was one of my guy friends who is kind of good looking and kind of really nice, good friend. So I go up to say hi to him and he replies but after that, my throat just sort of

locked. I have absolutely no idea why or how, my mouth just couldn't say anything it was like I was a television and someone sat on the controller and put me on mute. And as the unpleasant 10 second silence went on I thought of the smartest thing in that moment to do, cough. Why the hell did I cough?! "Are you alright?" He said. And yet again me being the smartest person in an empty room I decide to make up a senario in my head and just spill it all out.! "I'm sick. Really, really sick" I said strongly so he knew I wasn't lying.! "Oh that sucks why are you at the gym then?" He laughs and smokes, I did not have a reply. So I just shrugged and mumbled some insane shit. It was terrifying and the rest of my workout was spent on me just thinking about how dumb must this person think I am now. Let us bow our heads and pray for the red on my cheeks after it happened.!

$2- I was in town with my friend and we went to a sweet shop. I didn't get anything and was just tagging along but the single worker in their was a very friendly man who was probably really lonely because it was 8:30 at night and the town I live in is kind of like a grandmother who goes to sleep at 6 and wakes up at 4. So we were in the shop (the only two there) and my friend got his stuff and went to pay. And the man took the right amount of money and he gave back change but once we were leaving the moment happened. As I said have a nice day, he said to me "I like your jacket" (because who wouldn't? Urban Outfitters keeps me warm and stylish) and so the whole thing just sounded like a jumble of words someone with about to have a stroke was saying. And to my friend he didn't think much to it but to me, I was petrified. I DIDN'T EVEN SAY THANK YOU AFTER WHAT THE HELL

IS WRONG WITH ME. I just awkwardly walked out smiling and I hope he knows I heard him. The rest of the night was spent on me sitting at Starbucks feeling terrible and wanting to go back to say sorry. Well, AND thank you.!


I hope one day I will become a smooth, classy person who can make jokes on the spot but until then, I will be in the corner eating pita chips.!


— L!



GOODBYES We are really pumped that you wanted to read the this; Not just this letter, the whole magazine. It might be clear by now that like we said a lot, we don’t know what we are doing. !


I wanted to add this letter because the first letter I wrote (What is Maleil: Page 3) was written before we put this together, before anything was written. So that was what we hope for the magazine to be as we make more Issues, but we did not get all of that done in this issue. !


This is our first impression, hopefully a good one, but we don’t have everything we said we should have because we are learning what to do, and how to do it still. For example, this issue didn’t really have any art or fashion or photography, all the articles were serious mostly and it was pretty wordy. But some issues might have all photography, all funny articles, not a lot of

writing. We don’t know for sure.!


So if this issue wasn’t your thing you might really be vibin’ the next one. Who knows.!


All we can say is thank you for reading the flagship issue of Maleil. We hope you want to keep reading.!


— Leila & Matthew!


(There are still two more pages.)

ALSO, Leila’s Instagram @UKELEILA



Matthew’s Instagram @DEPAL0

HEY THERE CUTIE. We really wanna have some interviews in here. We need interesting people that are into being photographed and getting their own spread. If you think you’re that person, hit us up cause we would love to meet you.




♡! ॐ

Maleil. Issue One.