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We Gather Together PRELUDE WELCOME AND ANNOUCMENTS JOYS AND CONCERNCES BIRTHDAYS & ANNIVERSARIES Opening Words Leader: Come to the living water of God’s abundant grace. All: We come, but we hesitate. Will there be enough for all of us? Leader: Come and see what God has done. All: We come, for we are weary with the struggle of making life happen. We want to receive the gifts of God. (Chris Andrews) Opening Song: # 98 TO GOD BE THE GLORY We Gather To Pray Together Congregational Prayer We seek your blessing, O Holy One. Show us once more that we are the beloved and that from your hands we receive all we ever need. Help us live with the confidence of children who know there is enough. (Chris Andrews) Pastor’s Prayer & Lord’s Prayer can be found UMH # 895 Passing of the Peace: Let us offer one another signs of reconciliation and love. The traditional greeting is, “The peace of Christ be with you,” and the response is, “and with you also.” Song of Centering FWS #2088 Lord, I Lift Your Name On High (Words Will be on the screen) CHILDREN’S TIME: Parents, please send your children forward for Children’s Time. Childcare is provided following the Children’s Time. Children Special

We Make our Offering Together OFERTORY PRAYER: Merciful God, you provide us with so many opportunities to follow Jesus' teaching and to live as modern-day disciples. We sometimes respond to your call with enumerable excuses or unfounded worries. We confuse our spiritual longing with the need for worldly objects. Yet these things provide only a false sense of security. As we offer these financial resources, transform us so that we are stirred to hear your call on our lives. We pray in the name of the Redeeming One, Jesus the Christ. Amen. (by David S. Bell; revised by Ken Sloane) OFFERING DOXOLOGY“Praise God, From Whom All Blessings Flow” UMH 95 We Hear The Word Proclaimed Together Scripture Reading: John 3:1-10 Response to the Word given by Rev. Matthew D. Franks “Turning Over a New Leaf: Beginning Anew” Hymn of Response: # 364 BECAUSE HE LIVES We Go Out to Be in Service and a Witness To The World Together Invitation to Discipleship You are welcome to come to the altar rail during the closing hymn for a time of personal prayer. If you wish a pastor to join you in prayer, indicate this to him; otherwise, he will respect your personal time with God. Closing Hymn: # 389 FREELY, FREELY Blessing Go forth to live as children of the Gracious Other whose love for you was shown in Jesus our Lord and who invites you to show that love to others. (Chris Andrews)

POSTLUDE If you have a pastoral need or want to talk about your relationship with Jesus Christ please come and talk to me after service, call or email me. I would be glad to speak with you or call me at 405.919.8567

Read, Reflect, Respond Use this as a guide to help you grow closer to God. Take some time in your day to Read the daily reading slowly and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you as you read. Reflect: on what you heard, read or experienced when reading the word of God in with a journal or some other ways that you can express what you experienced as you read the scriptures. Respond: In prayer going to God with everything that is on your heart and just pray. Monday: Jonah 3:1-5, 10 Tuesday: Psalm 62:5-12 (UMH 787) Wednesday: 1 Corinthians 7:29-31 Thursday: Mark 1:14-20

Up Coming Meetings or Events Jan. 15 th Bible Study at 6:30 (At the Church) Youth Lock In 7:30 Jan. 18 th Wonderful Wednesday’s @ 5:30 Jan. 22 nd Bible Study at 6:30 Jan. 25 th Wonderful Wednesday’s @ 5:30 Monthly Wednesday Service @6:30 Jan. 29 th Service Project Day at Regional Food Bank February 1st 7:00 Mission Trip Meeting CUMC February 12 th Mission Trip Dinner 11:00 -1:30

March 11 th 7:00 Mission Trip Meeting @ the Parsonage (Form Filling Party 18 & under bring Parents!)

Sunday School Helpers Sunday School 10:00 Snack 10:15 Music 10:40


1/22/12 Shirley Bright 1/29/12 Jannell Ridenhour 2/5/12

If you are unable to make it or have any questions please call Trisha Newby at 8842196 or 808-1859. Thank you


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The Ministry of All 3/25/12 Renee Harris Christians All Christians are called by God, through their baptism, to be in ministry in the world. Therefore, the term minister is appropriately used to describe any Christian who responds to God's call to reach out to the world and its people through loving acts of service. The ministers of the church are called to serve in a variety of ways.

As Laity—From its earliest days, Methodism has been a lay movement. The term laity comes from laos, which means of the people. The laity are the whole people of God, who serve as ministers witnessing to the work of God in individual lives and in the world. As Clergy—Within the body of all Christian ministers, though, some are called to fulfill a specific ministry through the church. Deacons—ordained ministers appointed to focus on servanthood. A deacon models the relationship between worship in the community of faith and service to God in the world. Deacons serve in a variety of ministry settings, both in the church and in the world. Elders—ordained ministers appointed to lead congregations of Christians in the celebration of the sacraments and to guide and care for the life of the community. Some elders may also serve in extension ministries beyond the local church. Local pastors—licensed ministers appointed to perform the duties of a pastor in a specific church or charge. Excerpt from What Every Teacher Needs to Know About The United Methodist Church, p.38-39, Discipleship Resources © 2002. We Are All Called to Minister Though our gifts vary widely, we’re all called to and engaged in the one ministry of Jesus Christ. Some aspects of our ministry are easy and come naturally. Some are difficult, involving long hours, tough work, perhaps with conflict, perhaps with disappointing results. What drives us? What keeps us going? The list includes at least these three things: • the memory of Jesus’ life of service to others, which inspires us to follow him in ministry;

the assurance of God’s gracious love for us, which empowers us to love others; • the promise of God’s coming reign on earth, which draws us into action directed toward this vision. Let’s be more specific. Where does ministry happen? It happens in our daily activity Excerpt from The United Methodist Member’s Handbook by George Koehler (Discipleship Resources, Rev. 2006), p. 18-19.

Worship for 1.15.12 Liturgical Season: 2 nd Sunday after Epiphany Liturgical Color: Green

Red Rock United Methodist Church Pastor: Rev. Matthew D. Franks Pianist: Paula Beard 250 N. Red Rock Road, Calumet, Oklahoma Mailing: P.O. Box 208 Calumet, Ok 73014 Email: Office: 405.893.2259 Website:

RRUMC Worship for 1.15.12  

RRUMC Worship for 1.15.12

RRUMC Worship for 1.15.12  

RRUMC Worship for 1.15.12