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Defining excellence in home cinema and automation To us, a superb home audio-visual experience doesn’t start with the technology. It starts with talking about you, and what you want for your home.

01 Who we are

01 Who we are ‘Home Cinema and Automation Alchemists…..’ Your dreams are the foundations that inspire and excite us. Working with a cocktail of the worlds leading audio, visual, control and automation brands we create the perfect blend of installation, tailored to your exact tastes.


Who we are Adept-IS are a dedicated team of creative architects, designers and installers. We use our skills, experience and knowledge and the very best 21st Century Technology to enhance beautiful homes and yachts.

Who are Adept Integrated Systems?

“Home Cinema and Automation Alchemists…..” Your dreams are the foundations that inspire and excite us. Working with a cocktail of the worlds leading audio, visual, control and automation brands we create the perfect blend of installation tailored to your exact tastes. We are creative architects, designers, and installers of 21st Century Technologies, taking hi-end products and integrating them seamlessly within the fabric of your home or yacht. Working in harmony with your design tastes our systems offer flawless reliability and resilience guaranteeing performance and pleasure around the clock. All homes are different. That’s why we specialise in solving potential installation problems caused by unusual or difficult architectural layouts. An AdeptIS System will overcome these problems to create a truly superb audio-visual experience in your home. We are Adept-IS. Defining excellence in home cinema and automation.



Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association

‘ Qualified, experienced, highly motivated...’ Our people are experts in delivering superb installations, exceeding the exacting demands of our clients. We use our expertise to make sure that clients get the ultimate in performance, quality and design in their homes or yachts.

02 Expertise

02 Expertise


Expertise From initial consultation, design, planning, product sourcing, project management and communications through to a successful installation, our proven expertise is always a key factor.


Expertise High quality installations

At Adept-IS, your audio visual experience starts and ends with you‌

At Adept Integrated Systems our solutions are based purely on your needs and requirements to implement the finest quality audio-visual and automation installations available in the market.

The highest priority for all staff members is to LISTEN to you and your needs.

Working with premium brands that offer the finest audio and video reproduction, coupled with reliability, and simplicity of operation, ensures that our systems offer you outstanding performance. Quite simply, we use future-proof technology that will give you peace of mind far into the future.

By asking the right questions very early on in our consultation process, we have the ability to extract crucial information from you, allowing us to accurately specify and design your home’s systems around you.

Whether you’re looking for an outstanding cinematic experience, music and video throughout the home, stunning lighting design with simplified control, or an integrated home automation system to control all aspects of the home, Adept Integrated Systems will deliver a solution that meets your every need.

We use this information to create a seamlessly integrated system where design quality is paramount. Our systems designers use their skills and abilities to create detailed plans and drawings. We produce information and diagrams that are pivotal in communications with architects, interior designers, structural engineers, building contractors, project managers and electricians. This information provides all contractors involved in the project with knowledge of what is required and how it will be delivered. Once the plans are finalised, our design teams liaise with Project Managers who take over the realisation of the project, giving all parties a familiar face to communicate with throughout the various stages of the project and more importantly, a single point of accountability for our engineering team.



Expertise People and Skills

Award-winning design Miguel Soto, Head of Design at Adept-IS, used his skills and wealth of experience to create this brilliant home cinema installation for a US client.

Matthew Cupper: MD Matthew’s professional background was in audiovisual installations, before progressing to IT and Telecommunications – a total of over 18 years’ experience within the industry. Although his role is predominantly sales based, don’t be surprised if you see him on site getting his hands dirty! It is this hands-on ethos that the whole company embodies which ensures that all engineers and programmers keep one step ahead of the game and strive for excellence in every aspect of the installation…. Miguel Soto: Head of Design and Installation Coming from the US, Miguel brings a wealth of experience in the design and installation of highend home cinema and automation projects. Miguel worked for the no.1 installations company in the US and has designed and managed cinema systems in excess of £1m. His knowledge and experience over the past 15 years coupled with his attention to detail is nothing short of inspirational! Luke Everington: Installation Engineer and Programmer Luke’s clever ability to think outside of the box enables him to program systems that make more sense than most of our competitors. We have found that many programmers like to over-complicate their control systems, believing that their clients want the same thing. In our experience, we find that offering solutions that are fully configured for optimal experience in every aspect leave less for our clients to worry about. Luke has taken this ethos to the next level. Gary Smith: PR and Marketing Gary is responsible for looking after content on the company website and writing case studies, dealing with public relations management and promoting the Adept brand. Over previous months Gary has secured Press Releases in some of the industry’s most renowned publications and is currently building relationships with some luxury publications, with which we hope to build prosperous relationships very soon. Watch this space… Emma Seymour: Admin and Finances Astute and bright, and with a highly developed business acumen, Emma is responsible for organising all back office processes within the company. From CRM to Accounting, Emma runs the show!



Expertise Problem Solving

Problem solving in action Exposure to sea air and water would normally spell disaster for standard speaker enclosures made from regular stainless steel. Instead, speakers on The Pride of Dracht superyacht were made using type 316L stainless steel, a world first. This steel provides ‘bullet proof’ protection from the weather and will last forever.

Adept Integrated Systems are not just an installations company. We believe that we have the ability to offer unique solutions because of our prime focus on the quality of engineering and installation in each and every project. We have designed and arranged custom automated brackets and lifts for unique one off projects where our clients wanted something that was not ‘off the shelf’. Also, with knowledge of and access to several different engineering methods, we have designed and manufactured custom shelves and equipment. We have even supplied speakers to the marine industry milled from 316L Stainless Steel that is a ridiculously hard metal to work with – so difficult that there are only a handful of companies around the world capable of offering this service. So, if you have a specialist need or requirement, rest assured that Adept can design, source and install a solution that exceeds your expectations…



Expertise Product Sourcing

The very best pro-level technology on the market Brilliant audio-visual installations rely on top-quality equipment. We select only those components that will look and sound superb, work seamlessly together and give you the control you need.

Our supplier and manufacturer database is vast, giving you the utmost confidence in our design and specifications process. If you require the highest levels of performance in your audiovisual installation, but do not want to see the speakers, most other suppliers would tell you there would be a compromise. We don’t. We have a manufacturer that can create the very highest quality in wall speakers that will fit into any area without compromise. This gives us tremendous flexibility to place speakers without aesthetic compromise! Want an item in a custom colour or finish? No problem. Our manufacturers can offer complete custom colour solutions, which give you the flexibility to follow any theme or design requirement!




We believe that our combination of product sourcing and problem solving skills give us the ability to deliver the ultimate experience to any room whilst accommodating specific tastes. That’s how we can give you the exact installation that you require.







Home entertainment content browser, accessed via remote control unit or touch screen.


Adept-IS home cinema installations feature next generation surround sound technology by THX, the motion picture standard for home cinemas and screening rooms.


High performance entertainment systems, such as the Meridian 808.3 Signature Reference CD System, feature cutting edge electronics, delivering effortless performance and control.


Amongst the industry-leading products we install are lighting control from Lutron Electronics, home automation by Crestron and Future Automation and multi-room audiovisual equipment from Meridian & Nuvo.


We install market-leading Security, CCTV and access control systems from DSC, Eneo and Videx.

‘ Qualified, experienced, highly motivated...’ We are experts in delivering superb installations, often exceeding the exacting demands of our clients. Our expertise ensures that they receive the ultimate in performance, quality and design.

03 Installations

03 Installations


Installations Every home is different. That’s why we create unique installations to match the desires of our clients with the requirements and possibilities within their homes.

Installations Home Cinema

Bespoke home cinema installations of the highest quality Our solutions offer a complete package; acoustic room treatment, design and layout, installation and programming – systems that achieve the highest levels of image and sound quality for your home or yacht.

Choosing a home cinema system is a difficult decision, even a daunting one, and knowing where to go to find a system can be a hard enough proposition in itself. As a specialist home cinema installations company, we can ensure that you receive a stunning installation rather than a collection of expensive equipment, haphazardly pieced together.

Home Cinema Design Services The Adept-IS design team can offer 3D visual representations of the room, furnishings, and equipment. Our design service covers both aesthetic and acoustic considerations and upon the finalisation of proofs we even provide full fabric swatches to give you a comprehensive visual of your finished environment. Acoustic Room Design Expensive electronics alone cannot buy you a great movie experience… Fact. Room acoustics are a critical part of any installation, as without careful planning and consideration the best equipment in the world can sound poor. If you require the very best experience, which immerses you in the emotional involvement of every aspect of any movie, concert or video clip you watch, then careful acoustical planning is essential. Why Adept-IS Acoustical Room Design? At Adept-IS we specialise in the design and installation of acoustic treatments for home cinemas, recording studios, media rooms and conference rooms. Utilising industry-proven breakthroughs in acoustical research and development, Cinematech’s product line is, by far, the most superior acoustic product in the marketplace today. The products provide exceptional aesthetic beauty to the treated space with a choice of over five hundred acoustically and fire-tested fabrics. We can also test customerowned fabric to check its compatibility with our system. Because we understand the importance of acoustical room treatments and the dramatic difference it can make to the sound quality of your home theatre, we only recommend the most effective products on the market.



Installations Home Cinema

Robert Harley, The Perfect Vision, Jan/Feb, 2003: “ If given a choice between listening to £80,000 worth of state-of-the-art equipment and no room treatment, or a high quality AV receiver and the ARS package, I would choose the lesser electronics in the treated room. Room acoustics are that important.”

Our systems deliver the ultimate immersive sound reproduction and stunning room aesthetics, seamlessly pieced together… Unlike other acoustical treatment products, they are tailored specifically to your home theatre or listening room. You can always be assured that when you purchase an Adept-IS system you are getting the perfect treatment for your room. All materials are measured and cut on-site by certified installers, to ensure the tightest and most accurate fit possible. This eliminates any error that is possible from inaccurate measurements. The product line is designed to bring the ultimate in sound quality to any environment in which it is used. The compatibility of components, the patented panels, the certified installation, and state-of-theart testing, provide a difference in sound quality unsurpassed by any other acoustical treatment system on the market. Our design approach takes into account your room’s configuration, dimensions, construction, decor and placement - anything that could obstruct the discerning listener from experiencing the ultimate in sound clarity and richness. Whether your AV equipment investment is large or modest, professionally engineered acoustical treatment can dramatically enhance your listening experience. Treating your theatre will remove midbass bloat, vastly improve bass articulation (both tonally and dynamically), and increase bounce and rhythmic drive, allowing you to hear your media the way it was meant to be heard. The Perfect Home Cinema Installation After taking careful consideration for the items covered above we can take steps to implement your ultimate home cinema system. At Adept Integrated Systems a spine tingling audio-visual sensory experience is guaranteed!



Installations Multi-Room Audio and Video

Discreet, high-class audio-visual installations Our multi-room systems can deliver music, TV and movies to every room, without interfering with your design tastes. At the touch of a button, they give you complete freedom to choose what you want to play, and where you want to play it.

At the heart of most 21st century homes, distributed music, TV, satellite and movies has become almost a prerequisite. With Hi Definition Video and Audio, online content versus owned content, there are many careful considerations that must be discussed. Ensuring the ability of your home to handle immediate and essentially future requirements requires careful planning of cabling and consideration for wired as well as wireless services.

Home Networks Most audio visual systems and components now have internet requirements to use specific services, updates and future resources. So, from an integrator’s point of view, designing a network which can provide fast internet access for all of your homes requirements is a must. Quality Sound and Vision Many of the finishes in your home are going to be of the finest quality. With luxury stone, wood and fabrics it is critical that the same consideration to finish and performance be paid to your audiovisual equipment. If we compared our products to marble for example you would probably think that we would be offering something of quality? Likewise if we said our speakers were comparable to chipboard you would think to the lower quality end of the market? You would be amazed at how many luxury homes we have visited that feature chipboard speakers! We are convinced that this is down to installers talking about technical specifications of products rather than quality based descriptions. At Adept-IS our audiovisual systems offer a level of performance that matches the quality in the rest of your home. Simple Reliable Control at Your Fingertips The beauty of a well-planned audio-visual installation is in its simplicity and reliability. By pressing a single button you can be watching your favourite TV channel or film, or listening to high quality audio without compromise.



Installations Home Automation

A home automation system is the glue that binds all of the other systems within your home together. Whether controlled via elaborate touch screen interfaces, your computer, a TV, a keypad, an iPhone or iPad or a simple remote control at the push of a button, you should be in control of any area of the home’s system you require.

Integrated control for your home technology For the ultimate home automation installation you need effective, yet easy-to-use control. Adept-IS can create a single solution to allow all your home systems to be controlled by a single user interface that can eliminate time-wasting tasks and truly enhance your daily life.

With careful planning and design any aspect of your home can be automated to save you time and effort as well as unifying control so that you have one simple to use platform to control all areas of Audio, Video, Lighting, Security, CCTV and Environment. An Adept-IS Home Automation System does all of the thinking, so you can simply sit back relax and enjoy‌



Installations Lighting Design and Control

Lighting control to suit your mood and enhance security We know that lighting can inspire you and help to make you feel secure. Our designers can integrate energy efficient lighting with your alarm to give you access to the right illumination day or night, whether you are at home or away.

With care, creative lighting design can enhance your mood and emotion, fulfil specific functions such as security, as well as highlight items and areas of interest. Just consider these examples: A kitchen can be the heart of a party, but it can also be a practical area for food preparation. These different requirements for areas within your home must be considered carefully when planning lighting. A blank area of wall on a plan can soon become an area with a pedestal with your finest antique that could benefit significantly from the correct lighting. A space in your library can soon become your favourite reading spot, but only if you can provide the correct light to the area to do so… Lighting design by Adept-IS can do all this and much more.

Energy Efficiency At Adept Integrated Systems our lighting control systems are designed with function, form and environmental considerations in mind. By reducing a light bulb’s work load by 10% we can reduce energy costs and increase bulb life by 20 times. By managing lighting in a home we can ensure that lights are not unnecessarily left on around the home. Using motion sensors we can set lights to turn themselves on and off, further reducing energy consumption. Return on investment A lighting control system offers, amongst other things, a return in investment, not to mention simple one-touch control of your home’s lighting scenes and moods. For these reasons it is an essential consideration for your home. Security and peace of mind With an integrated lighting control system we offer ‘Occupancy Settings’ which are pre-programmed scenes, which simulate occupancy when you are away, deterring opportunist criminals from your home. Also, when integrated with your security system we can enhance awareness in case of alarm by, for example, implementing lights to flash on and off within the home. Lighting Design and Control can offer a wealth of benefits to the modern home and Adept-IS can take responsibility for all stages of development of your home’s system.



Installations CCTV & Security

Integrated security CCTV and access control At Adept-IS we specialise in developing tailored systems which offer you a high level of security and safety for you and your family. They can even bring real-time security status information to your location, wherever you are.



Installations CCTV & Security

Installations Environmental Control

For many of our clients, the security and privacy of themselves and their families is of vital importance.

In a modern home, control over the environment is key. With high insulation values there are many benefits in the automation of living spaces.

At Adept-IS, we can design and install integrated CCTV and Security systems, which form part of an integrated home solution. By taking connections from alarm panels and CCTV equipment we can notify monitoring stations, push emails with video and raise alerts with varying levels of integration. By planning to receive information from equipment such as a motion detector, camera, sensor, a door opening or closing, we can tell our systems to create an action that can be directed to a specific person. Our clever security and CCTV installations offer you greater piece of mind, allowing you to concentrate on spending time with your family.

Automated Blinds If your home is exposed to natural sunlight, automated blinds accompanied by lighting level sensors can be used to allow the blinds to be lowered when faced with direct sunlight. Benefits include the maintenance of comfortable temperature levels within the room as well as the protection of furniture, valuable items such as paintings and antiques which could fade if subjected to high levels of direct sunlight.



Integrated Cooling & Heating Controls Maintaining a specified level of comfort has become another requirement for our clients in the 21st century home. To make this a reality, an integrated HVAC control system offers the next level in heating and comfort control. Allowing user-defined settings in a specific area gives you access to your favourite climate setting for the room, not to mention simple adjustment from your armchair. The greatest benefit however may be the ability to create a ‘set back’. For example, the alarm can be armed in ‘away’ mode, so that the heating can be set back to a slightly cooler setting, saving energy. Likewise, some clients also request that this set back applies when the house is in ‘Stay Armed’ mode – the setting used when our clients go to bed. With this method, there are energy savings to be made on the ground floor while it is unoccupied. However, we can preset an ‘On’ time so that the house warms up again before you go downstairs to get your breakfast in the morning.

‘ It’s about exceeding customer expectations...’ We blend effective consultancy, careful planning, teamwork and collaboration with project partners to deliver brilliant installations. 04 Case studies

04 Case studies


Case studies Quite simply, our installations represent our values; customised features, technical excellence, attention to detail, innovative advice and unrivalled customer service.

Case study

Customised features Nearing completion, a customised rotating pole bracket was installed in the Sun Room, which allowed the client to watch TV there, or by spinning the screen 180 degrees to view it from the kitchen preparation area.

The Hutchinson House Client brief Clear guidelines from the client told us that they wanted an easy-to-use system, featuring integrated technologies to control all of the home’s electronics. This superb installation has received universal praise within the industry for both its technical merit and the attention to detail that offers the client a unique user experience within this 14,000 sq ft architect-designed home. Look out for this installation in the CEDIA Awards 2011.


Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association

The client wanted just one point of accountability for all of the lighting, electrical and mechanical systems. We assumed control for project management and delivery, giving them total confidence in the installation. Integrated technologies featured were lighting control, home automation, multi-room audio and video, integrated security, CCTV and access control as well as telephony. Industry leading products featured were lighting control from Lutron Electronics, home automation and control from Control4 and Future Automation, multi-room audio and video from Rotel, Russound and Control4, security, CCTV and access control from DSC, Eneo, and Videx and telephony from Elmeg. All these brands are renowned throughout the industry for and quality and reliability. The entire house was controlled using Control4 with in-wall Touch Screens and a combination of iPad and iTouch controllers from Apple offering lighting fast access to all services, and allowing the user to open the gates, view the cameras, select stored movies and music as well as control lighting and security.



Case study The Hutchinson House

Working with the architects drawings in AutoCAD Adept-IS designed detailed drawings and schematics for all systems allowing contractors to implement their individual aspects without complication and confusion. Careful planning and outstanding communications throughout the design and build process allowed a smooth transition from design to reality. Bespoke features As the build progressed the client requested several additional features including a business class telephone system which offers Direct Dial numbers for each user as well as individual voice mail accounts and customized Music on Hold and Automated Attendant features. Nearing completion a customized rotating pole bracket was featured to the Sun Room, which allowed the client to watch TV there, or spin the screen 180 degrees to view it from the Kitchen prep area. Careful programming meant that at the push of a button the Sun Room and Kitchen/Dining areas became a linked zone, synchronizing the two TV screens and their audio volume levels. Remote system access The system can also be accessed remotely to enable and disable services should the client forget, for example, to activate the holiday setting for the lighting control system. This simulates occupancy by playing back pre-recorded lighting scenes. These can be activated via a web interface.

Matthew Cupper of Adept Integrated Systems on why the Hutchinson installation was such a success “ We treat all installations with the same level of technical skill, care and attention to detail, alongside innovative advice and unrivalled customer service. Here, the client’s vision was clear, yet they remained open to ideas. This relationship was a positive one for both parties. The client feedback was great – quite simply, we exceeded all their expectations.”


Using a centralised control system also enhances the individual systems by integration; for example, the lighting and security can be tied together. When the alarm is triggered the system can also command the driveway lights to flash on and off, offering an additional level of security. Simultaneously, a lighting sequence within the house simulates the lighting actions that would occur if the owner were to be moving downstairs, potentially scaring any possible intruders away.


A discreet, state-of-the-art installation Integrated audio and video combined with home automation and security features create the ultimate in home entertainment and safety.

Case study

The Patak House Client brief For their beautiful home, Dr Patak asked us to specify and design an installation of the highest quality regardless of cost. The discreet installation focused on integrated audio, video, lighting and security.

Adept Integrated Systems was selected after receiving several quotations because our proposal offered the best representation of our client’s needs, which were; – to have a simple method of operating audio and video equipment which was to be housed in an equipment rack under the central staircase – to integrate CCTV, Security and Lighting Control to offer peace of mind, so that when our client is away from the property, the level of security is not compromised. With sensors around the perimeter of the property, lighting scenes are triggered. These can action triggers subject to the status of the alarm – inclusion of a carefully designed integrated lighting control system, offering one-touch operation of preset lighting scenes, both inside and outside the property – CCTV cameras mounted to cover the perimeter of the property and integrated with the gate access. Cameras can be programmed to respond to any breach in security by moving to cover the affected area.


Complete control The whole house was controlled using Savant, an Apple-based control system utilising a combination of iPad and iTouch controllers with Savant in wall docks for some devices. It delivered lighting fast access to all services and allowed the user to open the gates, view the cameras, select stored movies and music and to control lighting and security. 16 flat panel screens were installed throughout the property including bathroom TVs in the Master En Suite and Main Bathroom, as well as a special Sauna TV. Special features included an automated TV lift built into the Ottoman at the end of the Master Bed. Multiple speakers were installed in the ceiling in every room within the property with touch screen and remote control of all audio and visual systems. On-site flexibility Many changes were specified on this project including variations to the Kitchen/Dining layouts. Effective communications allowed Adept-IS to maintain the system’s integrity and deliver a complete solution that met with the client’s needs and demands.


Case study The Patak House Music and speech in every room State-of-the-art audio equipment, housed under the central staircase, supplies amazing sound quality to every room, or just one.

Reliable, high quality products from industry-leading audio-visual and security brands

Integrated lighting control Internal and external preset lighting scenes are controlled by a onetouch operating system.

Lighting control

Lutron Electronics

Home automation & control

Savant AV

Multi-room audio & video


Security/CCTV/Access Control DSC/Eneo/Videx Telephony

Security Ouside, CCTV is linked to perimeter sensors that trigger lighting ‘scenes’ for different times of day, deterring intruders and helping to keep the family safe inside.

Multi-room AV In the provision of entertainment, everyone wins in the Patak House. The multi-room entertainment system allows each family member to choose what they want to play and where they want to play it.




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