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McDonald’s innings was a triumph for his fighting spirit. He is no great technician, but once he is entrenched be is as stubborn as they come. To score runs he waited for a chance to cut. For the rest of the time he played forward or back in a way too open to please the purists, but he was wonderfully watchful and there could have been no better example of unyielding concentration. Craig, who was his partner for so long, played an innings of almost equal value. He could hardly have had a fiercer baptism in Test matches against England, but the experience of it will always stand him in good stead. Craig is still only 21, yet he had a long time in the wilderness awaiting a chance to show his skill. Now his patience and perseverance in the face of all manner of disappointments have been rewarded and there are many series ahead for England to appreciate his beautiful method. Two hallmarks of class are stamped on his play. In the first place he has plenty of time in which to make his strokes, in the second his judgment of length is extremely sound, and not until Laker dislodged him yesterday did England start striding towards victory.


“McDonald’s innings was a triumph for his fighting spirit.”

Australia’s Ron Archer is caught by Alan Oakman off the bowling of Jim Laker on the Fifth Day of the Test Match Credit: Sports & General Alpha © Empics

Fifth Day 30 July 1956


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