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This match will always be talked about as much as any of the 171 played between England and Australia before, if not only because of Laker’s analysis but also because there arose on the second day a widespread controversy over the condition of the pitch. Then the ball spun from dry turf. Yesterday it did so after persistent rain and the batsmen’s task grew progressively harder with the passing of time. Yet for a long while it seemed that the grass would not dry sufficiently or quickly enough for England to win and as nothing was foregone the play was full of tension. One knew that the turn would not have to be ridiculously awkward for England’s purpose and during the long partnership between Craig and McDonald the batting was so good that the art was made to seem perfectly feasible. As soon as Craig was out, it was made at times to look impossible. In reality it was somewhere between the two when the game finally hurried to its conclusion.

Jim Laker bowling on the final day of the Test Match © Sports & General Press Agency Previous page ­— Jim Laker and Godfrey Evans appeal for the wicket of Laurie Maddocks who as out lbw for 2 Credit: Sports & General Alpha/Empics © Empics

Fifth Day 30 July 1956


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