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F   irst innings

c  c   mcdonald ct lock bowled laker 32  j  b urke ct cowdrey bowled lock 22 r    n   harvey bowled laker 0  i   d   craig lbw bowled laker 8 k  r   miller ct oakman bowled laker 6 k  mackay ct oakman bowled laker 0 r  archer st evans bowled laker 6 r  benaud ct statham bowled laker 0 r  r   lindwall not out 6 l  maddocks bowled laker 0  i   w   johnson bowled laker 0 extras 0 total


Second innings

c  c   mcdonald not out 25 j  burke ct lock bowled laker 33 r  n   harvey ct cowdrey bowled laker 0 i  d   craig NOT Out 24 k  r   miller k  mackay r  archer r  benaud r  r   lindwall l  maddocks i  w   johnson extras 2 total — for 2 wickets

A quarter of an hour later everyone was scurrying back to the pavilion, and the specially loaded bails used to defy the wind were taken off for the last time. Craig then had batted admirably for 134 minutes, McDonald for 110, and if and when they go in this morning they will be embarking on the fourth playing day of their innings, for both took strike as long ago as Friday evening. Since then England have been able to capture only one more wicket, but they are still as well placed as they were before the last day at Headingley. Then Australia had also lost two second innings wickets, but the weather there was less unsettled. Today it may need only a couple of the showers which are forecast to rescue Australia and drown the game once and for all.

Rescue hope


Australia’s fourth day scorecard Fourth Day 29 July 1956


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