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But it seems that a pitch which has been dried artificially is slow to respond to spin. It was so at Trent. Bridge, and again at Headingley, and yesterday Laker and Lock found that their teeth were drawn. Bailey and Statham, for their part, tried in vain to make the ball lift, and the result was that in the two periods of play there were only two false strokes. Both were by Craig and both off Lock, the first passing just wide of Bailey at backward short leg and the second piercing the gap between the wicketkeeper and first slip.

Slow to respond

Perhaps if the rain had held off once the game had begun, the pitch by evening might have been lending a hand to spin. But it was too much to hope that every dark cloud would avoid the ground, and one came to stop play soon after McDonald, at 25 past three, had appealed against the general conditions, which must have been thoroughly unpleasant for batting. That was when the score was 77 for two, and by the time the players were out again, at 10 past four, tea had been taken.

Fourth Day 29 July 1956


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